IoT Based Home Automation for the Smart Home- Top 20 Ideas

IoT Based Home Automation

Surely, we have started buzzing about what domestic technology should. To control the home appliance with a low cost and secure way and making life comfortable, we use the internet of the things-based home automation system. IoT-based home automation refers to electrotonic and automatic controls of your household devices through the internet. For example, robot vacuum cleaners, smart mirrors, wireless kitchen applications, and reception of internet-connected devices.

In 2020 the IoT smart application crossed over 20 billion and was forecasted to have more than 50 billion by 2022. With the introduction of internet-connected smart lighting, motorized blinds, intelligent heating, IoT home of mood-sensing music systems, cooling, and automated windows and doors, the momentum of human life has changed a lot. In today’s discussion, we will try to learn some IoT-based home automation applications and IoT projects.


How does IoT home Automation Works?

IoT-based home automation is the integration of hardware, software, mobile applications, internet with cloud platforms. Each of the IoT devices must have an internet connection to execute the order. If you want to integrate artificial intelligence, add a networked enabled sensor connected through Wifi or any other means. As a result, you can manage them from thousands of miles away by your smartphone or computer. There are three vital elements for IoT based home automation which are as follows:


The sensor monitors the changes in daylight, dark hour, motion, temperature, etc. Different types of applications provide different types of data from various environments. Sensors are the things of IoT systems. But the sensors are not the same for different types of requirements. Some of them are Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, Motion sensors, Gas sensors, Smoke sensors, Pressure sensors, Image sensors, Accelerometer sensors, IR sensors, and Proximity sensors.


IoT Controllers

IoT controllers refer to different types of devices to control the internet of things home applications. It may include smartphones, tab, computers, or any other device. It can send the execution order by voice, SMS, or any button. There may have some artificial intelligence to control the situation automatically.


Actuators are motors, motorized valves, or switch to control the actual device. This is the things that actual thing that control the overall mechanism of the main device. They are programmed in such a way so that you can control them remotely.


Specifications Required for IoT Based Home Automation

If you want to make any IoT Based Home Automation or home-based IoT projects, then you must need some hardware and software components, which are as follows:




IC Sockets

Relay Driver IC

Vtg Regulator IC

Atmega Microcontroller

ESP8266 Wifi Module

IoT Router

LCD Display

DC Cooling Fan









PCB and Breadboards

Cables and Connectors

Push Buttons




Arduino Compiler

Java Language

MC Programming Language: C



The Benefits of IoT Based Home Automation

If you go for any changes, you may face some difficulties, but there are some advantages of using home-based IoT automation systems. Some of the benefits of using home-based internet of things devices are:

Remote Access

Home-based IoT automation systems allow you to get access and control your home application from thousand kilometers away. There is no problem with where you are. You can see everything on your IP camera get the news from different sensor-enabled data. Similarly, you can control anytime.



IoT will give you much comfort. Suppose you are sleeping. Now you think that you have to adjust the fan of your baby’s room or off the light of other rooms, then the IoT application can perform your task by sleeping on your bed. Using IoT means you do not do the job physically.



You do not think about the compilation of any task. Some pre-programmed applications can perform the job automatically. Even if you forget to lock your door, you can instantly lock it from remote locations.


Increase Safety

There are different features of the home-based internet of things that may increase the safety and security of your home. Some examples are smart fire detectors, pressure sensors, carbon monoxide monitors, which can enhance the probability of safety.


Saves Energy

If the appliances are automatic, then all the devices will shut down just after finishing the task, and it will reduce your energy consumption and reduce cost. It will also increase the longevity of your devices.


Central Management

If you use a home-based smart IoT system, then you can be able to use and control all of your IoT-connected devices from a single point. It will reduce your hassle and tension when you leave your room.


Different IoT Based Home Automation

Using the internet of things, you can make different IoT-based home automation applications. For your better assimilation, we have provided some of the best IoT ideas to prepare a good IoT Project.

1. IoT Based Web Controlled Home Automation

IoT Based Web Controlled IoT Based Home AutomationYou can control your home-based application by making a web-based IoT project. You can control your air conditioner through a webpage. So you can control your AC by using smartphones, tabs, and computers.


2. IoT Based Security System with Voice Massage

IoT Based Security System with Voice MassageYou can develop a fantastic system using your voice for security purposes. If someone is entering your house, then automatically, your voice will be shouted, and the system will send you the email of eventualities.


3. DIY Web Controlled Raspberry Pi Surveillance

DIY Web Controlled Raspberry Pi SurveillanceThis IoT project will be used for the movement of your camera from one place to another place. Suppose you need to record the video of the different rooms, then you can make a robotic car and set the camera on the robotic car. Finally, you can control the robotic car by webpage or smartphone.

4. Surveillance Motion Capture Camera Using Raspberry Pi

Surveillance Motion Capture Camera Using Raspberry Pi as IoT Based Home Automation.If you want to make a very cheap CCTV or IP camera, you can do this project. The main difference between this IoT Project camera and a conventional CCTV camera is controlling. This IoT-based camera can be controlled from the website. You can start, stop, record your desired photo for a particular period.

5. Heart Beat Detection and Monitoring System

Heart Beat Detection and Monitoring SystemUsing the Arduino, you can create a Heart Beat Detection and Monitoring System, which can detect your heartbeat. If you use the pulse sensor, then you can display your BPM on any LCD screen. Using wifi can send the data over the internet, and your suggested doctor can provide you the required medication.

6. IoT Based Raspberry Pi Microwave Oven

IoT Based Raspberry Pi Microwave Oven as IoT Based Home Automation.Nathan Broadbent has taken the microwave oven to a new level. Now with the help of an IoT project, you can cook your food. You can set the time over the voice command if you have integration with the internet of things. All those intelligence features are powered by Raspberry Pi.

7. Smart Junction Box for Home Automation

Smart Junction Box for IoT Based Home AutomationHome automation for any project is interesting. At the same time, it is very inspiring. You can toggle an AC load without leaving your bed or chair. You can customize your additional various project if you like IoT.


8. Fire Alarm System and Remote Monitoring System

Fire Alarm System and Remote Monitoring SystemYou can prepare a simple project for the fire alarm system as IoT Based Home Automation. , It is a sensor-based system that can be monitored from a remote place. There may include any predefined operation that may be conducted to fight against fire.


9. Remote Control Light Switch

Remote Control Light SwitchIf you have an internet connection in your roo and IoT, enabling light and fan, you can use it as a remote control operated one. For that, you can go for preparing a simple IoT-based remote control project.


10. IOT Based Room Temperature Control

IOT Based Room Temperature ControlIoT Based Room Temperature Control is another excellent home-based IoT Project system. It is integrated with Fog Computing and Cloud ComputingPublic Cloud may help you regarding the synchronization of data.

What It Requires:

NodeMCU ESP8266 development board

9V battery

temperature sensor (DHT11)

5V Single channel relay board 

Jumper Wires

Wifi router or portable hotspot 


11. IoT Wifi Thermostats

IoT Wifi Thermostats as IoT Based Home AutomationIoT Wifi Thermostats is a geofencing and temperature-based IoT home project by which you can control and manage the system from a remote place. It can sense the temperature and take the appropriate measure from predefined instructions.


12. An IoT-based Appliance Control System for Smart Homes

An IoT-based Appliance Control System for Smart HomesIf you think about any smart home you any smart home that is decorated by IoT devices, you may follow the IoT-based appliance control system strategy. It will make your life more comfortable and provide efficient living standards. 


13. Home Automation Security Systems and Cameras

Home Automation Security Systems and CamerasOne of the most convenient and useful utilization of IoT is Home automation security systems with cameras. Using a motion sensor or any special IP camera, you can track your houses. You can share the screen for continuous surveillance. Finally, with an IoT locker, you can lock or unlock the rooms of your house. Now you enjoy the full advantage of IoT Based Home Automation.


14. Live Video Surveillance by IoT

Live Video Surveillance by IoTIf you want to monitor your family with safety and security, you can go for live video surveillance using IoT. The purpose of using IoT is to control. In the conventional CCTV camera, you can see who is doing what, but using IoT, you can dominate the room by your predefined schedule. 

Alarm System

Alarm SystemAlarm Systems may be one of the best choices of IoT Based Home Automation because it covers almost all the domains of your requirement. If you plan for a motion detection system, fire alarm, or any security system for your room, you can integrate the embedded alarm system to get the live information. IoT alarm systems may be used for many other purposes.


16. Real-time Text and Email Alerts

Real-time Text and Email AlertsReal-time email and text alerts are a common component for almost all internet of things applications. When anything happens in the real world, then SMS or email is fired on your account or mobile number to inform the situation. As an IoT-based home automation system, you can integrate this location at your home for or making more vigilance.


17. Digital Personal Assistant Integration

Digital Personal Assistant IntegrationIoT personal digital arsenal integrations include various day today technological equipment of which you are taking the assistance. Some of the more convenient IoT digital assistance are smartphones and smart televisions. The intelligence personal assistance (IPA) canvas is your assistant for scheduling, managing, automating various tasks.


18. Keyless Entry

smart home key security systemKeyless entry or smart lock system may be another interesting home-based IoT application by which you can lead to tension-free life. Suppose you are going outside of your house then for any reason you have to open the door but without key how it is possible? If you use smart key IoT, then you can open and close as per your requirement. It will give you additional advantages, safety, and security.

19. Voice-Activated Control

Voice-Activated ControlThere are lots of internet of things application which can be controlled by voice. Google and Apple both have voice control tools that allow the drivers to call, receiving a message, and counseling other applications over voice. There are other voice control IoT applications, light voice control of IoT home devices, voice control in the hospital, and voice command leading the weys.


20. IoT Based Home Automation System Over Cloud

IoT Based Home Automation System Over CloudInternet of things is the integration between the physical devices, humans using the data from sensors passing through the internet and store in the cloud. Suppose you are outside of your home. When it becomes dark, you need to switch the light on. Even if you forgot, the light would be automatically on by taking data from the sensor. After taking data, it passes to the cloud server using the internet over an IoT router.

Indeed, it is a decision tree preserved in Cloud Storage. There should have integration among Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Fog computing. To develop the project, you also can take the help of Cloud IDE and IoT OS.

Final Thought

It is a vast world. You cannot complete the possible prospective by a single article. The purpose of this article was to provide some ideas regarding IoT Based Home Automation. Some of those items are not ideas. They are already dominating the real world. In my subsequent article, I will provide more details about the various internet of things employment.