The 30 Best Camera Apps for Android Device in 2023

Nowadays, a big issue arises in selecting apps with the best features. It does not matter what brand or model it is; not everyone can afford an iPhone or Samsung. It is more important when you want to capture the perfect moment with your loved ones. You want the picture to be as perfect as it can be. Some people like to click that one picture with an app that works basically on every device with fewer issues. Camera Apps for Android are the ones that make any device look super cool and trendy. 

I believe most of us have heard about BG12, which is the best-known App for clicking selfies. But there are many more apps to help you with that dull picture of yours. Or do you? You can add and create makeup looks for girls and put up a hashtag #nomakeuplook and get that face shining in your enemy’s eyes. 

The 30 Best Camera Apps for Android Devices

One might find a lot of apps to click that perfect shot on that tiny device of yours. But to make that picture stand out, the rest of your gang, I will list down the 30 Best camera apps for your mobile, and guess what? You need that Android device to help you start with clicking your perfect shot. 

1. BG12 Camera Apps for Android

BG12 Camera Apps for AndroidBG12 is an app that has a short name but works like a perfect DSLR for your device. You have to snap a picture, sit, and search for your creative or stylish features in that App. Work your way to that fantastic spotlight look by adding filters and effects to that picture to create that realistic vibe. This App has all the qualities you need for the best camera look. To add more, it has

  • Filters to add that illusion effect. 
  • Stylish stickers add a funky and cooling effect to that picture, making it fashionable. 
  • It has creative tools like editing picture size and copy-pasting one image to another for an artistic look. 
  • Girls can quickly stop wasting time putting on that makeup, start clicking normal photos and let the App do its magic with the natural makeup filters. 
  • It has dynamic effects making your poster stand out. 

An app lets you choose and edit the picture how you like and makes you stand out. This App has all you name it, and you have it. It does not need much memory space and requires no Internet connection for editing.

Google Play

2. Bestie-Camera360 Beauty Cam

Bestie-Camera360 Beauty CamBestie-Camera360 Beauty Cam is an app that does more than filtering. The picture lights out without the need for extra light. You can change and create your background to your style and needs. Very cool! Isn’t it? So let’s go ahead with the features, shall we: 

  • With this App, you can become the queen or even a bunny by using the cool features of animation stickers. 
  • Features like standard filters are not genuine conventional filters. The screens create a more professional look because they are too different here. Best of all, filters can be applied at 1-100 degrees. Wow, that’s a real catch! Isn’t it? Best of all, you can create and manage your favorite filters. 
  • You can take a picture within no time, and there is no huss or fuss about it as it is a fast and easy selfie-taking App. 
  • Taking photographs at night is not an issue to be worried about now; capturing your moments or selfies even in dark lights and later seeing the magic of the App as it gives you the best picture you want. 
  • The hands-free option in this App makes it more likable among the app searchers. 
  • Add that blush, contour your face right after taking your bare-face picture, and amaze your friends with the hashtag #wokeuplikethis. Even that acne in no time and enlarge your eye that has been bothering you App. 

This App makes your picture realistic and makes the image do the talking while you get comments you will never forget. The App speaks louder by its action. 

Google Play

3. Professional HD Camera Pro

Professional HD Camera ProWant that perfect shot like a DSLR? Here comes the App Professional HD Camera Pro that changes how you take pictures and your way to the limelight. With this App’s features and highlights, grab that showbiz look that you have been searching for ages within no time. What are the features, you might ask? So hop on as I take you through them-

  • We all know of HD cameras and HD video quality, but have you heard of HD filters?!. Well, this App has the feature of HD filters. The cleaners you have used way before this App have been upgraded to a better standard and quality to make your picture speak out on its own.
  • Panorama features help you shoot and create a great ambiance standard picture in no time. 
  • Even setting a timer for that great shot and video has a whole new meaning in this App, as it beautifies the picture with every picture you take. 
  • Balancing colors and radiance can create a bright boldness for the images that you take. 

What else do you want when you can have it all in just one App? This App can be the next-level upgraded option for taking selfies and portraits with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking that perfect shot with this App right now!! Won’t you? You can use duplicate photo finders to delete unwanted ones if the same photos are.

4. Sweet Selfie (Beauty Camera and best photo editor)

Sweet Selfie (Beauty Camera and best photo editor)Sweet Selfie is considered the most used Camera app for Android beauty queens. As the name suggests, the Sweet Selfie app name is as cute as the edited picture. Starting from beautifying the image to creating a whole new snapshot that looks far better than the original. Let’s head over to the features of this App:

  • It has beautiful effects to enrich the beauty of the picture. 
  • It has the functionality of face tuning, making a face smooth and minimizing the pores of faces. 
  • If body shaming were a factor in taking photos, it would be no more a case to worry about, just reshaping it to your need. 
  • Professional photo editors make a more quality, complete picture. 
  • Make collages and photo grids at the same time you edit your image. 

This App is convenient and easy to use. Plus, beginners, as well as professionals, can use this App. It makes it a favorite app for Cameras among all.

Google Play

5. Youcam Perfect (the best Selfie Camera App for Android)

Youcam Perfect (best selfie Camera Apps for Android)Youcam Perfect is an app that is simple but easy to use. This App’s features are everything you have always been looking for. An app that meets your requirement and makes your Camera elegant but straightforward. Best Camera app among all the apps that you have used till now. 

  • Customizing the picture and putting a few images in one perfect frame to share on social media is what you need the most. 
  • Awesome pictures can be created by layering images one on top of another with added text and stickers. 
  • Use magic brushes to create a vibrant yet colorful description wherever you touch your photo. 
  • Change and create background creating depth in picture quality and highlighting uplifting wherever required. 

If you have a shortage of time but want to capture moments in the best way possible, this is the App for you. This App can master the art of picture quality in no time without a professional photographer’s need.

Google Play

6. BeautyPlus (Easy Photo editor and selfie camera)

BeautyPlus (Easy Photo editor and selfie camera)BeautyPlus is the perfect easy App to get sharable photos in no time. This App does best by creating the perfect look and transforming images in the best way possible. Key features of this App are 

  • Beauty Plus has a skin editor effect making the skin look perfect for that great shot. 
  • Clear those eye bags and make your eyes look great in your pictures. 
  • Using multiple effects simultaneously can create a truly magical effect for your photo. 
  • Built-in selfie camera makes a hands-free perfect shot mode. 
  • Easily shareable on social media just after editing the image, it can be shared with your desired social media in no time. 

What Else do you need when you have the best in one App? User-friendly and efficiently shareable is what makes it stand out from the rest. Create that perfect shit and share it with your friends in no time.

Google Play

7. Retrica (the original filter Camera App for Android)

Retrica (the original filter Camera Apps for Android)Retrica is an app that finds that perfect filter and snaps to create the shot you need. Creative but easy-to-use apps are what Retrica provides. Selfies that you need and portraits that stand in boldness. Some of the key features are

  • Multiple color changer features make each of your look vibrant yet trendy. 
  • ‘Viewfinder’ and ‘Insight’ are the cool features of sharing your memorable edited photos through Retrica in no time. 
  • It has 190+ upgraded stylish Camera filters to make each picture stand out. 

Make your pictures come to life. Make pictures look unusual and stylish with 1 app that takes and creates a lively photo within seconds to make you look as beautiful as possible. Some free online photo storage will help you to preserve all those beautiful images. 

Google Play

8. One S10 Camera (Galaxy S10 Camera Style)

One S10 Camera (Galaxy S10 Camera Style)One S10 Camera Apps for Android is the creation of its own Samsung mobile company. It provides many features with various styles and options. It is like you have an S10 mobile in your hand. Some of the key features of the S10 Camera are listed below:

  • It has advanced filters in the filter store with more than 100+ filters.
  • You can have a smooth, gliding face with a beautiful tone.
  • Most importantly supports UHD camera and FHD video recording.
  • You can zoom in and focus on your picture to the minute level possible.
  • Resolution can be adjusted for cameras and videos.
  • It has a white screen flash for the Front Camera.

It has all the features of the best cameras. All in all, you can have the best of all in 1 app.

Google Play

9. Candy Camera (Selfie, beauty camera, photo editor)

Candy Camera (selfie, beauty camera, photo editor)The Candy Camera app that selfies come to life. It is an app that creates pictures with less fuss and disturbance and without noise. It is an app that makes the image beautiful anywhere and anytime.

  • Selfies and portraits can take real-time filters making pictures quality.
  • This App includes adding makeup, whitening, and slimming options to make images more attractive.
  • Stickers can be added to the selfies, and new labels are added with every upgrade.
  • The silent mode option makes taking selfies noiseless, creating no disturbances.
  • Please take all the pictures made and edit and add them up in a collage to make it fresh. 

This App is all you need for your best Selfie and for a picture to stand out. Create and enjoy your best time with the best camera app you have been looking for.

Google Play

10. Camera360: (Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker)

Camera360 (Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker)Camera360 is one of the excellent Camera Apps for Android. More than 800 users, including professionals, use the Camera360 app. It is an app that takes pictures, adds stickers, adds motions, and makes pictures funny. It has options for adding effects to videos, and poster templates are another stand-out feature of this App.

  • Camera360 has 3D stickers to make pictures lively and funny at the same time.
  • It also has real-time beauty makeup options making eyes and face look more beautiful.
  • Over 100 newly added filters make the pictures of the day.
  •  The homepage of this App has exact details but in a concise form.

This App has features in the latest upgraded model. Each element of this App is helpful as well as trendy. Now there is no need for a professional photographer.

Google Play

11. Beauty Camera X (Editor and Camera Apps for Android)

Beauty Camera X (Editor and Camera Apps for Android)The Beauty Camera X app is precise and convenient, with features to make your selfies colorful. It has a built-in beautifying option making selfies beautiful. This free App has over 200 professional photo editing options making pictures bold and stand out. The key features of this App are:

  • Images have marks and labels of the day, date, time, and even locations, making you aware of when and where you took the last picture.
  • It has the option of audio sound command, so the hands-free option makes picture-taking easy.
  • This App supports 4k resolution-making pictures quality.
  • It has fabulous features of backgrounds with tags and fonts that make pictures visually more attractive. 
  • Crop, filter, and edit face with beauty makeup options to make photographs more realistic.

It is an app that creates and makes photos for a lifetime to be remembered. You will learn the beauty tips and tricks of editing photos quickly. An app that is a must for beginners as well as for professionals to have.

Google Play

12. MiX Camera (for Mi Camera +)

MiX Camera (for Mi Camera +)MiX Camera app has the Features of Mi mobile camera, which can be used on any Android phone. It is an app that simultaneously makes taking selfies a fun play yet beautiful. Let’s head to some of the features of this App:

  • AR-quality filters, stickers, and emojis make the pictures cool and stylish.
  • It has features of beautifying makeup options to make you look beautiful.
  • Professional photographers have features such as balancing, colors, and scene modes, and even you can adjust and balance the background to your preference.
  • You can silently capture photos without disturbing your dear ones.
  • Resolution can be adjusted for the best view for pictures and videos.
  • Easily manageable albums make your photo easy to view.
  • Its features include making doodles and adding text, making pictures super cute and trendy.

This App has all the features of the Mi mobile camera combined. Using this App, you will feel you are a professional photographer. This App works with the latest features and facilities, making your Camera using experience unique.

Google Play

13. Cymera Camera (Photo Editor, Filter, and collage)

Cymera Camera (Photo Editor, Filter, and collage)Cymera Camera free app has all qualities of the best camera App, such as filter, beauty mode, editor, stickers, and much more. You can add and share the best features to get quality pictures. Features that make it stand out are:

  • Filters that instantly change facial features and create your favorite filters from the filter store.
  • Seven different lenses autofocus and capture the best shot in silent mode.
  • You can even add Bluetooth for hands-free photo clicking.
  • Make collages and blur that awful background to make and crop people out from the photo.
  • There are 200+ beauty features to make you beautiful in that photo.
  • Upgrade photos with the best stickers and animal masks.
  • Organize pictures by date and time and quickly send and share them on social media.
  • It supports more than ten languages for international and national use worldwide.

It is an app that is a must-have for future fast-camera professionals. Connecting and sharing those beautiful photos now is more comfortable than before. This App is a must-have application for all.

Google Play

14. ProCam X Lite (HD Camera Pro)

ProCam X Lite (HD Camera Pro)ProCam X Lite app not only takes photos but creates a new picture. Because features such as Focus, white balancing, ISO, and many others make this App unique from other camera apps. Some key features are listed below;

  • Lock and adjust to control exposure for better quality.
  • Realtime Filters make the picture stand out.
  • Its fast camera feature performance takes multiple views in one shot.
  • It has face detection mode to detect smiles and people in the photos.
  • Features of 4k resolution video editing, making videos of high quality.
  • Changeable volume keys to perform quick performance like AZ camera.
  • It has options to detect location.
  • Photo grid and features like the date and time option make photos easily trackable plus stylish.

This App is an updated version of many camera apps used today. It has the features of an excellent professional camera and is free of cost. When you preserve all the pro pictures on the computer, then you will be safe. You can use the free photo recovery software if any unwanted missing happens.

Google Play

15. Camera Mi 10 (Mi X HD Camera)

Camera Mi 10 (Mi X HD Camera)Camera Mi 10 app has the best stylish features for the best-edited photo. This App has all the best features of the Mi10 mobile Camera. 

  • It has 80+ innovative filters to have a better quality picture.
  • Make pictures funny with funny stickers and masks
  • Animated stickers can be used for videos to make videos lively.
  • Exposure to colors and lights can be made to make the photo trendy and cool.
  •  You can touch and focus anywhere in the picture for that precise editing of photos.
  • Auto Flash has an on/off option for a better selfie.

This App has all the possible features of a popular camera app. The App that innovative filters and animated stickers make picture editing more fun and creative. Create a new story with every photo you take.

16. 1998 Cam (Vintage Camera Apps for Android)

1998 Cam (Vintage Camera Apps for Android)The 1998 Cam app gives the retro feel of 1998. This App has filters, a Polaroid camera, light and dust effects, and many more features. It is an app universal to be used by every generation. Some key features include:

  • Fast preview pictures to see the effects of before and after editing photos. 
  • The App Has elements of real-time results in filters to follow the intensity of change in photo editing. 
  • No watermarks make the picture broader and better. 
  • It’s free; therefore, no need for a subscription needed. 

This App makes your dull picture more vibrant. Features like the retro effect make the image of 1998 come to life. 

Google Play

17. Selfie Camera Expert

Selfie Camera ExpertThe Selfie Camera Expert app has the best selfie camera effects. Features like camera preview, live filters, and, best of all, the app design pares convenient and easy to use. Some key features are:

  • It has a feature previewing before taking selfies to be easily shared after clicking that perfect shot. 
  • Features of sharing pictures on all social media in a short time. 
  • The latest version of the DSLR camera effect is available for a better quality of images. 
  • And enhance photos with unique filters and backgrounds. 

This App does support not only a DSLR effect but also significant selfies effects. It has time-lapse and dark mode options to capture the best selfies and photos, even pin dark. 

Google Play

18. Smart Camera HD Pro Free

Smart Camera HD Pro FreeSmart Camera HD Pro Free app has the best camera panorama effect. This App can shoot photos like a professional and are easy to handle. The AHAs have the best preview and real-time results. Some of the cool features are listed below:

  • Features of selecting the best scenarios and backgrounds before taking photos. 
  • The audio option is available even for video capturing. 
  • Accessible essential use features for capture and adjustment for zooming and to compensate. 
  • Stores date, day, and even time in video subtitles to make when and where the picture was taken. 
  • Multi-touch gesture to touch and control effects and selfie modes. 

This App makes the life of selfie-taking easier. Take and create the best photo and share it with your friends for free.

19. Z Camera (Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage)

Z Camera (Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage)The Z Camera App for Android has stylish features and creative effects. This App has every element of the latest Camera and captures the best selfies and photos. Here are the key features listed below:

  • Beautifying features with only one click option to have a bright, beautiful face. 
  • It has many stickers and face swap features for a cool new look. 
  • Has the Z Moment community for sharing pictures with the app users of this community? 
  • Change your face look and shape instantly with the touch of an option. 
  • Has features basic photo editors such as cropping, rotating, and flipping. 
  • Live filters and collage templates make this App trendy and cool. 

It is a next-generation app and is user-friendly for all ages. It has all the features and functions to make and create the best possible Selfie. 

20. Airbrush Camera Apps for Android (Easy Photo Editor)

Airbrush Camera Apps for Android (Easy Photo Editor)Airbrush app features not only style and trend. It has the tools to create a simple yet elegant look. It has the best features of filters, previews, and others to produce the best-edited picture. Some features are given below:

  • With the element of the blur, focus the wanted objects to create depth in the image. 
  • Filters are upgraded and up to date to make photos classy. 
  • Sharing is more comfortable as editing tools are easy to find to edit and share the best picture. 
  • Add your magic touch by adding colors and makeup for perfect skin. 

The App has all the features you need to get the perfect shot quickly. Features and options for editing are more comfortable and faster to find.

Google Play

21. HD Camera for Android

HD Camera for AndroidHD Camera For Android app is effortless yet has all the features and criteria for the best camera app. Features like regular filters to panorama to the best dynamic effects. 

  • You can use a countdown timer for perfect hands-free shots. Key features such as: 
  • User interfaces are changeable. You can change to your needs. If you are using a tablet or smartphone, it improves its view quality to that phase quickly. 
  • You can set your picture quality by balancing the portrait and changing the background to your wish. 
  • Location tracking and changing volume keys are the best qualities of this App. 
  • Crop and add photos to the collages making all the pictures view simultaneously. 

This App features innovative, creative effects that make the App user-friendly. You can take and edit photos in no time and share it with your friends.

Google Play

22. Pixlr ( Free Photo Editor and Camera Apps for Android)

Pixlr ( Free Photo Editor and Camera Apps for Android)Pixlr is an app that edits photos. It Creates beautiful effects. You can make collages and crops and share them with your friends. Some features are given below :

  • Create and make a grid ratio and add beautiful pictures to your collages. 
  • The auto-fix function helps you fix colors in the image. 
  • Different effects can be given in a single photo by using double exposure. 
  • Crop save and re-edit pictures quickly. 
  • Add text and stickers to make your photographs more stylish and cool. 

There are many more features that this App provides, and a lot more; you can take your photo. Picture editing to video editing can be quickly done in this App with only single finger clicks.

Google Play

23. Makeup Camera (Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor}

Makeup Camera (Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor}Makeup Camera is one of the best Camera Apps for Android. This App is for makeup lovers. Those who want that instant glow in the picture without wasting time on makeup can use this App. Evan makes selfies with the stickers and adds more motion to videos. Features such as:

  • Real-time makeover makes a hassle-free glowing look for perfect selfies.
  • Skin editors remove spots and clear your face for a classic look.
  • A pretty camera selfie filter gives the pictures a more transparent and natural look.

Take selfies and share them with your friends instantly. You do not need to worry about makeup. Just sit back and relax and let the Makeup Camera do the work for you.

Google Play

24. Adobe Photoshop Express (Photo editor Collage Maker)

Adobe Photoshop Express (Photo editor Collage Maker)Adobe Photoshop Express app will give you an instant professional camera look. Many creative and innovative filters, tools, and other effects are here, updated with each update. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Sharpen even the most minor details to make a clear picture.
  • Blur any background that is not required or creates a fuss.
  • Stickers are up-to-date to make your pictures look cool and stylish.
  • Assemble all images in a go in a collage.
  • Secure fixing of contrast and colors to remove harshness in pictures.
  • Each photo is of high quality and easy to share options with your friends and family.

This App is all you need on your device for a professional studio feel look. Each feature and option makes your selfies and photos stand out like a professional studio is in your hand.

Google Play

25. HD Camera Pro and Selfie Camera

HD Camera Pro and Selfie CameraHD Camera Pro and Selfie Camera app helps in taking quick HD-quality pictures. This App works on any device, from tablets to mobile phones, and gives HD pictures with a quick snap. You have to take a picture and edit it to your option. The main features of this App are:

  • It can easily detect faces by its face detection option and easily take photos of your friends.
  • It has HdR features to make images qualities, even in low light.
  • Pro capture modes make pictures more HD.
  • Hands-Free control can help take selfies quickly. Also, you can whistle or use voice detection.
  • Comfortable and small file size so that the image stores less space.
  • Quick and beautiful collages make photos unique and fashionable.

All these features and much more make each Selfie lively. A realistic feel with a hint of effects makes each Selfie the Best Selfie. This App is for all, and all you need in a picture is in this App.

Google Play

26. Adobe Lightroom (Photo Editor and Pro Camera)

Adobe Lightroom (Photo Editor and Pro Camera)Adobe Lightroom is an app that has easy editing tools for beginners. Filter and retouch any time you feel your picture is dull. This App has all effects and features for the best camera look. Some features such as:

  • Exposure, timer, and other features are easy to find and great for beginner levels.
  • Artificial intelligence AI helps to organize and track photos much more comfortably.
  • Pictures always have a backup of edited and unedited images on the cloud to give you an idea of transformation.
  • Add and collect everyone’s pictures in one place and share the edited photos with all. Even better, make a collage of all images.

This App is the best App for having the ultimate photo-clicking experience. Have pictures, share, and, most importantly, edit photographs in no time.

Google Play

27. SODA (Natural Beauty Camera Apps for Android)

SODA (Natural Beauty Camera Apps for Android)The SODA app is the next generation for taking selfies and creating the best-edited photo version. It is the best effortless way of editing photos. The App has all the best features for beautifying pictures. Some key features such as:

  • Filters and makeup Options are available in 1 click option.
  • Natural beauty effects are applied while taking pictures in real-time, so there is a need for extra editing. 
  • Apply the best filter that matches your skin tone, as many filter options exist.
  • Change and focus anywhere in the photos to adjust effects in the portrait effects.

This App provides all the beautifying tips and tricks to make photos stand out. Now you can edit pictures from anywhere and simply with some clicks.

28. Selfie Natural Camera (Filter Soda)

Selfie Natural Camera (Filter Soda)An app like Selfie Natural Camera has the perfect blend of all features. Edit pictures while taking photos, which is faster than editing photographs later. The Camera App for Android works faster and is good to go on any device. Key features such as:

  • Natural beauty effects can be applied while taking photos in this App.
  • It supports a dual camera, the best feature to help edit portrait and Selfie shots simultaneously.
  • The App Has the best brightening and HD quality features for the best Hd studio photo shot.

This App provides the best filters and editing options for a perfect photoshoot. Even you can change the outdoor sky look if it is dull or suits your style. Change the background and the look of the whole atmosphere with this App in 1 go.

29. Sweet Snap Face Cam (Selfie Edit & Photo Filters)

Sweet Snap Face Cam (Selfie Edit & Photo Filters)Casual and relaxed selfies are now a trend, and Sweet Snap Face Cam App makes this trend easier. Make and create selfies with excellent features. Edit and filter the existing photos with simple tools. Some features include:

  • Filters are of the latest trend and quality and can be applied while taking pictures. Thus this App makes editing and taking pictures faster and easier.
  • Recording videos with fun expression packages makes videos more interactive and fun.
  • Different animal stickers make selfie-taking super cool and trendy.
  • Share and enjoy taking photos with your friends quickly.

Apps that are convenient and easy to use are always favorites among all. This App can be used anywhere and everywhere. This App is super trendy and cool to show off among friends.

Google Play

30. Selfie camera (Beauty Camera & Makeup camera)

Selfie camera (Beauty Camera & Makeup camera)The Selfie Camera app is the App that makes selfies and photos to be edited faster. Add and create a collage. Add beauty and personal touches to your picture. Trendy pictures are now a possibility for all.

  • Images are beautified instantly while taking photos in this App. Thus saves time and effort.
  • Enhance lips and other face areas with a single click of the tools.
  • Tools like setting contrasts and brightening are easy to find and use in this App in real-time.
  • Accessories such as headbands, crowns, neckpieces, and clips can be added.
  • Share the best-edited pictures with friends and family on social media through the sharing option in this App.

This is the best shareable edited photo app. Make and create memories with easy clicks. Get the most of all the features in a single app. Take photos and selfies with this modern App with the latest features and stand out from the crowd in boldness.

Google Play

Final Thought

After a lengthy review, you have found your Best Camera Apps for Android devices. However, according to my suggestions, you can use BG12, Bestie-Camera360 Beauty Cam, Youcam Perfect, and Candy Camera to make you a beauty queen in photography. If you find the app review helpful for your friend, you can send her to become a beauty queen.

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