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15+ Best Cloud Computing Jobs in High Demand in 2020

Cloud computing jobs need special cloud computing skills for cloud job seekers and even for cloud architect. In the twenty-first-century cloud computing jobs becomes the highest paying profession in the digital world. To get a lucrative position the cloud architect must need some cloud computing skills.

Cloud computing jobs include cloud software developer, SaaS provider, PaaS provider, IaaS provider, cloud storage service provider, cloud application developer, and cloud CRM developer. Cloud computing skills for the cloud include software coding knowledge, knowledge about cloud storage, cloud service knowledge and relevant knowledge of the cloud industry. Cloud Certifications add an extra advantage to get cloud computing jobs. In this article, cloud architect means the cloud developer.

Best Cloud Computing Jobs

Since the technology is advancing than the profession is changing. Cloud computing job is being more specific. Some of the jobs of cloud computing are high demanding are:

1. Cloud Software Apps Developer/Engineer(s)

The task of the Cloud Computing Jobs as Software Apps Developer/Engineer(s) is to develop the cloud-related application. They design, innovate and integrate within the cloud computing system. They have to forecast the future trend and adjust data needs.

The requirement of this job is bachelor or masters in cloud computing technology. You may complete the degree of masters in cloud computing. You must have the programming knowledge of Linux/Unix OS and compiled-code language. The salary range may be $12000 to $130000 per year.

2. Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrators

The task of Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrators is operation support, optimization of network software, hardware and communication connections, implementation and maintenance of cloud infrastructure.

The computer system admin support and maintain virtual systems. His responsibility includes innovating, planning, and maintaining internal systems and network. Another responsibility may be routine checking the efficiency of the cloud system of the company, ensure backup and recovery of the cloud data.

The required cloud computing skills are the education background of computer science and experience of network engineering. In-depth knowledge of NAT, DNS, DHCP and routing, Layer 2 network protocols, Layer 3 IP routing, TCP/IP and scripting abilities in Perl, Python or Shell is must. The job seeker must be Cisco certified. The approximate salary may be $100000 to $110000 per year.

3. Cloud Architects

The task of the Cloud Computing Jobs as a cloud architect is to develop and implement cloud-based set-up. Cloud architect ensures cloud systems are scalable, reliable, supportable and secure to achieve business and IT performance.

15+ Best Cloud Computing Jobs in High Demand

The required cloud computing skills include education background in computer science. Experience of VBScript, Shell, and Python may add some advantage. The cloud computing job seeker must have knowledge of Windows and Linux. The approximate salary range will be $140000 to $150000.

4. Cloud Systems Engineers

The job of Cloud systems engineer is to develop and design a virtual system and interface to support cloud operation. Basically, all cloud computing supported technology develops by cloud system engineers. The required cloud computing skills for these jobs are the academic background of CSE and technological experience.

The other skills are knowledge about network layers and a cloud hosting environment. Some must have experience includes configuration management, clustering, scripting, monitoring tools, Drupal etc. The knowledge of software development like C, C++, Java, PHP is fundamental. The approximate salary for this job is $135000 to $150000 per year.

5. Cloud Computing Security Analysts

The task of the Cloud Computing Jobs as Cloud Computing Security Analysts is to ensure the security of organization and advice essentials for security. In gist, the Cloud Computing Security Analysts look into the security needs during big data migration of public cloud. The required cloud computing skills for these jobs are CSE background academic knowledge.

The experience of cloud service like Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, AWS will provide an additional advantage. Knowledge of latest security protocols, authentication, and certification is also required. The approximate salary of this cloud computing jobs is $120000 to $135000 per year.

6. Cloud Sales Managers

The designation describes itself regarding the job responsibility of cloud sales manager. He is assigned with cloud service and marketing, sales of storage, database and making the relationship with customers. The other task of a cloud sales manager is contract negotiation and renewals based on companies plan.

The cloud computing skills required for these jobs are strong academic background from any discipline, experience of sales and marketing and related IT knowledge. The approximately salary range is $120000 to $140000 per year.

7. IT Project Managers

The task of Cloud Computing Jobs as IT project manager is coordination. He manages all the cloud effort, IT infrastructure, corporate engineering and related product of the organization. He manages cloud computing technologies and information technology for the company.

The cloud computing skills need for the IT project manager are educational background in IT or CSE with networking knowledge. Knowledge of market cloud leaders like MS Azure, AWS and IBM is the must. Project implementation and project management are also important. Approximately the salary range is $110 to $130000 per year.

8. Non-retail Sales Supervisors

The task of the Cloud Computing Jobs as Non-retail Sales Supervisors is to supervise all the cloud computing company. They are the observer of the sales executive of cloud computing. They are also responsible for sales of cloud computing storage, data center, server etc.

The required cloud computing skills are an academic background in sales and marketing, HR or management. The experience of building and promoting teamwork is a must for this position. Effective communication skill is another requirement. The approximate salary for this Cloud Computing Jobs is $80000 to $90000 per year.

9. Cloud User Support Specialists

The Cloud user support specialists ensure that the user understands the full benefit of cloud computing. They are responsible for the data center, critical business and corporate management. They also support customer for the operational challenge of cloud computing.

The essential cloud computing skills are academic knowledge of customer relationship management and computer science. Experience in software Development Company and effective communication helps more to get the cloud computing job. The salary range for this job is $50000 to $65000.

10. Cloud Marketing/Cloud Computing Product Manager

Cloud Computing Product Manager performs product planning and marketing of cloud product. His responsibilities include marketing strategy, creating product concept, product positioning, product satisfaction, pricing and licensing.

The experience for this cloud computing job is the must. Academic background and relevant knowledge is also a consideration. The salary range for this cloud computing job is $110000 to $125000.

11. Cloud Sales Representative

The job of the cloud sales representative is to assist the sales manager of a cloud computing company. He maintains the database, creates and build a relationship with customers and clients.

The primary role of the cloud sales representative is to search for a potential customer and foster a long-term relationship with an existing customer. The necessary cloud computing skills are academic knowledge of sales and marketing of business administration, an experience of sales and marketing. The salary range maybe $80000 to 120000.

12. Cloud Computing Consultants

The task of cloud computing consultant is technical analysis and assessment of the requirement of business. After analysis, he will suggest the best feasible solution for his clients. The cloud computing skill needs are IT background academic, IT consulting experience and job or a related field. The approximately salary range is $90000 to $115000.

13. Cloud Enterprise Architect

The task of the cloud enterprise architect is to analyses technology requirement and uses. They communicate their findings to business stakeholders. The cloud architect calculates the approximate cost, budget, and maintenance procedure. The required cloud computing skill is related to an academic background with at least 10 years of job experience in a similar field. The approximate salary for this job maybe $140000 to $160000 per year.

14. Senior Solution Cloud Architect

The task of Senior Solution cloud architect is to provide technical support and leadership. They translate business requirement to cloud business solution. The key requirement for this job is 5 years’ experience with a bachelor degree. The position requires excellent monitoring and leadership abilities. Approximate salary is $110000 to $130000 per year.

15. Solutions Cloud Architect

Solutions cloud architect is the key part of the cloud computing team. He is responsible for the various task like identify the problem, solution the goals and works within a team of professional. The key cloud computing skills include academic background and IT knowledge. Possible salary range may be $ 80000 to $100000 per year.

16. Information Technology Cloud Architect

The job of IT architect is to manage the technical component of a business. The information technology cloud architect also manages the security platform of cloud computing. They are responsible for ensuring compliance and implement the updated systems. The academic requirement is a computer science degree. It is a sensitive position so security clearance may require.

17. Senior Systems Engineer

The senior systems engineer is responsible for managing and monitoring the cloud computing systems tools which is vital for business. They should have knowledge of the automation framework. Knowledge of database, cloud architecture and a web server is mist. The required academic degree is the minimum bachelor with five years of job experience. Approximate salary may be $100000 to $120000 per year.

Wrap Up

Cloud computing skills are vital for cloud computing job. Cloud Computing Skills include the knowledge of cloud web hosting, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (SaaS), database, cloud OS, cloud antivirus etc.

The cloud job seeker must have a bachelor degree. Master’s degree may give his additional advantage. Related job experience in a similar field is the blessing for him. Moreover, luck is another vital factor to get the cloud computing job.

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