The 30 Best Video Compressor Free Without Losing Quality

Videos are an essential part of today’s digital age. The appeal of the auditory and visual nature of videos is irresistible. Now we can record a video on our handheld smartphones or with a DSLR camera. But there is often a problem the users face, which is the size of a video file. As modern video recording devices like smartphones or a DSLR camera record a video that takes a large amount of storage, it often takes enormous time to upload it to Youtube or other platforms. Managing a vast amount of raw data is bothersome. You will need an extra hard drive or USB drives to store them. It also takes a considerable amount of time to edit a huge file. So, we endeavor to guide you in finding some Best Video Compressor Free Without Losing Quality.

For instance, if I record on a 1080p resolution for one minute, it will take nearly 403MB of my storage, which is a problem as I don’t have external drives to store that much data. To solve the problem, we have movie compressor tools or software, and thank God that we have a lot of them. You can download and install some of them on your computer, or if you don’t have time for that, you can compress them online. I will discuss 30 of the best video compressor software that I have found very handy in today’s topic.

What is Video Compressor?

All digital files are an accumulation of bits of data. Video compression is the process in which we can reduce the total number of bits needed to represent an image or for our topic video. The compression is done by software following some specific algorithms. The software removes some unnecessary similar data and predicts the following sequence. Though it removes bits of the video file, the size reduces, but the actual video sequence does not face any problem. The software or tool that performs this job is known as a video compressor.

Now a question might pop in mind, “If I compress a video, won’t it reduce the quality?” Well, technically, yes. But you won’t even notice the difference. A good video conversion software removes a video file’s selective parts, like some unclear pixels or some black background colors, to bypass the size of the actual video. But if one compresses a video too much, then the quality will be lessened noticeably. So if you don’t overdo it will be fine.

The 30 Best Video Compressor Free

Now we have come to the topic where I will discuss 30 video compressors that are unbeatable to this day. So let’s have a look at those best MP4 compressor software.

1. Handbrake

Handbrake MP4 CompressHandbrake is the best free movie compressor software for me. People use this Best Video editor all over the world. Handbrake is open-source software, which means it is free. Moreover, it supports all platforms (windows, mac, and Linux).

Handbrake can compress as well as convert nearly all types of video files. It has preloaded device presets to choose from and compress. You can preview your compressed size. You can crop your videos, add subtitles, or manage your audio setup without lessening video quality. You can not combine videos with this program. One of Handbrake’s key features is that it can help you restore your old and low-quality video.

Handbrake works with all of the standard video encoders and audio encoders. It’s easy to use and handy in terms of compressing a video. It also gives you the freedom to tweak some conversion settings to your desire.

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2. Compressor by Apple

Video Compressor by AppleApple develops this software. The compressor is one of the versatile video compressors on the field. Though it is not free software, when you get to use it, you will fall in love and know why it has a price tag of $46. The interface of the tool is simply majestic. It takes less time to compress videos than other free compressors.You can compress .mp4, .avi. .mkv, and more video formats. The Compressor can do the work without a sweat if you have a heavy workload as its functionality is suited for professional use.

The feature that attracted me most is that I can not only compress or resize regular videos but also 3600-pixel videos with this software. Another fantastic thing about it is that I can easily share my videos to popular video websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Most importantly, you can customize your videos to suit your iPad or iPhone.

This software works with Apple’s Final cut Pro editing software. You get a free trial for 90 days. The only drawback is that it is available to Mac OS only. I wish I could use it on my Windows too.

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3. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video ConverterThis program is excellent, with incredible support. There are two versions of Movavi. One is free, and the other one is a paid service. According to Movavi, their video conversion is at lightning speed, and it is right to some extent. With this software, you can not only edit and compress videos but also audio and image files. You can compress all kinds of video formats from mp4 to mkv. In the paid version, you can add subtitles to your video too. It can convert or compress around any type of video, even your old DVD file. Now that’s amazing.

Its original size is only 47MB and is easy to use. Just add a file, choose the format, and convert. If you have a Graphics card or video card, you can boost the software’s performance even more. The program also has presets, and you can customize them for your needs too, which is excellent when you need to upload your video to Youtube or Facebook or for viewing on a specific device.

If you want to boost your poor audio or add on a watermark to protect your content, with this software, you can do that with just a few clicks. The program automatically detects your device and suggests your necessary edits and tools. You can get Movavi for both your Windows and Mac operating system. Currently, there is no Linux version.

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4. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video ConverterFreemake is special software that has been recognized as the #1 video encoder for nearly ten years. You can compress video for free on Freemake, with no trials or limitations. You can convert or compress 4K videos without losing any quality. Moreover, it is a powerful tool for your video compression job. It supports up to 500 video file formats. You can work on multiple clips at once. However, the video encoder includes H.264, Mkv, Mpeg4, AAC.

You can use this superb tool to download videos from streams like Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, and many more. If you wish, you can upload your recently compressed video to Youtube with just a click. At present, it supports Windows operating systems only. But you can convert your video for any device, including iPhone, Mac, or Blackberry. You can also set the program to automatically upload visual and audio files to iTunes or iOS after compression.

Apart from converting video and compressing video, Freemake can make photo slideshow, edit videos, or even burn your DVDs and Blu-Ray. You can cut, join, and rotate your video clips using Freemake. The program is elementary to use. It only takes 3 clicks to compress a video. The software itself is only 988 kilobytes. Freemake is fast and can convert from any visual content available. Freemake is a program that is praised by users worldwide, and I am one of them.

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5. Best Video Compressor: VLC

VLC Media Player- Best Video Compressor: VLCVLC is the most powerful Video and Music player for PC, and it is no wonder that it will have a feature that will allow you to compress or reduce your video file size. But a lot of people do not know about this unique feature of VLC. Usually, we see VLC as a video playing tool, but it has many hidden features. When you have installed and opened the program, click Media > Convert/Save or use the shortcut ctrl+ R. Then, just simply add your file and click convert.

Using this feature, you can reduce your video size or compress any video. You can select the width and height of your video where you want the video to be compressed. You can also use given presets for Youtube, android, or other platforms to automatically resize or reduce the file size. You can convert your files from as high as 1080p to as low as 480p for mobile devices. VLC is an open-source program, so it’s completely free. You can get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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6. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare Filmora9 Video EditorWondershare UniConverter is mainly a paid conversion program, but you can also get a free trial. Currently, this program supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a program with which you can convert nearly 1000 formats of video at 30x speed without losing any quality. The software also offers DVD and CD burning, editing your video, and transferring videos from one device to another.

I liked most about this software because I could apply different effects on my video and trim and crop videos. Wondershare also allows you to add watermarks to your video to make the content your own.

Another extraordinary feature is that you can save videos from more than 10,0000 websites with just a click with their paid version of the program. You can set any format you wish to download the video. It also can record videos directly from streaming sites. In a nutshell, for $39.95, it is the best one money can get.

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7. Any Video Converter (AVC)

Any Video Converter (AVC)AVC is free video compressor software that can help you compress the data size and convert it to any format you desire. The program comes in an ad-free paid version with some more features. This software comes to use for not only converting but also Youtube video downloaders. With the help of this software, you can download Netflix videos easily on your device. Now that’s what I’m talking about! The fun doesn’t stop there, and you can download music from Spotify or Amazon music too.

The program also helps to manage your android/iOS data. Special features for my iPhone users are that you can recover iPhone lost data with this device. So you can see it’s not just a video conversion software but a well-packed utility software.

The free and paid version of AVC will handle compressing video size from any source and make your video metadata editing job more comfortable. Any Video Converter is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.

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8. BlazeMedia Pro

BlazeMedia ProBlazeMedia Pro is a program that will aid you in reducing video size. The website where you can purchase the software has a retro 90’s vibe, which I liked a lot, and the software speaks for itself. Blaze media pro is paid software. They will give you 15 days free trial, but you have to pay and register yourself if you wish to continue. You can also ask for a CD-ROM to be sent out to your location if you are one of those old techy.

The dynamic features of BlazeMedia are outstanding. It is an all-in-one video converter, compressor, burner, editor, and ripper software. With this tool, you can burn CDs/DVDs and convert videos from that storage. The program supports all types of video encoding, so it is convenient to compress your video files to a desirable size.

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9. Format Factory: Best Video Compressor

Format Factory Best Video CompressorFormat Factory is a free, easy-to-use, all-inclusive file converter for you. It can be used to convert or compress videos, audio, and images. It allows you to change the file extension of your file. Moreover, you can reduce the size of your video quickly.

The software itself is 97 MB and simple to install. While compressing your video, you can also clip, join, split, or mix your video or audio file with the help of this program. This software will also help you to decompress or compress ZIP, RAR, or 7z files. So you can compress your videos to a zip file and reduce the file size without reducing any data.

This program also works as a screen recorder for Windows OS to easily make your How-to videos for Youtube and compress the file to suit your needs. In a sense, it is a multifunctional media processing helpful tool. Format Factory is now available to Windows users only.

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10. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora9 Video EditorFilmora is mainly an editing program offered by wondershare. Though its main objective is to edit videos, it can compress most types of videos easily. You can get the software to compress video for free on Filmora’s website. Filmora comes in 3 versions- Filmora9, FilmoraPro, and FilmoraScrn. They all support windows and mac operating systems.

To downsize a video without any hassle, Filmora can be your favorite software. You can get the software for your android and iOS devices too. The filmora team also updates the program consistently.

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11. MeGUI As Best Video Compressor

MeGUI As Best Video CompressorMeGui is a program to compress video files for the Windows operating system, mainly developed to be a DVD ripper. It is capable of doing more things than that. The MeGui is an entirely free program. You can easily download the software and use it on your PC. As it is an advanced encoder, you may face minor user problems at first, but when you get into it, you will enjoy using MeGui. You can compress mp4 as well as other video file formats on this handy software. The program usually uses your PC’s GPU to work, and that is why it can work more smoothly than other video compressors without losing quality.

I haven’t seen any compression program that can match MeGui in terms of capacity. You are to love the pop info. It’s excellent software with a powerful media encoder. Moreover, it is swift and light. If you are a professional, then you will enjoy working with MeGui. This is mainly a convertor, but you can use it as a video encoder. The product’s customer service is excellent too, and you can submit any problem to their website or discuss it on the forum. You can say that it is an essential media manipulator. Currently, MeGui is available for only Windows users.

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12. YouCompress

YouCompress is the best online video conversion freeware you can find.YouCompress is the best online video conversion freeware you can find. You can compress .mp4, .avi, .mov video file formats using this tool. But you can also use this website to convert gif, .tiff, .mp3, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .png, .jpeg, .jpg files too. I enjoy using this website to compress my videos and images. The converted file does not lose any quality whatsoever.

Just go to their website and upload your file and it will automatically convert or compress your file to your desired size. The only downside of this tool is that it can convert files to a limited size. Any video that is more than 500 megabytes cannot be compressed using this website.

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13. The Best Video Compressor Hybrid

Hybrid is a multiplatform Qt-based frontend program that can convert video formats, reduce video file size, and many more. It supports Windows and Linux operating systems. There are Mac-supported versions of Hybrid, but that one is not updated to date. If you have no problem with that one, then you can use that. Hybrid is solely developed by a German resident named Georg Pelz. He developed and designed the program for video conversion and compression along with other valuable objectives in mind.

Here I’ll make one thing clear that Hybrid is not aimed at general users. It is more of a high-end professional tool. To use Hybrid, you need to have a clear concept of basic video formats, encoder, etc. But for my professional friends out there, Hybrid is the best solution for free. You can get many cool features in Hybrid like tagging support, chapter support, adding subtitles, mixing, and removing audio-video files.

Hybrid supports most of the common containers like mkv, .avi, .webm, .mov, .mp4, .Blu-ray, AVCHD, etc. You can compress or reduce mp4 file video to as low as possible without reducing the quality. It supports all types of encoders for video and audio files. There are a lot of options to automate stuff.

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14. Online UniConverter

Online UniConverterIf you wish to compress video size online, then Online UniConverter should be your choice. There are two versions of this converter. You can simply drag and drop to convert your video on their website. You can do 30 concurrent conversions with high-speed conversion and fast download. You can do unlimited file compression.

The pc version of UniConverter will give you the ease of access and freedom to compress video files without harming your video quality. There are some limitations, though, like you can convert only up to 500 megabytes per file. As it is an online converter, you must have a stable internet connection to compress your video. If you are not willing to be confined, you can get their pc installation program by spending a few bucks.

The online UniConverter gives you not only video compression but also an audio compressor. You can reduce the size of your audio file using the online program. Online UniConverter also supports a few things like image compressor, GIF maker, mute video, image resizer, audio cutter, and many more. If you are looking for a Youtube thumbnail maker, then this is a perfect fit for you.

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15. VideoSmaller

VideoSmallerThe Best Video CompressorVideoSmaller helps you to compress mp4 video to smaller sizes online for free. It allows you to reduce video size, compress video file size without losing quality. Like other online converters, you can only convert or compress up to 500MB at a time. VideoSmaller offers you a unique option to scale your video, which means you can fix the video resolution yourself. It also allows you to mute or remove audio from a video or control how much compression you need to reduce video without losing quality.

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16. Cloudconvert-The Best Video Compressor

Cloudconvert-The Best Video CompressorAs the name suggests, Cloudconvert is a tool for video compression online. It is a free online MP4 compressor. You can convert or compress nearly 200 file formats.

Cloudconvert is one of the secured video compression firmware. Moreover, it allows you to have high-quality conversions. You can convert up to 25 videos per day. Beyond that, you may consider buying their product or subscribing to their service.

Cloudconvert takes a little more time to convert or compress your video as it concentrates on quality rather than quantity. The site continues to compress video files from millions of users. That is why the end product reduces its file size without losing any quality. Cloudconvert also allows you to compress your other file types like images, documents, e-book, vectors, and many more. It can be your go-to online video compressor.

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17. The Best MP4 Compressor 7zip

The Best MP4 Compressor 7zip7zip is a well-known file compressor. It mainly compresses any file to a zip format, which reduces the file size. It can be used as a movie compressor for Linux and Windows.7zip does not affect the video quality as it doesn’t tamper with the video file itself. When you decompress your video, you will get the exact video file.7zip confines the file in a compressed container.

For example, if your .mp4 file size is 685 megabytes, 7zip will compress it and make it a 350-400 megabytes zip file. When you decompress the file, you will get your original 685 .mp4 video file. This firmware is usually used for storing or sharing a file between devices. The compressed file also reduces the risk of virus transfer. As the program does not touch the original file, there is no chance of reducing video quality.

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18. Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker is a Windows-based video editing app available on the Microsoft store. This software is a well-known and old program for video editing. Apart from editing, it can also be used to make video files smaller. There are two versions of this software, like free and paid pro service. You can very much do anything with the free version, but the pro version gives you the choice of some more utility quick tools.

You can use Windows movie-makers to downsize videos, cut, pan – zoom, and many more things. It can reduce the size of your video file without compromising the video quality. You can adjust audio and video quality when you downsize your video. Moviemakers also give you the joy of adding transition effects or subtitles. Compatible with the Windows OS is one of the best programs out there.

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19. VSDC Free video converter

VSDC Free Video EditorVSDC is a powerful and feature-enriched multimedia conversion tool. It is free software that is good at compressing video files. You can use it to compress .mov files, and it is better to handle other video file formats. Its primary purpose is to help the consumer edit and combine video and audio files.

VSDC supports all key formats, including high-definition videos. The software comes with some advanced presets, which you will find very helpful when using it. The program has a unique ability to save audio as well as individual frames from your video too. You can manage more than one video at once. When you reduce the size of a video, the software will get the job done without losing any video quality.

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20. FFmpeg As The Best Video Compressor

FFMPEG-The Best Video CompressorFFmpeg is one of the best multimedia frameworks that decode, encode, and convert any video file. It is handy to reduce the size of a video file. It can compress video to a minimum size without reducing the quality. It is designed as source code. That is why you can use it on all platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. FFmpeg is a free program with high-end security features. You can download the source code from their website and use it as a movie clip compressor tool.

Developers all over the world are working on this open-source program to make it a user-friendly video compressor. The program can combine different types of file formats into one file, saving space on your device. FFmpeg contains specific codes that will help the user to use it with ease.

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21. MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip- Best Video CompressorMPEG Streamclip is a free powerful video converter, player, and editor. The program is offered by SQUARED 5, a well-known software developer. It supports Mac and Windows operating systems. It is best for playing .mpeg video files, which most players fail to play. Streamclip can also play other file formats. The program can work with a variety of file formats. The program can convert any .mpeg clip to mp4 or .mkv formats. MPEG Streamclip can compress video files and downsize video without reducing the quality of the video. Other features like editing, cutting, or clipping are available to Streamclip.

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22. Clipchamp

clipchamp-MPEG Streamclip- Best Video CompressorClipchamp is a free video compressor, converter, and editor. It has an additional feature to work as a webcam recorder for your Youtube or Twitch live streams.

Clipchamp has a robust compressor algorithm to compress and reduce mp4 file size. The program also gives you customizable video templates. You can mix and match stock footage or audio in one place with Clipchamp. This program gives several options for free, which you might have to pay if you use any other program. It is a go-to video creation, editing, and compressor.

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23. Best Video Compressor: AConvert

Best Video Compressor AConvertAConvert was an online .pdf converter previously. But now, it works as an AVI compressor software. You can convert any type of file to most of the standard file formats online. With this online compressor, you can convert or compress ten video files (max 40 MB) at once. If you are willing to compress or convert large files, AConvert might give you some problems as it can not handle large files. But for smaller clips, it is the best choice.

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24. PS2PDF Online MP4 Movie Compressor

By the name, one can understand its job is to compress mp4 online. PS2PDF gives you more control over your compressed file. It can compress only mp4 file formats. You have complete control over the file size, file quality, and encoder you wish to use. The user can reduce the file size by file to the result percentage.

PS2PDF Online MP4 movie Compressor gives you the liberty to control your file size and reduce or enhance the quality of your video. Even if you have no idea about what a video codec is or other stuff, even then, you can work on this online compressor without sweat.

PS2PDF Online MP4 movie Compressor also helps upload your favorite video to Facebook or Instagram by reducing the file size. You can also add files from your Google Drive Desktop App or Dropbox and vice versa. It is a 3 step process to get to the final result. This software makes the files lighter to store and transfer from one device to another.

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25. Online Converter

This, more covert, is the best online video compressor on the web. Not only this tool helps you compress your video, but also it gives you the authority to choose your desired file size. So you can choose how much file size you want to reduce. Just upload your file and put in your desired file size, and click compress. Work is done! If you reduce the size too much, then it will hamper the video quality. You also have control over the audio quality of your video. The tool can compress several video file formats and reduce video file size, such as .3gp, .mkv, .wmv, mp4. avi, .flv, .mov and more. In my experience, online software gives the user a lot like a clip compressor. An online converter also can resize your video to suit any device you want to play the video.

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26. FreeConvert

FreeConvertFreeconvert is an online MP4 compressor tool. It allows you to resize your video without losing quality. You can compress any video file format (.mp4, .flv, .mkv, .avi, .3gp) to your desired size. It gives you the freedom to which size you want to reduce the video. You can resize the video with their preset or custom your own.

Freeconvert supports both H.264 and H.265 encoders to reduce your video size without losing the quality at maximum speed. The platform also supports CRF (Constant Rate Factor), keeping a constant perceived video quality. You can select maximum bitrate to get a high definition picture quality.

FreeConvert uses a codec that supports all video players, and you will have no problem playing the video. Even if you face any problem, then just play the compressed video using VLC. It will be gone. It can be the best video compressor without reducing the video quality for you.

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27. Zamzar: Online Video Compressor

Zamzar: Online Video CompressorZamzar is an online MP4 compressor. File conversions are made easy by Zamzar. By using this tool, you can compress video sizes online. You can work with video files and other things like images, audio, and documents. By following just three simple steps, you can get your desired file.

Zamzar program can compress most of your video files reducing the file size. Zamzar reduces file size by converting it to other formats. For example, it will convert an mkv file to mp4. In this way, the file size is reduced without reducing the quality of the video. However, for a quick compression, zamzar can come in handy.

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28. ConvertFiles Online File Converter

ConvertFiles is an online file converter for free. Users can easily use this online converter to compress any video. ConvertFiles supports other file types like image, audio, pdf, doc, and many more. They support more than 300 formats that you can choose. You can download your converted file or send you a download link in your Email for future use.

When you compress your video file using ConvertFiles, you can do so without decreasing video quality. If your input file is compatible, then it can be compressed by using ConvertFiles. One lag is that ConvertFiles previously supported downloading videos from Youtube or Facebook, but now they have stopped that service.

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29. Clideo

Clideo is another excellent tool to compress video online for free. Clideo video compressor online is a handy tool when it comes to fast video compression. This program grants users to compress any video file without losing quality. You can also upload videos to compress from Google drive or dropbox. Clideo can compress any video from an URL link too. Just type or copy-paste any video link, and Clideo will deliver it to you. Their secure encryption protects you from any malware or spam.

Clideo’s simple interface will help you to complete your video compression without any problem. The software supports a vast number of video formats with rare types of formats. Suppose you have a large file for uploading to Facebook, YouTube or having trouble sending via Email. In that case, Clideo will quickly reduce the size of the video without compromising the quality.

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30. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player- Best Video CompressorQuickTime Player is an Apple product for Mac users. Just like a VLC player, a Quicktime player also works as a player and a video compressor. This program works on fixed selective presets given by QuickTime like 1080p, 720p, 480p, and iPad, iPhone, or iPod. You can compress a 4K video to 480p with just a few clicks.

To reduce a video file, you have to open the QuickTime player app. Then click File>Open File to open the video you wish to compress. Then click on File> Export and choose the preset. QuickTime will now start working to reduce your file. This program supports only Mac operating system. Another problem is that it doesn’t give you an option to resize the video. So you can not reduce the dimension of the video. You can only reduce the size.

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Final Thought

All the movie compressors that I have mentioned have different unique features. Try them and find out which one is the best choice for your needs. In the end, the user will choose which one is the best for them. But in my opinion, the 30 Best Video Compressors that I recommend will get the job done without losing the quality of your video.

Fardeen is a tech expert and enthusiast who graduated from a reputable university. With his passion for technology and commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, Fardeen has become a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance in the ever-evolving digital landscape. His dedication and eagerness to share his knowledge with others make him a valuable asset in the technology industry. Fardeen's skills and expertise could be harnessed to pursue a career in technology or even start his venture to help others harness the power of technology.

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