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Things To Consider Before Using Public Cloud In Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Public cloud and enterprise IoT both are the popular topics of the present modern era. Windows 10 IoT enterprise is another matter of consideration of public cloud computing. Though the public cloud and enterprise IoT are the different child of cloud computing there is the interconnection between them.

Public cloud special type of cloud computing where the IoT wants to reside. On the other hand windows, 10 IoT enterprise is the full version of Windows 10 to ensure the security of IoT. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise spreads the profit to worldwide eco-system.

This is the same as binary technology equivalent to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. It this article I will discuss the relationship between the public cloud and enterprise IoT. The major focus will be Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

What is Public Cloud Computing?

Public cloud computing is part of the cloud computing service offered by third-party service providers. This service provides over the internet and it is available for all who wants. It is free or needs money for the paid version. The paid version is an on-demand service allows customers to pay as you go for the uses of cloud storage, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

 public cloud computing

Public cloud can save the organization more than a private cloud. It reduces the cost of purchasing hardware and software, managing and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. A cloud service provider is responsible for all wrongdoing.

Public cloud is faster than any other cloud. Each and every user of any company can use the cloud from the main or branch office. It requires an internet connected device. But there is a consideration regarding security. That’s why cloud service providers introduce cloud OS of Cloud Antivirus.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Though public and private cloud both are the major part of cloud computing there are lots of difference. The main difference between a private cloud and public cloud are:

  • Public cloud is public in nature. On the other hand, private cloud computing is exclusive.
  • This Private cloud is managed by a company itself but public cloud is managed by cloud computing service providers.
  • Private computing is expensive than public computing.
  • This Private cloud is more secure than the public one.
  • Public cloud is paying as you go service. On the other hand, private cloud computing needs setup cost and it is huge.

According to the discussion of Private Cloud vs Public Cloud, you already got the idea that which one is important for you. You can visit Private Cloud vs Public Cloud discussion for further knowledge.

Public Cloud in Enterprise IoT Platforms

Internet of things or IoT is one of the important critical factors of cloud workload. Especially, healthcare, automobile, and manufacturing sectors are the most important consideration. Those sectors hitting more on IoT PaaS service from public vendors.  Some trends regarding the present scenario of IoT PaaS:

1. Data is the Largest Mover for IoT PaaS

Cloud user like to adopt cloud-based IoT PaaS service because of the rich data platform which is the core of IOT service. Data storage, processing, analysis, transformation, ingestion and combination with 3rd party databases are the main key functions of the cloud data platform. Real-time stream analytics and integration between data platforms and device management make public cloud IoT PaaS service more attractive.

2. IoT Solution is being Completed

The day approaching ahead and the volume of data becomes bigger. As a result, the question of big data migration arise. However, the IoT PasS is facing shattering the service sprawl, which has amplified the time and cost of positioning a connected solution in cloud computing. In-house solutions are facing difficulties to adjust with cloud IoT Service.

3. IOT Learning Curve

IoT development is a complex process. But according to the present trend of IoT, it is being popular day by day. So in spite of complexity because of the learning curve, IoT becomes popular.

4. Fog Computing and Grid Computing of IoT

Fog computing is being popular because of IoT. It is the extension of cloud computing. CISCO developed the system. Fog computing reduces the load of data and helps to achieve the speed of IoT. On the other hand, Grid computing is a networking computing to give the flavor of the supercomputer.

5. Security is the Main Key to Adopt IoT PaaS

Customers are anxious because of the security of IoT PaaS. Public cloud service providers support regarding security. Data sovereignty, HIPAA compliance, TLS encryption, and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance are some of the sought out security features of IoT PaaS.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Public-Cloud-in-windows-10-IoT-enterprise-1Windows 10 IoT enterprise has a long history to land in the present scenario. Embedded versions of Windows 10 is serving for a long time. Windows 10 empower the kiosks, check register, car entertainment systems and even outdoor display.

There are three Windows 10 IoT editions which are Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. We will learn Windows 10 IoT Core, mobile and enterprise.

Windows 10 IoT Core

Windows 10 IoT Core is a new Microsoft Embedded operating system lineup. In the beginning, Windows embedded service was only for their OEM partner and not for an end user.

Because the end user had no benefit of this licensable software. Windows 10 IoT is till licensable. At present windows, 10 IoT Core is usable with three devices which are Dragon Board 410c, Raspberry Pi 2 and Minnow Board Max.

Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise is a straight comparative of Windows 10 Mobile OS (running Windows Phones).  It is in chance tracing it’s rooted to Windows 8 Phone. This Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise is manufactured to empower enterprise mobile, handheld devices (like barcode scanners).

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a constant inheritor of Windows Embedded OS family.  It is mainly an x86 version of Windows optimized to run inside a non-PC device, like the kiosk or outdoor display and POS terminal.

It can run all ranges of Windows applications as it’s an x86 Windows version. There are tons of device running Windows XP Embedded system. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise it the ultimate solution to upgrade those devices.

Benefits of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers the lockdown features. This window offers another advantage which is essential for industrial solutions. This operating systems support at least 10 years and will be available for another 5 years.

So it can run for a total of 15 years. Another advantage is the Long Term Servicing Branch. It means after 2-3 years this application will provide a form of the update. Which is not required to install.

Another benefit of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the Multilingual User Interface (MUI). MUI means user from any location can switch among several languages. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise supports more than 30 language package.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has less price than other IoT enterprise edition. A recovery stick is incorporated in the delivery scope of an arrangement with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Suitable Sector

Windows 10 IoT is appropriate for all industrial applications like:

  • kiosk systems
  • POS devises
  • ATMS to the production plant
  • industrial control to digital signage players or medical devices

Public Cloud in windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT enterprise support tons of modern IoT service. Those service needs to be hosted on a cloud if the company wants. So it is a big managerial decision regarding going to the cloud or not. Kiosk, Pos and ATMs can be the best example of windows 10 IoT enterprise which needs to be hosted on a public cloud.

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