30 Best Whiteboard Animation Software Free & Easy to Use

We all love informative videos on YouTube, TV commercials, and other presentations. Because some whiteboard animation software is making videos easier than earlier, in 2020, people will enjoy entertaining videos containing information. A study finds that 6 out of 10 people like informative animated videos rather than any fun play or funny clip. It is assumed that more than 80% of total online traffic will be covered by online video within 2022. So people are trying to make more online videos with the best free whiteboard animation software without watermark, Windows movie maker, and MiniTool Movie Maker to Make Better Videos. We briefly learn about some best whiteboard video makers in today’s learning.

What is the whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is making an animated video where the author physically draws and records the story. It comes in someone drawing and narrating on the animated whiteboard video maker. The creator adjusts the video with the help of time-lapse and stop motion.

This video-making software provides a digital canvas for an informative, entertaining TV commercial. It explains the style of your classroom. The animated presentation plays a set of sequences, making the study more likely and effective.

The sequence is a recording frame by frame for better synchronization. This animation is popularly known as animation doodling and video scribing.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software Free

In a study, we find that 80% assimilation of research comes from the visual effect, and 20% comes from the text. Moreover, the retention power of video is higher than that of audio and text. People think that making a video is a difficult task, but with the help of video animation software, it will be easier than your imagination. You do not require higher skills to make those mature videos. Today will list the 30 best excellent animation software that is free and easy to use. We use also narrate why we have chosen it. Considering the different types of fuses, we have divided our article into free and paid and based on the operating system.

1. Adobe Animate CC (Paid)

Adobe Animate CC (Paid)Adobe Animate CC is the most prominent and best animation software for your video. It is widely used for commercial purposes. The versatility of Adobe makes the software more authentic. After getting this exclusive software, you will not choose any other animated whiteboard-free software. It has integrated many new technologies like Flash, 2D animation, etc.

Adobe Animate CC has many parallel features, like posting your animated video directly on social media. You can grab viewers’ attention quickly, whether they use a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. It is one of the dynamic tools for creating Whiteboard animated videos. Various rich features and sound quality adjustment makes the software more robust.

Adobe Animate CC is a professional and commercial software. You will not get Adobe Animate CC free. However, some websites offer free download or crack license keys for Adobe Animate CC. FossGuru does not support this kind of activity. However, be careful about downloading such risky software and ensure a scan of the virus before installation. However, if any is mistakenly installed, you can remove it with the uninstaller software.

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2. TTS Sketch Maker (Paid)

TTS Sketch Maker (Paid)TTS Sketch Maker is based on a speech-to-text application. You can add male and female voices to make a high-quality video. The interface is very user-friendly, so high technical knowledge is not required. You can export the high-quality Whiteboard animated video without any watermark. Without spending any money on providing the professional to make the video, you can create excellent videos with TTS Sketch Maker.

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3. Animaker

Animaker Whiteboard Animation Software FreeAnimaker is one of the Best Software that is Free & Easy to Use. This application requires Flash to use. It is also effortless and is a friend that you can easily upload your picture and animation to make the perfect video. Before exporting or saving any file, you can review your work for your mental satisfaction.

You can make a 2 minutes video of this free whiteboard video maker. Several characters, infographics, and maps are available to make your video. You will get 5 videos in a month. You can upload a public or private video to YouTube without any pain. Accessible pro-up-gradation is always available based on your requirements. More than 1000 brands are using this Animaker free animation software.

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4. Biteable Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)

Biteable (Paid)Biteable is one of our list’s most straightforward animation video maker software. It is for those people who are confused about making animated videos. The comfortable and user-friendly feature will fascinate you.

Because of its simplicity, you will get everything at your fingertips. The record animation, music, and pictures are all available on a single platform. The non-professional can use this animated whiteboard video maker very effectively and efficiently.

Biteable also has a free version, but it will have a watermark. To remove the watermark, you have to purchase this product. When your video-making is entirely ok, you can upload it to YouTube or any other social media with a single click.

There is no requirement for the learning curve to use this software. Because the novice user can correctly use this software to create a high-quality HD video, you can customize your video with the help of a video editor.

Biteable offers plenty of templates to make your life easier. You can choose any of the templates or customize them on your own. The addition of images and colors is more here. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface and a robust soundtrack. Overall, Biteable is a good quality animation software.

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5. Camtasia (Paid)

Camtasia Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)Camtasia is a premium and comprehensive video animation software that provides all the facilities for making a complete and robust informative animated video. The profession of using this software for TV commercials and high-quality videos. It is highly customizable and offers over 500000 free stock photos, audio videos, and characters. Based on your business and personal requirement, it allows you to use various templates. 

 Camtasia offers a smoother experience and some built-in features. It is one of the best screen recorders that also provides the facility of a webcam to import media, annotation transition, and various audio effects. Because of the features, you can create mind-blowing whiteboard animation videos for your beta-cell destruction.

Many of us don’t know the capabilities and features of Camtasia whiteboard animation. You can pick the theme to customize for yourself and the built-in features like voice recording and webcam. Moreover, this software will make you more interactive and more productive.

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6. Coccinella (Windows/ MAC/Linux)

Coccinella (Windows MACLinux)Coccinella is a free, open-source whiteboard animation software to make high-quality, informative videos. It is very straightforward and offers you to share your idea with your audience. With the help of drag-and-drop features, you can import various animations, images, and objects.

With the help of Coccinella, you can make animated mathematical videos with various diagrams and formulas. Moreover, in the tutorial video, you can insert emotions and images. You also can add where you are trying to, like a pencil, eraser, oval, and rectangle.

Coccinella is a built-in messenger with the collaboration of an animated whiteboard video maker. This software offers a rich library. You can save the videos in several formats, like SVG, TXT, PS, and CMK. Moreover, it supports several Italian, German, English, and French languages.

7. Crazy Talk – Animator 2

Crazy Talk – Animator 2Crazy Talk – Animator 2 is a new 3D animation video maker software like the best whiteboard video maker. The user can apply here 3D monitor to 2D characters. With this cartoon animator, you can create your informative video because lip synchronization is perfect. You can Download Crazy Talk – Animator 2 for free. 

Crazy Talk – Animator 2 offers various features like movies and videos creator, artist and illustrator, and web designer. This free animation software supports both Windows and Mac Operating systems. You can upgrade to the free version anytime if it considers 5 of your requirements.

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8. Desktop Whiteboard (Free)

Desktop Whiteboard (Free)Desktop Whiteboard is another best animation video-making software that facilitates you to draw sketches and make comprehensive and informative videos for YouTube and other social media. This software is highly customizable to generate animation and export in various formats. You can make the video with a predefined set of pens. There are options to use the Whiteboard in full-screen mode, and you can move the board to the previous and next. With the built-in text editor, you can note down your learning points.

Desktop animated whiteboard video makers can use 9 workbook sheets at a time to teach essential notes. The drawing can be saved in the PNG file format. The size of the software is minimal and offers an excellent user interface. Moreover, you will get different colors for editing and extra space for noting down your information.

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9. Doodly Animation Software (Paid)

Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)Doodly is one of the best professional whiteboard tools for creating a robust, informative video without any e significant technical knowledge. It is paid software, but the price is reasonable. Students, professional videographers, freelancers, and general people can use this to make doodle videos.

Doodly helps to create a video with minimum time. So that you are traffic will increase by up to 157%. It is considered one of the best secure and accurate software with limited difficulties.

Doodly is more simple than your imagination. The excellent and straightforward drag-and-drop doodle video creator offers various features to make the video professional-looking. It never compromises your video’s quality, even though you have no technical knowledge. With this video animation software, you can create a whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board video.

Within a matter of minutes, Doodly can produce a full 1080p video. It offers royalty-free music, and you can install it on unlimited computers. After registration will get 200 different characters and 20 background scenes. The software provides support over voice. Both the Mac and Windows operating system users can use this software.

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10. Easy Sketch Pro (Paid)

Easy Sketch Pro (Paid)Easy Sketch Pro is one of the best professional whiteboard video maker software for making an interactive and informative video for your business. It has easy drag and drops features to start sketching videos. This professional video maker offers a lot of functionality, live video analysis, easy sketches, and social media integration.

Easy Sketch Pro is an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that saves time. You will get an interactive reach library to collect media files, images, music, etc. You can make awesome Google videos with the software. It converts your image to move items and makes it animated.

11. Explaindio Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)

Explaindio Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)Explaindio is the most exceptional video software on our list. You may like to watch Cartoon Online. This software is beneficial for making Cartoons. There are many features to create an informative video. 

Explaindio is similar to Adobe CC. It is challenging to manage and requires high-level expertise. For commercial production, it is used by professionals. You can also use it for educational purposes.

Explaindio is a cross-platform software that supports several operating systems. Windows and Mac users can create professional animation videos for their viewers. It has to create 2D and 3D animation together, like motion video, doodle sketches, etc. Explaindio Whiteboard video-making software offers no free trial, and the product prices are relatively higher than others.

12. Explee (Paid) ( Web)

Explee (Paid) ( Web)Explee is a robust web application to create a hassle-free animation video through the Whiteboard. It is hassle-free because you don’t have to search for any animation or clip separately on the internet. All the images, movies, clips, and videos are available for free online.

Explore web animation software does not require any high-configuration computer. It is a cross-platform application that supports any operating system’s browsers. It is a paid software that offers 14 days of free trial. The limitation of the software is it cannot save the work ok directly to your PC. You can share your work on social media or open this with a web-based media player.

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13. GoAnimate (Paid)

GoAnimate (Paid)GoAnimate is another paid powerful video animation software that allows you to create quality animation videos for advertisement, entertainment, and learning purposes. Thousands of users are using this software for the advanced customizable feature. It is very user-friendly, and the lip synchronization is effortless. You can create our full-quality video within 5 minutes with your image, animation, and recorded audio. 

Another reason for choosing GoAnimate is the speed and performance of this animation software. The unique features of the background and characters make. The user can get the components directly from the web. The collection of this software is good so that you can choose the software without any hesitation.

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14. IRS Annotate ( Free)

irs Annotate ( Free)IRS Annotate is a desktop-based robot whiteboard animation software to create an informative animated video. The screen of this animation software is very user-friendly to use. The software size is also minimal, using your low memory and processor so that there is no pressure on your CPU. 

IRS Annotate is the perfect animated whiteboard video maker, free for animation for drawing with a customizable brush. The system is comprehensive, transparent, and has a compact toolbar on a desktop. You can convert your desktop into a canvas for drawing and adding value. You need Adobe AIR pre-installed on your computer to use this customizable Whiteboard.

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15. Moovly (Paid)

Moovly (Paid)Moovly is an excellent software for creating an explainer, tutorial, advertisement, and presentation for a few minutes. After your sign up, you will get a wide range of world of animation. The templates of this whiteboard animation software are vibrant. You will get more than 75 million lively objects, audio clips, and video clips in the library of Moovly.

After completing the Moovly video, you can directly share it from this platform. The drag-and-drop feature of the system makes it more unique and user-friendly. It is the perfect video for all professionals, including students.

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16. MySimpleShow

MySimpleShow Whiteboard Animation Software FreeSuppose you plan a tutorial video for your employees, make a professional TV commercial for your audience, or create an original animation video for the kids. In that case, MySimpleShow is the perfect video for you. As a Student, you can create social awareness videos and share them directly on social media. It is one of the best and easiest tutorial animation software free for you with limited features.

MySimpleShow brings all types of features for creating an informative animation video. The feature includes audio, image, graphics, and many other things to make the best whiteboard animation videos. It is one of the suitable movie animation software without watermarks.

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17. Net Pen (Free)

Net Pen (Free)Net Pen is a free whiteboard software that allows you to manipulate your video creation correctly. The various tools of this handy program will allow you to create high-quality content. You can control your work smoothly and simultaneously with a few clicks. 

Net Pen is collaborative and interactive to produce sound output. You can share your whiteboard animation work live with your friends. Tools like erasers, pens, spray, and text shapes are convenient. You can import the images in the drawing area. In the configuration, you can set the setting of your best whiteboard animation videos; for example, it can be temporary or permanent. Moreover, the software size is minimal (only 1.5 MB). You must install Java on your computer to use animation software for free.

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18. PowToon (Free) (Windows)

PowToon (Free) (Windows)PowToon is an excellent option for those who want to create any informative animation video with the help of the best whiteboard video maker. It will help you to get the attention of your senior, junior, and fellow mates. The animation video will make your communication more effective than the text.

PowToon offers a wide range of templates to make higher-quality whiteboard animation smooth. It is Windows 10-supported software to create premium quality animation videos faster and free. You need to sign up to install the software to get the training material for this animation software.

PowToon also offers a live Webinar for taking purposes. You can have royalty-free music and various animation objects. The software is free for 3 minutes, and the storage is only 100 megabytes.

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19. RawShorts ( Free)

RawShorts ( Free)RawShorts is another excellent tool for preparing explainer videos. This animation-making software is beneficial and responsive with many whiteboard animation video templates. The different types of the category will make you more comprehensive and trustworthy.

RawShorts allows you to insert customized text media effects etc. It lets you share your work on social media like YouTube and Facebook. It is straightforward to use with drag and drop procedure. The free versions will enable you to create a video for 2 minutes.

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20. Renderforest

Renderforest Whiteboard Animation Software FreeRenderforest is a fantastic whiteboard animation software free for the novice and beginner. It will give you unlimited possibilities to create your presentation in storytelling mode. What means of numbers templates and various features will make your work fast? You will get more than 415 interactive scenes, music, and animations to make your video colorful.

You can also use the Renderforest free animation software to create cartoon, educational, and commercial videos. The software is free, but there is an opportunity to enhance it for the premium version. Moreover, You can edit your content online. So we do believe you may choose this software.

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21. NittiTre

NittiTre WhiteBoardNittiTre is another handy and Powerful clip animation software that allows full-screen mode. All the features are customized, and you can make the video in your style. NittiTre supports the .NET framework, so you should have this system. The display can be made full screen, and it is a semi-transparent whiteboard that provides a red brush by default. But you can change the opacity of the transparency.

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22. Open Sankore

Open SankoreOpen Sankore is an open-source whiteboard animation software that supports all types of hardware. The excellent program supports various features, including drawing, highlighting, and committing with appropriate animation. It allows the user to work in a clean environment. After your video creation, you can see your document on social media.

23. Paint On Whiteboard Desktop

Paint On Whiteboard DesktopPaint On Whiteboard Desktop is a desktop-based software for creating high-quality animated videos. It allows you to make your desktop screen a whiteboard for drawing. Use the line pane arrow and other drawing tools and save the picture in PNG format. It is one of the best software, so it should have Java on your computer. The size of the software is minimal, so you need not think about the performance of your PC.

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24. Sparkol (Paid)

Sparkol Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)Sparkol is one of the best software to keep your audience busy with entertainment and education. Because this software creates a beautiful video that everybody will appreciate, it will help you to get awards and inspiration from your organization, students, and friends. It will allow you to create a video that will affect the audience in the long run. Moreover, it offers a lot of images, videos, and audio clips.

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25. TruScribe (Paid)

TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)TruScribe is a software of neuroscience theory for getting attention from the audience, retaining customers, and enhancing your students’ understanding. It applies a tribology method to create explainer videos. It offers the option of using hand-drawn movies with this HD animation software 2020. The main limitation of the software is it is paid, and there is no free option.

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26. Video Jeeves (Paid)

Video Jeeves (Paid)Video Jeeves is another best movie animation software without watermarks. It is more convenient for teachers to make attractive videos for their insurance. With this software, you can convert your audience into customers. This will increase your profitability with minimum effort. It is paid software, but the cost is meager.

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27. VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFXVideoMakerFX is a video creation software with high quality. It is easy to use and master. You can use this simple software for an excellent video with minimum effort. After getting the software, you will stop making a boring slideshow. You can use this Pro video animation software for better productivity and profitability to increase sales.

28. VideoScribe

VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software FreeVideoScribe is paid software, but you can use it for free. If you ask anyone which one is the leading and most popular best whiteboard animation video, all will answer the name of VideoScribe. On YouTube, I found all the whiteboard video tutorials from this software. It has become popular because of its user-friendliness and organizational promotion strategy.

Using the paid version of VideoScribe, you can make professional-quality videos cheaply. The software library is vibrant, and you will get 24/7 support from the community team and experts. The application is used worldwide, so that you will get technical support.

VideoScribe offers a lot of pre-built templates where you can add unlimited images, text, and videos. I can choose this software for making any magnificent video because it supports all operating systems. Moreover, the password never changes based on the operating system.

The user interface of VideoScribe free youtube whiteboard animation is very user-friendly. It helps you to prepare better-animated videos with more than 5000 images. You can input your voice very correctly. It is used to make BBC videos. In the free version, there is a watermark as a limitation.

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29. Whyteboard

WhyteboardWhiteboard is a very easy-to-use software that enables PostScript documents. Like the other whiteboard software, it offers a wide range of videos, images, and many different animations. It is very user-friendly, and kids can use it. Whiteboard is cross-platform, so that you can use it on Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating systems.

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30. Wideo (Paid)

Wideo Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)Video is a professional software for animation video makers. It will reduce your pain to make a high-quality video. The drag-and-drop feature will save you time. You will get a lot of video templates, images, and audio clips to make the video more robust. We can make a complete HD explainer video with 1300 plus pictures and 50 plus music tracks. It is also paid software, so you have to verify your license.

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Bonus Review: FlexClip Online Movie Maker

FlexClip Online Movie MakerFlexClip is an online Video Maker to create marketing videos and family stories within a few minutes. It offers you millions of royalty-free media resources from its proper library. The comprehensive and authoritative features will help you to adjust images, trim video, and provide watermarks. FlexClip is faster, safer, and easy to use.

FlexClip is highly suitable for making marketing videos. These videos will influence the buying behavior that will increase your sales. In your social media, it will generate more likes and shares. It offers many business video templates, so you will not get any pain creating a professional video.

The Whiteboard software is one of the best online video makers with a drag-and-drop facility. It is usable for both personal and commercial use. You will get a lot of features, including importing images, videos, sound clips, text, and customized logos.

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Final Thought

We hope the long list will satisfy all of your needs. It would be a great pleasure if you could make a successful video with video-making software. Our experience shows that Adobe Animate CC, Camtasia, PowToon, and FlexClip are the best free whiteboard animation software without a watermark. You may differ from our verdict. So the comment box is open for you.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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