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Best 30 TV Apps for Android to Bring Relax in Life in 2023

TV, or as we all know, the idiot box, is one of the most demanding products of any nation. It offers the best entertainment channels to keep you engaged. TV is the source of entertainment for your dad to enjoy news and sports channel. Your mother can like household gossiping serials and cooking shows. What else could be better if you have that entertainment met channels on our Android devices? It is An app that will have all channels at our fingertips. Today, I will list 30 of the best TV apps for Android, accessible and easy to use.

The 30 Best TV Apps for Android

TV apps allow you to enjoy your favorite TV series streaming, games show, and other fantastic programs online. It is straightforward to use and cheap. Your baby can Watch cartoons online with Android TV apps. Find out the best 30 Apps to watch TV.

1. SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies

SLING Live TV, Shows & MoviesThe sling app provides the best free demanding channels on mobile. You can watch live TV and more than 8500 movies on demand anywhere and anytime. This app has the best news portal like CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC, which keeps you updated on the daily news. It has fascinating Live entertainment channels on the go.

Important Features

  • Sling has news channels like CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC to keep you updated every time.
  • It has sports channels like TNT, ESPN, and ESPN2 for sports lovers.
    This app has Disney and cartoon network channels for your kid’s best holiday entertainment.
  • The sling app supports more than 22 languages, which means it has no regional boundaries in language.

Tips: The Sling app can change the future of Android TV with the best entertainment in line with the best features. Now anyone and everyone can become the valid holder of the best entertainment on hand

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2. Send files to TV

Send files to TV- Best TV Apps for AndroidSend files to TV, commonly known as the SFTTV app, is a fast, easy way to share and view media and music files. You do not need any internet to share any files. It just requires the local network to be connected to devices. Now you can access anything on your Android TV with this app installed.

Important Features

  • Devices can easily connect and recognize this app because of its simple yet powerful design and configuration.
  • SFTTV is faster than your Bluetooth to send and receive files; therefore, no time is wasted for your entertainment needs.
  • This app can work on any operating system, like Windows, macOS, and Linux. You do not need to worry about any particular configuration or operating system.

Tips: Now, sit back and view and share anything anytime with this app for the best entertainment. SFTTV is there to help you have the best entertainment anytime and anywhere.

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3. Bongo TV app

Bongo TV app- Best TV Apps for AndroidThe Bongo app lets you enjoy the latest and best movies online. You can watch trending TV series. You can catch up to the news portal anytime, streaming live through this app. It is easy to become a premium app user by subscribing through selected mobile operators in Bangladesh.

Important Features

  • Log in through your mobile number and enjoy free content anywhere and anytime, making it a convenient app.
  • Whenever you feel like unsubscribing, go to the Bongo account page and unsubscribe. It is totally up to your wish.
  • Other options include a search engine, an about section, a view FAQ, and a view and create a profile in my profile. Everything you need is easy to find for your convenience.

Tips: This app features and shows you the latest and best shows in town. App list down the best-featured shows in time for your best entertainment. The shows are arranged in chronological order.

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4. Mobdro TV Apps for Android

Mobdro TV appMobdro TV app offers you not only live streaming channels but also provides a free movie download option. TV shows and all other entertainment sources like sports and cooking channels are charge-free. The best part of this app is that it is easy to go on Android and iPhone. Regular updates and bug fixes make this app user-friendly and convenient for all.

Important Features

  • Mobdro TV app is the best for Android and iPhone, so users of both models can use this app.
  • You can Chromecast your favorite TV show and sit on your sofa.
  • You can set a timer while on your bed so that the show you watch gets paused when you sleep. Therefore, no chance of you missing your favorite show.
  • There are 200+ channels to find and discover the best shows on the go.

Tips: Mobdro TV app gives you the best experience of entertainment. This app allows you to experience the best shows for free anytime and anywhere.

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5. Solid Explorer TV Apps for Android

Solid Explorer TV Apps for AndroidThe solid explorer app makes sharing and receiving files much more accessible. The most important feature of this app is that you can fingerprint options for accessing files. You can manage the Android TV channels through this app.

This app allows the best use of Android by accessing the Android TV right from the app and also lets you install and uninstall other apps run by a third party instantly, anywhere, and at any time.

Important Features

  • This app has added cloud storage to create less pressure on memory storage.
  • You can view add and drop panels within the app for the best view.
  • The password enables ZIP, and TZIPS lets you create securable access to files and folders.
  • You can extend and create more features by adding plugins through the google play store.
  • Tools like FTP and Chromecast are available in this app for your best experience of TV and file view.

Tips: Solid Explorer can change the art of experience of viewing TV channels. It lets you enjoy Android TV with an easily securable folder and file sharing. You can create and view anything anywhere through this app.

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You can show off or sideshow your picture through Photo Gallery and Screensaver App. This app is based on Android TV and brings all the screensaver features you want to view on a large TV screen.

This app helps you to see the 50 oldest photos from your library. The gallery does not let you view full-screen photos and videos, which is a big issue. It lets you play and test the app before you think of purchasing the app itself.

Important Features

  • You can select “Photo Screensaver and Gallery” from the options. Just go to settings and select your desired screensaver.
  • You can select options of when to daydream a screensaver by just clicking the settings options.
  • Search the best albums and videos and play full screen whenever you want.
  • You can navigate through channels and pictures through this app.

Tips: Photo Gallery and Screensaver has the best features and options for the latest TV app trend. You can manage and customize the best pictures and channels through the Photo Gallery and Screensaver app.

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7. VLC for Android

VLC for AndroidVLC media players play videos in a coded and decoded form. This app can play most local video and audio files and network streams. It can also help even to share videos.
Everyone can use VLC, and most importantly, this app is free. VLC helps provide less distortion while playing videos by having no ads, no in-app purchases, and no spying, and passionate volunteers develop it.

Important Features

  • VLC supports disk shares and plays videos of local and audio files. It even supports network streams like DVDs and ISO.
  • Through VLC, you can browse the whole media library directly through the app.
  • This app also includes an option for the complete audio media library, audio control, supports audio headsets control, cover art, and a lot more.
  • VLC has options for auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments, and gestures to control volume, brightness, and seeking, which makes each of your experiences better and best than before.

Tips: VLC app helps support the best experience you have ever had. You will have a fun and relaxing time going through the best shows or series offline/online, wherever and whenever you want.

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8. Spotify TV Apps for Android

Spotify TV Apps for AndroidSpotify app is best known for being the best streaming music app. You can listen to the best songs all over the world. Moreover, you can podcast your hidden musical talent. You can review the latest trending songs with Spotify on your mobile and tablet. You can sit, relax, and have the best moment of your life through this app’s music library.

Important Features

  • Spotify is supported on tablets, computers, and mobiles, so it is a user-friendly app.
  • Plays and podcast albums, and music without advertisements mean minor disturbance while you enjoy your favorite music.
  • You can personalize, change, and set music to your moods and likes to keep your preferences in mind.

Tips: Spotify app has the latest features and options to make the app user-friendly and commendable by all. You can have your best time with the best music that suits your mood anywhere and anytime.

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9. Netflix TV Apps for Android

netflix tv appNetflix is the most trending app in the entertainment world. This app provides trending shows and is the best-known streaming platform now. You can select from various options, from Netflix originals to TV shows, movies, and much more.
Netflix is usually an installed app with an Android TV. You need to log in with your name and password for Netflix.

Important Features

  • Netflix app is always in sync with the latest series, shows, and movies. You need to search and find what you need. It helps to keep you on track with the latest and best shows.
  • The entire family can enjoy Netflix shows and movies by creating up to 5 profiles and watching their favorite series anywhere and anytime.
  • Preview and watch the latest shows and notifications of new episodes of your favorite show will be sent to you directly. So no need to worry about missing any show, right?
  • You can download and save your data and later enjoy your preferences for any show you want and anywhere you want.

Tips: Netflix app makes the best use of your leisure time. Make your traveling or boring pass time the best enjoyable times. So buckle up, have that popcorn by your side, and enjoy the ride of Netflix.

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10. KODI TV Apps for Android

KODI : best video player and KODI TV Apps for AndroidKodi is an app that allows you to connect all the media files in one place. You can align all your media files online and offline videos. Later watch them whenever you want.

Kodi lets you enjoy third-party content too. It does not support any pirated or illegal content to be watched or shared. Enjoy the best Android TV experience through this app plugin option.

Important Features

  • Kodi has a plugin option and can add many more options and features for a better experience.
  • You can share and access media files, podcasts, and music using only a few buttons.
  • You can get the whole family together and watch a movie using its 10-foot interface design.

Tips: You can watch and experience the best Android TV through the Kodi app anywhere and anytime. This app makes life easier at your fingertips.

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11. Haystack TV: Local & World News

Haystack TV Android AppHaystack TV local and world news app is an app that keeps you updated with world affairs. It has the latest streaming news portal sources from BBC to AP and CBS.
This app can sense and keep you updated every day. Each day you will find something new and exciting.

Important Features

  • They use the best sources for their news portal, such as BBC and CCN. Therefore there is no question of validity.
  • The hUSING CHROMECAST, THE haystack TV app, lets you share any news with the whole family. Now the family stays updated.
  • The app is updated with news that suits your mood and interest with hot trendy topics.

Tips: The Haystack TV app is the ultimate news portal Android TV app you should have on your devices. This app suits your interest and keeps you updated with world affairs.

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12. Plex TV Apps for Android

Plex TV Apps for AndroidThe Plex app is better than any other Android TV app available for media and file sharing and accessing. User-friendly options and quick availability of features make this app easily accessible. Plex uses a server over a laptop. You can connect your Android TV app and are good to go.

Important Features

  • You can stream 1000 movies worldwide and watch the Oscar-winning movie on your device.
  • You can organize and manage your media files with the best media description of them.
  • Now you do not need to waste time looking for them.
  • There are always recommendations for the best podcasts and movies you might like.
  • You will get an updated news portal from leading news channels such as financial times, CBS, etc. Now you are always about everything.
  • Update your to plex premium, watch the channel’s lives, and even record and watch later anywhere and anytime.

Tips: Plex has everything you need and is in the best interface mood. You will get the best features with easy accessibility. Get updated with Plex and enjoy entertainment like you never did before.

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13. Google Drive

Google Drive Desktop App for Backup and SyncThe app Google Drive lets you access your Android TV’s cloud files, including media files.
Most importantly, you do not lose any files as they are always backed up in time.
You can easily share and upload files and view comments if anyone leaves any.

Important Features

  • Store and access files anywhere and anytime. Your memory always remains free.
  • You can share and send files to others at a convenient time.
  • Easily view content, which means contents are available all time for access.
  • You can set the privacy of who can view, edit, and comment on your files—no need to worry about who sees your files or media.

Tips: Google Drive makes file uploading and sharing easier. You can experience the best feature of the Android TV app anywhere and anytime with limitless options.

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14. The Weather Network TV App

The Weather NetworkWeather Network TV App helps to keep you informed about the weather forecast. It uses radar and traffic flow maps to keep you on track. Stay updated and safe with the weather news and updates, and view the best awe-making time-lapse videos.

Important Features

  • Weather Network TV App has an IP tracking service to track weather changes occurring and for live channel apps. Now you can stay updated every minute.
  • Within 1-mile weather tracking service so that you are updated every time you leave home.
  • You can save your most visited area so that you are alert whenever you visit there.
  • You can make the best viewable videos with your wallpapers for your device.
  • It has voice search access for the weather forecast, locations, and related videos and pictures.

Tips: This app has the latest features for the best weather update. User-friendly accessibility makes it more compatible.

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15. Aptoide TV Apps for Android

Aptoide is an app that lets you access any restricted files in the google play store. This app can store and save files in this app. Aptoide helps to integrate apps available on a third-party basis to be installed. Thus this app removes any restrictions and laws on an app.

Important Features

  • Easy search for any app for Android TV tools.
  • It stores and saves files just like google photos but with less hassle.
  • No geo-restriction is on this app; therefore, no app restriction.

Tips: This app has the best tools and configuration for installing Android TV and installing apps. You can have the best experience with Android TV through this app.

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16. Tunnelbear

TunnelBear TV AppA VPN app can help access thousands of files and media without geographical restriction. This app can help to view the best channels and Android TV tools.
This app helps to keep you safe and protected by viewing thousands of media files. You must install apps and files within P2P protocols to maintain basic legal laws and rules.

Important Features

  • You are always protected through this app with the safe, protected VPN service.
  • In the P2P protocols, the best files that meet the protocol standard are stored and saved.
  • You can view the best channels without any restrictions on apps and files.

Tips: Tunnelbear helps you store and share files with the best protection. This app has the best feature providing the best experience for entertainment. Enjoy, share, and store anything you want with the safety of your device.

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17. iHeartRadio TV Apps for Android

iHeartRadio is an app that lets you listen to your favorite radio station on the go. It takes the level of the Android TV app to the next level. It is a must-app for music and podcast lovers.
You can stream thousands of AM and FM stations, both local and international. Enjoy your sports and news channel through this Android TV app anytime.

Important Features

  • The playlist is created based on genre, mood, and decade to suit the perfect taste.
  • You can listen to the latest podcasts and get to know when notifications upload new episodes.
  • Create your library with the best local and international music and radio stations, and listen to them anytime.
  • Upgrading to premium means you can enjoy more local and international songs. Take control of the latest features and a lot more.

Tips: iHeartRadio app is the most trending Android TV app that makes you enjoy every minute of your precious time with news, music, and much more.

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18. AirScreen

AirScreenThe Airscreen app lets you play your favorite music, media, or video without wires or plugs. Just install this app on your device and Chromecast on anything you like on your TV. It has the best-trending features for the best experience of Android TV. You can even cast your iPhone screen through the air screen app.

Important Features

  • It has many options with some clicks. Just click and play anything you would like.
  • Enjoy the trending shows and channels from any site through this app.
  • It has screen recording options, so there is no chance of missing any show.
  • Your privacy is always maintained whenever you are casting or watching anything through this app.

Tips: Airscreen app can play many different things at the same time. Let’s personalize your favorite shows. AirScreen makes every experience of yours the best experience you have ever had.

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19. Google Chrome

Chrome Remote DesktopGoogle Chrome helps search engines find trending shows and play on Android TV. Android TV has no search engine option, but Google Chrome searches and plays anything on your Android TV. Search engine like google chrome helps you search and find anything you like. Google Chrome must be loaded from another site and not from the play store.

Important Features

  • Sideloaded search engine like this helps you search and play trending channels and shows.
  • You can have a look at local and international channels.
  • Do not disrupt any feature or play media on Android TV.

Tips: Google Chrome is the best side search engine site for searching the best channels and shows. Now there is no boundary to your entertainment need.

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20. TVUsage TV Apps for Android

TVUsage app is the new trending app that prioritizes your health. This app has the best features, like screen lock and time lock screen view.

Important Features

  • TVUsage app Tracks your daily usage on your simple app.
  • It helps to secure your privacy with four-digit privacy maintenance.
  • Stops are tracking on any app if you do not include that app in the tracking list.
  • Having a screen lock for Android TV and another app hourly makes your health their priority.

Tips: The TVUsage app is new but has the latest and trending features. TVUsage app makes this app health-conscious and super trendy for everyday entertainment needs.

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21. Wake On Lan

Wake On LanWalk on Lan is the trending app to wake up your computer through an app from your handset. It is the digital platform for connecting and viewing the best Android TV shows and channels through this app. Easy and compatible features make Android TV even more entertaining. It Has media and a file-sharing option for the best viewing.

Important Features

  • This app has CSV support for the import/export of devices quickly. Therefore less hassle on other apps for sharing.
  • It has auto-refreshing options to update the device status quickly, so there is no need to check from time to time on the device connection.
  • One-touch option to connect devices at any time needed, so easy, hassle-free connection.

Tips: The walk-on Lan app has the best features and options for Android TV and Fodia and file-sharing, making your life full of entertainment every time you pass with it.

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22. YouTube

youtubeYouTube is the app that everyone knows and likes. Currently has over 100 crore videos and live-streaming channels on sports and news. Easily connectable to Android TV and viewable for all ages. It has a premium version that is added for free, therefore no disturbance on your favorite shows. Has the best features for the best experience for Android TV.

Important Features

  • Updates regularly with the home screen full of videos that you might like.
  • It gives you notifications on the channels you subscribe to so you do not miss any shows.
  • Accessible to Chromecast for the best experience of Android TV with the entire family.
  • Like, comment, share, and subscribe to any video you like to share your experience with your viewing.

Tips: Undoubtedly, the Android TV app requires many key sources for media viewing. You can share anything and everything through YouTube with the best shows on the go.

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23. Total Commander

Total Commander is an app that is a favorite pick for Android TV among all. You can sideload apps, browse for channels or shows, and manage your media gallery in this app. This app has also built a media player for audio and video files. This app provides the best experience for Android TV.

Important Features

  • Drag and drop any media file for sharing or watching. It is easy and less complicated.
  • You can delete a file permanently, as there is no recycling bin to undo your action. This creates a large storage file for new files to be shared and viewed.
  • The built-in text editor makes the file stand out from one another.
  • You can select/unselect a group of files simultaneously to manage time.

Tips: The Total Commander app has everything you need to share media files and podcast your favorite channels. Now sit back and enjoy the best entertainment on the best Android TV app.

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24. Live TV Apps for Android

Live TV app lets you enjoy many channels and shows from various sources. You can play everything from sports channels to the latest trendy shows under one app. It has all the features required for playing the sideloaded channels and app shows on Android TV.

Important Features

  • Provides a complete program guide for the shows that you play.
  • Instantly downloads poster art of programs to make the show’s eye appealing to watch.
  • It provides a channel banner from where the shows are being played to enlist more exciting shows.

Tips: Live TV app can provide the latest shows on demand. Details and information are provided on every show you play through this app.

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25. NordVPN (or Other Good VPN)

NordVPN (or Other Good VPN)An excellent and Free VPN like NordVPN helps to telecast the best shows that have restrictions on them. VPN will help you connect to any country and view trendy shows from anywhere.
It helps you to be secure and protected while streaming the latest shows. NordVPN makes the Android TV experience the best experience.

Important Features

  • I surfed the net privately and securely through this app, serving the best entertainment purpose.
  • Through NordVPN, you can enjoy high-speed internet service. Now you no longer have to deal with that slow server of yours.
  • You can hide and secure your IP address from hackers and malicious people.

Tips: Now enjoy entertainment with boundless service through this VPN server. Secure browsing with the best shows you watch on any device through Android TV.

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26. Retroarch TV Apps for Android

Retroarch app is the ultimate app for gathering all gaming consoles for the best Android TV gaming experience. It helps to collect and store the emulator’s files. At first, you might face difficulty understanding how to work, but as you go along, it becomes easier. It works both on PC and on smartphones.

Important Features

  • It has inbuilt graphics improving the property to boost the gaming experience visually. It is far beyond the original graphics game mood.
  • You store your game directly on TV or store and play on an external hard drive making your mobile storage accessible.
  • Play with the best options and features with user-friendly guidelines. It makes any game easier to play.

Tips: Retroarch app makes your games more lively. You can play anywhere you want, and with simple clicks, you become a pro at any game.

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27. Puffin TV Browser

Puffin Web BrowserPuffin TV-Browser does internet surfing, music listening and video watching, and much more. It has a high-speed surfing service.
Popular sites are always kept in mind while browsing, so you get the recommendation. You can share the sites easily from your Android mobile to your Android TV.

Important Features

  • High-speed page load and search options so that you waste less on searching and watching your shows quickly.
  • The app is designed while the viewers’ demands are kept in mind. Therefore provides a very intuitive design.
  • You can share anything with your Android TV through your Puffin TV-Browser app.
  • You will feel the whole web experience while surfing through the search engine.

Tips: The Puffin TV-Browser app provides all these features. This app makes you feel the whole internet is in your hand. Options and features make this app more exciting and less stressful to handle.

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28. MX Player

MX Player -TV Apps for Android to Bring Relax in Life in 2020MX Player is the app that lets you experience the Android TV in a new way like you never did before. This app has the latest features and options for the best media viewing. Over ten languages, you can surf and look for your music, video, and a lot more through one platform.

Important Features

  • You can freely access any music on the go through this app, so you must look through any other server.
  • Multicore decoding makes the MX Player app play any media file and music from all around the world.
  • You can pinch and zoom anywhere on your videos for the best viewing.
  • Share your favorite music and media files through this app with your friends anytime you want with this MX Player in hand.

Tips: MX Player app has the best features and options for the best Android TV experience. This app lets you surf and play anything you like on your Android TV.

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29. HULU TV Apps for Android

Hulu Watch Cartoon OnlineHulu is an app that plays live shows, movies, and news in high demand. You can stream through the internet, find your likes, and make a whole library of your taste. It has also partnered with FX networks and now plays FX original shows on its homepage. You can watch, search, and find the best shows, live telecasts, and more through this best app for Android TV.

Important Features

  • You can set your library and get notified whenever a new show/ episode of your favorite series is uploaded.
  • You can add your collection to my Stuff option and watch them anytime and anywhere you want.
  • For an additional monthly fee, you can get a premium membership where you can watch HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ®.

Tips: The Hulu app makes your Android TV the perfect Home theatre. It is an app that is an excellent combination for your Android TV.

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30. TVZion

TVZion app is the ultimate for Android TV, which lets you stream several movies and shows. It has a simple yet intuitive interface display for best casting and viewing shows and serials. TVZion is recently updated with the top features and qualities. It has been updated with no bugs and fixed the fundamental problem.

Important Features

  • TVZion app has an autoplay content option to continually update you with less hassle.
  • You can first watch the trailer of any show or movie and later decide whether you want to watch it fully or not.
  • MX players can work with this app, ensuring the best entertainment.
  • Other options, like real-debris and track, are also added. This means you can have a whole entertainment source in this one app.

Tips: The TVZion app is a compatible and best user-friendly app for your entertainment. Just install this app, feel the entertainment is in your hand, and take it anywhere you want and play it anywhere you want.

Final Thought

Now you have the best apps for your best entertainment. You can cast, play and share anytime, anywhere with your friends and family and have the perfect quality time. All these apps bring entertainment to your hand with everything you ever wanted. Just sit back and relax and let your fingers do the magic with TV Apps for Android.

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