Best 20 Windows Uninstaller Software to Remove Stupid Program

In the busy world if you get your computer is also busy with some unwanted programs then definitely you will feel disturbed. Windows Uninstaller Software is a tool to solve this problem. It is more useful when you see that some software is not being uninstalled for any unknown reason. There are some uninstaller tools to remove your unwanted program completely. In this article, we will discuss some uninstaller for windows to make your PC clean and super fast.

Some uninstaller programs monitor the installed software directly. Sometimes you will find uninstaller software as the name of the uninstaller. It is a utility tool to remove any software or part of the software from a computer. It is highly recommended for the software which is installed on multiple directories.

When Microsoft Windows XP became popular then the uninstaller tools became popular. Because of declining the price of hard disks and increasing the capacity the convention of sharing hard drive has reduced and the use of Windows uninstaller programs also reduced.

Best Windows Uninstaller Software

It is bothering when you tried but failed to remove any software program from your directories. Unnecessary programs make your PC slow by engaging RAM and processor. Moreover, hard disk plays a vital role in computer efficiency. In today’s endeavor, we will try to cover the best 20 Windows removing software.

Default Windows Uninstaller

In each version of Windows operating systems, there are default software removal options from Windows Control Panel. You can get the control panel from the programs or start menu. In Windows 10 you will get control panel by search option. In the program, option finds uninstall a program and remove the program. 

Uninstall Software in Windows 10

You can uninstall any stupid software by the Windows app in Windows 10 beside using the control panel. You also can uninstall a program in Windows 10 using the command prompt. The process is given on video.

According to our experience, we have seen the default process does not delete a program forcefully. On the other hand, this process leftover some empty and junk files. So your PC began to be slow. The Windows uninstaller software can solve all of those problems like cleaning PC, boost your PC and remove junk files.

1. IObit Uninstaller

IObit UninstallerAt the beginning of the review regarding the best Windows uninstaller software, I want to express my gratitude to IObit Uninstaller. It is such an installer that removes all of your errors, bad sector or hard disk and runtime error. It is a premium PC cleaning and optimization tool that offers free use for a few days. Within those free days, you can fix your computer problem.

IObit Uninstaller allows you tension free online browsing that ensures better performance. It can remove all the malicious software and junk files safely. The install monitor features automatically revert the change of your PC. Moreover, it removes all leftover programs uninstalled by other removal tools.

What I like
  • While uninstalling any main program IObit Uninstaller allows getting rid of stubborn plugins.
  • It supports removing advertising and stubborn plugins. 
  • The scan of IObit Uninstaller is powerful to delete leftover files.
  • 1 click update for all-important software.
  • The pro version support 24/7.
  • A free version is only for a few days.
  • The free version does not support batch uninstallation process.

Get IObit

2. Geek Uninstaller

Geek UninstallerIf you want may features like 100 % free, small, portable and fast Windows uninstaller software then we will recommend you Geek Uninstaller. Using this Windows uninstaller you can remove Windows Store apps in a normal way or by force. The user interface of Geek Uninstaller is nice and it supports various languages. 

If the configuration of your laptop is low then you can try this portable software that does not require any installation. It is workable for 32 and 64 bit of all the versions of the Windows operating system. Though we are telling it 100% free, the free version does not support many features.

What I Like
  • Geek Uninstaller is a small portable software that does not need any installation.
  • It is good against stupid software.
  • It shows the programs based on size.
  • The users of this software are comparatively less.
  • The free version does not provide all the features.

Get Geek

3. Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager is one of the best Windows Uninstaller SoftwareIf you need any forensic analysis before making any decision of uninstallation then you can use Comodo Programs Manager. It is a powerful utility tool to remove any program from your PC. With a single click, it can save your disk space. 

Comodo Programs Manager is capable of finding all the traces of your computer. It deletes the left behind folders, junk files, registry entries and the trace of removed software. It is one of the best backup software to keep a copy of the software. The user interface of Comodo is also mind-blowing.

What I like
  • Comodo Programs Manager completely deletes partial install.
  • It monitors, detects and removes the junk files.
  • It manages the Windows features smoothly.
  • The software keeps backup so reinstallation is easy for that software.
  • After any successful uninstallation, it needs to restart the computer.
  • There is no recent release of Comodo Programs Manager for a long time.
  • I can not use it on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Get Comodo Programs Manager

4. Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Advanced Uninstaller PROIf you are a commercial user or searching highly effective Windows uninstaller software then you can use the pro version of Advanced Uninstaller. It is the ultimate uninstaller program to remove software quickly from your PC. Advanced Uninstaller PRO supports all the versions of Windows operating systems.

The profile of Advanced Uninstaller PRO is very rich. It has over 80k happy customers and 80 million downloads. It is such a Benchmarking Software For PC that automatically takes care of your computer. This software automatically checks your PC’s health daily.

What I like
  • The customer support of Advanced Uninstaller PRO is extraordinary.
  • It monitors the installation process so it can delete the program completely.
  • You can keep backup and restore that particular removed software.
  • It offers several innovative productivity tools for your PC.
  • Advanced Uninstaller PRO is costly software.
  • Unless you are a high-level user the expenditure is not cost-effective.
  • Before uninstalling any software you can not make any restore point.

Get Advanced Uninstaller PRO

5. Windows Uninstaller Software Puran Uninstaller

Windows Uninstaller Software Puran UninstallerI am a dedicated fan of Puran Uninstaller. In my previous article of Best Data Recovery Software For Windows OS, I appreciated the name of Puran File Recovery. This software remover tool is very small in size and workable to all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Puran Uninstaller can uninstall any software with ease. After the installation, it scans for the remaining junk files. Like other Windows Uninstall software, it can forcibly delete any program and make a text or HTML file. Puran Uninstaller fights against the malfunction of software and verifies the digital signature of particular software.

What I like
  • Puran Uninstaller is good for identifying malfunctioning software.
  • It offers a clean interface.
  • You can make a list by sorting and searching. 
  • We did not find any recent update of Puran Uninstaller.
  • It is a free program so you will see some ads at the bottom of the software.

Get Software

6. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is one of the best Windows Uninstaller SoftwareRevo Uninstaller is one of the best Windows uninstaller software to clean any program from your PC. It has high expertise in removing programs like removing Windows app, removing popular browser extensions and advanced scanning for leftover programs. If you want to see real-time uninstallation with force and multiple removals then Revo Uninstaller is one of the best uninstallation software.

Revo Uninstaller maintains the log database to manage the installation logs like edit, review and share logs. This windows software removal tool offers Search app by name, List all installed apps, List all installed by user apps, Show app name, version, update time, size and better user experience.

Revo Uninstaller is a pro software that provides free professional technical support, easy user interface, portable and compatible to 32 bit and 64-bit computer. It is the best program to remove junk and empty folders. It gives the best lesson to the stubborn programs by removing them completely.

What I Like
  • Revo Uninstaller offers some unique features to remove any program.
  • The uninstaller makes a restore point automatically.
  • This portable software offers many extraordinary tools to remove programs.
  • Revo Uninstaller does not allow batch removal tasks.
  • It does not have enough free features.
  • You have to pay for Revo Uninstaller.

Get Revo

7. CCleaner

ccleanerTo make your computer faster with privacy CCleaner is one of the best Windows uninstaller software. It is an award-winning computer optimization tool to make PC faster. The four main functions of CCleaner are making faster computers, safer browsing, fewer errors and crashes and quicker setup.

CCleaner is a software management tool that automatically updates all of your existing software. There may be security risks of old software so by taking the own responsibility CCleaner updates all the old software. It erases all of your cookie’s data to make you confidential.

CCleaner provides you three types of options like the free software you will get privacy protection with faster computers. In the professional version, you will get Software Updater, Faster Computer, Privacy Protection, Real-time Monitoring, Scheduled Cleaning, Automatic Updates, and Premium Support. In the best value option, you will get Disk Defragmentation, File Recovery, and Hardware Inventory in addition to professional edition.

What I like 
  • CCleaner allows you to sort the programs and find the largest programs that make your PC busy.
  • It shows a list of installed programs on your PC.
  • It offers a lot of other tools at various levels.
  • The price of the Pro version is relatively high.
  • It only works from the program Window.
  • You may have to uninstall some programs manually.
  • Moreover, it does not support batch uninstallation.

Get CCleaner

8. Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute UninstallerAnother software erasing tool we want to introduce is Absolute Uninstaller. It is a fast and friendly software to add and remove any software program. Generally, when we remove the software from a PC in a normal way then the deleted software keeps some trace like desktop icon, registry key, empty files, etc. Absolute Uninstaller is the perfect tool to remove all those files from your laptop.

It completely uninstalls the stubborn software from your PC so your PC becomes fast. The size of this software is small so your PC gets less pressure. As a result, your CPU temperature remains under control.

What I like
  • Absolute Uninstaller can delete Windows Update.
  • It automatically shows an invalid shortcut and deletes.
  • You can process batch uninstallation using this software.
  • Though it has a batch uninstallation facility, it is very difficult to use.
  • When it’s set up it tries to install another software.
  • The search function is not as rich as expected.

Get Absolute Software

9. PC Decrapifier Windows Uninstaller Software

PC Decrapifier Windows Uninstaller SoftwareIf you search any small size uninstaller software then we would recommend your PC Decrapifier. It is designed to delete unwanted programs from any new or old PC. This freeware scans your PC in a fast way and deletes unwanted programs and junk files.

The unique Uninstall Wizards of PC Decrapifier allows you to delete software manually which is not possible to delete automatically. It is a self-contained program that has no installer or uninstaller. 

The uninstallation process by PC Decrapifier is very easy. You have to run a portable program. An automatic Wizard will appear. Select the items from a list of installed programs, see the review and complete your removal process.

What I like
  • PC Decrapifier allows removing programs in bulk processing.
  • Before the deletion of any software, it makes a restore point.
  • You can see the statistics of how many other users have removed the program using this software.
  • It is small, free and portable.
  • There are no filtering options for the PC Decrapifier.
  • Unable to remove the program directly from the explorer.

Get PC Decrapifier

10. MyUninstaller

myuninstallerThe other software removing tool I will mention is MyUninstaller. It is a Windows-based program that shows the list of installed software, deletes and uninstalls programs by making a text or HTML file. During the uninstallation, it also provides the information of name, publisher, company, version of the particular software.

The MyUninstaller software runs on all versions of Windows Operating systems. It can not uninstall software by force. It searches for the uninstaller of that particular software and then removes it from the PC. This software is very small having only 30KB in size and portable on Pendrive.

What I Like
  • MyUninstaller is very small software with only 30 KB size.
  • It is portable to use.
  • The software is easy to use with lots of options.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • MyUninstaller can not remove stupid program forcefully.
  • No batch software removing the facility.
  • No update for a long time.

Get MyUninstaller

11. Ashampoo Uninstaller Windows Uninstaller Software

Ashampoo Uninstaller Windows Uninstaller SoftwareAshampoo Uninstaller is an excellent software to eliminate unwanted programs from your PC. Besides the stupid software, you also can delete the stubborn toolbar and plugin. It allows you to install, test and delete unwanted programs with leftover files.

Using the deep cleaning technology this uninstaller monitors each installation and removes it from the deep folder. The new features interface of Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 has no difficulty. It has served over 20 million people over 160 countries in the last 20 years. 

What I Like
  • Ashampoo Uninstaller can perfectly uninstall your unwanted programs without an installation log.
  • It permanently wipes sensitive data, removes complex setups and deletes leftover program files.
  • This software has some unique features like drag and drop uninstallation, full opera support and showing uninstallation history.
  • Multipurpose tray menu faster features to access and enhancing deep clean technology has made it more unique.
  • It is so powerful that it can remove locked programs.
  • The update is less frequent
  • If you need more features you have to pay.
  • All the features are not required for you.

Get Ashampoo

12. ZSoft Uninstaller Windows Uninstaller Software

ZSoft Uninstaller Windows Uninstaller SoftwareIf you are tired of some stupid software then you can use the ZSoft Uninstaller. In the Windows operating systems, there may have some registry entries after deleting any software. ZSoft Uninstaller is perfect for that stubborn software.

The specialization of this software is to remove left behind files after the installation of software. It can find out the files of the temp folder. It also can scan any directory of empty folders. By the name of the software, it searches the badware from your PC.

What I Like
  • After uninstalling any software it deletes leftover files.
  • It automatically finds and deletes the empty and temp folders.
  • It supports more than 15 languages.
  • The release of ZSoft Uninstaller is not regular.
  • Based on size it can not the soft program.
  • You can not uninstall the batch software.

Get ZSoft

13. OESIS Endpoint Assessment

OESIS Endpoint AssessmentTo manage thousand of third party software the software engineers use the OESIS Endpoint Assessment to classify, assess, managing and removing the software. It is cross-platform so you can use it for Windows, Linux, macOS and any other operating systems. 

OESIS Endpoint Assessment has many options but we will only focus one OESIS Uninstaller features. Since it is a testing software so it can also remove smoothly. Using this software you can delete any unwanted programs like public file-sharing software, tools bar of the browser, legacy antivirus, and cloud storage applications.

What I Like
  • OESIS Endpoint Assessment is highly professional for professional engineers.
  • It automatically removes your program.
  • It is highly effective to remove batch files.
  • Because of portable software no installation is required.
  • The program is over your expectations. All the features are not required for the mass people.

Get OESIS Endpoint Assessment

14. Anvi Uninstaller

Anvi UninstallerAnvi Uninstaller is another important Windows software removing tool for Windows users. It aims to remove all the unwanted software that you are unable to delete in a normal way. It is not smart as Windows default uninstaller bet you will find it useful in many other ways.

The Anvi Uninstaller is a portable software that you can use from your external hard disk. The search system of this Windows remover is rich and you can customize the various search. So you can delete the recent software or ole software as per your need.

The software does not have any setup pack so there is no hassle to installation. The interface of Anvi Uninstaller is similar to many other uninstaller software so you can use it easily. It uses low CPU and RAM so it is best for low configuration computers.

What I like
  • Anvi Uninstaller organizes the programs into categories so it is easy to find.
  • The advanced search tool will minimize your task.
  • It can be used from Pendrive and without installation.
  • It can also delete the patches and updates.
  • Anvi Uninstaller did not release any updates.
  • You can not perform the batch installation with Anvi remover.
  • Anvi is unable to capture the appeal of users.

Get Anvi

15. Free Uninstall It

Windows Uninstaller Software"Free Uninstall It"If you can not delete any software in a normal way then you can remove it forcefully using Free Uninstall It. It is highly efficient to uninstall old and unused programs. It also removes the registry entries and residual trace.

The specialization of this software is it can delete the programs which are not in at your program list but installed in your PC as a hiding app. It has also the option to create a system restore point before removing. This software is useable for Windows 10 to Windows XP.

What I like
  • Free Uninstall It has a unique way to remove any software.
  • Before uninstalling any software it creates a restore point.
  • Delete software which is not in the list of the program.
  • If you want to delete batch software then it is not possible.
  • There may have some extra features which may not require you.

Get The Software

16. Free Uninstaller

Free Uninstaller is a wonderful program to uninstall all types of programs that you want to remove.
Photo Credit: Softpedia

Free Uninstaller is a wonderful program to uninstall all types of programs that you want to remove. It is specialized for the deleting software of Windows operating systems. It is the same as a basic uninstallation program that can support batch uninstallation.

The standard user interface of free Uninstaller is easy to navigate. This software is portable so you need not install once again to any PC. Like Windows Bootable Pendrive plug and play the software. It will not change your Windows registry key.

This software is workable on Windows 10 or earlier. It is easy to use but noticeable users are very low. Moreover, it is difficult to find user manuals.

What I Like
  • Easy to use
  • The software is free of cost
  • Support Windows 10 or earlier versions.
  • It does not have any user manual.
  • The software does not release any recent updates.
  • The user interface needs to be more friendly.
  • Difficult to find on the web search engine.

Get The Software

17. Avast Uninstall

Avast UninstallSometimes it is not possible to uninstall Avast program by any other third party Windows Uninstaller then you can use the avast uninstall software. Avast Uninstall Utility is the most relevant software to uninstall Avast Antivirus.

The uninstallation process of Avast Antivirus software is very easy. First of all, you have to download the file “aswclear.exe” and save it to your desktop. To complete your task you have to restart your computer in safe mode. You must log in to your computer as an administrator. Now, double click and open the uninstaller. After opening it select the Avast software you want to remove. 

What I Like
  • You need no money to uninstall.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can also do the job from the control panel.
  • You have to select the individual folder to remove. It is too boring.

18. AVG Remover

AVG RemoverAVG is one of the best Antivirus software to protect PC. But for any reason, you may need to remove all the registry files of AVG. The AVG Remover will perform the task smoothly. It is recommended to use the software as the last option. 

AVG Remover is workable for all the versions of Windows operating systems. It allows you to completely detect all the AVG products from your computer. So, before using the windows uninstaller you should save all of your required files. If you run the program then a file will generate called avgremover.log. This log will contain all the deleted files from your PC.

The AVG Clear is used for last resort. When you fail to delete the AVG products from any PC then use the software removal tools. It is a product of AVG which is free to use. But it has some demerits too.

What I Like
  • AVG Remover can clean all of your registry files related to AVG.
  • You can remove the AVG product without any cost.
  • It keeps a trace/ audit trail for you.
  • It is only for AVG products.


19. Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program UninstallerIf you search any handy Windows Uninstaller we would recommend the name of Wise Program Uninstaller. It deletes all the leftover files from your computer. Though it has many extra features the user interface is very clear and rich. When you will open the Uninstaller app you will get the list of programs installed at your computer. Besides the list of programs, you will also find the author, developer, size and location of the software.

In the wise program uninstaller, you will get two different types of modes like force and safe. In the installation time, the program creates some registry files. The safe mode deletes all the registry files normally but force mode deletes the file on the force. As a result, the computer becomes at risk and it is not recommended.

What I like
  • wise program uninstaller is a free software program to use.
  • There is no requirement for the installation.
  • Being a small tool it can uninstall the desired program.
  • It can forcibly remove any stubborn software.
  • The context menu options the uninstaller works more efficiently.
  • It is secured and support multi-language
  • Supports the version of the Windows operating system.
  • It also has data recovery options and resources to speed up a slow computer
  • Wise program is a paid software.
  • Only for the Windows users

Get Wise Program Uninstaller

20. Antivirus Software Uninstallers

Antivirus Software Uninstallers can be work as Windows Uninstaller SoftwareAntivirus Software Uninstallers is not any specific software. Every antivirus has its uninstaller software to remove them. The antivirus program keeps a copy of files in the temp files. Moreover, some antivirus software makes the PC slow.

There are some states/scenarios that your PC is out of control and you can not delete any program. Then, you can try for Free Bootable Antivirus Disk to clean your PC. Here you will get a list of 20 bootable antiviruses to solve your problem.

Final Thoughts

Your PC is the most important friend in your day to day life. But some stubborn software, plugin, and toolbar hamper to make your PC fast. Free Windows uninstaller software is the blessings for the users to remove the unwanted programs. There may have many other Windows software removal tools but Orbit, CCleaner and Advance uninstaller are the best options to me. So what are your feelings? Please let us inform you of the comments.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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