The Best 11 IoT Router for Secured Connection of IoT Device

IoT router is such a specialized router that performs a secure way than traditional routers. If you plan to build a smart internet of things based on home architecture, you may select the IoT router as a secure IoT device. If you want to develop an IoT-based network, then this internet of things router is a must. There are two types of internet of things routers like home-based and industrial-based internet of things routers. For better understanding, we will discuss both types of routers.

What you should for looking before selecting an IoT Router

Many times it happens that the internet service providers offer you a WiFi router at an additional cost. But it may not be suitable for you because of some limitations. However, some suggested tip’s regarding selecting the best internet of things are:

WiFi Coverage

We may know that a thicker wall, mirror, and fireplace are major obstacles to WiFi network coverage. If the coverage does not reach your last corner of the room, the service may not be appropriate. To resolve this problem, you may go for a mesh network for IoT devices.

WiFi Performance

Another important thing about Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi performance. Wi-Fi technology is changing every day. So make sure that you have the latest Wi-Fi at your hand. The performance involves multiple hubs, multiple inputs, multiple outputs, multiple users, and security.

Wi-Fi Security

10 cyber hackers for criminals can penetrate your networking device without informing you. If you have a protected Wi-Fi router against criminals, then it will give you less tension.

Wi-Fi control

Controlling means checking the Wi-Fi status through the mobile application. If you can control and see who is penetrating your home device and industrial network, you can control it easily. In this way, your mission will be achieved.

Wi-Fi Price

Prices and the vital factor for selecting IoT Wi-Fi router. Because the cost is more than your infrastructure value, you will definitely be I lost the project. However, it would help if you were more meticulous regarding the price of those devices. In the subsequent description, I will provide you the official website link, and from there, you can get the correct and current pricing information.

Best Home Based IoT Router

In the home-based internet of things router, you will get a greater range of flexibility and comfort with security. -, Many internets of things routers support different protocols like ZigBee, Thread, or Bluetooth. To build the next-generation network, you may use that specialized router. It has the capacity for voice control and built-in antivirus facilities.

1. eero Home WiFi System

eero Home WiFi Systemeero Home WiFi System is a single router that can deal with all types of data. With this single router, you will get a bundle of the cover of security. It will secure you from WiFi Hacking apps to avoid any unavoidable situation.

Eero is a little router with a larger covered area. It is easy to set up the other router. With TrueMesh technology, this world-class secured router can adopt your real-time home needs. With the eero app, you can see what is happening on your network, so after shearing the internet, you can pause anytime.

TP-Link Deco M9 PlusAnother IoT-based router is TP-Link Deco M9 Plus which is widely used for homes and offices. It is one of the best smart hubs and whole-home WiFi mesh systems. This IoT WiFi router can cover up to 6500 sq ft. It eliminates the dead zone and faster tri-based speed.

The setup of the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus router is easier. It can provide any jam-free connection to over 100 devices. This router can work as a hub for any IoT infrastructure of your home.

3. Google WiFi Mesh Router

Google WiFi Mesh RouterGoogle WiFi Mesh Router is a three-pack router replacement for home coverage. It can connect your system for seamless WiFi coverage for eliminating dead ground and buffering. It is compatible with almost all internet service providers.

A single WiFi Mesh router can cover 1500 square feet, but if you add three routers together, it will be 4500 square feet. It will give you a magical solution to boost your internet speed.

4. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi IoT Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi IoT RouterThe Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router is one of the best WiFi network routers for parental control. This IoT network router can protect you from any cyber threat to your home IoT devices. It protects you from various virus-like ransomware, Trojan, and spyware and performs as one of the best cloud antiviruses.

To activate the NETGEAR armor, you have to follow the simple three steps like installing the NETGEAR router in mobile apps, wait for it automatically activated, and finally, check the protection level. This internet of things can provide you better security-related data like Anti-Theft, Data Protection, Anti-Phishing, and Security Scan.

5. NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band WiFi System

NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band WiFi SystemNETGEAR Orbi is another IoT router that is highly secured for your home-based appliance. This also meshes the WiFi system that provides the fastest, secure and comfortable connection. The ultra-performance device can cover up to 5000 square feet of distance.

With the Orbi app, you also can set up the network. According to its fair use policy, it can alert your smartphone regarding any eventualities. Parental control, speed, and simplicity provide simple peace of mind.

Industrial Based IoT Router

Industrial based IoT router is different from home-based IoT router. It is one of the most critical elements for cloud base IoT service. However, we are providing some best Industrial based internet of things routers.

6. NB800 UMTS

NB800 UMTS is wall mounted IoT industrial router that enables robust internet connection. These routers support a wide range of protocols for the fast-developing IoT.

7. Cisco 500 Series WPAN Industrial Routers

Cisco is popular for networking devices. It is a personal area network industrial network router. It is also used in the scientific and medical ground. These procedures require different IoT OS.

8. NB800 LTE

NB800 LTE is wall mounted router with LTE and Ethernet. It is used for remote management, vending machines, and ticketing. Besides that, it is also used for ATMs and POS.

9. EnGenius™ Cloud IoT Routers and Gateways

If you think that your home, family, industry, and Business organization’s security, you can use this EnGenius™ Cloud IoT Routers and Gateways. In the EnGenius series, there are lots of routers, and you can choose anyone according to your wish.

10. OpenDOF IoT Router

OpenDOF internet of things Router is an awesome router by AWS. It is a stand-alone router that requires zero configuration. It runes on Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2017.08.09, or any other IoT operating systems. With this router, you can implement your various IoT projects.

11. Cradlepoint IoT Routers

Cradlepoint IoT routers are a very famous element of NetCloud. , They support IoT services. It has advanced security and SD-Perimeter features. These portable or fixed routers are suitable for IP cameras, oil and gas monitoring, and parallel networking.

Final Thought

IoT Router is nothing but like your simple router. There are a lot of WiFi routers in the market. But those router has some special features like security, longevity, and area of coverage. Besides that, you can convert your device into a virtual router. But the internet of things routers are much more different with advanced security features, so the cost of this type of IoT Router is slightly higher. However, if you think about your requirements, then it is minimal.

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  1. You don’t mention which routers support subnets, a MUST for securing IoT devices in your home. You go straight from higher end consumer products to industrial solutions with a MUCH higher price tag. Where is Ubiquiti? Their hardware and software is, in my opinion, the best in the industry. And although it is expensive, it doesn’t require a subscription! (Yes, they do have a subscription based cloud monitoring service, but it’s not required for most of their products.)


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