Best 12 Random Username Generator for Any Social Platform

Creating a unique and attractive name for your social platforms like a YouTube channel, Website, or Instagram account is problematic. You can always use your chosen words, but you may need to think a little to have a catchy and unique profile. But honestly, a unique, straightforward, yet attractive profile name is not easy to find. What if some account name generator would create a unique and catchy profile idea for you? Yes, my friend, in today’s guide, we will tell you about 12 of the best random username ideas generators for platforms like YouTube/ Twitter/ Instagram, or any other Website.

What is a Random Name Generator?

A random name generator is a tool that can automatically generate random profile ideas or titles based on some preferences set by the user. The user can set preferences like keywords, number of characters, words, etc.

How to Choose a Catchy Profile?

How do you choose an idea, you might wonder? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect account ideas for your YouTube/ Twitter/ Instagram or Website.

First Name & Last Name

Using your first and last name for a YouTube channel or Instagram account is best. For example, if you are John Smith, you should name your channel John Smith or J. Smith. Using your name is the best option you have.

Your Name with Niche and Topic

Another great way to select an idea is to add the niche or audience and topic with your name. For example, if you have a fitness blog, you can name it John’s Fitness.

Keep it relevant to the topic you present

If you choose a brand other than your original name for YouTube/ Blog/ Instagram or Website, keep the words relevant to your topics. Take my Website, for example, It is a free and open-source website.

Keep the Profile Short

A mistake many users make is to create a long name for their blog or Website. No, never do that. No one has the time to type in a long URL. Take as short and straightforward as you can.

Avoid Hyphens or Special Characters

I recommend not using hyphens and a unique character like @, #, $, ^, * in your channel name. It may look fantastic, but it lessens the value of the title.

Always check for spelling mistakes.

How would it look if you have an unintentional spelling mistake on your Website title? I think it will leave a wrong impression on the users. So, double-check for spelling mistakes.

Avoid double letters

Try to avoid double letters in your profile. For example, is challenging to spell profile. The user might miss one or two “s” and go to a different website. Avoid this type of profile altogether.

Research the Brand you are choosing.

Give some time and research the brand idea you are choosing. Check if the Brand already exists on the internet. It won’t be a problem for websites as the domain provider won’t let you choose an existing brand.


Do some branding of your Website or YouTube channel. Social media is the best way to advertise your content, and it is free. You should also have an appealing logo for your Website and channel. 

Use Random Account Name Generator for Creative Name

The intelligent thing to do is leave the hard work of choosing a name to the random profile generator. Some excellent screen name creators can create fabulous and attractive ideas for YouTube or blogs.

Best 12 Random Social Media Username Generator

Random Username Generator for Any Social PlatformHere, I have listed 12 of the best and my favorite random username maker.

1. JimPix Username Generator

In my opinion, JimPix is the best random yt name generator. With this free username maker, you have complete control over the name. You can set all the preferences to generate a more suitable name for your YouTube or Blog.

On JimPix, you can set the category of your name, several characters, and even the starting letter. You can also add your name or a word you want to be in the name. This free tool lets you create attractive usernames.

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2. Coolgenerator

The excellent generator creates cool and unique screen names every time you use it. You can have an accessible name created for YouTube, Blog, or FB page. By default, set to create random names, you can customize and add words specifically to the mix. You can also fix the length of your name to be generated.

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3. Random Name Generator

A random name generator is another aesthetic username maker offering free service. You can use this account name generator to create any name you desire. You can select the number of characters and the length of the words. Random name generators also let you add your preferred word to create a cool name. Besides the service of a random screen name creator for games, it is the perfect Twitter username maker.

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Name-generator for Random Username GeneratorRegarding unique and creative name generators, ‘Name’ is my favorite. It has an excellent interface. You can choose the letter or word you want in your name, and the free tool will generate a random username. You don’t have to click any buttons or anything. The names will auto-create as you type in your preferred alphabet or word. You can also choose where to put the letter or word in the name.

5. Namenami 

Namenami is one of the best screen name generators for YouTube. It generates random names for your YouTube channel. It is easy to use and has the most straightforward interface. You go to the Website and select what type of name you want it to generate. Then click the name generated in the middle of the page. Try clicking the ‘See another’ button to generate random names. This tool works without putting any words or preferences. It is truly a random name generator.

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6. Username Generator

The Username generator is here to help you develop a unique screen name for your blog, Twitter, or Instagram. You don’t have to do much. Just go to their site and see many funny usernames generated already. If unsatisfied, click on the ‘more’ button to get a new set of names. You can try it if you don’t find a name that suits your needs. This tool will help you to generate a Twitter username.

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7. SpinXo

SpinXo is a free and easy aesthetic and random screen name generator. You can use this fantastic name picker to create beautiful and unique names for your Instagram. You can type in your name or the word you want to be in the name and click on the ‘Spin’ button. A set of 30 names will appear on the screen. You can repeat the process if you are unsatisfied with the name.

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8. Lingojam

If you face a problem choosing the right name for your Instagram profile, you can try out this random IG name generator, Lingojam. Lingojam lets you create a perfect username for your Insta account. And it shows you hundreds of random name suggestions. You can choose any name from the suggestions. Just type in the keywords and see random names generated. So, this tool will help to gain huge Instagram followers.

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9. Masterpiece Generator

Random Username Generator for Any Social PlatformMasterpiece generator is the best choice if you need any random screen name generator for YouTube. It is one of the best online name pickers for selecting YouTube names. You can use this site to choose a name for your YouTube gaming channel or Minecraft username. The service is free, and you can customize the process entirely.

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10. Namelix

Namelix is one of the best tools to generate a random fake username. It provides some excellent name suggestions for your Website. They know the value of having an attractive name. On Namelix, you can enter keywords that resemble your content or business to generate website names. You can also add filters to select a name’s length and other elements. 

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11. Fantasy Name Generators for Minecraft

Fantasy name generators are an excellent tool for creating unique Minecraft usernames. This tool helped me to choose my Minecraft account name. It is free and easy to use. You go to their Website and choose a category or avatar. Click on it, and the Fantasy name generator will present some cool Minecraft names.

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12. Nickfinder TikTok Random Username Ideas Generator

Nickfinder lets you choose an excellent and attractive nickname for your TikTok channel. This free Website automatically generates hundreds of names perfect for your TikTok account. It takes a single click to have a TikTok screen name on Nickfinder.

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Roblox Name Generator

Roblox is an online gaming platform to play user-created games of various genres. This multiplayer online game supports all the platforms like Windows, Android, and other classic OS. Each of the players has to log in to Roblox. In profile making, they have to provide a unique profile name. The user can take the help of any Gamertag generator or any Roblox name generator like SpinXo, Nickfinder, JimPix, etc. It will recommend various Roblox names for kids.

Our Name Suggestions

We provided some name suggestions for you in some popular categories. I hope it will be helpful. Here are some hilarious name suggestions for you.

Our Name Suggestions for unique user name

Perfect Minecraft username suggestions

Minecraft is the most popular game for gamers. As a gamer, you need a Minecraft account. With your user profile, many gamers will identify you. To find out some gorgeous ideas for Minecraft account names.

Perfect Minecraft username suggestions

Best Snapchat Username Suggestions

Snapchat is a fun-sharing American messaging platform. We must input a unique profile to share our messages and images on Snapchat. You can follow our following Snapchat Username Suggestions to create a unique profile.

Best Snapchat Username Suggestions

Perfect Instagram Names to Ensure You Get Lots Of Followers

The American Photo and video-sharing site Instagram is undoubtedly popular. To use the service, we have to be very careful. Because an excellent profile can make you more popular, some Perfect Instagram Name ideas to Ensure You Get Lots Of Followers are given in image format.

Perfect Instagram Names to Ensure You Get Lots Of Followers

Cool and catchy TikTok username ideas

TikTok is a powerful video-sharing service that provides short messages. People are becoming popular with funny TikTok videos. Some good ideas can make your TikTok channel more catchy and attractive. Some Cool and catchy TikTok screen name ideas are mentioned in the image.

Cool and catchy TikTok username ideas

How to Check the Availability of Your Name?

You have chosen a creative and unique profile for your YouTube, blog, or Website. Now, you must check the availability of the Brand. It would be a problem if you chose a brand that already exists. You can use a free name-checking service like Namechk for this dilemma. This site instantly shows you the availability of the brand profile you choose. The tool will show wherever the name is available on a domain, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, Wikipedia, and every possible element available.

More Info

Why does my TikTok say User With Numbers?

Suppose your TikTok username may show as a string of numbers instead of your chosen username. It could be due to a few reasons like screen name Availability, Username Violation, Account Issue, and Account Verification. To solve the issue, you may change the username. There may be any violation issue. So check for violations. In the extreme case, contract with customer support. Finally, verify your account if it is not verified.


Choosing a perfect name is the key to having a successful business. A catchy and beautiful profile will attract more viewers to your page and generate more revenue. So, you must be careful about choosing a random social media username generator for your Website, YouTube, or IG account.

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