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Top 10 Best IP Camera Software For Live Surveillance

Internet protocol camera, shortly known as IP Camera, is a video capturing tool as a webcam. The security device receives and transmits video data over a network and the internet. This CCTV camera is a standalone device and requires only an internet connection. It connects with an internet device like NVR, laptop, desktop, and any other output device. This article will discuss a surveillance system, how it works, the benefits of security cam, different camera viewers, and costs. After that, we will also learn the difference between IP cameras and CCTV software.

What is an IP Camera

An IP camera is just like a video camera with an internet connection. It sends a signal to the central server through the network connection. This tool is widely used for internet protocol surveillance, digital videography, and closed-circuit television. A surveillance system is more appealing than a digital CCTV camera because of its remote surveillance options. This device provides a better image and video for the moving target. Some NVR/DVR system has two-way communication so the user can make any decision based on occurrence.

How Internet Protocol Camera Works

An IP camera captures the image and video in the same way as a digital or CCTV device. After capturing the picture, it compresses and transmits it into a network through surveillance camera software. You can transmit the data over broadband, wireless, and even an ethernet connection. You can use this device with a cellular connectivity solution if there is no internet connection. Also, you can record the video and store it on the local device if there is no connection.

Benefits of IP Camera

The main advantage of the security tool is the viewing capability from anywhere in the world. If you want, you can see the video streaming audio streaming and control the device remotely. This versatile surveillance solution requires only an internet connection. Besides live surveillance, it can support video analytics, PoE Switch, and S3 integration.

IP Camera Software

The camera viewer software is a video monitoring system through an internet connection. Today, we will learn the different types of security software available. Please remember those are based on available ability on the internet. Some CCTV camera software can be used as NVR/DVR cam software.

Software OS Camera Support Why Best Limitation Price
iSpy Windows




Almost all brand
  • World’s largest camera connection database.
  • It supports IFTTT, and Alexa means Agent DVR.
  • Suitable for Wildlife Watching.
Huge MP4 files Open-source IP camera software
Security Monitor Pro Windows ‎Abus, ‎ACTi, ‎Axis, ‎Brickcom
  • It is best for rich IP video surveillance software.
  • Excellent for small and medium businesses
Very costly USD 799.95
Security Eye Windows Supports 1,200+ models of cameras
  • Suitable for the person who needs free software.
Only run on Windows 8$ to 50$ per month
DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer iPhone


Maximum brands
  • Suitable for small-scale users.
Only supports limited scale $39.99
ContaCam Windows Many brands
  • Suitable for no-budget users.
It occasionally struggles to pair with IP cameras. Free
Anycam Windows Many brands
  • Best for clean interface users.
Only Windows users can use it. Free
Blueiris Software Windows All brands
  • Excellent for NVR software
The server setup is complicated. $99.95
Ivideon Server Windows





Many brands
  • Users can achieve cloud.
Complex setup completely free for all users
Samsung DVR Software Smart Viewer Windows


Samsung and other brands
  • Best for those who need CCTV and DVR software.
Sometimes, apps do not work. Free
C-MOR Video Management System Windows Axis, Foscam, Hikvision, Instar, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek
  • Suitable for KVM and Hyper-V functions.
Supports a maximum of 15 cameras. Free
Xeoma Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android Maximum brands Users who need flexible software. Many fancy and paid features. Starter $9.95, Lite $49.95, Standard $93.95, Pro $279.95
Perfect IP Camera Viewer Windows All brands
  • Users who need free IP camera software.
Not too features free
Genius Vision Windows



All brands
  • Users who want both mobile and PC connection.
Challenging to get troubleshooting assistance. $50-$150
ZoneMinder Linux



Many Brands
  • Suitable for those who love third-party integration.
Users can not record videos. Free
SmartViewer Windows All Brands
  • Users can manage up to 72 cameras. 
  • Suitable for managing many cameras.
It does not provide pricing info on its website Unknown
WebcamXP Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008 3S Vision, 4XEM, 7 links, ABS, Abus, ACTi, and many more
  • It is best for a tech person
  • Beginners can use it.
It does not support mobile access Private $49

Pro $99

Luxriot Evo All platform All brands
  • Big budget users
  • Business organization
Some users complain about battery drain issue $5933.00
SGS HomeGuard (Free Edition) Windows 2K

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10




  • Small and mid-sized businesses use video monitoring of their offices and buildings or logging of in-store cameras.
I did not find an official website. Free
CamCloud Android


Generic H.264

Generic MJPEG







  • It is recommended for nontech users.
Free: Limited 1 camera, 2 hours live view/month

$6 /Camera per month: Unlimited live viewing

$10 /Camera per month: Unlimited live viewing

This table shows that SGS HomeGuard (Free Edition), ZoneMinder, Perfect IP Camera Viewer, Samsung DVR Software, and Anycam are free IP camera software. Security Monitor Pro, DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer, Blueiris Software, Xeoma, and Genius Vision are the best for any paid solution. However, here are the best 10 reviews for you.

1. iSpy

iSpy IP CameraIspyconnect is an open-source surveillance software for video. You can access the surveillance camera software through both mobile and web. You can connect this IP software from anywhere to access live video and control the camera. There is an option to use an unlimited camera and microphone. Other facilities include motion detection, processing, scheduling, and recording. You can upload the video directly to cloud storage.

Important Features

  • iSpy is an open-source IP camera software.
  • This IP cam surveillance software provides motion detection, alerting, and remote access features.
  • Like any open-source project, iSpy IP software users get community support.
  • Remote access, notification, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Control are the exceptional features of this NVR software.
  • Moreover, Scheduled Tasks, Audio Monitoring, Cloud Integration, and User Authentication features made the product more demanding.

More Info and Download

2. Security Monitor Pro

Security Monitor ProSecurity Monitor Pro is one of the best Internet Protocol camera software that can do several things. This software can give you more flexibility. It supports more than 1,000 different security cameras and uses an FTP server to upload. You can schedule the one-off time and control the camera over the internet. This software is useable for the Windows operating system.

Important Features

  • Security Monitor Pro supports many IP cameras and networked surveillance devices.
    This IP camera server can monitor multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • This network surveillance camera software broadcasts in real-time through a user-friendly interface.
  • Security Monitor Pro is network camera surveillance software that supports continuous, scheduled, and motion-triggered recording.
  • Moreover, the software supports audio monitoring, allowing users to listen to audio from cameras with audio capabilities.

More Info and Download

3. Security Eye

Security Eye is one of the most popular video surveillance software for the Windows operating system. It is an unbeatable video monitoring software that supports more than 1,200 different cam viewers. Via any best web browser, you can watch the live stream from anywhere in the place. Some other facilities include a motion detector, alerts via email and SMS, a task scheduler, and a capture of the incident.

Important Features

  • Security Eye IP, camera recording software, transforms your laptop into a comprehensive video surveillance system.
  • This software for security cameras is free to download.
  • Video monitoring, motion detection, and recording features make it unique network camera software.
  • The professional IP camera recording software has more than 1,200 compatible IP cameras.
  • The software’s user guide is available for free download in PDF format.

More Info and Download

4. DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer

DComplex LLC Camera Viewer is a beautiful video streaming and live surveillance software with live viewing features. It is an online cam recorder as well as a surveillance camera. This internet cam software can detect both motion and sound. Using DComplex, you can monitor live video with an Android app, Mac, and Windows PC.

Important Features

  • DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer facilitates the monitoring and management of IP cameras.
  • DComplex LLC developed it in New York, USA.
  • Users can configure the intelligent camera software easily.
  • Both Mac and Windows users can use the IP camera streaming server software.
  • Moreover, this Remote access IP camera monitoring software is compatible with many IP camera models.
  • Finally, you can use it for live surveillance.

More Info and Download

5. ContaCam

ContaCam is a CCTV cam software that offers live surveillance and video recording. It is a live webcam software for Windows which does not contain unnecessary bloat. This user-friendly IP camera software can be designed for customization and motion control. It does not need any NVR software to configure. ContaCam is acceptable from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

Important Features

  • ContaCam is a video surveillance and live user-friendly webcam software.
  • Its features include network IP cameras, USB webcams, DV cameras, and PCI devices.
  • It uses the resources on a small scale.
  • The motion detection system makes the software more effective.
  • When there is a requirement, then it captures the footage.
  • Finally, the users can easily configure the IP camera streaming software for its user-friendly features.

More Info and Download

6. Anycam

Anycam IP camera softwareAnycam is one of the most dependable internet protocol camera software, which supports almost all camera viewers. This user-friendly internet protocol cam software offers flexible and sustainable video with high definition. It helps to play the recorded video from any shared network drive. The setup process of this NVR software alternative is straightforward and hassle-free. Anycam requires low system requirements and is compatible with any Windows operating system version.

Important Features

  • Anycam provides users with the ability to monitor and record multiple IP cameras.
  • The user-friendly interface of Anycam NVR software supports various IP servers.
  • This IP security camera software supports RTSP, MJPEG, or ONVIF protocols.
  • Anycam mobile app enables users to use snapshots from cameras connected to the desktop app.
  • Moreover, Anycam offers live feed viewing, video recording, and motion detection.

More Info and Download

7. Blueiris Software

Blueiris Software is one of the best video management software. You can use up to 64 camera software. It has a webcam facility, AVI, advanced DVR software, MP4, and Windows media files. You can see live and recorded video on your mobile, listen, and manage multiple installations. It has the option of audio sensing and recording periodically and continuously.

Blue Iris Software Features

  • Blue Iris Software is an innovative Video Management Software (VMS) for CCTV monitoring systems.
  • The user can use analog and digital cameras.
  • This PC surveillance camera software can control up to 64 cameras.
  • It supports various camera models and brands.
  • Finally, the Blue Iris camera compatibility issue is highly effective.

More Info and Download

8. Ivideon Server

Ivideon ServerIvideon Server is one of the best Free IP Camera Software. The software connects your webcam and online camera to watch live video feeds. This internet camera recording software has two versions, the home and business edition. It sends a notification to its storage, like the cloud and local drive. Because of its information, it does not always require sitting in front of a monitor. Ivideon Server is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Important Features

  • Ivideon Server is a software solution for video surveillance and network security camera software.
  • Ivideon’s cloud-based video surveillance platform offers cloud video surveillance (VSaaS) services.
  • The continuous recording configuration, camera firmware updates, and camera configuration settings make the Camera server unique.
  • With minimal effort, you can make it a professional video surveillance system.
  • Moreover, users can manually add the camera by entering its details.

More Info and Download

9. Samsung DVR Software Smart Viewer

Samsung DVR Software Smart Viewer is a CCTV DVR software that provides a maximum 36-channel live monitoring facility. With this NVR software, you can view 16 channels simultaneously. Each of the channels you can record for up to two hours. It has many other facilities like a remote update to a remote server, a log search, and an access privilege search.

Important Features

  • The Samsung Smart Viewer allows users to access their CCTV cameras remotely.
  • You will get playback functionality to review recorded video footage.
  • The simultaneous viewing and multiple support options make the software unique.
  • You can adjust camera settings remotely with this IP camera monitoring software.
  • Finally, the Map Integration features help locate your location.

More Info and Download

10. C-MOR Video Management System

C-MOR Video Management System is one of the best PC CCTV camera software. It runs on KVM and Hyper-V. C-MOR is free for up to 1 internet camera. In the free version, all features are available. You can extend up to 15 cameras anytime. All the primary online camera supports this CCTV software. C-MOR is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Important Features

  • C-MOR is an easy-to-install IP video surveillance system.
  • It is a good option for both businesses and individuals.
  • You will get access to the IP cam software from your computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • C-MOR is well-optimized for virtualization environments.
  • Moreover, you will get all Alerts and Notifications digitally.

More Info and Download

Difference Between CCTV and IP Cameras

CCTV viewer is used for video security and surveillance. On the other hand, an internet protocol cam is used for transmitting data over the internet. The cam uses an ethernet cable directly connected to a network video recorder ( NVR Software) to transmit digital signal IP. However, the CCTV camera is connected to DVR software to oversee video and images. CCTV viewer is basically, but the internet protocol camera is digital. An internet cam is better than a CCTV viewer.

Final Words

This article is intended to give you a brief idea about CCTV and IP camera software. The Online camera software is related to NVR, and CCTV camera software is related to DVR software. It is wise to use the recommended cam viewer by the camera company. On the other hand, you should focus on market reputation, after-sales service, price, and product longevity. You may have better options. If so, please share with us through comments and share our good deeds on your social media.

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