The Best 10 Fast Tools of Online File Converter in 2023

In our day-to-day life, we need to convert a file. With limited time, it isn’t easy to decide which file converter I will use. Moreover, all are not free and fast. Suppose you want to convert files like me quickly; you need to use the Online File Converter because it does not require any installation. Within two or three steps, you can easily convert your file. I will share the top ten best tools to convert any file online in today’s article.

Best 10 Online File Converters

Suppose you have a busy schedule. You have to convert files very fast in an easy way. This article will find a superb way to convert all types of files easily. There is no requirement for installation. Moreover, the maximum of my recommendation is free of cost.

1. Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert Online File ConverterAs my first choice, I recommend CloudConvert because it supports any type of file like video, audio, ebook, pdf, and many other documents. As a user, you will get more than 200+ types of formats. It is highly secured in terms of data security. You will fall in love with its powerful API and High-quality conversations.

The best thing about this tool is that there is no need to put yourself into any installation or downloading process. It works online and is free to use. It started working in 2012, and till that time, this tool has been used by millions of users looking forward to performing secure conversion processing. They provide complete security to your files and do not let any other third-party organization access your folders or files. Another feature of this online converter process is its powerful API, which offers custom integration with your application.

2. Online convert free

Online convert freeOnline convert free is a top leading and best file converter tool recommended for both beginners and professionals. The reason why this tool is much famous is because of its premium quality results in the converted file. With this tool’s help, your file or folder can be converted into different formats.

You can use this tool for video conversion, image conversion, audio conversion, presentation format, spreadsheet, and more. It is even incredible to perform the functions of an audio converter for music, a document converter, an online ebook converter, or an archive converter. Plus, with the help of this tool, you can convert your image into text to a completely editable Word document. What else do you want?

3. PDF Converter

PDF ConverterNext, we bring your PDGF Converter tool! This free converter will allow you to have your files converted into PDF or let the PDF files be converted into different formats. There is no limit to file conversion. It is compatible with Android, MAC, Windows, Linux, and iPhone.

Before you start the conversion process, you must look for the specific format you want your file to convert. Later on, you have to follow the conversion instructions one by one given by the tool. It provides access to support the conversion of many file types such as PowerPoint, images, Excel, Word, ODG, JPG, TIFF, PPT, DOCX, DOC, XLS, and so many others.

It is pretty easy to use in terms of navigation due to the friendly and straightforward interface. You need to connect yourself with the site and start the processing. You don’t need to create an account or perform any installation with this free converter. The whole process of file conversion is carried out on the servers. You can even use it through your tablet, PC, or smartphone.

4. is a simple online converter to convert Audio, Video, image, ebook, and various documents. You can use this versatile tool for multipurpose in your personal life. Without any download, you can apply online software. The user can use the productivity tool from both Desktop and mobile phones. The converting software is free of cost.

5. Online File Converter is one solution for your personal life. This user interface is also simple but organized. As a user, you must stumble upon the simplified user interface of the converting platform. The one-click solution makes your life simple. The wide variety of resources creates an impressive man. This software also does not require any installation. Moreover, is free of cost.


Zamzar-Online File ConverterZamzar is a convenient and expert solution that makes the file conversation easy. It takes only three steps to convert any file. The process is to upload the file, select the required format, and convert. It will allow you unlimited conversions with a limited waiting time. You can convert up to 2 GB of files in the pro features. The developers also can use the tool to convert Python, Java, Node.js, C#, PHP, and Ruby.

7. is one of the best free online file converters. It helps to convert media files online from different formats. It is a free tool that supports all types of forms. The arena of converting tools is vibrant. You can install converter tools like Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla Firefox Extensions. The application has both Android and iOS apps.

8. Online File Converter is a straightforward and high-speed file converter to convert any file. Currently, it is capable of converting 250 MB of video files. Your browser will show a link to download the converted file when your conversion is completed. This online file converter also follows three steps to convert files: uploading your file, choosing the format, and downloading your converted file.

9. Convertio. co

Convertio. co is one of the most popular file converters online. It supports more than 25600 conversations with more than 300 different formats. Convertio. Co does not affect the capacity of your PC because all the conversations take place on the cloud. It is one of the best PC OCR Software that supports many other devices. You can convert up to 100 MB with the free options.

10. Tutorialspoint Online File Converter

Tutorialspoint is the symbol of the simplicity of learning. Besides the learning materials, it provides many other options to users. Online file conversion is one of those. You can convert your image, document, audio, and video into your preferred format. It is free, and you can convert up to 1 GB of files free of cost. However, the application takes more processing time compared to other file converters.

Final Thought

File conversion is straightforward if you choose the right platform. Some Online file converter support entire free file conversations, but others provide limited offers. According to my experience, the first three series of this article are the best options for a user like you. So You can choose any of those and bookmark (Ctrl+D) the page for your further reference.

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