Top 30 Proven IoT Applications in Real Life That You Need

Internet of things is an automated Integrated system that interconnects all the devices and applications. The application of the internet of things can be everywhere. It can be from your house to a large-scale production system. The uses of IoT increase productivity, efficiency, and security. On the other hand, it has reduced costs and makes human life comfortable. From the river to the forest, IoT is applied everywhere. IoT applications are not limited to some limited technology. It has spread its wings to all sectors of lifestyle. In describing the benefits of IoT, we will discuss today some of the applications of the internet of things.

IoT Applications

We already came to know that IoT is applied everywhere. It is used simultaneously in business and science. We will try to cover real-life IoT applications. In the process of discussion, we will cover the future of IoT systems. Today we will show the basic ideas of the IoT applied sector. In subsequent articles, we will discuss the details of each of them.

1. Industrial IoT

IoT is used widely in various industries. Robotics is used for production systems. It is more accurate, efficient, and productive. The industrial internet of things (IIoT) collects and analyzes the data from the sensor’s input and matches the data of the cloud server. Fog computing plays a vital role in interconnectivity.

IIoT Applications

Application in Industrial Automation

  • IIoT is used for quality monitoring.
  • Digital twins are common in industrial production systems. IoT helps to limit the cost by providing various data.
  • By the process of workshop mirroring collects various information and automates the industry.
  • IoT is highly successful for power plants, chemical plants, and water plants of industry.
  • IoT has also contributed to industrial supply chain management, security management using IP cameras and fire alarm systems.

2. IoT Smart Home

We already discussed IoT-based smart home automation. In the smart home systems, each household appliance is connected. Suppose there is nobody at your home. With a voice command to your Google assistance, you can switch on or off your lights and fans. Before reaching your home, the AC will be automatically on for earlier cooling, your water will be warm for bathing, and your door will be open on your arrival. On the whole process diet, you will use a GPS.

IoT Based Home Automation

IoT applications on Home Automation

  • Many people are implementing their IoT-based lighting systems.
  • Fans are also connected with the internet of things.
  • Television air cooler air conditioner is common for implementing IoT.
  • Smart doorbells and security locks are using as home-based IoT security.
  • IoT based shower for bathing and

3. IoT Application in Smart Retail

In the retail sector, the IoT application is widely used. The retail industry has transformed into a greater dimension because of using the Internet of things. In a statistical analysis, it was found that 77% of retailers strongly believe in the impact of IoT solutions on their customer experience. 89% of People believe that IoT can increase revenue. Again 77% of retailers think that the internet can bring the best product possible time from the manufacturer.

IoT Application in Smart RetailIoT can be applied in the retail industry for predictive equipment maintenance, smart transportation, and managing is smart to store. Using RFID and sensor it has increased the physical security of the retail house. Moreover, it can reduce your inventory cost by IoT warehouse management.

4. Forest Fire Detection by IoT

Internet of things forest fire detection system is a high-level IoT application. This is a future explorable project that can be implemented to save the forest. We know the forest is an important part of a country. It can contribute to the national economy of a country. At least 25% of the forest is required to keep the balance of ecology for a country. So the government should take proper care to save the forest from a different aspect.

Forest Fire Detection by IoT

Using the artificial neural network, we can develop a fire detection system for the forest. It can be connected with a sensor. Multiple fire detection devices can be kept to detect fire. According to surveys and analysis, it is found that the accuracy rate is up to 80% to save the forest. But the problem is for the large-scale forest. It may require the use of billion of money to implement this project.

5. IoT Based Bridge Safety Monitoring System

The monitoring system of bridge safety is their IoT application for collecting data in the real world. A monitoring device is installed in the environment of the bridge, which continuously collects the data and sends it to the cloud server. It also automatically search data in a database and send a report to the authority.

IoT Based Bridge Safety Monitoring SystemThe bridge safety monitoring system depends on various factors like the weight capacity, water level below the bridge, shock absorption, vibration absorption, and many other related factors. It also can transmit the image to the bridge control authority based on several factors to make the decision.

6. IoT Applications on Smart City

By implementing the internet of things, today’s normal city will be terminated into IoT smart city. Street light automation can be the best example of IoT cities. It will monitor and save energy. Moreover, fault detection, control, and centralized reporting possible. The coordinated switch and alert system will make it smarter.

Internet of things Smart City

Application of Various IoT Projects

  • IoT garbage automation can improve the cleanness of your city. It will reduce the fuel cost and ensure the cleanness of the city.
  • IoT is also applied for the pollution monitoring system to quality and identify geographic pollution.
  • The parking solution for IoT smart cities is common because it ensures efficient specializing and spot allocation.
  • Waterfall forecasting is another IoT application for is smart cities. For this, we can plan your day efficiently.

7. m2m IoT

Mission to machine internet of things is another IoT idea for future generation technology. The concept is the machine automatically sends the instruction to another machine without the presence of a human. Many sensor-based IoT applications transfer data from machine to machine. This system is also known as a device-to-system application.

m2mThe application of machines to machines internet of things is also enormous. It can be applied in manufacturing for quality control. In the home, this IoT application also reaches every family. Samsung and LG home appliances are an example of them. M2M IoT is also applied in many other smarts.

8. IoT Applications on RFID

Radiofrequency identification systems are using to get the best result of IoT. By the radio, web RFID collects the metadata of individuals, things, and devices. Sometimes RFID is connected with sensors. It can be automated at the office to track the employees. 

rfid iotRFID helps the machine and computer to collect metadata and identify the object. If the machine or computer is connected to the internet, it can be accessed from any of the worlds. 

When you implement the internet of things systems, then RFID will help you to collect data. Now RFID is applied many wherein in business and science. Some of the applications of IoT are manufacturing, agriculture management, supply chain management, payment transaction of and transportation.

9. Smart Agriculture Using IoT

For the smart agriculture project, IoT is using in various ways. The investment in agriculture is over 2 billion US dollars in the year 2019. The compound growth rate is approximately 19 %. So it is expected that wooden 2023 it will exceed 4.5 billion.

Smart AgricultureIoT can be used in many ways for agricultural research and development. It can be used to collect data and research, agricultural drones, smart greenhouse projects, precision farming, and knowing the climate condition. The scientists are planning to develop automated IoT irrigation systems. In the future, it will be applied for life monitoring the cultivation condition.

10. Smart Parking System Using IoT

IoT in the parking system is a real-life IoT application example. It creates a database of visitors and maintains the details. It is one of the components for ensuring security. This project is connected with the smart payment system. Because parking is interrelated to the payment system, IoT sensors will track the approximate time of parking and calculate the bill. Using the IoT system automatically charges against the owner of the car.

The smart parking system maintenance device and service are available in the market. It is made of several IoT protocols, IoT OS, and different IoT sensors. Before entering the parking area if notify you of the available slots for parking. It also notifies if there is no place for parking. Again it shows the charges and other details to the owner of the vehicle.

11. IoT Based Health Monitoring System

We already discussed IoT in healthcare. The Internet of things improved tremendous success in the IoT healthcare system. From the ICU to patients’ bedrooms, IoT is everywhere. IoT saved lives and reduced the cost. IoT is applied to hospitals, patients, and the ambulance service. 

Some of the common applications in IoT are live tracking to patients and reports, data analysis and research, remote patient monitoring, Asthma monitoring, Blood Coagulation Testing, and operation management of hospitals. IoT is also applied in the connected inhaler, connected contract lance, and hearing aid. If your heart rate is abnormal and beyond your control, it will automatically fire the mail and notify the concerned personnel, including ambulance and hospital.

12. Livestock Monitoring Using IoT

Livestock like poultry and cattle firms can use IoT systems. In this internet of things framework, the cows are connected with the central cloud server. It may be funny to you, but the image shows that it is a realistic application. The sensor-connected IoT device is attached to the nake of the cows. The sensors continuously collect data and send it to the network through fog computing. The farmers can see the update from a monitor and decides on further treatment.

Another new invention of the internet of things is the temperature monitoring system of cattle. With the system, you can take care of your cattle better than the previous one. Before being sick, the cow shows some symptoms like drooping head, excessive nose discharge, cough, and wheezing. All the symptoms are taken by the temperature health monitoring system. The farmer can easily identify the problems if any of their cows.

13. IoT in The Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, IoT is used widely. The vehicle can be the best application of IoT. Because compares to others, the automobile manufacturers integrated IoT technology slowers. But if you apply IoT systems, then the cars will be smarter. According to the statistics, within 2020, the IoT smart car will connect more than 381 million. 

Livestock Monitoring The major benefit of IoT applications in cars is collecting data from the traffic monitoring system to avoid traffic jams. When there is an accident by car, it transmits data to the nearest IoT-enabled hospital and ambulance service. It also collects data on road conditions, weather conditions, and other required data. Moreover, the driver can know the available parking area will relatively low cost.

14. Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT

Another important IoT application is a smart garbage monitoring system using IoT. As smart cities, we also have to dispose of the garbage smartly. Innovatively, we can keep the cities healthy. Even in your room, you can use the system for the small garbage basket. It is a sensor-enabled system where it is set inside of garbage box. When the garbage is filled up above a certain level, the sensor-enabled microcontroller will send the signal to dispose of the garbage.

Now suppose this garbage box is outside of your home. This box is connected with the municipalities. If it is filled up above a certain level, it will send a message to the waste management team. It can also give the signal when the waste collector comes to collect the garbage. Using the mobile phone, the waste collector can collect the information to collect the garbage.

15. IoT Based Patient Monitoring System

The Internet of things is applied to every sector of human life. In previous, we have discussed its based healthcare management system. In your bedroom, you can also use the internet of things two moons to the patients. Here, your patient can be connected with you, the required ambulance service and it enabled the hospital.

Remote Patient Monitoring - IoMTIn this Systems the patient is connected to the internet of things by wearing a patient monitoring device. It can be a type of wrist watch or belt. When the heart rate or body temperature is abnormal, it automatically sends a message to and as the IoT enabled hospital. This system can pass the message whether your patient took medicine or not. it also can match the data from the cloud server and provide the required solution.

16. IoT Applications on Home Security

It is also applied for home security. Some examples of home security are the IP camera, the smart door management system, security lock, and another alarm system. In the IoT-based home application, and you can use these home security tools. Your home is connected with various cameras, sensors, and other tracking sys in the home security concept team. When there is an unusual thing at your house you can get the message over the mobile phone. It can be connected to the police station and fire brigade for any unexpected danger.

17. Wearables IoT Applications

The IoT application of wearables is very much common to mass people. The wearable IoT technology can be for anything like your home-based security application, patient monitoring system, temperature, and environment monitoring system. It can be smart cloth, smart wristwatch, medical wearable gadget or any Adarsh scientific application.

Till wearable technology of IoT is a developing sector but medical technology has advanced a lot. The success of this internet of things application becomes feasible because of flexibility, reliability, and functionality. People use this IoT wearable for a simple task like a wristwatch. It can be a great tool for future healthcare.

18. Energy Harvesting IoT

Sometimes it is required to work as a standalone device for any specific purpose. For the limitation of battery charge or power shortage, the system can be stopped. Suppose minefield, or in a forest, you are tracking with IoT. But if there is no energy to run the system you will not get the information properly. So there is the requirement of additional harvesting energy.

Where IoT, edge systems and the embedded system works there can be integrated with new energy harvesting technologies. For the low power battery life, this system will be a good one. It will support the power from different sources like solar energy, thermoelectric energy, wind energy, RF energy, and vibration energy.

19. IoT In The Manufacturing Industry

IoT application is widely used in manufacture in industries. Like the industrial internet of things, system manufacturing industries implemented it in a good manner. It is incorporated with robotic production. The quality control of the product is also ensured by the internet of things. The adoption of the Internet of things in manufacturing reduces the production cost a shorter time to market and customization will be mass.

In the iot based manufacturing industry, you can alter your equipment as well as the employees. Based on your boy talking you can ensure the product quality and control them. asset management and asset tracking will be easier. Inventory management, production circle time, and lead time will be positive.

20. IoT Based Irrigation System

Another probable IoT application is a smart irrigation system. It has reduced the tension of irrigation during the cultivation of land. Based on some scenario this iot based irrigation systems supply water the required number of times. Since the development of technology has given me anything, it also brings some benefits for the farmers.

The IoT-based irrigation system is a high-level sensor-based application that identifies moisture, temperature, humidity, and soil conditions. It collects data from the environment and sends it to the cloud server. In the cloud server, it is automatically programmed when to switch on the motor for irrigation. If the power supply is cut off then the motor switched off. But the IoT based irrigation system automatically switches on the motor again until the demand for water is finished.

21. Solar Power Monitoring System Using IoT

We can see IoT applications in every sector of production. It is mostly used for production control and maintain quality. In the process of monitoring, IoT also cares about solar power monitoring systems. Using the internet, you can track and know the update of your solar panel on your mobile phone. 

 The internet of things identifies the faulty solar panel, faulty connection, and dust level. You can make this project easily using Arduino. A display shows the uses of energy, storage of energy, and various reports.

22. IoT Based Traffic Management System

IoT based traffic management system is a very new concept in the internet world. In this concept, various research has shown various ideas to mitigate the traffic problem of the city. Normally cities like Kolkata, Dhaka or any other overpopulated cities have a huge traffic jam. The proposed system will be integrated with IoT enabled cars and traffic systems. It will show a less traffic route to the driver.

If the IoT application is implemented on the traffic system, it will also be helpful for the police. The person who does not obey the traffic rules will be caught easily by the police using the system. Even if it is the night, the culprit will be caught. if the issue is minor and can be negotiated who is a financial issue then the system will change digitally to the rule breaker. Moreover, this is only more helpful to the ambulance service to see the safe way to reach the hospital avoiding a traffic jam.

23. IoT Based Smart Greenhouse Automation Using Arduino

Another creative IoT application is smart greenhouse automation using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In this application greenhouse is a house of glass where trees are planted inside that house. When you are out of your home, office for remote play, you may need to irritate the plants. IoT-based greenhouse systems do the same thing as per your requirement.

There are many high-level applications of IoT-based greenhouse systems. It can capture the image of green leaves, yellow leaves, and affected leaves. Using a sensor, it collects data continuously regarding moisturizer temperature and another environmental factor of this greenhouse. From the cloud server, it can analyze by the image processing system and seThe image processing system can analyze from report to the gro automatically treatment of the affected leaves. 

24. IoT Asset Tracking System

The asset tracking system can be one of the best IoT applications for the businessman. It is difficult to track mobile products. Sometimes the owner wants to know the accurate location of that asset. If IoT based asset monitoring system is used, the owner can easily identify the exact location of that asset. It can be like a car monitoring system. Using the GPS it is monitor over the mobile or any other application.

Making the asset tracking system with IoT is not a difficult matter. Like another monitoring device, this system can be applied to the asset. It may reduce fraudulent activities and reduce the misuse of the asset. However digital governance is ensured by using IoT based asset tracking system.

25. IoT Flood Monitoring & Alerting System

Sometimes you will find that the weather monitoring system is not accurate in real-time. But IoT based flood monitoring system is accurate and provides real-time information. IoT can be applied to save environmental damage and to collect data for statistical purposes.

To make this system you require a wireless sensor network to capture relevant data and water level of these the sea or rivers. The total process is connected to a small computer system. Using this system, it is possible to find it the flood risk and flood accurately. It consumes less energy but the data is highly reliable. These reliable data can save lives and reduce your personality cost. You can take the possible measure to negotiate the obstacle. And the application of iot will ensure your comfort.

26. IoT Applications in Temperature Monitoring System

IoT application can be used to another important sector which is a temperature monitoring system. This IoT-based application is useful for industrial production, manufacturing houses use, various institutions, and personal use. Besides the temperature, it can also measure pressure, flow rate, and capacity.

You can make the IoT-based temperature monitoring system easily using Arduino software. Some other hardware requirement includes Hardware Requirements are Arduino Uno, ESP8266-01, DHT11, MS1117-3.3V, and 9V battery. You can also apply to Find Out CPU Temperature.

27. IoT Air Pollution Monitoring System

IoT can be applied to monitor the quality of the air. The air quality monitoring tool is a connected sensor and collects data from the environment continuously connected display shows the percentage of various types of air, CO2, smoke, and alcohol. When the toxic year increase above a certain level, then it automatically fires the notification and alarm. When the toxic year increase above a certain level, then it automatically fires the notification and alarm.

Using the Arduino develop this IoT air quality monitoring project in a short time. You can also monitor the results of your expected output from a mobile application or web page. It also will be capable to do anything like turning on the adjustment fan, opening the door, and many other functions. you can develop the project by using the source code of the circuit digest.

28. Portable Water Quality Assurance

Water is an essential thing in human life. The Internet of things also has contributed to water. The remote water monitoring system can be another best example of an IoT application. This application is connected with the sensor. The sensor can give different signals like the temperature level, water level, and drinkability report.

The researchers are investing a lot of time to get the best outcome of Portable Water Quality Assurance systems. It can be applied in agriculture by measuring the salt level. To measure the safety of water conditions, the USA also applying IoT continuously. This system is also applied to aquaculture, drinking water, and to detect water loss.

29. Radioactivity Monitoring

IoT applications can be applied for radioactivity monitoring decentralized systems. Radioactivity is a sensitive thing, and it is generally out of the locality. It is challenging to monitor radioactivity by the physical monitoring system. Sensor integrated embedded IoT systems can monitor radioactivity on a 24/7 basis. This system could be feasible, cheap and convenient.

Please show the public safety the smart cities are applying these types of integrated iot applications. This system also is connected with the cloud server and decides the courses of action by artificial intelligence. Though until now, it is an advanced-level cloud computing strategy.

30. IoT Applications in Defence

In the defense sector, you also can see the application of the Internet of things. For the largest boundary country, it is challenging to guard the border physically. If it can monitor under an IP-based CC camera then it can be controlled from a single location. Moreover, there are many places where guarding physically may be challenging for soldiers. IoT can be applied to all those locations.

In the enemy area or any other sensitive area cannot get access physically. Iot based surveillance systems can solve these types of problems. Moreover, guarding the area of responsibility with IoT-based systems can be feasible, more accurate, trustworthy, and safe.

Final Thought 

IoT application is not a common thing for the mass people. From house to radioactivity field is applied everywhere. We have seen the application of IoT in air, water, and fire. It has given the dividend to the business sector like supply chain management, manufacturing, and retail management. It is covered in the forest area, a defense area, cities, and every sector of human life. We strongly believe that it will be impossible to pass a single day without the internet of things.

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