Hubspot CRM Software Reviewed as Small Business CRM

Hubspot CRM Software Reviewed as Small Business CRM

Hubspot CRM review will help you decide if you want to implement small business CRM for your organization. No doubt, it is one of the best CRM software for small and big businesses. As a profit seeker, you must search for low-cost CRM software. So, searching review of Hubspot CRM is very much common.

On the other hand, implementing CRM is an expenditure of money and your valuable time and painful effort. Moreover, finding the best CRM software is really so difficult. In my blog, there is various CRM review form where you can compare your suitable one. In the CRM software reviews series, we will discuss the Hubspot review as a small business CRM.

Hubspot CRM

What is CRMTo review anything, people usually search quality first. Then the price, market reputation, after-sales service, market competitors, offers and coupons, discounts, user recommendation, and many other things. For the Hubspot CRM review today, we will learn everything about Hubspot CRM.

Why Hubspot CRM Review?

Why Hubspot CRM ReviewEvery organization needs to count their sales, management customers, inventory management, various database. As a result, the necessity of customer relationship management (CRM) is a must.

When you are searching for the best CRM, then Hubspot CRM can be one of your options. Moreover, it is now the market leader and suitable for your small business. Taking that requirement in mind, we write the Hubspot for you as a small business owner.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM is an integration software for existing and potential customers. It is a technology for managing the customers of the organization. CRM analyzes the user, their buying behavior, capacity to buy, common interest, and so on.

People call it software as a service or SaaS. Actually, it is the integration of website, email, live chat, telephone. The example of CRM is Hubspot, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce CRM, etc. In this article, we will discuss only the review of HubSpot.

Review of Hubspot CRM

Review of Hubspot CRMHubspot is a software developer and marketer for sales and inbound marketing. Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan developed it in the year 2006. The famous products of HubSpot are customer relationship management, content management, web analytics, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Hubspot CRM is one of the best service products. That’s why we are going to review the Hubspot CRM.

Story Behind the Hubspot CRM

The graduate students of MIT developed a business idea in the year 2004. Whereas mind was thinking a venture-backed business with their go-to-market strategy, they started to notice something interested.

Which is Customers had become really good at blocking out interruptive sales and marketing tactics. They found old businesses’ tried and true tactics like direct mail, email blasts, cold calls, etc. Simply it was not effective anymore.

In the meantime, Dharmesh’s blog OnStartups was seeing enormous progress in traffic. They were surprised at the success of a tiny blog without a budget. So after several get-togethers, they found the simple observation:

  • A user doesn’t want to be disturbed by salespeople or harassed by the marketer. They need help.
  • It was time to brand the sales and marketing procedure by the human. So it is time to consider buyers like people, not numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • Now, this is the time to build an inbound community and help users accomplish their business goals in a more amiable, vicarious way.
  • Finally, they brought it, HubSpot.

Hubspot CRM Login

For your kind information, people search for HubSpot CRM login many times. To HubSpot CRM login, you have to visit the website first. When you visit, you will get the message from their live support executive.

You can ask him for your query. On the other hand, there is an option at the top right corner. Go to the login option. If you are a new user, you have to sign up before the HubSpot CRM log-in. You have to provide First name, Last name, Email address, and password in the sign-up option.

Hubspot CRM login

To set the password, you have to follow four rules. The password should be at least eight characters long, one upper case character, one lower case character, and at least number, symbol, or whitespace. When everything is set, you will press “Get Hubspot CRM.”

Hubspot will tell you that great to meet you. Then you have to provide your website URL and company name. Now press “Save and continue.” Then you will receive a verification email. You have to verify the link.

Now you will receive three questions like the number of employees at your organization, your field of work, and your role in the organization. Finally, you press the orange button “Complete Setup.” You are done. Now you have to build your profile.

Overview of HubSpot Features

Overview of HubSpot FeaturesHubspot CRM has awesome features. It is really appropriate for a small business. That is why they call it small business CRM. Some features of this small business CRM are:

  • Templates, Tracking, and Scheduling
  • Customize views
  • CRM Details
  • Sidekick Integration
  • Deal and Task Board
  • Website Integration
  • Enrichment
  • Hubspot Marketing Synchronization
  • Website Visitors
  • Drag and Drop Communicator
  • Social Media
  • Company Database
  • Email Integration
  • Email Connections
  • Phone Integration

HubSpot Alternatives

Actually, Small Business CRM HubSpot is a wonderful CRM. You do not require the HubSpot CRM alternative. However, the market leader HubSpot CRM alternatives are:


SugarCRM is an open-source mobile CRM. It is popular for its community edition. It is a California-based software company. You can take it as a HubSpot CRM alternative.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the best cloud-based online Multichannel CRM Software. It is an Indian CRM software but has high performance. Zoho has BI tools and a cloud engine. You also can choose this al HubSpot CRM alternative.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is another right decision to invest in customer relationships. It is another wonderful software. As a small business owner, you also can use Zoho CRM as a Hubspot CRM alternative.

Funnel CRM

Funnel CRM is an excellent customer relationship management software. It has excellent features. They offer 14 days of free service to make the decision. You can have an experience of Funnel CRM as a HubSpot CRM alternative.

Pros and Cons of Hubspot CRM


Hubspot CRM is user-friendly, good-looking, and valuable for dissimilar levels of skill. People use it for email, website, blog, social media, and CRM. The software content is awesome. It has different user groups and active blogs.

They offer many properties to help you acquire the best out of Hubspot, and if you’re in a problem, the customer support is approachable and cooperative. The HubSpot team is always active. As a result, you will receive an update of new features, integrations, and functionality.

They have just added the capacity to achieve various currencies, which users had been truly keenly asking for on the community forum. Hubspot undoubtedly listens to the advice and proposals from the community. They listen to the words of the user.


There may be some things that are a bit inflexible. For your kind information, all the business organizations maybe not suitable for this CRM. Nothing is free in this organization. As a result, free is something questionable. You should pay something to make it suitable for you.

Small business CRM

Small business CRM is popular web technology. Generally, people use it as software as a service. Because it is difficult to develop a small business CRM for all organizations. As a result, they go for a pay-as-you-go service. It will reduce their cost. Small business CRM is very much helpful for any small business.

Final thought

To write Hubspot review many things I have covered. But, nobody is perfect in the world. Due to my limitation, I could not write the small business CRM review so well. As a reader of my blog, please comment on your review. I will be happy if you share your knowledge. On the other hand, please let me know if you have any queries or objections to writing. Thanks for your patience in reading the Hubspot CRM review as a small business CRM article.

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