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Top 10 Best Virtual Router Software To Share Internet Connection

Virtual Router is a software-based system which works as physical internet sharing hardware device like WiFi router. When you need to create additional secured internet access point at your home, class, or any conference, you can create the Virtual Router with a very simple process. To create a virtual WiFi router, it does not require any money. Moreover, some virtual router manager does not require any software installation. You can share your own internet connection with your surroundings as an internet repeater. Virtual Router Software is widely useful when you pay for a single internet connection in and hotel or outside your home to connect your other smart gadget. It can reduce your costs and make you more comfortable. Today we will discuss some of the best Virtual Router Software to share your internet connection.

Why You Will Use Virtual Router?

Though you have a WiFi connection in your room, you need a Virtual Router. There are many reasons to use the hotspot router. The most important things are security and privacy. Some of the logic of using free virtual routers are:

Reduce High Cost

Suppose you are checking in a hotel with your family. The hotel authority charges WiFi connection cost for each device. If you are four persons then you have to count for 4*2 = 8 devices cost. Normally you may have a laptop and a smartphone. And the cost would be huge.

Ensure Security

Suppose among your family members you want to share any important and secret files. If you use the WiFi from another source your security may be lost. In that case, you have to go either for any Best Free VPN or Free Virtual Router.

File Sharing

If the case is like that you have to share your pictures and movies with your roommates. You need any file transfer application. Your hotspot router will do the same task with multiple users. It will reduce your pain.

To Always Connected

A virtual router is the enhancement of the network-connected arena. If your WiFI signal is weak and comes from the long-distance then you have to amplify your network signal. A virtual router is one of the best tools to increase the arena of the network-connected arena.

Migration to 5G

The large internet service providers implementing VRouting to various parts of the network for the data center, library and class of university. For the implementation and migration of 5G VRouting will help a lot.

Best Virtual Router Software

A good quality virtual router depends on several factors like the size of software, internet speed, bandwidth, maximum user acceptance, range to cover earned many other things. According to your requirement, we have decorated the top 10 best virtual router software to provide you a smooth connection. The collection of the hotspot router is based on availability on the internet, user recommendation, and performance. We do not rank any software. These virtual WiFi routers are based on the Windows Operating System.

1. Connectify Hotspot

Connectify HotspotThe popular software company Connectify developed network sharing software for business organizations, professionals, and individuals. Now Connectify Hotspot is workable on Microsoft Windows which was started its journey in October 2009. Connectify Hotspot allows you to turn on your laptop or personal computer into a hotspot or virtual Router to share your internet connection. It makes all of your devices happy because it allows you to connect all of your devices with the laptop. Connectify hotspot supports Unicode, emojis, and multi-language.

Connectify is the best virtual router inside of your PC. With its excellent software application, your PC will be converted into a powerful virtual router. It supports Windows 7 8 and 10 version operating system. In Windows operating system there is no connection configuration setting required. 

User review of Connectify

Connectify Hotspot is one of the best WiFi connection boosters to provide you better performance. It is used to share any type of computer connection with any device. With the help of a universal ad blocker, you can save up to 60% of your bandwidth. When you travel with your family it saves your money by providing free connections from any specific computer. It reduces all types of networking issues to online gamers. So Connectify is one of the best choices for the users.

Important Features

  • Connectify Hotspot stops unwanted ads from displaying on the device.
  • It avoids overcharge for costly connections.
  • When internet cost is based on per device, then this Connectify Hotspot will be more useful.
  • It works as WiFi repeaters, so Connectify Hotspot provides extended range coverage.
  • Though it is not free, the users of this software may claim praise

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2. mHotspot

mHotspotmHotspot is a portable internet sharing application that makes the process of network sharing easier. It allows all types of devices like Android, printer, tab, and other smart devices. You can control the internet connection with your computer. To share your internet connection, you need to access wireless network connection center then right click and find context menu. Now you have to all other users to get your internet connection. You also can stop at any time according to your wish. This software is suitable only for Windows operating system.

Important Features

  • mHotspot is a freeware which converts your Windows 7,8 and 10 into WiFi router.
  • mHotspot allows up to 10 devices for internet sharing.
  • The size of this Virtual Router Software is only 400 KB.
  • It allows us to see the details of connected devices.
  • You can see the network uses like upload and download speed.
  • This wireless connection has WPA2 PSK password security.
  • This hotspot router works as a repeater, so it extends the range of your WiFi connection.

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3. My WiFi Router

My WiFi RouterMy WiFi Router creates a virtual emulator router to provide the internet connection through a Personal computer or laptop.  It has many mind-blowing features, including security features. My WiFi Router is a free hotspot router with an easy interface. The basic concept of this virtual WiFi networks is freedom. If you want to share your system with anyone without the tension of security, then it may be the best virtual Router for you because it doesn’t provide that much as per your expectations.

Important Features

  • My WiFi Router is a freeware.
  • It supports only the English language.
  • My WiFi Router supports all versions of Windows operating systems.
  • The size of this lightweight software is only 1 MB
  • It shares videos besides an internet connection.

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4. MaryFi

MaryFiIf you need a lightweight virtual WiFi router, then MaryFi is one of the suitable virtual Router for you. It has easy to understand interface which provides good speed internet connection. After downloading this software, you need to set up an easy process. Now provide the hotspot name and password to protect security.

Important Features

  • MaryFi supports all the version of Windows including 64 bit operating systems.
  • The language of this software is English.
  • This is freeware, but the size of this software is bigger compared to its competitors.
  • It has easy to understand interface.
  • It allows us to explore all these devices connected with this network.

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5. VirtualRouter Plus

VirtualRouter PlusIf you want to connect your mobile device with the internet, but there is a problem of connecting with WiFi, then you can make your own WiFi with laptop and desktop. It allows you to create your own network to connect your personal mobile, tablet, and any other smart gadget. To use this virtual WiFi router, you need not install any software. You just have to run the application and choose a username and password that you are going to create. After clicking on Start VirtualRouter Plus, you will get the internet access point. Actually, it is a virtual router windows 10 software.

Important Features

  • VirtualRouter Plus does not require any installation, just run the application and use.
  • It provides a high-speed connection.
  • It is always available.
  • VirtualRouter Plus is an open source software which is trusted as virus free.
  • It is a lightweight freeware.
  • This application supports any version of Windows operating system.

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6. MO Virtual Router

MO Virtual RouterMO Virtual Router provides you free WiFi point to connect with internet on Windows operating system. To operate the virtual software just lunch the application provide username and password and start internet sharing. The password range might be 8 to 63 character. MO Virtual Router is licensed as freeware for desktop and laptop with 64 bit and 32-bit operating system.

Important Features

  • The file size of this MO Virtual Router is tiny.
  • Licensed as free software
  • This virtual router manager provides an easy to use interface so anyone can use without any complexity.
  • Works without installation.
  • Run through the removable drive directly.

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7. MyPublicWiFi

MyPublicWiFiIf you want to create any WiFi access with firewall and URL tracking, then MyPublicWiFi may be the best Virtual Router Software to Share Internet Connection. It is easy to use software to provide an internet access point. So anyone nearby you can surf internet browsing. This is also a smart solution to connect internet in office, home, and any conference. It can restrict specific service like preventing file sharing program. You need to create SSID and provide a password to run the Virtual Router.

Important Features

  • MyPublicWiFi allows us to see who is using the internet connection.
  • Easy to use tool for internet sharing.
  • The setup process is easy without any hassle.
  • The virtual router manager is free and light.
  • It provides you the IP address.

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8. Bzeek

BzeekBzeek is portable own WiFi sharing network software. It converts your laptop and desktop to virtual WiFi networks so you can connect your own built system without any hassles. You may also become tension free if you allow your guest to use own made system. You can connect all of the devices with the network of Bzeek. Using Bzeek, you don’t need any physical hardware.

Important Features

  • Bzeek upgrade your laptop and make access points
  • It allows people to surf the internet freely with security.
  • This virtual Router runs on Windows 10 and Windows XP.
  • It appears with the name Bzeek Free WiFi.
  • This virtual router manager is a global free network.

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9. OSToto

OSTotoOSToto is a WiFi hotspot which is free for its user. It allows you to share your internet connection like Bluetooth, cable, LAN, WiFi, broadband card, and a dial-up connection. This software application makes your desktop, laptop, notebook, and any other computers into a portable WiFi router. OSToto is very well compatible with all the version of Windows operating system. This virtual WiFi router will connect you to anywhere like bus, station, home class, and any of your favorite location.

Important Features

  • OSToto is a freeware software to connect online.
  • It is a very easy software to get your internet access point.
  • From the control panel, you can see the connected users.
  • It shows the megabyte allocated to your guests.
  • This virtual router manager is similar to speed checker
  • You can also check and block and user.

10. ARPMiner

ARPMinerARPMiner is an internet sharing software works under Windows platform. It supports Windows Vista, 7,8,10, and Windows server. ARPMiner is an easy to use software which has a user-friendly interface. It shows all connected users in real time. This application has built-in PPPoE, DHCP, HTTP, and proxy DNS server. It is a paid software, but you can use the trial version of the ARPMiner Windows virtual router.

Important Features

  • ARPMiner is a simple design and easy to use interface.
  • It has the features of monitoring real-time users.
  • NAT and Bridge operation for Hotspot Captive Model.
  • PPPoE server with MPPE encryption.
  • Performance monitoring with Windows performance monitor.
  • This virtual router manager Supports Radius MAC authentication.

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Final Words

To reduce the cost of internet browsing, to accelerate the distance range, to make the internet access point more secured, we use the Virtual Router Software. All the WiFi router we have discussed so far are reputed on the market. According to our opinion, Connectify Hotspot, Bzeek, and MO Virtual Router are the best among them. If you found an important one which is missing, please notify us through comments.  We will add your wise recommendation with a warm reception.

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