Top 10 Best Alternative to Truecaller App For Android to Track Caller ID

Truecaller App For Android is the world’s best caller ID and blocking app to get all the features in one place, like chat, SMS, and call. It is effortless and safe to chat with anyone. This Android application is used for organizing a spam-free inbox. It has intelligent dialers for all your calls. It also supports UPI-based transfer and Bill payment.

Truecaller App For Android is great for tracking caller ID and finding the caller name. It is widely popular and has more than 100 million active installations. This Truecaller app has both a free and pro version. It automatically identifies every hidden message. It also has the block function of spam and telemarketing SMS. You can block by username and number series.

**Important Note: The Truecaller Android application does not share or upload your phone book to the public or any searchable systems.

Truecaller Android Application Review

More than 25 crore people have faith in their communication requirements. If there is a security question about receiving risky phone calls, you can use this call blocker Android application. It works as a community-based spam list that millions of users update.

Truecaller Android application offers an accessible chatting facility with your friends and family. It automatically identifies every unknown SMS sender and blocks spam & telemarketing bothering SMS. You also can block anyone by name or several series.

There is no advertisement in the paid version of the Truecaller Android application. In a month, you will get 30 contact requests. You can easily see anyone’s profile. Moreover, you also can identify who has viewed your profile. It also provides a bank excellent security policy to manage a bank account and Bill payments.

Key features of Truecaller

  • Truecaller automatically identifies every unknown SMS.
  • It can block telemarketing and spam SMS.
  • You can identify anyone calling you.
  • It is one of the best backup managers to back up your call history contract massage into Google Drive.
  • Truecaller Android application support Duel mobile SIM.
  • Truecaller Gold is standout from the crowd with high priority.

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Knowing accurate information is the right of the human being. Truecaller allows learning about the actual callers. It has to search for any number which you don’t know. It avoids receiving an unknown number and helps you block unwanted calls.

How Does The Truecaller App Work?

Truecaller is a community-based application that works based on your contribution. Everyone installing this application has their personal phone contact. After installing the Truecaller application, it takes your permission to get access to your phone book. The data is crowdsourced from millions of users who have installed this caller ID application in their phone book by this mechanism.

As a part of the end-user agreement, Truecaller asks you to provide access to your phone book contact on your smartphone. The data is uploaded to the Truecaller server. After data filtering and the required combination, the caller number and ID are organized for the Truecaller users to search upon.

How Truecaller Collects Data

The process of collecting data starts from your login screen. If you are a caller ID application user, you already send this Android application to access Facebook, Yahoo, or Gmail. Most social media users or Gmail users have synchronization with their phone book contact. So if you log in to this application, your total contact list is updated with your phone book. On the other hand, your phonebook is synchronized with the Truecaller app. Show all of your phone contact passes to the Truecaller app. In this way, this community-based application makes an enormous phone book list to provide accurate data about the actual callers.

Advantages of the Truecaller app

  • The Truecaller app allows you to find the callers’ mobile phone locations with their names.
  • You can track the person who is giving you your mobile phone number.
  • You can find the caller in two ways when he is calling and by reverse phone lookup.
  • It is easy to block the spam caller.
  • You can also report to the Truecaller database about the nuisance activity.

The Disadvantage of Truecaller Application

  • This caller ID application does not work for all areas.
  • An Internet connection is a must to get accurate results.
  • There is indeed no guarantee of your information security.
  • There is also a claim of privacy issues.
  • If anyone unlists his number, we’ll never find his number on the Truecaller application.

How to Remove Your Mobile Number From The Truecaller App?

We all know the Truecaller app is a privacy issue. So if you want to remove your contact number from the Truecaller database, you can visit the Truecaller request form and describe the reason for unlisting. After filling in the required captcha, select the unlist from Truecaller. Your number will never return, and all the previous records will be deleted from the Truecaller server.

Alternative to Truecaller App For Android

Those caller ID apps provide you with the correct information about the caller. You can install any of those caller Apps. TThis articl will discuss the best ten alternatives to the actual caller app for AAAndroid.

1. Caller ID, True Call & Call Blocker: Showcaller

Caller ID, True Call & Call Blocker-Showcaller

Showcaller can find out the name, ID, and address of unknown incoming calls. Avoiding spam, scam, and telemarketing disturbance is good. This app is decisive for mobile number locator, location tracker, call blocker, quick number book, call recorder, and mobile number tracker.


  • Caller ID
  • Call Blocker
  • Call Recorder
  • Quick Contacts
  • Offline Database (Lightning identification)
  • Easy to Use
  • Phone Number Lookup
  • Smart Dialer

More Info and Download

2. True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker is an alternative to the true caller app for AAAndroid. It has the same features as Truecaller. This app helps you to find out who is calling your phone. It also helps you to find out the caller’s location using GPS. This app does not steal sensitive data like call records, contracts, or other raw data.


  • Works 100% offline
  • Using Phone Numbers Search for Caller Details
  • Identify Caller ID
  • Block Unwanted calls with Call Blocker
  • Track your mobile location on Google Map
  • Using its GPS, Track day-to-day Mobile Location History on Google Maps.

3. Caller ID – Who Called Me, Call Location Tracker

Caller ID - Who Called Me, Call Location Tracker which also act as Truecaller App For Android: Truecaller App For Android

Caller ID – Who Called Me, Call Location Tracker is a trust of 15 million people to find out who is calling. It is a mobile number locator, reverse phone number lookup, call blocker, and call location tracker. This Caller ID app will identify any unknown incoming calls and telemarketing and block robocalls and unwanted calls. It helps to display call location, caller photo, and an accurate name for you. This app is the same as the Truecaller app for AAAndroid.


  • Find the Caller ID
  • Call Blocker – Blacklist
  • Phone Number Search
  • Smart Dialer
  • Call Log Scan

More Info and Download

4. Caller ID – Phone Number Location & Call Blocker

Caller ID - Phone Number Location & Call Blocker

Caller ID – Phone Number Location & Call Blocker is an excellent app for discovering and blocking unknown dialers. It works like a mobile number locator, phone number tracker, caller id app, and call blocker app. According to its characteristics, this caller id android is just like the actual caller app for AAAndroid. Despite many negative comments, this app’s installation volume is more than one million.


  • True Caller ID
  • Call Blocker
  • Smart Call Log
  • Phone Number Search
  • T9 Dialer & Contacts app
  • Smart SMS app
  • Offline database

More Info and Download

5. Truecaller App For Android Alternative: Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya - Caller ID & Block: Truecaller App For Android alternative

Hiya – Caller ID & Block recognizes the calls you want to pick up and blocks the numbers and messages you want to avoid. Hiya app is free and incredibly easy to use. The utility of this app is to identify incoming calls, block calls, block unwanted phone numbers, and receive spam alerts. We may consider it as a truecaller app download free for AAAndroid.


  • See Caller ID
  • Call Block / Spam Blocker
  • Ensure Security
  • Find Unknown Callers
  • Identify the SMS Caller ID

More Info and Download

6. Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr. Number is another best alternative to the Truecaller app for AAAndroid. This app is one of the best-reviewed apps, according to PC Mag. According to Appy Award and the New York Times, this app is the same as Truecaller. This app is so accessible to block calls from businesses, people, and hidden numbers. So we can think this app is also an alternative to the actual caller app for AAAndroid.


  • Block calls from the area code, one person, or an entire country
  • Stop telemarketers
  • Intercept calls from unknown/ private numbers
  • Report spam calls
  • Automatic caller lookup

More Info and Download

7. Caller ID & Call Block – DU Caller

Caller ID & Call Block - DU Caller act as Truecaller App For Android

Caller ID & Call Block – DU Caller app is another excellent app like the truecaller app for AAAndroid. It is also the Best Battery Saver Apps For Android. You can use this app as the best call-recording app for AAAndroid. This caller ID app identifies the unknown app and blocks unwanted numbers. It is multi-lingual and has an extensive database to store all numbers.


  • Smart Dialer
  • Secret Call Protection
  • Friends Search
  • Call History Scan
  • SMS blocker – Junk SMS Folder
  • Call Blocker – Blacklist
  • Call Recorder
  • Find Caller ID

8. TruCaller: Spam Call, Spam SMS, Contact Blocking!

Alternative to Truecaller App For Android: TruCaller - Spam Call, Spam SMS, Contact Blocking

TruCaller is the most substantial and updated app on the play store. This app helps avoid spam calls, SMS, and contract blocking. According to its various features, we may consider it the best alternative to the actual caller app for AAAndroid.


  • Trendy Messaging
  • History backup
  • Notification facility
  • Caller Number & id search
  • Fast Dialer facility
  • Fast and Smooth to Use
  • Blocklist facility
  • Contact & SMS Blocking
  • Contact History backup
  • Identify Spam SMS and Caller ID
  • Identify Unknown SMS

9. Should I Answer? Alternative to Truecaller App For Android

Should I Answer

If you have an Android version 6 or higher, this caller id android will suit you. It has a lovely interface and exciting features. Should I Answer is a free Android mobile security application to protect you against expensive, unsolicited, unknown, or unwanted calls.


  • Displays phone number rating
  • Does not touch or display scores
  • Fast access to detailed phone number information and user reviews
  • Quick access
  • Blocks call from hidden numbers
  • Blocks call to foreign countries

10. Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App

Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App

Whoscall has more than one billion communities and 70 million installations. Who is calling your phone? This app will inform you. It is an official mate of Taiwan National Police Administration. This app was rewarded as Google 2016, 2015 & 2013.


  • Identify unknown calls
  • Block spam calls
  • Unknown numbers search
  • Track unknown phone numbers
  • Offline database
  • Identify callers without internet access

More Info and Download

Final Thought of Truecaller App For Android

The Truecaller app for Android is powerful. It is a large app, and the pro version restricts some features. You can install the true caller app for Android phones or use any of the above. However, all apps may not fulfill your expectations. Moreover, all those apps are according to the popularity and the number of installations.

According to those reviews, you may choose any alternative to Truecaller App for Android to Track Caller ID. You may have many other choices. You may share this review or express your feelings. So please comment if you have any additional opportunities.

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