20 Best Free VPNs 2023: Is Free VPN Friend or Foe?

Free best VPNs are good or bad? The question is always in our minds. But if you want to protect yourself from public Wi-Fi, you need a secured online transaction, and to avoid the geographical location restriction, you must use a virtual private network. There may be a lot of questions about using the VPN, and we will try to answer all of your questions. Moreover, we will recommend the top 30 best free VPNs for secured browsing.

Best Free VPNs

VPNs bypass geological restrictions, hide their IP, and ensure more security. Nothing is free in the world, and every effort is an investSomeSome the best freeware VPNs are available in the internet arena, but they are not entirely free. Some of them are for a specific period. So, besides some best free VPNs, we will discuss some paid VPNs. Please remember the serial is not based on ranking or position. It is a mixture of the most prominent and smallest VPN Service Providers.

1. NordVPN

nordvpnNordVPN is one of the best free VPN service providers, according to the opinion of a FossGuru expert. Writing this NordVPN review, I found a 70 % discount based on their birthday. Most prominent organizations like Wired, Forbes, The Huffington Post, the Guardian, BuzzFeed, and BBC recommend the best VPN service provider like us. 

Besides the desktop application, NordVPN supports Mac OS, Linux, a mobile application like Android and IOS. It is commercial software that can be used for personal computers, a smartphone router, and an Android smart TV. NordVPN allows you to protect up to 6 devices at a time. So you can find fast and enjoyable content everywhere.

NordVPN has 5600 VPN Servers in 58 countries. So there should not be any question of speed. We all know to have more server always have less load. The wide variety of locations means you will find a VPN server nearby. Many technology columnists also recommend this excellent VPN service provider.

Panama has no mandatory data retention policy. NordVPN is located in Panama. Moreover, it does not participate in the Five Eyes and Fourteen Eyes alliance. So there is no tension in using the NordVPN service. With this service, you can share your files securely. 

Essential Features of NordVPN service
  • NordVPN service is a robust virtual private network that offers a Cutting-edge technologies shield.
  • It ensures you always that your data is private.
  • It can protect your IP address so no one can see you and your activity.
  • You can enjoy the high-level VPN gaming service without restrictions or geographical barriers. You can feel safe on any device after using this VPN Service. 
  • It offers 24/7 customer service with an award-winning customer service agent.
  • NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee like any other best VPN service.

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2. Best Free VPN: Hotspot Shield

Best Free VPN-Hotspot ShieldHotspot Shield provides fast and unrestricted access to all of your favorite content. It is one of the world’s fastest VPN networks to watch your favorite shows, movies, videos, games, and Experts verify experts so you can browse in a tensionless environment. Wherever you are, that doesn’t matter; you will always be safe and private online.

Hotspot Shield hides your real IP and provides you with military-grade encryption. It will keep you safe from hackers and snooping ISPs. It does not track whatever you can see online.

Features of hotspot shield
  • Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPNs to allow you access privately.
  • This VPN supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Google Chrome also supports this hotspot shield.
  • It Unblocks any websites to enjoy private browsing.
  • It Enhances your Wi-Fi security.
  • You can protect your password and banking information from hackers.

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3. Best Free VPN: Windscribe

Windscribe Free VPNWindscribe is a free VPN and Adblock service provider that can help to browse the web privately. In your online traveling, there may be the risk of attack, but Windscribe makes you a risk-free path. It blocks uncontrolled ads, increases browsing activity, and unblocks entertainment content. So it is considered one of the most valuable and beautiful free VPN services.

You stop tracking against you and browse privately. Unlock the restriction of your geography. An application that you have to go beyond the essential VPN protection. Moreover, you can grave your browsing history. So there is no possibility of leaking personal information.

Essential features of Windscribe VPN
  • Windscribe V is a tool that allows you to browse privately like other VPN services.
  • You can use it for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and A VPN service droid.
  • You can install it on your browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • This VPN service provider offers affiliates to its users.
  • The server of Windscribe is over 63 countries and 110 cities.
  • They provide the world’s strongest encryption with an AES-256 cipher and a 4096-bit RSA key.
  • It offers to split the tunnels.
  • You can use your computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot without any tension.
Pricing of Windscribe 
  • Monthly Plan: Billed USD 9.00 every Month
  • Yearly Plan: Billed USD 49 every 12 months
  • Build A Plan: Billed $1.00 per location per Month
  • *Price may change anytime

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4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPNProtonVPN is such an excellent tool that can protect you online. It is a high-speed Swiss VPN platform for better privacy. It sends your internet traffic through a secured encrypted tunnel so that your banking information and necessary password remain safe from hackers.

You can use this best free VPN service if you have some tension regarding your browsing history. Do not keep an eye on your activity. Moreover, you can use the Internet without surveillance. It is very effective for journalists and significant people to intern-internet censorship of ProtonVPN.

  • ProtonVPN focuses more on security.
  • Switzerland is one of the originators of privacy law, and ProtonVPN is from Switzerland.
  • It follows the no-log policy, so you will always be safe.
  • ProtonVPN believes that security is the fundamental right of humans, so they provide free VPN service.
  • It is straightforward to use, and its speed is super fast.
  • ProtonVPN supports multi-platform like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and many other operating systems.
  • It has 711 servers in 45 countries with 832 Gbps capacity.
Pricing of ProtonVPN
  • Free: 0€ /mo for 3 Countries, 1 Device, Speed: Medium.
  • Basic: 4€ /mo Charging 48 € yearly SAVE 12 €, All Countries, 2 Devices, Speed: High P2P.
  • Plus( BEST OFFER): 8€ /mo, Charging 96 € yearly SAVE 24 €, All Countries, 5 Devices, Speed: High P2P, Plus Servers, Secure Core, Tor Servers, Secure Streaming.
  • Visionary: 24€ /mo, Charging 288 € yearly SAVE 72 €, All Countries, 10 Devices, Speed: High P2P, Secure Streaming, ProtonMail Visionary included, Plus Servers, Secure Core, Tor Servers.

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5. Hide. me

Hide.meHide. It is one of the best and fastest VPNs that you can use. Many big technology giants recommended it as one of the best free VPN services in the world. Hide. I can do anything for you, like advanced security, digital security, and liberty. You need not be located as a scientist to use the Hide—VPN. 

Hide. I do not keep any log of your browsing history. The advanced security features include Split Tunneling, IPv6 Support, Stealth Guard, Advanced IP Leak Protection, and many more in the making. It has 1560 servers in around 60 countries. So you can enjoy uninterrupted download and streaming with Hide. Me.

Features of Hide. me
  • Because of the simplicity, privacy features & speed of hiding, more than 20 million people like the best free VPN service.
  • Privacy is guaranteed with more than 99% uptime.
  • It has Multiple VPN protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther & SSTP.
  • The encryption of Hide. It is vital because they use AES-256-bit encryption with 8192-bit keys.
  • Hide. I support operating systems like Windows, Linux, Routers, macOS, Android, iOS, Consoles, and Smart TVs.
  • It offers Unlimited server switching without any extra charges.
  • It has protection capability against any leaks.
Pricing of Hide. me

Hide. I offer free VPN service, but they have the following pricing options

  • 1 Month: $12.95/mo -Save 0%
  • 2 Years+ 2 months FREE – $4.99/mo – Save 61%
  • 1 Year – $8.32/mo- Save 36%

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6. TunnelBear

TunnelBearTunnelBear is the most secure way to browse the web. It encrypts your internet connection and makes online activity private. It has easy to use an app for all the devices. You can select the country according to your choice.

TunnelBear stops data and password theft. It removes your geo-local barrier for any content. It can bypass your government and local censorship. If you use the TunnelBear VPN service, then the network service provider and internet owner will not be able to see anything.

Features of TunnelBear
  • TunnelBear allows the use of the Internet in 23 countries.
  • Millions of people like TunnelBear because it does not track your log or sell your online activity.
  • It supports 256-bit encryption by default, so you need not consider your security.
  • Tunnelbear comments for no buffering, no throttling, and no fuss.
  • If you use the VPN Service provider, your internet service provider will not see anything.

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7. Best Free VPN: Opera

Best Free VPN-OperaYou can use the Opera VPN browser to enhance your privacy with any of the best web browsers. It allows you unlimited access without any subscription fee. It is committed to surfing free VPN Services for everyone with additional extensions without payment. If you use Opera VPN Service, then Incognito mode is not required. To activate this feature, you have to configure your settings. In the settings menu, you should enable your privacy by VPN. 

Features of Opera VPN
  • When we use Opera VPN, all the cookies tracking will be stopped.
  • There is no requirement to download the Opera VPN extension. To enable this feature, you have to configure only the setting.
  • It allows you to shield your browsing in the public network.
  • Opera VPN is free of service.
  • There are many additional features like an ad blocker, free VPN, unit converter, battery saver, import bookmark, and synchronized data.

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8. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is a business VPN to access network resources security.OpenVPN is a business VPN to access network resources security. It is very secure for data communication and implements an IoT application. OpenVPN can be deployed on-premises based on the requirement. It is a secret for remote access and connecting the cloud technology.

Features of OpenVPN
  • OpenVPN is an economically isolated and secret private network.
  • It is used for increasing mobile workforce productivity.
  • It reduces unauthorized access and enhances security.
  • The encryption mechanism of OpenVPN ensures the privacy of entrusted Wi-Fi.
  • It has the option of centralized, unified threat management.

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9. FreeLAN: Best Free VPN

FreeLAN is a VPN software that provides an anonymous internet facility.FreeLAN is a VPN software that provides an anonymous internet facility. It is a generic software, so you should not be confused with web proxy service. It allows you to securely connect your business organization with the outside world without tension. FreeLAN is suitable for peer-to-peer communication to connect with friends and family.

Important features of FreeLAN
  • FreeLAN is used for supporting the client server.
  • Julien Kauffmann has written it in C programming language
  • It is an Open-source under a GPLv3 license

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10. Speedify

Speedify is one of the best applications to make your internet more secure.Speedify is one of the best applications to make your Internet more secure. But speed is a concern when ensuring security. But speedily does not allow you to compromise the speed for any VPN Service. Wherever you are, that doesn’t matter to make your internet speed faster. It offers the channel bonding feature that you can use all the internet connections simultaneously in minutes.

Important features of Speedify
  • The most remarkable feature of speedily is speed. It can use more than one internet connection simultaneously. 
  • With the help of strong encryption, it sends data to the outside network so it becomes reliable.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The pricing plan for simplifying is also excellent.
  • It is perfect for solving your uploading issue.
  • Other benefits include leveraging investment in Wi-Fieliminating dead hotspots, saving LTE bandwidth, Seamless handoffs providing value-added VPN, and accessing network statistics.

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11. SurfEasy

SurfEasy is another VPN Service provider that keeps your online activity private.SurfEasy is another VPN Service provider that keeps your online activity private. It stops the activity of hackers stealing your data. It also reduces the risk of using Wi-Fi data. SurfEasy is a no-log VPN for all devices like IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Day of 1500 service over 30 different countries.

Important features of SurfEasy
  • SurfEasy is a low-cost VPN Service provider.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth with a tracker-blocking facility.
  • Customer support is dedicated to the 14-day money-back guarantee
  • It supports all types of platforms.

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12. e-VPN

e-VPN is one of the best VPN Service provider for Android and Windows.e-VPN is one of the best VPN Service providers for Android and Windows. It supposes Windows PC, Linux Max, Android iOS fireStick. It makes you unrestricted but secure and anonymous.

  • Essential features of e-VPN
  • e-VPN offer strong encryption, for example, AES 128-bit encryption 
  • It allows you to connect the VPN via IPv4 and IPv6.
  • They follow that simple no-log policy
  • The As block of feature blocks the online tracking.
  • The pricing is very e-VPN competitive.

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13. Best Free VPN: Betternet

Betternet is a VPN Service for Android iOS Mac and Windows devices.Betternet is a VPN Service for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. To browse the web privately, it encrypts your internet connection. Betternet also secures browsing. Madan on million people trust and secured virtual private network.

Important features of Betternet
  • Betternet is a free virtual private network to use.
  • The connection between Betternet is high-speed.
  • The configuration of this VPN is straightforward.
  • It has multiple server locations.
  • The uses of Betternet provide better feedback, like the speed and the platform.

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14. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost_vpnCyberGhost VPN is a complete VPN solution to reclaim your right to privacy and security over the Internet. It has 15 years of experience in protecting its users. If you want to award in digital censorship or bypass the Gio restriction, you can use this CyberGhost VPN Service. You will get access to the blocked website; you will allow to enjoy safe p2p torrenting, unblock streaming service, and stream supporting events.

Important features of CyberGhost
  • Cyberghost can hide and protect your identity.
  • It does not follow any logging policy.
  • Your financial transaction will be more secure.
  • It is a click solution for your needs.
  • Over 90 countries, it has more than 7100 servers.
  • Some other features like an automatic kill switch, the highest possible speed, DNS and IP protection, 256-bit AES encryption, friendly support, and a 45-day money-back guarantee

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15. Best Free VPN: SurfShark

SurfShark is on the best free VPN to secure your digital life.SurfShark is the best free VPN to secure your digital life. It helps you to get private access to an open Internet. Without any tension, you can enjoy everything you see on the Internet. SurfShark helps you to keep no footprint of your activity. It includes all of your traffic, so there is no problem with security.

Features of SurfShark
  • SurfShark offers clean web to you like no as, tracker, and malware.
  • This VPN software does not restrict to limited devices. You will get the maximum device support.
  • It is one of the best VPNs for mobile banking applications.
  • Some other key features are a strict no-log policy, kill switch, private DNS, and leak protection.

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16. Vanished VPN

Vanished VPN is a secret fast and safe application to get tension free life.Vanished VPN is a secret fast, and safe application to get a tension-free life. If you use public Wi-Fi without VPN, the possibility of being hacked is very high. This VPN service allows you to protect yourself from everywhere. The connection procedure of this VPN is straightforward, and you can enjoy the smart TV, ATV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

The features of Vanished VPN
  • The pricing of Vanished VPN is competitively high.
  • It offers only a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Vanished VPN supports all operating systems.
  • The users of this VPN service can take advantage of affiliate services.

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17. Trust Zone VPN

Trust Zone VPN is one of the best anonymous virtual private network services.Trust Zone VPN is one of the best anonymous virtual private network services. It is capable of bypassing Gio restriction and general censorship. Trust Zone VPN accepts the VPN payment. All of your footprints will be encrypted through the free VPN service.

Essential Features of Trust Zone VPN
  • Trust Zone VPN offers only 3 days of unrestricted VPN facilities.
  • No personal information is required; only email will suffice.
  • Unlimited traffic with unlimited bandwidth.
  • It protects you from hackers.
  • This VPN service supports Android and Google Chrome Extensions.

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18. Best Free VPN: Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN allows you to get access to all the services you like to have securely.Avira Phantom VPN allows you to access all the services you like to have securely. It follows the no-log policy with end-to-end encryption technology. It is one of the best free Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS VPNs. The VPN service is for surfing anonymously, connecting securely, and unblocking websites from your locality.

Essential features of Avira Phantom VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN is one of the best free VPN services to improve your life.
  • This service you can do whatever you like, for example listening to music, social networking, streaming, ensuring privacy, torrenting, security, money saver, and using the multi-drive.
  • It’s never to sell your data.
  • It is a Germany-based virtual private network.
  • Besides the VPN service, its Free Bootable Antivirus Disk is also popular.

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19. RusVPN

RusVPN is all the best chrome browser extension based Virtual Private Network, service providers.RusVPN is all the best Chrome browser extension-based Virtual Private Network service providers. It is one of the best VPN Proxy services for all platforms. It allows you to get access to any blocked website. RusVPN is free, fast, secure, and has unlimited support. With this free VPN extension, you can ensure anonymous IP and get unlimited access. It is one of the best extensions for Gaming VPN Services.

Important Features of RusVPN
  • RusVPN is one of the best free VPN extension services. 
  • It provides complete access to all the content of your sites. 
  •  The simple and intuitive interface is mindblowing for use by new users.
  • They support adult content, and no one can trace you.
  • Besides Google Chrome browser, it supports Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

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20. ExpressVPN

expressvpnIf you want unrestricted access worldwide, you can choose the number #1 Trusted leader in VPN service. It can defeat the restriction of content and sensor ship. It can deliver unlimited access to any social media to share images, videos, pieces of music, or anything from anywhere. ExpressVPN is one of the best Powerful online protection to defeat hackers. Moreover, it provides best-in-class encryption and leak proofing to protect you from online.

Express VPN Review

ExpressVPN is the tool that allows you to say goodbye to any geographical restriction. It doesn’t matter who you are and wherever your location is. It offers unlimited bandwidth with ultra-fast VPN service. The network of ExpressVPN is enormous, where you will get access to 94 countries and 164 locations. Many world-class organization recommends ExpressVPN as one of the best VPN service providers.

Express VPN Features
  • ExpressVPN supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • It also has browser extension facilities like Chrome and Firefox.
  • They provide 24/7 support to their customer.
  • It allows you to stay secure and anonymous online.
  • You can hide your actual IP if you use the best VPN service.
  • If you want to defeat ISP throttling, you can use this VPN service.
  • It allows you to use five devices simultaneously.
Pricing of ExpertVPN
  • 12 Month: $8.32 Per Month
  • 1 Month: 12.95 Per Month
  • 6 Months: 9.99 Per Month
  • *Price may change anytime
  • They provide 30 Daya money-back guarantee

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Is The Best Free VPN Friend or Foe?

Is The Best Free VPN Friend or Foe?There is a controversial question of whether you use a free VPN or not. There is significant doubt between a free VPN and paid VPN. Remember that nothing is free in the world. Although you are taking it free, we have to pay for something which is not visible. Now find out why a free VPN is a friend or foe.

Why Free VPN is Friend?

Free VPN is a friend because of various reasons. It is free of cost. You need not have to pay a single penny. Some other reasons for which it can befriend are:

Save Money

You paid a VPN service provider charge for each Month. You can use a free VPN service if you have a less critical job. It will save you money but provide security and safety. Somebody says free is not always bad.

Ensure Better Security

There is a saying something is better than nothing. So free VPN also ensures security. It will keep you away from any track. If you want to do better stuff online, we recommend using any of the best free VPN services.

Hide your IP

Any VPN can hide your IP. If you want to hide your internet protocol address without cost, then you can use the free VPN. It will allow you to do many kinds of work. So if you are unaware of your financial transaction and data security, you can use the free service.

Remove Geological Barrier

Because of many reasons, you have to overcome the barrier of the geographical barrier. For example, your favorite game’s features are available in a particular region. The VPN service provider can unblock your barrier to enjoy movies, browsing, and games.

Stop DDoS

You may choose the VPN-free service if you are a cloud gaming player. During the multiplier Gaming time, your competitors may attack you by a distributed denial of service. It will make your internet connection low and expire your session. Any VPN will ensure your security against DDoS.

VPN Gaming Service

Free VPN service can give you another flavor of the gaming experience. You can take the free gaming VPN service as an adventure.

Why is Free VPN Foe?

There are many causes, so the experts do not recommend a Free VPN server. For Free use, you must pay for many things you don’t know. However, some expert’s suggestions for not using free VPNs are:

Makes Slow

Some free VPN service providers claim that they are swift. But the speed depends on your internet service providers. Some free VPN service providers steal your internet speed and some share with others. Overall, VPN can’t make faster than your allocated speed.

Sell your Personal Information

Before going for any free service, have you ever considered the benefits of your best virtual private network services provider? They may sell your email and other relevant information.

Leakage of Information

Suppose you are taking free service, but who is responsible for your data? If you pay something, the VPN service providers are liable to ensure the security of your data. Moreover, if there is any leakage of information, then who will take care of that?

Free for Limited Time

Most of the free VPNs claim that they provide free service. But the expert’s question is, for how many days? Most VPN service provider offers a few days of free trial. Some of them claim a money-back guarantee.

Shows Advertisement

Most of the best free VPNs shows advertisement by their browser. It is difficult to understand the abuse of advertising policy. The VPN tracks your activity, so showing their ads by matching your choice is straightforward. 

Which one to Choose? Friend and Foe!

Each coin has two sides. You can take it as a friend or foe. If you perform financial transactions, do not go for free options. You go for free options for gaming, like Gloud games or shooting games. Suppose you can go for paid service, then never go for free options. Moreover, there is a question of security and safety when choosing the paid service.

Final Thought

A virtual private network is not a luxury; it is now a fundamental need of all the general users of the Internet world. Be sure that someone is observing your activity. To avoid such tension,n you can use any free VPN. The best free VPN service providers will reduce costs and ensure security. Moreover, besides financial transactions, many online gamers also use this free virtual private network service.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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