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The 30 Best 3D Games for Android in 2020 to Feast Eyes

Android has revolutionized the realm of mobile 3D gaming and still is ever-evolving. It has taken the seed of the console level graphics of the PSP and has grown it into an evergreen tree. Games with gorgeous graphics at 720p resolution are coming out every month. This profound change in mobile gaming has created much competition for even the most popular handheld consoles. 3D Games for Android is not out of the revolution.

The majority’s go-to operating system Android offers an overabundance of games among which you are sure to find something interested to your taste and needs. But such a wide range of existing android games more often than not is overwhelming and confusing to most us, not to mention the new monthly releases. So we are here to hold your hand and guide you through the 30 Best 3D games for Android in 2020 to feast your eyes upon.

The 30 Best 3D Games for Android

For this list, we will be focusing on various aspects of the game, including but not limited to gameplay elements, visuals, audio, extra features, online/offline playability. We will be including games of different genres and art styles that are relevant and interesting in 2020. So without further speech, let us dive into the top 30 3D video games on Android in 2020 to feast your eyes upon.

1. City Racing 3D

City Racing 3D- Best 3D Games for AndroidCity Racing 3D a very appealing racing game for both casual and hardcore gamers. It creates an immersive experience on the go with its amazing graphics and realistic sounds of screaming tires and burning rubber. The easy controls and the addition of “TILT” controls make it easier to learn how to play.

The game lets you roam around beautifully detailed cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Hawaii, Chicago, London, Cairo, and Macao. You start with a free essential car and progress by winning races. Winning races provide you with coins that can be used to buy upgrades or new vehicles. If you are looking for a racing game with simple controls, the scope of customization, progression through gameplay, and a challenging A.I., this is the game for you.

Important Features

  • The customizable and straightforward controls, along with the “TILT” feature, create a smooth gaming experience.
  • You can play with your friend on the same track by being connected to the same local WIFI.
  • The game offers a wide range of highly customizable cars.
  • It comes at a small size without compromising in the area of graphics.


2. Tennis 3D

Tennis 3D- City Racing 3D- Best 3D Games for AndroidWith excellent 3D physics, Tennis 3D stands tall among other sports titles. Though the game takes itself seriously, it’s never short on fun and is a great time killer. The fluid game controls make for a smooth and realistic experience that is required of a severe sports title.

The game offers two modes of gameplay. World Tour mode provides different types of long tournaments such as the WORLD TOUR, INDIAN WELLS, M.I.A.M.I., AUSTRALIA GRAND SLAM, and MONTE CARLO. The Quick Play mode is for quick casual matches. Money won from the tournaments can be used to buy clothes, pants, rackets, hats, and other accessories. The game lets you play as your favorite tennis players of both sexes.

Important Features

  • Realistic 3D physics combined with smooth, accurate controls creates a unique experience.
  • The World Tour and Quick Play mode create satisfaction according to everyone’s needs.
  • It offers you to play as your favorite tennis athletes.
  • No internet connection is required to play the game.


3. 3D Bowling

3D BowlingAmazing graphics coupled with specially designed 3D physics engine for real pin action creates the ultimate bowling experience. A game for pure fun and fidgeting. Simplicity and old school fun is the leading beauty of this game. Though this 3D Games for Android does not offer much like other games, the little it does offer is of excellent quality.

The gameplay, though simplistic, is very much addictive. There are numerous arenas and bowling balls for the players to choose from. Controls have never been simpler. You can swipe your finger on the screen as the bowling ball tracks your finger. The bowling alley backgrounds and colorful bowling balls create an authentic bowling experience.

Important Features

  • Excellent graphics and the 3D physics engine create an authentic bowling experience.
  • Numerous arenas and Bowling balls for you to choose from.
  • It has a realistic and detail-oriented stat system that increases Immersion.


4. The Room: Old Sins

The Room Old SinsAn immersive narrative combined with puzzle-solving through tactile experience makes The Room: Old Sins a truly fantastic puzzle game. You get to explore unnerving locations, control various contraptions, and follow hidden clues to unravel mysteries of the Waldegrave Manor. A solid 86% on Metacritic, 5/5 on Common Sense Media, and a whopping 4.9 on Google Play emphasized the excellence of the game.

The search for an artifact is initiated when an ambitious engineer, along with his high-society wife, goes missing abruptly. The clues lead to the attic of the engineer’s home, where a peculiar old dollhouse is discovered. This dollhouse is at the center of gameplay throughout the game. If you love puzzle games with unsettling plots, then this game is for you.

Important Features

  • It offers a beautifully detailed environment that transforms on your touch.
  • The intuitive touch controls of the game make the exploration of the elaborate dollhouse more tactile and vivid.
  • You can find concealed systems by examining specific objects.
  • The atmospheric dynamic sound effects with the soundtrack of the game heighten the Immersion of the game.
  • The cloud save support feature of the game lets you play from the save file using multiple devices.
  • This game is available in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.


5. SHADOWGUN 3D Games for Android

SHADOWGUN 3D Games for AndroidShadowgun takes you on an intergalactic sci-fi adventure with an immersive story and innovative gameplay. The 3rd person shooter with console-quality graphics has created a milestone in the history of android gaming. Hitherto the release of this game android was mostly known for mini-games for killing time. This game proved Android’s competency as a gaming platform and solidified its position in the gaming industry.

Step into the shoes of John Slade, one of the most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy. As John Slade, you must find maniacal genius, Dr. Edgar Simon. Use advanced weapons to defeat hordes of personal cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids and make your way through Simon’s mountain fortress. This is a must-play game for all gamers who love action games with an intense story.

Important Features

  • The game offers advanced, challenging enemies who can flank, seek cover, and utilize teamwork to defeat you. The wide range of enemies includes automated sentries, aerial drones, and other dangerous adversaries.
  • The stunning graphics of the game with its lighting effect, amazing environments make for console-quality visuals.
  • The fantastic professional voice-over work in the game creates heavy Immersion.
    The original story offers multiple endings depending on the choices you make during gameplay.
  • The heavyweight weaponry, along with the assistance of S.A.R.A. – Slade’s android assistant, gives the game new dimensions.
  • It is filled with blood-soaked violence with an innovative combat system.


6. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2Monument Valley 2 is a love letter from the developers to the fans of puzzle and visual artistry. The free soothing visuals of the game, coupled with geometric puzzles, create an experience like that of others. If you are a puzzle lover and then this game will surely speak to you.

With a completely different standalone story Monument Valley 2 is an entirely new game. According to some critics, it is ever more sophisticated than its predecessor. You must guide R.O. and her child through the beautiful, tranquil environment on their way. Ro will teach her child about the mysterious technique of the valley with your assistance.

Important Features

  • World bending illusory puzzles along with brand new interactions create a novel experience.
  • A standalone story, for which you don’t need to play the first game.
  • An outstanding mixture of architectural styles, artistic movement, and personal influences contributes to the gorgeous geometric structures.
  • The beautiful melody of the games creates an immersion, as you have never seen before.


7. Real Cricket™ 20 3D Games for Android

Real Cricket™ 20 3D Games for AndroidReal Cricket is one of the best cricket simulators out there on Android. It is free to play the game with in-app purchases. Though the in-app purchases and makes the game more enjoyable, it is very much playable even without the in-app purchases. Because of the great graphics and innovative gameplay, it is the must-play for any cricket fan.

The most exciting part of this game is the multiplayer function which includes, 1P vs. 1P, 2P vs. 2P, and CO-OP. In coop mode, you can even team up with your friend to play against the A.I. You can choose the time of day along with the stadium for the match.

Important Features

  • You can play multiplayer against your friends as well as with your friends against the A.I.
  • The game includes the feature of highlights like that of a real cricket match.
  • A wide range of tournaments has included along with the World Cup, World Test
  • Championship, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, and Premier
  • Leagues including the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricket and Caribbean Premier League.
  • Specially designed camera angle puts you right into the shoes of the batsman.


8. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Pirate Caribbean HuntThis game is for the pirate lovers who always wished to experience the uncertain, thrilling, rebellious life of a pirate. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt does a great job of emulating the life of a pirate. The open world of the game works wonders in stimulating the freedom of a pirate.

You can sail through the seas, taking part in battles, raids, and ransoms. You can also purchase as many ships as you like to build a large fleet. The long-range of weapons is sure to satisfy your hunger for pirate violence. The maneuvering of vessels is made real as you have to manage two different sails and utilize the wind to further the ship.

Important Features

  • It has one of the largest open worlds to explore.
  • 20 classes of Ships to choose from to create your fleet.
  • It includes a wide range of weapons, along with different types of ammunition.
  • The apps Come with 30 ship upgrades and gradual character upgrades like in an RPG.
  • It can be played multiplayer, both PVP and P.V.E. modes.
  • It has numerous missions of versatile categories.


9. Bike Racing 3D Games for Android

Bike Racing 3D Games for AndroidBike Racing 3D is a “Gravity Shift” or “Trials Evolution” clone with decent physics and great graphics. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the track by beating several tricky obstacles. It’s easy to get invested gameplay and simplicity, along with wacky tracks, make for one of the most genuinely fun games to play.

You can experience the thrill of doing amazing, wacky stunts in this game. Even though the smooth controls are easy to master, the difficult tracks keep the game challenging. It is one of the most beautiful games on Android to have some old school fun.

Important Features

  • The wacky and semi-realistic physics makes the game incredibly fun and has you keep coming back for more.
  • There are more than 55 tracks in the career mode, difficulty ranging from easy to very critical.
  • There are five unique bikes with distinctive features to play with.


10. Lumino City

Lumino CityLumino City is one of the best puzzle games on Android. Everything in the game was made from paper, cardboard, glue, miniature light, and motors. The visuals of the game work best with the tactile controls of an android phone. This game is the winner of the British Academy Games Awards in 2015, along with many other numerous awards.

You play as Lumi, whose grandfather is kidnapped by a mysterious someone. Now you as Lumi must explore the city and solve various intricate puzzles and mechanisms to progress through this unique world. For example, you control windmills in the clouds, power a house using lemons, and many more.

Important Features

  • The unique visuals made from paper, cardboard, glue, miniature light, and motors create a beautiful world to explore.
  • The visuals made from original materials work wonderfully with the tactile controls of the touch screen.
  • Full of Intricate and wacky puzzles.
  • Cloud sync saving allows you to switch between android devices whenever you feel like.


11. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D Games for Android

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Games for AndroidGunship Battle: Helicopter 3D lets you embark on some of the best Arial combats android games. Stunning graphics with realistic flight simulation controls create an immersive combat experience, the intense battle of VTOL aircraft and other rotary aircraft keeps you engaged and invested.

This game is free in the play store. Though it shows you ads, it’s relatively tolerable and is not too much. There are options to choose helicopters for each with distinctive features. You can arm and customize your chopper with various weaponry and ammunition. This game will surely keep you engaged with its mixture of the racing and shooting genre if you choose to give it a chance.

Important Features

  • You will get options of uniquely distinguishable helicopters.
  • You can customize your chopper with a wide range of equipment and weaponry.
  • Episode mode gives you a more realistic Arial combat experience.


12. Call of Infinite Air Warfare

Call of Infinite Air WarfareThough this game has similarities with Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D, it has enough distinguishable features to earn it’s right on this list. Wherein Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D focuses on aerial combat in general, Call of Infinite Air warfare gives you the best dogfighting experience. You can hop into your Modern warplane and experience close battles with enemy forces.

The game controls being arcade and simplistic are easy to master. Here the developers have opted for a more classic and arcade experience than realistic. You can customize your aircraft with a wide range of weapons and equipment. If you like aerial arcade games, then this one will surely take you for a ride.

Important Features

  • High-quality graphics and beautiful backgrounds make the environment of the game very appealing.
  • It has a wide range of weaponry and equipment for the customization of the aircraft.
  • The simplistic arcade controls of the game make it easier to play and master.


13. Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

Warplanes WW2 DogfightWarplanes: WW2 Dogfight takes you on a fantastic ride in the time of the Second World War as you take control of an aircraft and lead your squadron to victory. The game offers over 50 historical planes to choose from, such as Hurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire, P-51, IL-2 Shturmovik, and many more.

You can create your squadron comprised of the best pilots as they assist you through dangerous missions. You can also go on single missions by yourself. The ability to construct additional hangars, ant-aircraft artillery, and barrage balloon add strategical gameplay elements. The cherry on top of the cake is the radio chatter included in the game which enriches the World War II experience.

Important Features

  • You can choose from over 50 historical planes such as R.A.F., Luftwaffe, American, Japanese and Soviet Air Forces, and much more.
  • Buying planes, recruiting, and training new pilots, along with keeping additional structures, adds an element of world-building to the game.
  • The gameplay’s strategic aspects, along with the massive action of the gameplay, make the experience non-repetitive and fresh.
  • With beautiful environments and user-friendly flight mechanics, this game offers one the best WWII experience available on android gaming.


14. Pacific Warships: World of Naval PvP Warfare

Pacific Warships World of Naval PvP WarfarePacific Warships: World of Naval PvP Warfare combines tactics with heavyweight action to create one of the most significant naval combat experience available on Android. The game gives you your armada to battle with people from all over the world. You get to recruit your navy warships to form a fleet according to your needs and taste.

The 3D Games for Android is comprised of real-time action and strategical gameplay. The game’s objective is to find enemies that match your tactics and try to sink them using torpedoes, missiles, robot drones, artilleries, and many more. The graphics of the video game with the rewarding gameplay will surely keep you occupied for hours on end.

Important Features

  • This game offers a wide range of naval warships such as lightweight destroyers to battleships, dreadnaughts, and aircraft carriers with distinctive qualities to battle with people from all around the world on PvP mode.
  • The wide range of weaponry including, but not limited to, artillery, torpedoes, missiles, and robot drone, keeps the gameplay diverse.
  • You can customize and upgrade your ships with various weaponry and equipment.
    You have at your disposal an entourage of cool abilities such as invisibility, ability to shoot enemies at point-blank range, energy shields, E.M.P., and many more.
  • The easy game U.I. Combine with smooth controls of the game makes it easier to learn while keeping the game challenging with its diverse gameplay.
  • This game offers one of the most stunning graphics naval combat games have to offer on Android.
  • It lets you lower the graphical settings to run the game on weaker devices.


15. 3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball3D Pool Ball is a realistic 3D pool game, as the title suggests. The most exciting part of this game is the multiplayer feature, which lets you play with other people using the internet. With amazing backgrounds of pubs and pool halls, this game is a must-play for all pool lovers.

You can play the game on 3D as well as on 2D views on two modes. You can either play with other people using the multiplayer feature or enter a tournament to win trophies. The realistic visuals and high physics of the game create a smooth pool experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Important Features

  • You can play the game in both 2D and 3D camera angles.
  • The PvP and tournament mode of the game creates a different set.
  • The stunning visuals, coupled with fantastic physics, deliver unique gameplay.
  • You can play both online and offline.


16. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3DSimplicity is written all over Fun Race 3D. Though linear and straightforward, it is one of the most fun, competitive games out there. It uses its simplicity to its advantage and creates a fun arcade racer. This is a game for those who just want to lay back and relax while having fun.

You have to pass objects, slide down ropes, do parkour stunts, and avoid obstacles to reach the finish line against another player. You can play this with your friends through the internet. You unlock levels and characters as you progress. The undemanding controls of the game give you a laid back experience without compromising on fun.

Important Features

  • You can play against another player over the internet.
  • The game offers a variety of levels and characters to unlock.
  • The undemanding controls of the game let you have fun while relaxing.


17. Color Bump 3D Games for Android

Color Bump 3D Games for AndroidColor Bump 3D is the perfect game to play when you need to kill a few minutes but not get too invested. After a massive day’s work or during a break from work, the simplistic visuals and colors of the game relax you.

The game’s objective is not to let your ball touch any other color than its own as the screen moves forward. The speed of progressing gets faster as you conquer each level. The number of obstacles increases, and the levels get trickier as you play more and more. This game quickly gets you addicted to its simplistic elemental gameplay and soothing colors.

Important Features

  • 3D soothing visuals and smooth physics create a relaxing experience.
  • The smooth, simplistic mechanics of the game quickly gets you invested while keeping it challenging.
  • Over 100 levels will keep you coming back for more till you have conquered all.


18. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight Pilot Simulator 3DFlight Pilot Simulator 3D offers a realistic non-violent aerial experience, unlike the other flight video games on this list. The stunning visuals, along with cool animations, create an immersive experience. You can enjoy this game anywhere, anytime, as it does not require an active internet connection to play the game.

Choose from a wide range of real-life planes such as single-engine aircraft, supersonic jets, airliners, military aircraft, and many more. Become a pilot and take on challenging rescue missions, emergencies, rough landing missions, and many more. The vast open map of the game gives you the freedom to roam around the sky as you please. This is a must-play for flight simulator lovers.

Important Features

  • Pick your aircraft from a wide range of real-life planes to complete realistic missions like, rescue missions, emergency extraction, putting out fires, and many more.
  • It is a non-violent game with soothing environments.
  • It Consumes relatively less data than other apps.
  • You do not need any internet connection to play this android game.


19. Turbo Driving Racing 3D Games for Android

Turbo Driving Racing 3D Games for AndroidThough Turbo Driving Racing 3D, though, sounds like a handful, in reality, it is quite the opposite. With its amazing graphics and simplistic offline gameplay, it gives you a real arcade racing experience. The 3D visuals of the game are tinted with an isometric vibe. That makes for a very simplistic view in part of the gameplay.

The goal of the game is as simple as racing in the urban streets, countryside roads, by the seashore on stunning vehicles. You must make your way through traffic, packed streets, avoid crashes, bypass traffic cars, and much more. You have to collect coins and perform high-octane daredevil stunts to earn cash, along with many other activities.

Important Features

  • Fantastic visuals, combined with the unique viewpoint of the gameplay, create an exciting arcade experience.
  • Earned cash can be used to unlock and upgrade high-performance vehicles.
  • This game offers nine different paint colors for you to choose from.
  • You can equip your car with nine different types of wheels.


20. Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter StoriesMonster Hunter Stories is a role-playing spin-off title of the renowned monster hunter games developed by the legendary video game developer Capcom and Marvelous. As the owner of the monster, you can name the monsters, ride them, have them join you in battle, and much more.

The immersive story of the game starts in a forest close to the village of Riders. Three young friends -the hero (you), Lilia, and Cheval come across a shining egg, which sets them on a plethora of adventures.

Important Features

  • The game offers a deeply immersive and captivating story from the legendary game developers Capcom and Marvelous.
  • You get to recruit countless Monsters and bond with them.
  • It provides a large environment and dungeons to explore and find monster dens.
  • You can hatch your monsters from eggs you find.
  • It offers you the chance to play a console game on Android as this game is also available on the Nintendo 3Ds.


21. Raft Survival: Multiplayer – Simulator

Raft Survival Multiplayer – SimulatorRaft Survival: Multiplayer Games-Simulator is one of the most excellent survival simulators with a heavy focus on item management on Android. Being able to play this survival simulator with your friends over the internet heightens the fun factor of the game. For the lovers of the survival experience, this one is a must-play.

The objective of the game is to ensure your survival after your aircraft crashes in the ocean. You must collect debris to construct a raft. You must keep yourself safe from a plethora of dangers, including but not limited to hungry sharks while managing to acquire necessities such as food and water. This game will surely keep you on your toes if you choose to give it a chance.

Important Features

  • The multiplayer mode offers you to play with friends.
  • You can customize and upgrade your hero with various equipment and weapons.
  • The game focuses heavily on item management and customization. Even the clothing of your avatar effects your gameplay.
  • The game is full of craftsmanship. You can expand your raft to the size of a stronghold, construct auxiliary tools that will accelerate your procedure of attaining resources.


22. Fast Racing 3D Games for Android

Fast Racing 3D Games for AndroidFast Racing 3D takes you on an exhilarating ride full of speed and quick chase action. This game stands out among the other racing titles due to its fantastic feature of being able to knock other racers off the track. The game’s full 3D visuals and the wacky physics add to the violent nature of the game.

Leave flaming tire marks on the streets as you scour through the amazingly detailed racing tracks. Collect power-ups as you knock your enemies off the road and earn cash with each win. The fast pace of the game, coupled with the smooth, precise controls of the game, gives you a fantastic racing experience.

Important Features

  • It offers a unique experience by combining racing with action-oriented gameplay. You can knock off other racers off the road to gain the advantage.
  • You can upgrade and customize your cars suited to your needs.
  • The game offers touch control as well as tilt controls.
  • The massive career mode of the game gives you over 10 hours of gameplay with 48 levels.


23. Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf CompleteJoe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete is a combination of a gamebook and an action RPG that will surely satisfy you if you are a fan of either. The amazing hand-drawn illustrations with the turn-based combat of the game creates an immersive experience. This game features a standalone novel adventure written by Joe Dever.

You assume the role of Lone Wolf as he makes a return with a brand new story. The choices you make as Lone Wolf determines the story as well as the ending in this non-linear story. Along with the dynamic turn-based combat, there are lock-picking mini-games and challenges of the mysterious Shianti Cube.

Important Features

  • The hand-drawn illustrations, coupled with the stunning 3D graphics, bring life into the gamebook story experience.
  • With different combinations of traits, gear, and kai disciplines create your customizable avatar.
  • It is a turn-based combat system that requires skills.
  • The different storylines, along with the ending, increase the replay value of the game.


24. Carrom 3D Games for Android

Carrom 3D Games for AndroidCarrom 3D gives you a fantastic 3D carom experience on the go. The multiplayer feature of this game lets you play with your friends using either Bluetooth or the internet. With accurate carom physics and excellent 3D graphics, Carrom 3D can be a healthy substitute for your heavy carom equipment.

The game offers three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and competitive. You need to aim and strike the disk by sliding your fingers across the screen. The physics of the game enables you to do zigzag moves as well as straight shots. If you want a fun and realistic game of carom on the go, this is the app for you.

Important Features

  • You can use both the internet and Bluetooth to play with your friends.
  • The different difficulty levels of the game let adapt to the gameplay quickly.
  • The accurate physics of the game fully recreates the carom experience.
  • The intuitive controls let you do all kinds of shots, including but not limited to zigzag shots.


25. Tiny Archers

Tiny ArchersBecome a tiny archer in this game to protect your kingdom from swarms of goblins and trolls that attack your tower. For the archery fans out there, this is a simple game with smooth aiming mechanics and loads of fun. The fantasy elements in the environment, along with the fanciful characters, enrich the game with grandeur.

You must employ your tiny archers, humans, and dwarfs and elves to defend your tower against goblins, skeleton armies, and trolls. You get to discover incredible stories as you progress through the levels. Upgrade and customize your character as you see fit. This game stands out among other archery games on Android as a simplistic archery experience with a good story and great visuals.

Important Features

  • It has four distinctive stories with more than 130 unique tower defense levels that will keep you coming back for more
  • It offers four different characters to play with.
  • You can fight against other players to see who is better in different game modes.
  • You can chat with your friend and share pictures.
  • It offers a wide range of locations to choose from.
  • You can upgrade and customize your characters as you see fit.
  • The 18+ feature enables blood mode, exploding, kill cam, and much more.


26. Champion Fight 3D Games for Android

Champion Fight 3D Games for AndroidChampion Fight is a mixed martial arts fighting game with stunning visuals and extreme realistic violence. The game features a fantastic roster of characters with realistic motion captured animations. You can fight against the A.I. as well as other players over the internet. If you are looking for a blood-pumping, adrenaline rushing hardcore fighting experience on the go, then this is the game for you.

You have to tap with speed to perform combos and pull off special attacks by building your power. The responsive controls of the game with accurate sounds of punching, kicking, grappling makes for an immersive experience.

Important Features

  • Fast-paced on the ring action mixed with amazing realistic motion-captured animations create one the best fighting experience on Android.
  • You can fight against other players from all over the world.
  • The roster of characters with unique fighting styles will keep occupied for hours on end.
  • It requires less space compared to its amazing visuals and extensive features.


27. City Driving 3D Games for Android

City Driving 3D Games for AndroidCity driving 3D is one of the best driving simulators on Android. The previous app was downloaded by more than thirty million people and was played more than two hundred fifty million times. It ditches the arcade gameplay with wacky mechanics and replaces it with realistic driving with four different camera angles.

You need to navigate your way through realistic traffic to complete various missions on time. It offers a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to, Angry Girlfriend, Late for Work, Fast And Furious. Choose from more ten cars and roam around a heavily detailed big city. This is a must-play for driving simulator lovers.

Important Features

  • It offers realistic driving mechanics with more than 10 cars to choose from.
  • A realistic traffic system along with a heavily detailed city heightens Immersion to a whole new level.
  • The four different camera angles let you adjust the gameplay according to the missions.
  • It supports over 15 languages.


28. Struckd – 3D Game Creator

Struckd - 3D Game CreatorStuckd-3D Game Creator is a unique app that lets you create your own game and play games created by others inside the community. This game offers a world that invokes your creativity while simultaneously keeping you entertained. Join your friends and people from all around the world to embark on adventures of your own as well as of others.

This game does not ask for any coding skills on your part. You can design your own game by simply dragging and dropping elements from 900 free items. Create a combination of the things to make your games elusive and achieve plays and likes from other people. This game is a paradise for the creative.

Important Features

  • You can design your own game through the simple drag and drop interface without knowing any coding at all.
  • You can share your game with your friends and other people from all around the world.
    The fantastic visuals for the creation of your game include pirates, dungeons, foreign planets, deserts, forests, dinosaurs, and many more.
  • You can use over 1000 free game elements to create your own game.
  • You can games created by others and explore the realm of creativity.
  • The game promises many amazing upcoming features that will take the gameplay to a whole new level.


29. Returner 77 3D Games for Android

Returner 77 3D Games for AndroidReturner 77 is a slide match puzzle game with an intricate, immersive story. Eye-catching visuals with challenging puzzles keep your attention on it for hours on end. The dynamic and ambient soundtrack creates a world of its own with the dystopian environment. Amazing detailed extra features like the inclusion of live-action video clips, increase Immersion.

You have options to play the last survivors on earth after an alien invasion. Now you must explore the alien spaceship to find the key to rebuilding humanity that might be lurking in the spacecraft. The sci-fi elements, coupled with the dystopian atmosphere, along with the game’s intricate story, are sure to satisfy you if you choose to give it a chance.

Important Features

  • It offers an original story with a useful culmination.
  • You can enjoy challenging puzzles with stupefying designs in the single-player campaign.
  • The soothing and dynamic sound design increase the level of Immersion. It can be best enjoyed with headphones.
  • The auto-save feature saves on your behalf and lets you play the game right where you left off.
  • The game frequently updates itself with new content and added features.
  • The game is micro-transaction free.


30. Pixel Gun 3D: F.P.S. Shooter & Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D F.P.S. Shooter & Battle RoyalePixel Gun 3D: F.P.S. Shooter & Battle Royal is a first-person multiplayer shooting game with intentional blocky graphics and addictive gameplay. The game offers over 800 weapons to gun it out with your friends and people from all around the world.

The battle royal gameplay lets you conquer your way through a vast global map, win valor points, and collect income from your lands. The wide range of game modes, including Battle Royale, Raids, Death-matches, and Duels, keeps the gameplay versatile. For players bored with the combat modes, the game offers mini-games such as sniper tournaments, parkour challenges, glider rush, and many others.

Important Features

  • The ability to conquer territories on a vast global map creates a real incentive for the gameplay.
  • The wide range of highly detailed skins, including Orcs, skeletons, and Amazon warriors, makes the gameplay diverse and keeps things new.
  • Pixel Gun 3D offers a wide range of mini-games besides the main battlefield combat.
  • This game offers more than a hundred gorgeous maps from all around the world.
  • This game also includes a zombie-survival campaign for some pure bloody fun full of brain-eating violence.


Which one is the Best 3D Game for Android?

The games in this list differ in their respective genre, along with many other aspects. Each game has something different, individualistic to offer. For action-oriented gamers, Shadowgun is the best choice wherein for sports lovers 3D tennis would be the most enjoyable. Among puzzle games, Lumina City, The Room: Old Sins and Joe Diver’s Lone Wolf are the best for Android. Each game on this list shines in its idiosyncratic light.

Final Thought

Android has proven itself a competent gaming platform and is drawing more and more attention from game developers with each passing day. As new titles come to the spotlight every month many get overshadowed to obscurity. To deny these games a chance would be a heinous crime that would unmotivate the developers. That is why I am here to guide you through monthly releases, obscure hidden gems, and many more. Let me know if you think a title should’ve made this list but we missed it.

Ahmed Jubaer
Ahmed Jubaer is an enthusiastic gamer and influential writer of FossGuru who loves to play Windows and Android games. He has vast experience in the gaming world. He likes to help others by providing gaming information.


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