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Best 20 Video Metadata Editor Software to Edit Video Tag

Video metadata is very sensitive nowadays because of the sensitivity of the political and business environment. You can use video metadata editor software to edit video tag and manipulate video information to become safe from various dangerous threats. The video tag tells you about the video, for example, title, creation time, location, and different descriptions.

If you want to add very very valuable information for your copyright aspect, you have to provide a video tag during your creation. You also can perform the same task when uploading your video to various video hosting services like YouTube. But many websites do not provide such opportunity then video metadata editor software is the best option to provide video tag.

Best 20 Video Metadata Editor Software

To ensure your security and safety e or to hide your identity, you need to take the help of video metadata editor software. It will help you to edit your video tag. In our today’s discussion, we will discuss some of the best video metadata editor for Windows 10. We will also try to cover metadata editor for Mac, Linux, and online.

1. OpenShot

OpenShot-Edit Video TagOpenShot is award-winning video editing software that can edit your video metadata correctly. The beautiful and clean user interface of the software will fascinate you. It is a desktop operating system that supports almost all types of computers like Windows, Linux, Mac, and other PCs. It is straightforward to use and fast to learn regarding the editing of metadata.

Important Features

OpenShot is all the best video metadata editor software to edit your video tag. So by default, it has a lot of features that will attract you. Some of the essential elements are mentioned below.

Cross-platform: OpenShot metadata editor software supports all the operating systems. For example, if you start any project with Windows 10, you can finish this project with your Mac PC or Linux PC.

Supports all types of video and audio files: You have to make the video after collecting material from various sources. For example, it may require an image, audio clip, and video. Whatever may be the case, it supports all types of files to make a beautiful video.

Keyframe animation: In your video, you can add an unlimited number of frame animation. The frame can be carved, linear, or constant.

Drag and Drop support: OpenShot free video metadata editor as a good interaction with the desktop application. You can easily drag and drop any file to edit your video tag.

Unlimited layer: you may be required to add various segments in your video. This movie metadata editor allows you to add multiple images, videos, and audio clips at different layers.

Clip Resizing: OpenShot allows you to recharge your clip by trimming, cutting, and snapping. You can easily adjust the location of several elements in your video.

Real-time preview: decide to add video metadata. This software can gradually fade from one clip to another. OpenShot has more than 400 transitions with real-time preview.

Image overlay and watermark: when you’re making a video, you have to put your image into a different location. To make the video more unique, you can put some watermark. It will identify your work to the public media. This tool can help you with all of this process.

Title template: OpenShot offers more than 40 title templates to make your project easy. Adjust the font color text of your title by using the built-in editor.

3D animation: you can make 3D animation with OpenShot video tag generator software. It will allow you to create more than 20 types of animated video. You can adjust color size text length and render properties.

Advanced Timeline: This free video metadata editor offers an advanced video editing timeline to do a great project. Hair will get with various facilities like scaling, drag and drop, zooming, panning, and snapping.

Frame accuracy: When you edit your video tag, you can adjust the accuracy of the frame of your video. You can use your keyboard to improve structure by the frame of your project.

Time mapping: OpenShot allows you to make your time to speed up and slow down. You can reverse the direction of the video. There is an option to manually manipulate and animate with this powerful video metadata editing software.

Audio editing: OpenShot has built-in audio editing Equalizer software to give the effect on your video. You can split and join your project work effectively.

Digital video effect: OpenShot video editor software allows you to add various digital effects. You can adjust the colorful properties with this mighty metadata editor.

Platform: Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux operating system.

Supported Files: all types of file

Price: freeware


  • OpenShot is free of cost
  • It Supports all the Platforms.
  • Lots of editing feature available


  • Users have complained against the user interface of OpenShot.
  • The user needs high-level skills to make the perfect video and edit metadata.

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2. MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor

MP4 Video and Audio Tag EditorMP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor is another powerful video metadata editor to make a professional video on YouTube publication. It is a costly software, but you can use the free trial. Since it is commercial software, therefore the video tag editing will be perfect. After placing the tag correctly, you can easily find, browse, and search. You can edit and add Video metadata manually and automatically. MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor is an excellent product of 3D Elite.

Important Features

  • MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor manage cover arts.
  • It has powerful search features and a library.
  • You can batch rename MP4 files.
  • You can edit all metadata atoms.
  • This software supports Unicode. 

Platform: Windows 10 Operating Systems.

Size: 44 MB

Supported Files: M4A, M4B, MP4, M4V, ALAC (Apple Lossless), and 3GP files.

Price Type: Commercial, but you will get 25 days free trial.


  • This Software is excellent for audio and video tag.
  • It Supports various files.


  • MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor are not free.
  • You can only edit video metadata on Windows 10.
  • The user interface is not friendly.

More Info and Download

3. Avidemux Video Metadata Editor Software

Avidemux Video Metadata Editor SoftwareAvidemux is an excellent software to edit your video tag and metadata. This software is open-source and supports many platforms. It has many things to love, like simple cutting, filtering, and encoding. Some other powerful features are job queue, Automated projects, and powerful scripting capabilities. 

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X

It is Under the GNU GPL license.

Supported Files: AVI, MP4, MPEG, DVD compatible MPEG files.

Price: Free of Cost


  • It supports scripting capabilities.
  • This software is free to use.


  • Avidemux free video metadata editor offers very few features to optimize.
  • Some features are difficult to use.

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4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media PlayerYou will find nobody who doesn’t know the name of the VLC media player. It is the most significant media player to run video and audio files. But it has many hidden features which we don’t know. It is one of the most fabulous MP3 cutter and joiner when you work with audio data. On the other hand, which is the best video metadata editor software to edit the video tag. The VLC media player is open source and supports all platforms.

Important Features

  • The VLC media player is a dominant media player and playback engine.
  • You can perform video conversion, downloading online video, screen recording, and edit video metadata with this software.
  • It is free of cost to customize your metadata.

How to edit Video metadata in VLC media player

Step 1: Download the VLC media player from their official website.

Step 2: Install and open the software.

Step 3: go to the tools menu where you will get media information. You can perform the same task by pressing the hotkey “Ctrl+I.”

Step 4: here, you will get general metadata of that particular video. The available information about this window is Details, Codecs, statistics, etc.

Step 5:It is your opportunity to edit the general metadata information like the title of the video, artist, album, copyright information, date, track, number, languages, comments, and much other information.

Step 6: when your edit is finished, then you have to save the metadata option. All are done. You can upload this video as your patent.

Platform: it supports all the platforms.

Supported Files: it supports all the audio and video files.

Price: This software is free of cost.


  • VLC Media Player movie metadata editor is highly customizable and user-friendly.
  • This software is free of cost.
  • This video editing software and media player allows you to add video tags without any technical knowledge.


  • VLC Media Player is not a professional movie metadata editor.
  • You will get no technical support.

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5. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video EditorVSDC Free Video Editor is another told to edit your metadata and video tag. This video metadata editor software is free to use and user friendly. You will get lots of options like a merge video file, adding video effect, and image correction. If you want to make any slideshow with an audio clip, this software can be the perfect one.

Important Features

  • VSDC Free Video Editor and make a data editor has multifunctionality.
  • The algorithm is designed to save that it provides output very fast.
  • It is affordable because there is no cost.
  • You can use VSDC as a screen recording software.
  • It is acknowledged many recommendations from various journals like CNET and PC advisor.

Platform: This video metadata editor is for windows 10

Supported Files: Both Audio and Video.

Price: 19.99 for Pro, You can use the freeware.


  • VSDC Free Video Tag Editor has both free and paid options.
  • It supports almost all popular video formats.


There are so many limitations in the free version.

You will not get any advanced setting options in the free option.

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Recommended 15 Video Metadata Editor Software to Edit Video Tag

Ajay video editor or Youtuber, you must need some collection of video metadata editor. We are providing some lists that can be your great tool to add video tags. You may always upload videos to YouTube for the public, but some want to upload private video to YouTube. Because they think privacy and security is a vital concern. For them, my recommendation for various movie metadata editors will help. So find some video metadata viewer and tag editor.

6. abcAVI Tag Editor

abcAVI Tag EditorabcAVI Tag Editor is another best video editor for Windows 10 operating system. You can use this free at free of cost to add metadata at various videos.

With the help of this metadata, you can edit existing video tags and, as per your requirement. You have the opportunity to edit artist, album, track, information, comments, language, and whatever you want. For the novice video, metadata editor can be a great tool.

More Info and Download

7. MyMeta Video Metadata Editor Software

MyMeta Video Metadata Editor SoftwareMyMeta is another video metadata viewer YouTuber and video maker. This commercial metadata editor is workable on Windows 10 platform. It can connect various databases for gathering video tag information. Some of the examples of databases are TheTVDB.com, TheMovieDB.org, and tagChimpMovavi.com. So we can call it video metadata editor online.

More Info and Download

8. MetaDoctor ( MAC)

MetaDoctor ( MAC)MetaDoctor ( MAC) is a Mac-based video metadata editor. It is popularly known as an MP4 tag editor that allows for editing and updating unlimited metadata for the movie file. If you are fond of editing iMovie or iTunes, you can use this video metadata editor for Mac. You also can add a video tag with the Mac Operating system.

More Info and Download

9. MP4 Auto Tag (MAC)

MP4 Auto Tag is another best video tag editor for Mac PCs. You can quickly add and edit the video tag and metadata with this video meta-tool. You can use this software free of cost, but the limitation is there is no authorize website to download video metadata editor software. If you want to work on it, you have to trust the third-party software.

More Info and Download

10. TagSpaces (MAC)

TagSpaces (MAC)TagSpaces is a magnificent video metadata editor software for the Mac Operating system. This software you can add any types of video tag and customize your personal information. This software is also free of cost and enjoyable to use. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. There is also the premium version of this software, which will provide you with more features than the free option.

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FFMPEG-Edit Video TagFFMPEG is a high-level application to edit metadata and video tags. If you like to use the command line between quality tools for Windows, you can use this command line video metadata editor. Your pic edits the video tag on the command prompt. The process is a little bit tricky and complicated. So you should have the advanced level expertise Tu to add video metadata.

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12. Lightworks Video Metadata Editor Software

Lightworks Video Metadata Editor SoftwareLightworks is its cross-platform video metadata editor software because it supports all the operating systems like Windows Linux and Mac OS. It is a professional but nonlinear video editor and supports various formats, including high quality like 4K. You can add multiple real-life effects, advance Multicam editing, import multiple files, and directly export to YouTube or Vimeo. Lightworks is for the professional video editor, and it requires high-level expertise.

More Info and Download


Lightworks Video Metadata Editor Software

Video Soft Dev ConverterVideo Soft Dev Converter is a splendid video metadata editor for windows 10, which has a lot of features. You can use both 32bit and 64bit versions without any problem. For the post-production and various effects, this software is very dynamic. It is the best video capturing software that supports multiple file formats. Video Soft Dev Converter is not free for use and customization.

More Info and Download

14. Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter-Edit Video TagAny Audio Converter is my other choice to edit video metadata. This software supports both Mac OS and Windows OS for adding a video tag. It’s a paid software, but you can use the free trial to test the performance. This software offers a lucrative interface to attract the general user and convert audio video into various formats.

More Info and Download

15. 4Media Video Editor 2 (MAC)

4Media Video Editor 2 (MAC)4Media Video Editor 2is is used as a tag editor with the Mac operating system. But the software supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can edit video metadata and add a video tag smoothly with 4Media Video Editor 2. This metadata editor cannot process the high-quality video, and the price is not as per my satisfaction.

More Info and Download

16. Jaikoz (MAC)

Jaikoz (MAC)- Edit Video TagJaikoz (MAC) is another essential software to edit video metadata and tag with the Mac operating system. You can organize and manage thousands of videos and music files without any pain because it allows you for the best processing. Like MyMeta, this software also uses an online database to get information and add a video tag. Jaikoz is a paid software, but you can use the free trial.

More Info and Download

17. TigoTago Video Metadata Editor Software

TigoTago Video Metadata Editor SoftwareTigoTago is one of the best video metadata editor software to edit your video tag by the Windows operating system. It allows you to edit various general information like album, track, type, artist, and title. It has multiple features like transcoding, lossless splitting, and lossless conversion between MP4, FLAC, ape, etc. TigoTago supports various languages and file formats for your better uses.

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18. MKVToolNix Video Metadata Editor Software

MKVToolNix Video Metadata Editor SoftwareMKVToolNix is another Mac best open source video metadata and video tag editing software that will provide you with various features. It is not customizable and not user-friendly that any advanced user can use. I would like to specially mention the function which is open source so you can use it free of cost without any limitation. What’s the restriction is the requirement of higher knowledge.

More Info and Download

19. MetatOGGer ( Tag Editor)

MetatOGGer ( Tag Editor)MetatOGGer is the tag editor and helpful for movie maker for making better videos. You can rename the tag of your audio and video files with a plugin. It can be done manually or automatically as per your choice. MetatOGGer ( Tag Editor) is available in English and French language. This software is free of cost and supports the Windows platform. The size of this video metadata editor is only 25 megabytes.

More Info and Download

20. Metadata2Go.com Video Metadata Editor Online

Metadata2Go.com Video Metadata Editor OnlineMetadata2Go.com is the best online video metadata editor and viewer. If there is any hidden metadata on your audio and video file, it will show you. Without any installation of the software, you will get video metadata information with limited hassle. This online tool supports a total of 15 features like telling the file type extension, modified date, file size, megapixel, image height, bits per sample, etc.

More Info and Download

Final Thought

Your creative works need to be protected. Video metadata editor software is the best tool to protect your piracy. Out of that 20 software, the first five are the best to edit the video tag. The remaining 15 you can have as your collection. If there is any metadata editor software missing on our list, please inform us. 

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.


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