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IoT Project: Best 20 Internet of Things Ideas for Novice and Professionals

IoT Project means the automation and digitization projects of the home appliances, industrial machinery, and everything through internet and cloud computing. Those projects or the Internet of Things idea is the demand of the era. Every device of our daily use needs to implement IoT.

To make the internet of things you need IoT Projects idea. The most valuable thing to develop anything is an idea. We will discuss different Projects of IoT for IoT lovers. Because IOT or the internet of things is a forthcoming technology to make life easy. There is a touch of IoT in every sector of human life. Moreover, if you need the valuable IoT ideas the article is for you as a Cloud Computing lover.

IoT Projects Using Cloud Computing

For the cloud computing lovers several IoT Projects are:

1. IoT Weather Monitoring System

IoT Weather Monitoring SystemWeather Monitoring System is the most demanding IoT project for the modern era. A Cloud computing platform is required to implement Weather Monitoring System. Statistics show that more than 50 billion devices will use the service within the year 2020. Very few things require to develop Weather Monitoring System.

The electronic device will collect the data through the sensor. A wifi or internet connection requires to transmit the data to the cloud server. This process happens through the cloud algorithm. The data will process and send to anywhere else where it requires.

Three major components need to build this project. First DHT Sensor to detect the temperature/ humidity changes in the environment. Second Arduino Uno acts as the brain of the system and processes. Finally, WiFi Module or internet to integrate the system onto the cloud and transfer updates to the user.

2. IoT Irrigation System

Fog Computing Vs Cloud ComputingIoT is not an upcoming technology. Many countries using the irrigation system through IoT. This IoT project is a blessing to farmers. They are very much accepted on the internet. In this IoT irrigation project, very few things are required.

First Soil Moisture Sensor to sense the moisture fluctuations in the soil. Arduino Uno uses as a brain of the system and transfers voltage to the water pump. Internet of WiFi module uses to get updates remotely. Finally, the water pump needs to irrigate water.

3. Automated Street Lighting System – IoT Project

Automated Street Lighting System - IoT ProjectYou already have seen there is a lot of light beside both roads of any city. There is someone who switches on or off those lights manually. If you take a project to make on or off using the mobile application it will be wonderful. All the lights are connected and on or off at the same time. If you make individual on-off system manually then it will be time-consuming.

So you can develop an IoT project of Automated Street Lighting System. Then the concerned person can switch on/ off through his application. It can be integrated with cloud computing. In the cloud server, there will be a set of rules and regulations such as first light and last light and when to on/off those street lights. This will reduce electricity consumption.

4. Smart Building – IoT Project

Smart Building - IoT ProjectThis is a unique IoT project. It will develop using cloud server computing and the internet. The main IoT idea is when there is nobody inside the house or room then all the electronic devices like light, fun, and AC will be switching off.

If somebody is there then switches on some device based on the condition of the environment, timing, etc. This instruction has to store in the cloud server. The presence of a human, its behavior and analysis can be made through the instruction of cloud computing.

5. Smart Water Metering – IoT project

Smart Water Metering - IoT projectThis is a cloud computing-based IoT project. An electronic device will collect water flow within the pipe and transfer data to the cloud. It will interpret the various result. The result will use to identify the volume of water consumed over time, detect leakage system and water monitoring purpose.

To build the IoT project you need three major components. Firstly, the flow sensor to detect the flow of water inside the water pipe. Finally, Arduino Uno to work as the brain of the system. ESP 8266 WiFi module to integrate the total system and pass the data to the cloud server.

6. IoT Project Using Raspberry Pi

IoT Project Using Raspberry PiThis IoT project is an amazing idea. You will be fascinated by this wonderful IoT project idea. Raspberry Pi is a tiny size standalone PC that can work self-sufficiently and self-control a system. This project will send data of temperature and humidity over the internet.

You can configure such a way that if temperature and humidity increase above a certain level an email will fire your email address. This system needs two components. The first one is the DHT Sensor to detect the temperature/ humidity. The second one is Raspberry Pi to act as the brain of the system and processes and send the update to the cloud server.

7. Automatic Plant Watering System IoT Project

Automatic Plant Watering SystemAre you an in-house plant lover? Thinking about leaving home. No problem develop an Automatic Plant Watering System IoT Project. To develop this project you need Soil Moisture Sensor to sense the moisture changes of soil. Arduino Uno to act as the brain of the system. WiFi or internet Module to send the instruction from cloud finally water pump to provide water.

8. IoT Based Home Automation System

IOT Based Home Automation SystemIoT is most popular for its IoT Based Home Automation System. Now maximum electronics developer focuses on the idea of IoT project. Television, Air conditioner, fan, light, and all the household devices.

You can control the device from any remote location. To develop this IoT project it requires Arduino Uno, WiFi Module, Relay Drive vers. The fact is since it is a big project and your valuable device so you should better purchase it.

9. Home Security Model IoT Project

Home Security Model IoT ProjectThe most valuable IoT project idea is Home Security Model. This Home Security Model will reduce your cost and tension. In this Home Security Model, an electronic device connects to your mobile device.

If someone tries to break the security then SMS or email send to you. To develop the Home Security Model you need three components. Firstly, Arduino Uno to act as the brain. Internet or wifi as data transfer means. Finally, an IR sensor to detect someone in the infra-red range.

10. Biometrics Raspberry Pi IoT Project

Biometrics Raspberry Pi IoT ProjectThis IoT project includes making an authentication device for security purposes. It transfers data to the cloud. Because of authentication purpose, people use Biometric-based system which can be integrated with the internet as an IoT device. To develop this IoT project you need Finger Print Scanner to collect data and Raspberry Pi to act as the brain of the system and processes.

11. Motion Controlled Servos IoT Project

Motion Controlled ServosThe main purpose of this IoT project is to clarify the real-time data streaming over IoT devices. Four major components need to develop the system. Raspberry Pi to act as the brain, Servo Motors to receive command of Raspberry Pi and operates accordingly. Leap Motion Controller used for the motion tracking finally Glove to facilitate the sensing action.

12. Smart Trash Can – IoT Project

Smart Trash Can - IoT ProjectThis is a waste collection bin card IoT project. This can reduce fuel consumption. RFID readers, RFID tags, and Raspberry Pi are required to make the project.

13. E-Health Glove Using IoT

E-Health Glove Using IoTThis is considered the greatest innovation next to mobile phones. The project is an application of wearable technology. The IoT project E-Health Glove integrated with sensors to monitor the vitals of the patient.  The data is sent to the cloud server so that it can be accessed by anyone.

14. IoT Project Pet Feeder

IoT Project Pet FeederSuppose you are outside of your home and your pet is hungry. What will happen? No problem to develop an IoT Pet Feeder project and be tension free.

15. Smart Junction Box for Home Automation

Smart Junction Box is a higher-level project for IoT developers. It required a higher level of IoT skill. In this project, you can toggle your switch from the remote application. To enable the project your computer or mobile phone requires an internet connection. If you understand the basic development concept you can increase or decrease loads of AC voltage.

Smart Junction Box for home automationThe requirement of this IoT project are ESP8266, FTDI module (for Programming), 3V 5A, Electromagnetic Relay (2Nos), AC-DC converter module (5V/700mA or above) and BC547 (2Nos). For the junction Box, you also require the LM317 Regulator, 0.1 and 10uf capacitor, IN007 diode (2Nos), Junction box, Wires for connection, 220ohm and 360ohm Resistor.

16. IoT in Healthcare

According to research, the most investment takes place of IoT on IoT in healthcare. The doctors and researchers at trying to develop new IoT projects regularly. There are lots of healthcare IoT projects available in the real world. Despite having all those projects, the researchers are trying to find new project ideas to make human life comfortable. The breast cancer identification project can be another one. IoT healthcare developers are trying to develop wearable technology for breast cancer affected women. The device will transfer the symptom of the breast and the system analysis the condition.
The frequent checkup will find out if there is any unusual change. Another IoT project ideas can be the hearing aid. Suppose that your guess is knocking at your door but you cannot hear properly because of your hearing problem. But if you prepare the signal project with the light you will get the signal quickly to open the door.

17. Wearable LED For Stage Show

Wearable LED For Stage ShowThe Internet of things has changed your lifestyle also. Your wearable clothes and equipment will not fall behind from its blessing. With a touch of your smartphone, you can change the color of your wearable dress.

Suppose you are going to present a stage show like dancing. In the sequence of your movement, you have to change the color of you for different times. Earlier it was manual switch-based LED lighting systems. With the advantages of technology, you can control the LED lights from your mobile phone by using the internet. As a beginner internet of things engineer, you can implement this internet of things project.

The Requirement of the Project

  • You need to gather different materials for the project.
  • If you use Edison for the first time you need to set up the project.
  • You need a WiFi connection.
    Download Bluetooth SSP Pro
  • Ensure about your serial port profile.
  • On the Edison enable Bluetooth and run Script
  • Connect your phone by scanning.
  • Create SPP with App and connect
  • To the App button assigned it.
  • Built the circuit.
  • Required clothing
  • Collect Solder LED strips

Source of This Project

18. Smart Garage Door

Smart Garage DoorSmart Garage Door project for the internet of things lover is an interesting and useful application of IoT. You can implicate here IoT based home security system and IoT smart alarm system. You can incorporate here IoT based patrolling system.

this application is widely used as a commercial project. You can control it from anywhere from the world. If there is any unusual thing happens you can get a notification through your smartphone. So it will reduce the employment of a security guard.

IoT based Smart Garage Door system allows you to open and close the door of Garage. So, there is no doubt about security. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the instant of your car garage. As a novice IoT engineer, you can develop it commercially. 

19. IoT Based Alarm Clock

IoT Based Alarm ClockIoT Based Alarm Clock can be one of the best IoT projects for the novice and students. This alarm can be incorporated into a fire detection system, security system or general smart alarm. It can be set from anywhere in the world. You can set this alarm for your friends and family.

Various technology developers like Amazon develops this smart alarm earlier. But it is costly for a student. So, with the help of some equipment like Button, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, MFRC522 Card Reader, LED Light Bulbs, Buzzer, Resistor 10k ohm, Resistor 10k ohm, RPi PiCam you can develop the project.

20. Night Patrolling Robot

Night Patrolling Robot IoT ProjectIoT Night Patrolling Robot reason for the most wonderful IoT project to ensure security and safety at night. It is an excellent idea to reduce dependency on humans. You can deploy the robots to any park, residential area, and industrial area.

Detail idea of This Project

The night patrolling robot project is a night vision camera and sensor-enabled robotic application operating on wheels. A fixed track like railway is fixed surrounding the park, residential area or industrial area. A sound detector is integrated with this application. Whenever there is any sound or movement the robot will automatically come to the location and send a signal to the appropriate authority. Otherwise, the robot moves on a time interval basis on the track.

Advantage of This Project
  • It will reduce the cost of employment for your security system.
  • It is more reliable than human beings.
  • The motion and sound detection capability are stronger than human.
  • No nepotism and compromise are possible with a machine.
  • it is also one of the best machine learning applications.
Limitation of This Project
  • If there is any animal also from the robotic petrol the robot will send a signal.
  • If there is any normal sound the robot will detect.
  • Investment in machine learning will be huge.

21. IoT Incubator Project Ideas

Another important IoT project idea is the Incubator project for chicken production. With only $10 you can produce the chicken each after 21 days. You can make this with your household things. You need not have any IoT skills or software engineers. If you have any common sense of electricity then you can produce the project.

Egg Project made by Internet of ThingsWhat do You need?
Only simple items can make this project successful. A heatproof box and one incubator circuit, two electric bulbs and two mini fans of power supply.

How To make the Egg IoT Project
Program the incubator circuit between 37.5 and 36.5-degree celsius. Take the power connection from the mainline to another from the circuit. If the heat is more than 37.5 it will shut off the power connection again when the temperature is below 36.5 it will automatically go on. You can check the link below to see the egg project by IoT.

Make This Egg Project at Your Own

How to start the first IoT Project

Many of us are confused to develop the first project of the internet of things. It is a grand opportunity for the students, project manager, project leader, team manager and business organization to develop the project-based on IoT. For the newbies, we will discuss some points to start any simple project internet of things

1. Learn the Basic

If you want to be an IT project manager, team developer, lead manager or developer any project you have to learn the basics. You may develop a checklist of your requirements. The checklist includes technical knowledge, theoretical knowledge, required equipment, internet connectivity, and many other related issues. The required recruitment is already provided with each of the IoT project ideas. Now we are providing you some technical checklist to enhance your idea to develop an internet of things project.

2. Understand the Big Picture

before the development of any project, you have to understand the big picture of your requirement. In the internet of things world, every specific requirement is special. So you have to be more particular about your requirements. For example, you want to make any home-based automation for the smart home. To make this internet of things project you have to collect the layout of your home, the electrical configuration, the load capacity, circuits and sensor which your IoT devices are supporting. After understanding the big picture will be able to specialize and focus on minor issues.

On the other hand, if you want to develop in self-driven car project you have to understand the GPS mechanism, automobile mechanism and some theory of physics. For the irrigation, harvesting or traffic monitoring whatever you like you have to understand the total mechanism at first.

3. Select the Technical Lead

If you are the owner of any organization then for the development of the internet of things for that you have to choose any technically sound personal. You will be technically the lead of your project. The experienced person who has various IoT certification, long terms serving experience, strong leadership quality may be the lead of your project. If you want to develop the project on your own for example you are a student then you have to consult with an expert. The example can be for developing in a traffic monitoring system you may consult with the municipal specialist.

4. Develop a Road Map of This Project

Now you have to phase out your project. You can develop your project into several parts. Start working with requirement analysis to coding. You can solve this problem with project management software.

5. Test your IoT Project

In the meantime of your project, you have to test several times. Because the internet of things is a combination of several networks and sensors. Testing the user interface is also important.

6. Select an IoT Reference Architecture

The project you are developing is not new in the world. I have some references which you help a lot. To develop your project written consult with the previous references. IoT consultancy farm can help you in this aspect.

7. Select Your Project Team

To develop any big internet of things project you have to accumulate the technical personnel. You may pick some person who has machine learning skills. There is a huge difference between IoT engineer and general software engineer. So you should be more cautious about selecting your project team.

8. Select Your Project Infrastructure

IoT project is a combination of various sensors, storage, data, and software. For your specific requirement to choose the infrastructure. There are many infrastructures like raspberry pi and Arduino.

9. Develop Teamwork Habits

It is very difficult for a loan to develop a big IoT project. So to make the application more usable you have to conduct brainstorming, various sessions, meeting, etc. It will help you to solve new types of problems.

10. Knowledge of Fog Computing

Fog computing is Cisco’s developed computer extension which is used widely in networking services. It connects between cloud computing and your hand devices. To implement the internet of things the knowledge of computers is a must. Because the internet of things works on small memory and small capacity. So you can check out the knowledge of fog computing to enrich your knowledge.

Challenges of the Internet of Things Implementation

To implement the internet of things projects lots of challenges are there. In research, it was found that 21% of the investment of the IoT project goes for the sensors. For the data analyst investment is 23% percent, network investment is 30%, system integration is 41% security is 60%. So in the study, we found that the majority percentage of investment goes for the security aspect. Because security is the most challenging part of implementing any project. Besides the security aspect, there are many aspects we should follow such as:

1. Developing a Quality product

29% executive believes that it is difficult to maintain the quality as per expectation. So before going to implement any project you should define the user requirement, approve the user interface from the appropriate authority and lock you’re all of your needs. Many IoT companies have a quality control department to solve this issue.

2. User awareness

Many IoT uses are not aware of the security and uses of IoT products. Unauthorized sharing of open application can be a security hazard issue. It is not important to be technically strong but security on is mast. Because your wrong decision may lose your data.

3. Data security and privacy issue

Most of the big organization have an issue that is the privacy issue. Because of the ransomware attack, there is a lack of confidence in data. The technology expert reviled that almost 25% of cyber attacks will cause IoT devices. More than 35% of users do not change the default password after getting any solution.
Some other challenges are:

  • Malware infection is 24%
  • Credential at 6%
  • Privilege escalation 9 %
  • Device misconfiguration issue 11%
  • Social engineering attack 18%
  • Phishing attack 24%
4. Analysis of intelligence

According to the report of HubSpot, almost 44% of stakeholders face difficulties for collecting data and 30% challenges are The authenticity of data. Out of those and unauthentic data, two types of negative incidents can happen like false-positive and false-negative results. So before implementing any IoT project, you should ensure The authenticity of data.

5. Capabilities of data capturing

Capturing data is all the challenges for the data scientist. how to devices collect data from various sources like sensors and situation. The technology reporter express that 86% of business district holders agreed that only 8% of continuous information can be collected from the sensor. Do the internet of things is a new concern to the world So the challenges will be mitigated as soon as possible.

6. Challenges of unstructured data

There are more challenges for converting the unstructured data. The sensor collects the data in a structured way. so more than 80% IoT systems it is difficult to manage the unstructured data. Sometimes it is known as metadata so if there is no standard guideline to use this data then it will be a great challenge to manage the internet of things project.

7. Connectivity challenges

One of the most important challenges is internet connectivity. Without internet connectivity, your IoT project will be invaluable. In our IoT ideas, we have described an IoT based security system, patrolling system, and live surveillance. What is there is no internet connectivity then implementation of the internet of things will be not possible. Moreover, internet connectivity is not possible to provide everywhere.

8. IoT product integration with IoT platform

Are the movies or beginner of IoT project ideas, there is a great challenge for integrating IoT platform with the internet of things project. You are going to implement any new internet of things project. But if your sensor is not transmitting the data through the IoT software platform or product will have no use. So for implementing any internet of things idea, configure the integration between IoT platform and at the product.

9. Identification and authentication

Important challenges are the identification of the appropriate user and authentication of the collected data. If the wrong person provides the wrong data your system will vanish. Moreover, identification is a security issue for all personal.

10. Acceptance by different systems

You may develop your IoT project for your uses. But if your project does not support the other systems then you cannot collect data from different sources. Without appropriate data, your system will not work. So it is a great challenge to maintain the compatibility and interoperability of different internet of things projects.

Final Thought

Though IoT project is comparatively a new trends and thoughts, still you can follow the above mentioned IoT ideas for making an awesome project of IoT. I hope you did like this list. If you liked then please share these ideas on your social media profile. And don’t forget to share your suggestion in the comment section.

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.

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