Top 20 Free Cloud OS From The Experts’ Recommendation

If you think about cloud OS, you can use the free Cloud OS as a test and trial version. This article will discuss the user review of free Cloud OS, its advantage and disadvantage. Cloud OS is a kind of operating system used to transfer data from local storage to cloud storage or vice versa.

Cloud OS is the secured operating system that uses an application as a service rather standalone server. Cloud OS is like traveling inside all computers within a browser caring hardware. Within a browser, you can run the virtual application or operating system. Nowadays, Cloud operating systems are integrated with IoT OS.

What is Cloud OS?

Cloud OS or cloud-based operating system is a browser-based OS that works for real-time support. It is designed for visualization in cloud computing. This OS is the combination of several processes of the virtual machine, virtual infrastructure, and server. Sometimes it works like software as a service (SaaS).

The cloud Operating system primarily manages one or more virtual machines through the virtual environment. Depending on the virtual environment, the function varies from machine to machine. It is very light that can be run over the browser even the internet is slow. In this article, I have given 20 examples of cloud operating systems.

The Benefit of Free Cloud Operating Systems

In my last article, I have discussed the advantages of cloud computing. With cloud storage and various business applications cloud, OS has given the enormous potential to the cloud developer. This cloud-based system enhanced reliability with great functionality. However, I am telling you about some other benefits of Cloud Operating Systems.

Upgradation is Easy

When you use the cloud-based operating system, you need not think about the up-gradation of your operating system. The traditional systems look a long time to upgrade the operating system, but every time, I will get the latest version of operating systems in the online operating system. There is no need for additional money, time, and effort for modernization.

No risk of Viruses

There is a risk of the virus in the traditional operating system, but if you use an online-based operating system, there is no risk of the virus. Since it does not interact with your computer directly, so there are less hassle and fare of the virus. It is the headache of cloud service providers to manage cloud antivirus. It has reduced your pain, increase productive time, and gives you a tension-free life.


Cloud-based online operating systems are highly cost-effective. Moreover, the services also user-friendly and cost-friendly. You have to pay once to get the service. On the other hand, when you use a traditional operating system, there are many surrounding costs like an anti-virus program, storage cost, and yearly operating system subscription fee. Moreover, humans need some utility software to keep the PC updated. In the cloud-based operating system, there is no requirement for such a big expenditure.

High Speed

Because of the main reason, your traditional operating system can be slow. The malfunctioning programs, viruses, low storage capacity, and slow speed of ram and processor make your computer slow. But when you use a browser-based operating system, you need not think about the high configuration. Just open the browser and act whatever you like.

User-friendly Interface

You may be afraid of the user-friendliness of your cloud-based operating system. But I can assure you it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces for the masses of people. You can customize the user interface of your cloud application. So this OS is at your hand. Once you are acquainted, you will never leave this operating system.

Best and Free Cloud OS

People usually search for free Cloud OS before purchasing any operating system. In this article, I will recommend some free cloud OS that will be helpful for you. So have a brief idea about free cloud OS:

1. ZeroPC Free Cloud OS

ZeroPC Free Cloud OSThe ZeroPC is a free cloud OS. This ZeroPC started its journey six years ago with a mission to provide affordable desktop users anytime, anywhere in the world. With a continuous business now, they believe they are successful. ZeroPC offers several products:

  • Manage Personal Cloud

They offer to connect with the cloud securely with all the documents, music, photos, and many services under the virtual umbrella by drag and drop facility. They also offer search, discover, and share the facility. Besides desktop applications, they offer web, Android, and iOS.

  • Turn Browser into Desktop ( 100 GB Free Space with a browser)

ZeroPC Cloud desktop has full facilities online to connect secure ways with popular services like Evernote, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive, and sky drive. The user can create the folder in a local app and drag & drop it to the online drive.

  • Content Navigator for the cloud

This cloud navigator app will give you easy and secure access to manage and share on the go with a single login from any mobile or computer. This cloud app is available on iPad, iPhone, Tablet, and Android.

  • Access cloud from all your desktop

This free cloud OS product is coming soon. This will allow you to access all of your desktops without going through the browser or any syncing program.

FossGuru Review of ZeroPC Free Cloud OS

ZeroPC free cloud os is the most popular cloud operating system, so that we can keep zeroPC at our top. It has become the top because of significant reasons. It is a very affordable and accessible cloud OS that can support you from anywhere in the world.

We have a lot of devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. It will be a data jam to manage all the tools which various applications like Facebook, Google, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. ZeroPC free cloud OS is a powerful way to integrate, manage, and control all digital products from anywhere, browser, and device.

ZeroPC is your desktop on the cloud. It makes any browser a more comfortable, secured computer and provides p time access.

ZeroPC free cloud OS combined all of your stored data interest single platforms. It also helps to monitor the storage of is a particular service with your mobile phone/tablet. You will get all the functions in a single app.

ZeroPC cloud operating system moves your stuff from one place to another by a simple drag and drops feature. With the enterprise search bar, you can search your digital content easily. With your ZeroPC console, you can backup all of your data.

ZeroPC free cloud os provides higher-level encryption to ensure your data is safe as a bank. There is nothing to install other than a browser. So future cloud computing comes at your hand.

2. Glide OS

Glide OSGlide OS is developed by Jumpsuit. This cloud OS is a cross-platform web desktop notable OS on both desktop OS, like MS Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and mobile operating systems like Honeycomb, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX), WebOS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Glide OS is suitable for various web browsers, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

FossGuru Review of Glide OS

Glide OS is an extraordinary cloud-based operating system that is free of cost. It is a complete mobile disturb solution that has replaced the requirement of the heavy and expensive desktop operating system. It is a cool web-based platform with large-scale adoption, encryption, security, and flexibility.

Glide OS operates as a flash-based OS with your existing application to redundant the capacity of your desktop with high-performing power and ability. You can do process all types of words like processing audio and video editing etc.

You can use free Glide OS up to 30 GB of free space. Almost all the browsers support this free cloud OS.

Limitation of Glide OS

Glide OS cannot be replaced with any other operating system like Windows. Because the program and application built for windows do not support Glide OS. Moreover, it does not support many other programs.

3. SilveOS / Silverlight

Silverlight operating systemSilveOS or Silverlight operating system is a free cloud OS that makes it confident and comfortable to transfer files online. In this Silverlight operating system, all the application is installed on a remote server with a facility to use a browser. The user has no pain installing any software and can share, drag and drop.

Besides desktop taskbar, start menu, and sidebar, it provides facility like File Explorer, Internet Explorer, Video Player, Rich text editor, RSS reader, Notepad, Paint, Twitter client, Flickr viewer, Youtube viewer, Virtual Earth, Chat, Calculator, Games like Chess, Solitaire, Spider and Minesweeper, etc. Cloud OS Advantages

  • Convenience and freedom
  • No more worry about anti-virus, software installation, software update.
  • Less prone to typical worms, vulnerabilities, attacks, viruses, spyware, and disk crashes.
  • Features as themes, wallpapers, and user pictures management.
  • Efficiency doesn’t depend much on the configuration of your computer.
  • More opportunities for communicating and entertainment.
  • Cost – It is free.

What Do SilveOS offer?

SilveOS free cloud OS provides a virtual file system, GUI, cloud storage, external program installation, virtual desktop, user authentication, and authorization.

Microsoft SilverLight will end support on October 12, 2012. They have more than 11000 happy users. Moreover, there is more extended support for any browser using the Mac OS.

Initial release:

This SilverLight-based web desktop was released in May 2008. It was then Because of some (Microsoft intellectual property)MS IP violations, their project was redesigned and renamed SilveOS.

Foss Guru Review of  SilveOS Cloud OS

SilveOS is a Microsoft-based cloud OS where all data and applications hosted on the web are accessed over the internet. You will find the user interface is similar to traditional Windows desktop OS. For example, desktop, sidebar, start menu, icon, etc., are the same as your desktop Windows OS. So you will get this cloud OS familiar like your other operating system.

SilveOS offers many applications similar to Windows like notepad, web browser, file manager, etc. Moreover, you can install an additional SilverLight-based app. SilveOS free cloud OS has a Google Chrome browser extension to get fast access to your OS. With this application, you will get a lot of software without installation.

SilveOS provides a cross-platform environment where we will find a browser inside the browser. They follow 80/20 rules. That means if you give 20% of the effort, you will get 80% direct output.

4.  iSpaces

iSpaces Cloud OSiSpaces a free, multi-desktop cloud OS. Cloud bases OS is becoming more popular in the present era, so people are searching for a free cloud OS. iSpaces is such kind of free cloud OS.

iSpaces is a free multi-desktop cloud OS that allows working anyone on the web. In your personal computer, all the searched history is saved on your pc by if it is another PC then no data. iSpaces allows you to see all of your histories if you are logged in.

What iSpaces offer?

iSpaces offers spacePhone, a free VOIP app, officeSpace that integrates your Zoho Office suite with your desktop. It has a snap feature that provides the flexibility of sizing the windows. The grab feature of this OS also makes it unique. iSpaces offer a 1GB free limit to its user.

FossGuru Review of iSpaces

iSpaces is its free cloud OS, a multi-desktop virtual desktop that provides freedom on cloud computing. You can access this virtual world with a simple browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The desktop of iSpaces is similar to the desktop of your home PC. The only difference is iSpaces is life online, and desktop is offline. At the bottom of the iSpaces, you will get a taskbar. It supports all the operating systems to gain access.

iSpaces CloudBrowser is a browser within a browser. It automatically synchronizes all of your stuff. There is no requirement to move your data manually.

5. EyeOS

EyeOS Cloud OSeyeOS is a web desktop of the cloud computing concept that is searching for enabling alliance and communication. This free cloud OS is based on JavaScript, XML, and PHP. It is a private cloud web-based desktop application. It is called a cloud desktop because of its unique user interface. The file management systems, information tools, collaborative tools, and Client’s application is also praiseworthy.

What does EyeOS offer?

EyeOS offers many features like personnel management information tools, file management, integration among various uses, etc. It has an EyeOS toolkit, which is a set of libraries and functions to develop the application. File sharing and synchronization, active directory is the professional edition feature of the EyeOS cloud operating system.

FossGuru Review of EyeOS

EyeOS is a web desktop application that collaborates among uses. This private cloud OS is written in PHP, XML, and JavaScript. This operating system is a cross-platform cloud application under a proprietary license.

6. Amoeba Free Cloud OS

The general-purpose distributed operating system Amoeba is an advanced cloud OS. It is developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and others. The purpose of this machine is to works as one single integrated system. There is no recent release for the last 23 years. It is available in English.

Amoeba is a microkernel-based operating system that offers multithreaded programs. To communicate between threats, it works as a remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism. To facilitate this platform, The Python programming language is introduced. The other supported platforms are Motorola 68030, NS 32016, i386/i486, MIPS, Sun 3/50 and 3/60, SPARC and, VAX.

Important Features

  • Amoeba OS is based on several. 
  • The user interface and APIs of Amoeba are compliant with the POSIX standard.
  • It does not support process migration.
  • Without having some kind of machine, this OS can be spread around a building on a LAN.
  • Amoeba works on four principal components: Workstations, Pool Processors, Specialized Servers (File server), and Gateways.
  • To build an Amoeba cheap system, only the i80386 architecture is significant.
  • Amoeba machines micro-kernel supports Low-level I/O and memory management, Communication between processes or threads, Process, and thread (kernel/userspace) management.
  • NS 32016
  • Sun 3/50 and 3/60
  • VAX
  • i386/i486
  • MIPS
  • Motorola 68030

FossGuru Review of Amoeba Free Cloud OS

The professionals made the Amoeba distributed cloud OS to accumulate the entire system into a single unit. The FLIP protocol is used in this system. The professionals handle this protocol for load sharing among themselves. Many file servers are used to facilitate this process.

Amoeba OS is written in Python. It was developed to incorporate several distributed network computers into a single platform.

Amoeba OS is a multi kernel-based cloud OS with four primary purposes: performance, transparency, parallelism, and distribution. The user doesn’t require to know the number of PCs on the actual location of the server of storing a file.

More Info

7. myGoya Free Cloud OS

The online operating system myGoya is free to use on your desktop and laptop. With the internet, you can access it from anywhere in the world. You also can manage your contract online. 

Important Features

  • myGoya is a free online OS.
  • No installation is required to use this OS.
  • You can use both online and offline versions of OS.
  • You will get many other features like e-mail, chat, filesharing, a calendar, and instant messenger.

FossGuru review of myGoya

myGoya allows you to access your desktop from anywhere in the world. It is not good as zeroPC free cloud toys and Glide OS. Moreover, the service of myGoya is discontinued.

8. Kohive Free Cloud OS

Kohive is another online and Desktop OS that is used to collaborate with others. This sophisticated online OS facilitates File Storage, communication, and collaboration between groups. It usually focuses on cloud applications to empower productivity workflows with new tools. THe Kohive cloud OS is suitable for students, freelancers, and researchers.

Important Features

  • Kohive is an online collaboration tool that has both free and standard services.
  • It is as expert as desktop OS.
  • The user interface of Kohive is awesome and mind-blowing.

FossGuru Review of Kohive

Kohive OS is better than many other cloud OS because of its simplicity. It allows you to share your document and communicate with others. You can integrate it with your iPhone and Mac OS. The students, small and medium businesses, and freelancers can use this free cloud operating system.

9. Zimdesk

Zimdesk is a cloud-based OS that supports various applications and various features. This OS offers a contact manager, custom wallpaper, RSS reader, calendar, mail client, and file transfer.

What does Zimdesk offer?

The free cloud OS Zimdesk offers many features and apps like Office suite, file uploader, and controller. The contract manager, RSS reader, FTP client, mail client, and calendar are also great features of Zimdesk.

FossGuru Review of Zimdesk

Zimdesk cloud OS has become very popular a few times. It may be a simple but very robust OS. It is safe and user-friendly for all types of users.

10. Free Cloud OS Ghost

The cloud operating systems Ghost OS is a kernel-based hobby operating system. This open-source OS is currently compatible with the x86 platform.

A ghost is an abbreviated form of Global Hosted Operating Systems. Most cloud computing users like this OS. You can use it for personal and business purposes. It offers storage services with security. You can also use it as a distributed system with multiple website channels.

Important Features

  • Ghost is fully open-source for build and running online applications. 
  • It is easy to build a ghost blog within a minute.
  • This system is based on a microkernel with multitasking and symmetric multiprocessing.
  • The files of your computer can be moved smoothly from hard disk to cloud with editing facilities online.
  • It is one of the best file-sharing systems to share by like from a cellular device.
  • You can upload a type of data, and you can edit from any Android browser.
  • It is effortless to use with its file management system.

FossGuru Review of Ghost OS

Ghost OS is an open-source cloud OS based on a microkernel. Symmetric multiprocessing and multitasking is another common feature of ghost cloud OS. The kernel of this cloud operating system is written in C++.

The GNU environment also allowed third-party software. The ghost partially supports POSIX.1. It is licensed under GPLv3 and targets the personal computer. Based on the technical feature and updates, it has become another best free cloud OS.

More Info

11. Joli OS (Discontinued)

Joli OS is a cloud operating system which was developed for recycled and notebook computer. It had more than 2 million users around the world. This program’s dad does not get support officially, so it has stopped.

Joli OS had a multi-system with a user-friendly cross-platform web developing environment. This multi-user-enabled platform could work independently. It had more than 15000 applications over 15 years.

12. Cloudo Cloud OS

Cloudo is the perfect example of cloud computing to get momentum. It is the virtual operating system that was started by the 5 men team of Sweden. Cloudo is supported by advertisement and revenue-sharing programs. To get support from Cloudo, you can use its chat service or mail.

Important Features

  • The user interface of Cloudo is beautiful, with all modern and transparent features.
  • You will get one-click access to frequently used applications.
  • By pressing F11, you can see the full screen of Cloudo in Mozilla Firefox.
  • It is still in the testing phase.
  • Recently it has integrated the third party Application.
  • It takes only 20 seconds to install the application with a single click.

13. xOS IDE

xOS is one of the best cloud-based operating systems that offer a framework for operationalizing a set of disaggregated services. This model-based platform is utilized for controlling, composing, and assembling services. It is a control panel of several backend services. xOS helps to implement container-based micro-services, SDN-based control programs, and VM-hosted VNFs.

xOS is an integral part of Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD). To make an effective data center, CORD leverages NFV, SDN and, Cloud technologies. It integrates multiple open source projects to create innovative solutions. So it is considered as Everything as a service (Class).

Important Features

  • xOs manage both hardware and software resources.
  • It is an attraction of infrastructure as a service cloud structure to uphold structure.
  • xOS has wonderful features like a text editor, browser, notes calendar games file manager, etc.

14. Startforce OS

Startforce OS is a web-based visualization solution. Now, its assets are bought by Zero PC. It is a mind-blowing cloud operating system for safely browse and store. Though it is not widely used but has some appeals to cloud computing users.

15. Corneli OS

Corneli OS is an open-source, experimental, and multiuser Perl framework for the web development environment. This web-based cloud operating system runs on top of a host system. This cross-platform is Linux or UNIX type operating systems.

Corneli OS offers its services through HTML and XHTML over the web. So without any installation on your local PC, you will get the full support of cloud computing. This Cloud OS is available in English.

Important Features

  • Corneli OS is a web-based application framework.
  • The user Review of Corneli OS is satisfactory.

16. Lucid Desktop CloudOS

Lucid Desktop Free Cloud OSLucid Desktop is one of the best cloud operating systems known as WebOS, Web Desktop, Web Operating Systems. This open-source web OS is licensed under the AFL. It will allow you a portable online workspace to play media, store files, and manage your offline documents. This Cloud operating service aims to provide an application platform to integrate seamlessly on the web. You can use it for desktop or mobile phones.

Important Features

  • Lucid Desktop Cloud OS is licensed under an academic free license (AFL).
  • It supports the English language.
  • The intended audience of this OS is advanced end-users, developers, and end-users.
  • The user interface is web-based.
  • It is written in Python, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • And the database environment is PHP Pear:: DB.

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17. Zendesk Cloud Operating Service

USA-based cloud customer service software company zendesk also offers operating systems. It is a public limited company and listed on the New York stock exchange. It is also cloud-based customer service and ticketing software that can be used as customer relationship management software

Important Features

  • Zendesk is one of the best cloud services software.
  • It is a browser-based application.
  • It is a paid application.
  • You can integrate it with CRM software.
  • It gives enough freedom to the built application as per your requirement.

18. Windows4all Free CloudOS

Windows4all is a Silverlight-based online virtual operating system that is also popular as WebOS and Cloud OS. This application is a website that simulates operating systems with any good web browser. It replicates the desktop environment and allows a familiar work environment of any cloud operating system.

Important Features

  • Windows4all cloud operating system offers wide dimensional features like another traditional operating system.
  • It allows for various cloud gaming services.
  • You can enjoy calculator, chat, virtual earth, Twitter client, paint, and notepad application.
  • The common application like notepad editor, rich text editor, video player, file explorer, and Internet explorer is the same.
  • No more administration is required for this operating system. Even you do not need any antivirus application.
  • The performance of this operating system does not depend on the configuration of your laptop or PC.
  • It is less prone to typical attacks like spyware, viruses, and worms.
  • The cost is free.

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19. Cloudstack Free Cloud OS

Cloudstack is one of the most popular and useful clouds based open source web operating systems. It is designed to manage and deploy the largest network of VM. This operating system is considered one of the greatest infrastructures as a service (IaaS).

Important Features

  • Cloudstack is used by most cloud computing service providers.
  • The user interface of this application is the first class.
  • It supports various hypervisors like VMware, KVM, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM Server, and Microsoft Hyper V.

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20. Piston CloudOS

Piston CloudOS is one of the best operating systems that office multiple frameworks and Eid orchestration tools. It is an operating system for a modern data center that transforms a cluster of a community server—more than 100 companies using this operating system of the cloud platform.

Important Features

  • Piston CloudOS allows customers to monitor, adjust and optimize data center resources.
  • It was allowed to relocate resources to multiple frameworks.
  • This CloudOS allows enabling pushbutton deployment for Hadoop, Spark, and open park.

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Final Thought

Cloud OS is easy to use secured service for the implementation of cloud computing. Since the browser is the key requirement besides desktop or mobile-based applications, you do not need to bother with the computer configuration. One day you will find people are shifting towards cloud operation systems from the traditional OS.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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