Best 10 Weather Apps For Android to Get Accurate Update

People are more conscious about the future nowadays and love to use the best weather app for Android. They are more interested to know the atmosphere over weather app. So this review is dedicated to those people who love keeping them updated by using different android applications.
Among the thousands of smart device weather applications, I am writing the best ten weather apps for android. Those are easy to use and easy to download. After the required narration, there is a downloadable link to have that weather app.

Best Weather Apps For Android

Weather is an essential element of our element since we cannot change whether it’s better to keep ourselves self-updated. So you can use any one of those and plan your schedule.

1. Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & SevereToday Weather was one of the best apps of Google play store in 2017. This weather channel radar is easy, simple to use, and accurate local weather forecast. If you open the app, you will find thousands of beautiful photos related to the weather. It shows a  24/7 weather forecast and a chance of rain.

You can quickly catch beautiful moments like the sunset, the moon, and rain by using this app. Other relevant information includes actual air pressure, wind speed, humidity, visibility, temperature, dew point, and direction. Some critical features are rained alarm, alert severe weather, daily weather forecast notification,n and easy to view weather information anywhere in the world. It uses,, Dark Sky, as the data source.

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2. Yahoo Weather is one of the best weather apps for Android because it provides hourly updates. It stunning Flickr photos to match the location, current condition,s and time of day. You can add up to 20 cities.

The features of Yahoo weather include wind pressure, sunrise, sunset, pressure module, and chances of participation. You can browse for the interactive map, radar, satellite, heat, and so on this app. It can track your favorite city and destination.

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3. AccuWeather: Weather Forecast Updates & Radar Maps

AccuWeather- Weather Forecast Updates & Radar Maps.jpg

Accu Weather is another popular weather app for android free download. This android weather application provides storm alerts and live weather forecasts with superior accuracy. It forecasts real-time alerts s, and severe weather warnings are obtainable on-demanded.

Accu weather updates its database every minute, 24/7, and in advance for up to 15 days. Location does not matter because a local update is available everywhere. It makes today’s weather predictable and shows real-time temperature. As a result, we can call it the most accurate weather app for Android.

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4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is to assist any job.

The Google Assistant is not only an Android app, but it is also a combination of all. With Thee Google Assistant app installed on your mobile, you may call ‘HayGooglee, show me today’s weather.’ Google will reply to your request, and it will open the weather app.

Google Assistant is the wonder of modern app technology. It is artificial intelligence. It will reduce your hard work. This app is a combination of thousands of applications. So you can use this great app.

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5. Awesome Weather YoWindow – Live Wallpaper, Widgets

Awesome Weather YoWindow - Live Wallpaper, Widgets

Awesome Weather YoWindow is a magical app to see weather update. Magical because when it’s raining outside, there is also rain in-app, and people search for the umbrella.

Awesome Weather YoWindow is the live wallpaper widget of animal strolling, birds singing, sheep grazing, and many other reflections of natural change. In this app, you can see the weather update for up to 14 days. Another vital fact is its user review. It has a thousand user reviews for its beloved user.

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6. Weather Live Pro

Weather Live Pro to show you accurate weather.

Weather Live Pro is one of the best weather apps for accurate weather channel radar. If you want to know the actual weather of today, tomorrow,w or in the long-range forecast, then this Weather Live Pro may be the best one. This weather channel forecast is live and super accurate weather widgets on the home screen.

The app is one of the best weather apps because of its features and reporting tools. It provides three times a day local weather alert. The other features include wind speed, wind finder, weather news, sunset, sunrise, notification, and multiple widgets.

7. Weather App Pro

Weather App Pro is another accurate weather android app.

Weather App Pro is a professional android weather app to know the update of weather. It can forecast hourly and daily weather. Its beautiful widget shows clouds, humidity, waves, rain/snow, temperature,e and wind pressure. According to the city time zone and the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, it is easy to know sunrise and sunset times.

Upcoming features of Weather App Pro are Noaa weather radio, Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar, a chance of rain, moon, and moon cycle. Today’s weather with push notification, prediction interval in three minutes, temps, rain, clouds & clock widget weather, and tracking multiple locations are the common features.

8. Space Weather App

Space Weather App

Space Weather App is the idea of altering environmental circumstances in near-Earth space or the space to the Earth’s atmosphere from the Sun’s atmosphere. Spaces weather affects our living things in different ways. Solar flares, solar radiation, and geomagnetic storms are a few ways space weather can cause havoc on the earth.

The common features of the Space Weather App are push notification, real-time solar storms, real-time images of the sun, and real-time satellite location. It shows UV Index maps, real-time images of the Earth, aurora oval, movies of the sun, solar movies,s and many more.

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9. Weather Liveº

Weather Liveº Image

Weather live one of the most accurate weather app androids. It offers a beautiful widget off the home screen with valuable information. On the crisp screen of your device, you can see cold or warm weather. With its innovative technology, you will feel that you are outside.

Weather live can track the weather of multiple locations. On its screen, it reflects multiple real-time weather conditions. Bad weather warnings and alerts, “Feels Like” temperature, humidity, 7-day, and 24-hour weather forecast are the common features of this app.

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10. The Weather Channel: Local Forecast & Weather Maps

The Weather Channel is a wonderful weather news app.

The weather channel is a weather app for android free download. All the metrology information is at your fingertips if you have the awesome app. It provides real-time data from the live radar. This free weather channel forecast offers up to 15 days in advance.

The standard features include storm updates, temperature, cold and flu reports, sunset, sunrise, and many other features. Because of its mind-blowing features, this app is one of the best free weather apps for Android.

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Final Thought

Out of the thousand best weather channel forecast app for Android, we discuss only a few. But be sure that those are leading and dominating the best free weather channel forecast trends for Android. People love to get the most accurate weather app, android. Accuracy is a vague word, so it represents the percentage. Usually, the paid app is more accurate than the free weather app.

What’s Your Favorite?

We already finished our part. Now it is your turn to share your knowledge. Out of the million best free weather app for Android, you may choose at least a minimum one. Would you please share your experience through comments? You may express your feelings or share the article.

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