Gaming VPN Service: An Open Analysis and Recommendation

Gaming VPN Service is not a very very new concept to online PC Gamers. But the VPN service providers claiming to Play Games by VPN for better safety, security and satisfaction. It is a debate between the Online Gamers and VPN Service provider. Some virtual private network company offering Cloud Gaming Service for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users through VPN service. Is it essential? In today’s article, we will show a details analysis of Gaming VPN.

What is VPN Gaming?

Virtual private network gaming or VPN gaming is a gaming method in a secured way to protect from DdSssssss attack and hide IP address. After the development of cloud gaming technology, many online gamers prefer a VPN gaming platform to hide their real IP in a competitive environment. They follow the tactics of avoiding an attack from their competitors. Moreover, it is a new trend that everyone is using. It is a myth of using virtual private network gaming service. Some of the myths include increasing speed, gaining the best multiplayer environment, avoiding geographical barriers, and protecting from DDoS attacks. All of the myth is not true. However, cloud VPN gaming environment games provide a unique environment for professional multiplayer gamers.

Do I Need VPN for Gaming

VPN is a costly service though many service provider offers this service with many conditions. But the question arises why you should use a virtual private network for giving service? Now gaming is not within only the in entertainment. It becomes a powerful profession for many multiplayer games. Many of us have taken online games as a career. Moreover, there is a provision of illegal transactions based on online competitive games. When the play competitive games online then there is another threat of cyber attacks like DDoS and swatting. The VPN service maintains your privacy and security. On the other hand, some VPN Service provider offers improvised gaming experience to provide you dedicated service on gaming.

Advantages of Gaming VPN Service

Advantages of Gaming VPN ServiceThere is a question in your mind that why should I pay twice to play the same game. For the first time I have to pay for registering the game and the second time is payment for VPN. The FossGuru expert found there are various benefits of using virtual private network game service. Some of those advantages are as follows

Safe From Swatting

It is an unethical practice that some multiplayer gamer tries to stalk other players because of being jealous and angry. If the rubbish player can trace your IP and location then they can attack you by social media or by physical assault. Though the idea is unreal and unethical it may happen. So you should be more cautious against them.

Stop DDoS Attack

Someone sending a request from any compromised computer to a single IP for making that device offline. The process is known as a distributed denial of service or DDoS. The online gamer performs such as illegal nuisance activities. To protect from DDoS you can use the Gaming VPN Service. It will mask your internet protocol address so that nobody can trace you.

Enjoy Public WiFi

You may be out of your home network or anywhere other than a secured internet-connected location. For example, you are at the airport waiting for your flight or you are at a restaurant waiting for your beloved one. You have sufficient time to play online games like the best shooting games. There is an option for you to use the public WiFi but it is not secured. So you may use the VPN for a secured gaming platform. It will offer you a secured tension-free platform for instant gaming. There are many limitations for using public WiFi such as:

  • If the WiFi spot is unencrypted then the data passing between your device and router is easily accessible to other expert users.
  • Cybercriminals can use WiFi Sniffing and Snooping tool to track your online activities.
  • The online terror can observe what you are doing, which website you are visiting, your financial and banking transaction and the operation of social media.
  • One of the most common threads of using public WiFi is the man in the middle attack. The intercept of your data between the Wi-Fi router and your computer.
  • If you play an online game without giving VPN Service by the public Wi-Fi there is a threat of your software vulnerabilities. That means any software or malware can be installed on your computer without your consideration.

Stop Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth Throttling is another common problem by the internet service provider. They make your internet slow for various reasons. It hampers your specific traffic, online gaming, file sharing, and streaming. Gaming VPN Service can avoid these types of Bandwidth Throttling by encrypting your data.

Avoid Geo-local Barrier

Much Online gaming company restricts some country by Geo-blocking technology. On the other hand, many developers do not offer all the features of the game to all nations. Gaming VPN Service access to the game from various locations. Dehati your real IP and show your location from somewhere else. As a result to enjoy all the features of your favorite game.

Enjoy The Instant Release

For a new release, a gamer has to wait for a long time. Because of his geological barrier he cannot see the recent release. The VPN Service allows him to enjoy the game release if any.

Play the Banned Games

You may be astonished by listening that some countries banned some peculiar types of games. But if you are a lover of peculiar games you have to follow the non-traditional way of giving. For example, the UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and China do not allow all types of games.

Avoid IP Bans

Some rude users are restricted from playing some games. The manufacturers ban rude users because of their rough activities. But all the claims of the manufacturer are not genuine. If so, you can use the VPN for Gaming to avoid the IP bans.

Reduce Ping and Lag times

When your request takes more than the usual time then it is called the long Ping time. Ling ping time may ruin your game session and ruin your enjoyment. Moreover, if your gaming VPN server is near the gaming server your internet speed will be much more. So it will reduce your internet ping and lag time to make you win on the game.

Are There Any Drawbacks of VPN to Play Online Games?

Yes, there are lots of countries who allow BPL service but there are some countries I do not like VPN like China, Iraq, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, and Belarus. Some countries also restrict VPN for personal use. Some other limitations are:

Activity Monitoring

Indeed, some VPN is not like others. That means it collects your information, login activity, data, and many things. Many VPN service providers follow the no-log policy but it depends on country to country. For the Gaming VPN Service, these rules are not so important.

Slower Connection

Many VPN service provider claims that VPN service increases the speed of the game. But it is not true because of many reasons. Gaming speed depends on the internet service provider and the gaming server. If your VPN server is closer to the gaming server then you will get more speed.

Confusing to configuration

If you are not an expert on IT then you may face problems with configuration. It may provide you some bug on the configuration.

Some Rumor of VPN for Online Game

The online gamer is based on the community. Many rumors exist in the online world. Using a VPN for gaming is all of them. Today we will clarify some rumors to help you with making any decision.

VPN can Boost Your Gameplay

There is a saying that the VPN can increase the speed of your gameplay. Many gameplay requires the highest speed like PUBG and Fortnite. Based on the requirement some VPN Service provider trains that this service can speed up your gaming experience. According to the opinion of the gaming expert, it is not true. On the other hand, it introduces another middleman between you and your gaming service provider.

Highly Effective for the Multiplayer Gamer

Many internet service provider does not support peer-to-peer connection like a player unknown battleground. This claim is not valid for most of the cases. The Internet service provider is highly supportive you can play your desired game. But if there is an exception then Gaming VPN Service can solve the problems.

Useful for Gio-locked game

Many governments do not allow all types of games in their respective country. But if you badly need those types of game you can use the gaming service by VPN. It will help you to overcome your geographical barriers for many types of games.

Get All The Features

In your country, it may possible that you are not allowed to enjoy all the features of your beloved game. There is a river that a VPN Service provider can solve this issue. And the claim is true.

Rumors of DDoS

You may be the victim of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) at any time in any place. But the question is who will disturb you for this kind of nonsense activity? They may be your online gaming competitors. If you use VPN Service it is impossible to find your real location and IP. So there is no possibility of DDoS Attack.

LAN Gaming

Suppose you wanted to playgroup competitive gaming but your partner is not at your room or locality. The Gaming VPN Service provider makes both of you in the same room. So you can play from the same IP despite being in a different location. the problem is that most of the VPN service provider does not allow to play from the same IP.

Should You Use VPN for Gaming?

After receiving a lot of humor, disadvantage and sometimes advantage my question is will you use VPN giving service? If you ask me the same question my answer will be “yes”. Because we are expending a lot to get the flavor of giving service. But the problem is which VPN giving service should you use? FossGuru expert would like to recommend you some of the best gaming services by using  Free Best VPN to enjoy the advantage I mentioned earlier. 

9 Expert Recommendations of Gaming VPN Service

Up to this open mind analysis, you may have decided to purchase or use any free Gaming VPN Service. Now it is our opportunity to offer you some expert recommendations. Some of the recommended virtual private network service providers are:

1. NordVPN

nordvpnNordVPN is a high-speed gaming service provider with the highest level of encryption and privacy. After using this is a virtual private network gaming service you will be free from the possibility of DDoS Attack. It allows you to get a connection up to 6 devices at the same time with the basic plan. It has some limitations like it does not support as block feature. Some customers claim that the service is below average.

2. HideMan

hideman Gaming VPN ServiceHideMan is one of the best VPN Service provider for Android applications. It allows you to get access to any of the websites from anywhere of your location. The download and installation of this VPN are very easy and it supports more than 20 countries. They offer 7 hour free uses for The new users and one hour each day. HideMan saves your internet speed so it is one of the best VPN gaming services for Android.

3. ExpressVPN

expressvpnExpressVPN is the world’s largest Gaming VPN Service provider that supports over 87 countries. The gamer will get excellent support 30 days money-back guarantee. It has many deep level service with top-tier encryption. The problem is costing. It is much more expensive than any other VPN service.

4. VyprVPN

vyprvpnVyprVPN is the owner of the best-proven gaming supportive virtual private network for The Gamers. Because the support and speed of this VPN are very fast. The security and encryption level is admirable. Switzerland’s best VPN service provider also offers 30 days money-back guarantee and 24/7 live support. We got two disadvantages of this service like high prices and less advanced features.

5. HideMyAss

hidemyassHideMyAss is a good service to support niche gaming. It is supporting more than 190 countries with good teste and high speed. As an online gamer, you can use this simple and best VPN Service for gaming. The problem is the price and the features are not logical. Moreover, it keeps the user log for two-three months.

1. IPVanish

ipvanishIPVanish is one of the best VPN Services that supports You to play the online game. It is a US-based service but it is collaboration more than 60 countries. The encryption level of this VPN is high. You will get five simultaneous connections at different devices at the same time. The services are affordable to the gamer. But the problem is the customer service timing based on US office timing hour.

7. Buffered

buffered Gaming VPN ServiceBuffered is the nearest Gaming VPN Service provider compared to others. It provides top-of-the-line technology with an interesting interface. It supports more than 40 countries with high speed. This is a friendly gaming service provider that supports up to five devices simultaneously. The negative things about Buffered are high prices. Since it has fewer servers so show connection speed will be not the same as others.

8. SaferVPN

safervpnSaferVPN is an economical package for online Gamers. The Gamers will get excellent speed, good customer satisfaction, economic price, and high-level security altogether. If you use this SaferVPN then there is no possibility of being attacked by hackers. It also offers five simultaneous devices. The limitation is the features are not as rich as others. Moreover, the security plan is not strong like another high-cost VPN Service provider.

9. Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN is a virtual service provider and Gaming VPN Service provider based in Romania.Cyberghost VPN is a virtual service provider and Gaming VPN Service provider based in Romania. It provides both free and paid service to online gamers. As a gamer, you will get all the required service of gaming from this VPN service. Besides the desktop application, it also offers Android users to play the game safely.

How to Use VPN for Gaming

The connecting procedure of the Gaming VPN Service is very easy. You have to follow few steps for playing games with privacy. Some of the steps are:

  • 1. Signup for any Gaming VPN Service Provider
  • 2. Download the Android or Desktop application of the particular service.
  • 3. Choose your preferred server location from hundreds of server locations. 
  • 4. Click “Connect” to get the connection of VPN Gaming.
  • 5. Enjoy online gaming with high security.

Final Thought

VPNs are not essential for playing any online games. But, the Virtual Service Provider provides better security to online gamers. The Gaming VPN Service users are free from any DDoS attack. The professional online gamer can use this secured service for the competitive environment. Otherwise, it is not required to go for a high cost.

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