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Learn IIoT: IoT in Manufacturing for Industrial Automation

IoT in Manufacturing or IIoT is the trend of the present era. Each small and medium organization trying to transform its manufacturing process through the internet of things. In the process of continuation, they already implemented CRM software for their business. Since IoT is being popular day by day the implementation of it has already started to various sectors. In the process of learning today, we will discuss IoT in Manufacturing, the requirement of IoT, required infrastructure, technological skills, various IoT platforms, different projects and finally the challenges to implementing the internet of things in the industrial sector. IoT in Manufacturing is widely known as IIoT.

What is IIoT?

The term IIoT means the industrial internet of things. It is the smartest way to digitize your manufacturing industry. IIoT is the combination of systems that connects cloud computing technology with a different sensor, mechanical and digital machine, the different identifier of human and animal, fog computing and database. It ensures the activities without a human to human or human to machine interaction. We know, IoT or the internet of things means a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and real-time analytics. The IIoT follows the same way of transforming. Almost all the big industries are planning or implementing IoT in Manufacturing. There is a lot of IoT platforms to implement desired industrial automation.

IoT in Manufacturing

IoT in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, the internet of things has provided a more secure way of production. Because of the artificial intelligence and IP camera, you will get 23/7 surveillance along with protection. For that, you may need an IoT router. In the manufacturing industry, IoT has covered medicine sectors, production sectors and some other sectors where AI is required. It collects data from different sensors and acts accordingly with predefined instructions. With the optimization of assets and inventory, it reduces your cost and wastage of time. It allows you to reduce your machine downtime, efficient energy use and increase productivity. The faster and efficient supply chain operations reduce the production cycle time. The muss customization features of the IIoT provide you more flexibility in production. Because of all of those distinguishing features, IoT in Manufacturing is being popular day by day. Again IIoT is the best tool to ensure your safety.

The Application of IoT in Manufacturing

To redefine IIoT and uses of industrial internet of things we may know to appropriate applications of IoT in Manufacturing. It is applied in various fields for the automation of industry. However, some of the common uses of IIoT are as follow:

1.Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Supply chain management is one kind of business CRM. The CRM provides you update from the website. But IIoT provides real-time operations. Moreover, the embedded and database system can be integrated to get real-time. By connecting stakeholders gets live data notification from the system. So that you can get independent material to follow and reduced cycle time. It will help the manufacturer to predict the issue as well as inventory. 

2. Smart Pumping

The IIoT can be used for some of the smart pumping and manufacturing sectors like chemical manufacturing, water management, and power plants. They use the IoT sensor for collecting data and auto collect real-time information. The predefined matrix is automatically turned on and off. Using this IIoT the entrepreneur can reduce the electricity cost, labor cost and wastage of water.

3. Workshop Mirroring

Workshop Mirroring is another wonderful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that can interlink with existing market-ready solutions. It can control the IoT enabled environment. This IoT platform can identify, assess and control the manufacturing and execution systems. The generated data or received data from the IoT devices become the input of manufacturing systems. As a result, using IoT in Manufacturing makes more successful for industrial automation.

4. Digital Twins

It may happen at the end of your final production the expenditure goes up. This may be overburden for the manufacturing industry. To resolve the problems there are digital twins. From the various methods of production, it collects data and provides input when it is required. It also focuses on business intelligence. From the bottlenecks, it designs your products according to your expectations. It also successfully shape your baseline and confirm your dateline.

5. Self Dependence Systems

IoT in Manufacturing will make your production systems more independence. It can identify your faulty systems which are more complicated to find manually. The embedded sensors will notify your team regarding the sensitive issue. The self-dependence systems make the manufacturing processes smooth with the internet of things.

Best Top 5 IIoT Applications

IIoT ApplicationsIIoT ApplicationsIIoT is applied in various sectors. It has reduced the cost of production. On the other hand, IIoT in manufacturing has some benefits regarding security and correctness. In the robotic function, all the finish product has the same quality which is difficult for giant production.

1. ABB Smart Robots

In the smart manufacturing process, you can use the ABB smart robots. It may be used for predictive maintenance using a connected sensor. It might take the input from Ethernet or industrial protocol like DeviceNet and Profibus.

2. Airbus: Factory of the Future

This manufacturing technology reduces the error of production. It has enhanced production up to 500% buy some wearable technology like smart glass. It has reduced the number of steps to increase your productivity.

3. Amazon IIoT Tools

You all know Amazon is the greatest retail store but they also use IIoT for their inventory management. Using the industrial iot on the take the calculation of logistics and warehousing. It has initiated automatically by blending technology and human interaction.

4. Boeing: IoT Device for Manufacturing Operations

This organization is the pioneer of aviation. They immigrated to the idea of using IIoT in manufacturing. They also use IoT in supply chain management for collecting information using the sensor.

5. Shell: the Smart Oilfield Innovator

Shell is the smartest oilfield innovator in the world. This company also uses IIoT in manufacturing. This company recently launched digital twins in the southern North sea. To monitor its employees the company connected with fiber optic cable and high technology.

Final Thought

IoT in manufacturing is used widely. Almost all the giant producer is introducing IIoT. However, it will take some time for other developing countries to get full utilization of industrial iot. Initially, the cost seems more but if you implement the IIoT then your productivity will increase and production cost will reduce rapidly.

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