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Best 10 WiFi Hacking App for Android That Really Work

WiFi hacking app is to help you for learning purposes. This learning can help you to protect your Wi-Fi connection from other ill motive personnel. As you know that Wi-Fi connection is a venerable situation for security. Any time the opportunity hunters can penetrate your week systems. On the other hand, this wifi hacking app is one kind of self-defense took to protect you from any unexpected data leakage. You may like our Best Educational Apps to make you resourceful.

Top 10 WiFi Hacking App

There are thousands of wifi hacking app on app market like Google play, mono market or Samsung app store. In this article, we will pick the best ten wifi hacking app for your learning experience. All the app in the app store is not real. There is some prank app also.

1. WiFi Password, IP, DNS Pro

WiFi Password, IP, DNS ProWiFi Password, IP, DNS Pro is not a hacking tool. This app shows all the password which you are connected. You have to try the standard password, IP, DND app at your device first. To operate this hacking app root is required.

Suppose one of your friends came to your home to visit you and at his idle time he requested to get your wi-fi password. Unfortunately, you forget your wifi password. This WiFi Password, IP, DNS Pro will help you to get your password if the wifi router connects with your smart Android device.

2. Wifi Password Recovery Pro

Wifi Password Recovery ProFirst of all, Wifi Password Recovery Pro is not a hacking tool.  This android app is only to remember your password from history. Suppose you had a wifi connection a few months back. Somehow you forget the password. This app will help you to find the password from connection history.

This Wifi Password Recovery Pro supports many devices. It has the modern user interface. The other features are touch copy password, extract wifi list from memory, quick search wifi, this wifi hacking app is not free. You have to pay for that.

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3. WiFi PassView Password Viewer+

WiFi PassView password viewer+WiFi PassView password viewer+ is a nice wifi hacking app for the internet user. This app is to recover and view your password. It backup and restore your previous wifi connection and data of configuration.

This app is not to steal anyone’s Wi-Fi password. It is to support your memory. There is some limitation to use this app. To use its root is required. It can deactivate encryption of Wi-Fi password. You have to count your penny to have it.

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4. Wifi Connect WPS

Wifi Connect WPS

Wi-Fi Connect WPS is an application to test your AP. The PINs calculated with various algorithms like Zhao, TrendNet, Dlink, Dlink+1, Belkin(root), FTE-xxx, TrendNet, Asus, Aircon Realtek, EasyBox Arcadyan, Arris and many more. Wifi Connect WPS ensure the security of your network employing WPS protocol.

5. WIBR+ pro without root

WIBR+ pro without rootWIBR+ pro without root is a high-level testing app of Wi-Fi security. To judge your access point vulnerability, possibly this app may be an excellent one.

The app WIBR+ pro without root Pro for Android will attempt to connect to WPS allowed Wifi Routers that have the WPS weakness employing various algorithms like Belkin(root), FTE-xxx, TrendNet, Asus, Zhao, AiroconRealtek, TrendNet, Dlink, Dlink+1, EasyBox Arcadyan and Arris to connect to the Wifi.


WIFI WPS WPA TESTER appWIFI WPS WPA TESTER is a splendid android app to test your penetration vulnerability. It is easy to try the connection to a WiFi Access Point (AP) via WPS PIN in this app. PINs considered with various algorithms thought MAC Address, and there are others PINs involved in a local database for many AP.

There is numerous connection mode with this app to try the brute force mode either. App also realizes if an Access Point (AP) with WPS permitted is invulnerable (WPS LOCKED). This app allows users with root authorizations to see Wi-Fi passwords saved.’

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7. WiFi Hacker Professional (prank)

The WIFI Hacker Proffesional (prank)WIFI Hacker Professional (prank) is a fun app. This app is for jock. It is a simulation app. The purpose of this app is to make you aware of creating the more difficult password.

Out of the thousand prank apps WIFI Hacker Professional (prank) is one of the highly reviewed apps if To use this app select Wi-Fi network at first. Then generate or simulate Wi-Fi password. But it is not capable of being functional.

8. WiFi Master Key – by wifi.com

WiFi Master Key - by wifi.comWiFi Master Key is a company in Singapore. Out of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots shared as free, you can get access to an open network by WiFi Master Key. It will search and connect free hotspots and indicate blue key. It can save your data cost by combining free Wi-Fi hotspots.

WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. It searches only free accessible Wi-Fi network. When the blue key is on then tap to connect it. It encrypts to protect sharer’s security and privacy. This wifi hacking app is easy to understand and support more than 19 languages.

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9. Andro Dumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect )

AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect )AndroDumpper Wifi ( WPS Connect ) is a security testing app. This wifi hacking app will try to connect to WPS enabled network to break the WPS systems. To do so, it uses some algorithm. Root is not required to use this app.

Location permission is required to use this app. It permits Lollipop 5 version or up without root and another version with root. This wifi hacker app has created for learning purpose. It is a simulation and uses for own testing security.

10. Free Wifi Password Router Key

Free Wifi Password Router KeyFree Wifi Password Router Key is a support tool to get your default password. Free Wifi Password Router Key is a database of all possible default password. When you purchase a new Wi-Fi router, you need to login to change the configuration of the new router. This app will provide that password.

This app is easy to use, free to download and super-fast to get the password. It is not a hacking tool to make someone in trouble. This app is only a utility tool to get the default password database.

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Final Thought of WiFi Hacking App

Wifi hacking app is not to steal or damage someone’s privacy or security. It is a simulation or prank app. Sometimes it uses for own testing network or sometimes it used for only fun. However, the title is, we should not break any security of others.

Out of a million Wifi hacking app, I have reviewed only 10. There are lots of app like this. You can suggest the name of those below by your wise comments. Please show your reaction regarding this review article. There is a voting option for you. Let’s have fun!

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.


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