Best 20 Clipboard Manager for Windows 10 to Reduce Workload

The clipboard is provided by some operating systems used for short-term storage and transfer of data between or within an application program. The clipboard manager is an application program of operating systems that provides functionality to the clipboard of that operating system. It is the basic function like cut copy paste and store data in a temporary memory like Random Access Memory (RAM). Because of its multiple functions is also known as paste buffer. In today’s article, we will learn the function of Clipboard, different clipboards for windows 10, and how to manage clipboard history and reduce workload.

What is Clipboard?

The clipboard or pasteboard is the temporary memory of an operating system used to cut or copy text from any document. After copying or cutting text from a document, it can be pasted to any other document. The clipboard contents the information until your next copy or cut from any other document or log out of your personal computer. For example, if you are using speech-to-text software or any typing application, then to increase your productivity, you can use this short-term memory application system. Pentti Kanerva was the first user of the Clipboard. Later on, Larry Tesler renamed this application “CLIPBOARD” in 1973. Since then, the concept of the clipboard is modified day by day. Finally, we received the best clipboard software, windows 10.

What is Clipboard Manager?

The clipboard manager is a software program that increases the functionality of the OS and reduces workload. Mant clipboard contents only one copied data, but the clipboard can hold a series of data that you have copied since the beginning of your login to a certain computer. With more than one feature, clipboard history manager provides the opportunity to cut, copy and paste in different ways to make you more productive. For example, in editing, you can make multiple buffers and get the opportunity to split and merge the continent. Some of the wonderful features of clipboard manager Windows 10 are:

  • You can search the saved data from a single key of the keyboard.
  • Indexing and tagging of clipped data are easier.
  • With the clipboard for Windows 10, you can save data to long-term memory.
  • You can format the tabular data, media content, URL, and data objects.
  • So, you can select the copied data from the list of content.
  • You can share the clipboard content with remote users.
  • Besides Windows 10, this clipboard software is also functional to Linux and Mac operating systems.

Clipboard History

If the clipboard manager is enabled on your computer, then all of your copied data is stored in temporary memory. From the clipboard history, you can paste directly to your selected location. During your typing time, when you require then by pressing any specialized key of your keyboard, you can see the list of copied items like image, text, and url on the popup menu. By clicking the required earlier copied item, you can easily insert the item at your desired point. It allows you to save time and reduce the work burden. It also allows finding the necessary content by searching, insertion, and deletion.

Best 20 Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager Windows 10 is the built-in function of Windows 10 OS. Still, besides this software, there is much other third-party software that also offers various customized clipboards function and clipboard history. In the subsequent discussion, we will try to cover almost all the Clipboard history Manager of Windows OS and other OS clipboard software offered by the third party. In the process of learning, we will also learn the ways of managing Clipboard History.

1. Clipboard Manager Windows 10

If you use the clipboard manager windows 10, then you can use its clipboard function. To use clipboard history, you have to enable it. With the cloud-based clipboard of Windows 10, you can copy text images and text from another cloud-connected PC. Through the Microsoft account, you can sync the clipboard with another operation. You will get this Clipboard for Windows 10 in the October 2018 version.

Clipboard Manager Windows 10

In the setting menu at Windows 10, you will find the Clipboard on the October version. In the form of Clipboard software Windows 10 history, you can insert any text, image, and URL. After copying multiple times by pressing Ctrl+V from your computer, you will get the list of the copied data since the last login.

2. ClipClip Clipboard Manager Windows 10

ClipClip is another interesting clipboard manager for windows 10. it is a clipboard management software of the Windows operating system that brings the shortcut of copy and paste. The software allows copying multiple text files and images to your clipboard. From this clipboard history manager, you can share and store files on your hard drive. To organize your clipboard, you can create multiple folders and subfolders. 

clipclip Clipboard Manager

Important Features

  • ClipClip is more than a copy and pastes software. It helps to organize information to reduce your time wastage.
  • The clipboard manager offers multiple clipboard folders and entries.
  • From this clipboard history, you can search your copied data.
  • ClipClip allows you to share your clips across your Google drives. This software allows integration with Google docs and supports editing.
  • You can translate any word by Google translate from this clipboard.
  • You can rearrange your clipboard according to your choice.
  • It also allows using a clipboard editor to edit your content.

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3. 1Clipboard

Best 20 Clipboard Manager to Manage Clipboard History1Clipboard of the universal keyboard messaging app to provide support to you from anywhere on any device. It allows you to synchronize your copy data via Google drive. You can also use the same data when you are offline after the synchronization. 1Clipboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Recent Data of 1clipboard

1clipboard incorporates various components like Node.Js, Angular, async, Electron, googleapis, and other proven open-source projects. It is the best free clipboard for windows 10 because it works perfectly on “Offline Mode.” Based on your choice, you can toggle the 1clipboard setting.

What 1clipboard can do?

This free clipboard manager windows 10 can perform many things like:

  • 1clipboard can track every copy you have done across your device.
  • For future use, it can make any of the items favorite.
  • It is easy and fast to search for past items.
1clipboard Supported Platform

This best clipboard manager supports both Windows and macOS.

  • Windows: Requires Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64bit)
  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.8 or later

Important Features

  • 1Clipboard synchronize everything so you can copy and paste it there.
  • The clipboard history feature of 1Clipboard tracks everything you copy into the clipboard.
  • You can select any favorite copied item to use frequently.
  • It allows you to search past clipboard items.
  • 1Clipboard is powered by Google so that you can synchronize through Google drive, and it is secured.
  • It is built with open-source modern technologies.

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4. ClipboardMaster

ClipboardMasterClipboardMaster is one of the best clipboard managers that you can use cold comfort. I personally use this software to reduce the wastage of my time and increase my productivity. It offers multiple clipboards, text templates, screenshot tools password safe options.

Important Features

  • ClipboardMaster free clipboard history manager software that allows copying, paste, collect organizes and manage history.
  • This clipboard software Windows 10 software allows multiple clipboards up to 10000 entries. 
  • It offers many predefined text templates like email, letters, special characters, and HTML code for programmers.
  • The screenshot tool of the clipboard master allows storing images directly to the clipboard.
  • It supports almost all Windows programs.

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5. Clipdiary Clipboard Manager Windows 10

Clipdiary Clipboard Manager Windows 10Clipdiary is such a wonderful clipboard history manager who provides you full control of clipboard history. It is such a powerful clip manager that records all of your data which goes to the Windows clipboard. Once the data is copied to the clipboard, you can easily retrieve the data. It allows inserting data directly into any application.

Important Features

  • Clipdiary automatically monitors and saves the content to the clipboard history.
  • It allows you to work with links, images, text files, and any other clipboard formatted data.
  • You can mark the important clips and organize according to the requirement of your work.
  • For the quick pasting, it officers snippets.
  • The clipboard history of Clipdiary remains between reboots.
  • It also supports database encryption.

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8. Ditto

Ditto is an extension of the standard Windows clipboard. It allows you to access the saved item on the clipboard. It supports holding different types of information like URL, image text, and custom format data. The required operating system of this clipboard history manager software is Windows 10 or higher.

Important Features

  • The interface of Ditto is easy to use.
  • To paste data and you have to press only the predefined hotkey.
  • Could the built-in search feature, you can find your preferred date.
  • In the database of Ditto, you can keep multiple computer clipboard data after synchronization.
  • Ditto is lightweight, fast, and secured to manage clipboard history.

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7. CopyQ

CopyQ is another powerful desktop-based clipboard software that allows you to copy, paste and search your data from an application to another application. You can edit and manage the clipboard history and preserve text, image, and URL. This free and open-source clipboard manager windows 10 is free to use without cost.

Important Features

  • CopyQ allows you to preserve HTML code, image, text, or any other custom formats file. 
  • From the clipboard history, you can quickly row and filter any items.
  • There are options to create, edit, remove and drag n drop items.
  • From the main window or tray, you can paste your desired items.
  • It has an advanced scripting and command-line interface.
  • It is simply vim like editor and shortcuts.

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8. ClipboardFusion  Clipboard Manager Windows 10 Free

ClipboardFusionClipboardFusion is one of the best clipboard software to manage your clipboard history and many other functions. It is a powerful Windows application that can synchronize data from your mobile and computer. It allows you to create a custom macro so that you can edit, pin, synchronize, search and record according to your wish.

Important Features

  • ClipboardFusion is free to use.
  • But to use synchronization, you have to synchronize the pro version.
  • By creating a binary fortress account, you can synchronize your clipboard text with another computer.
  • You can customize this clipboard history manager according to your way with a different action.
  • You also can use the powerful macro to manage clipboard history.
  • By the predefined hotkey, you can minimize your time wastage and maximize your productivity.

It uses 256-bit encryption, so everything is highly secured.

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9. ClipCube

ClipCubeClipCube is honored as the best windows application to make your life easier while dealing with lots of text. This self-content program does not require installation. Mini-review of things that it is an indispensable tool. ClipCube is lightweight because it uses few resources.

Important Features

  • ClipCube is free to download and use.
  • From other applications, you can paste directly using ClipCube.
  • It is made for both advance and casual users.
  • It offers instant search and results grouped by tags.

10. ArsClip

If we want to discuss any powerful and complete clip manager, then ArsClip may be suitable. It is one of the best clipboards for windows 10 to manage clipboard history. It is a highly configurable program that is easy to use. You can use the clip manager by various methods like trigger the holding key or any hotkey, right-click, and special feature. 

Important Features

  • ArsClip offers permanent macros for copying and pasting automation.
  • You can choose pictures, files, Unicode, HTML, and rich text in this application.
  • It is highly configurable.
  • Sharing with another clipboard will be easy using this clipboard history manager.
  • This program requires no installation and support from Windows XP to Windows 10.

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11. ClipMate

ClipMateClipMate is one of the leading clipboard managers for Windows operating systems. By holding a thousand clips, saves your time and increases your productivity. It has the functions to combine, edit and manage the clip data. There is an option for edit, spell check, and correction. ClipMate 7 has a powerful tool to drag and drop, integration with Windows toolbar. You can manage the clipboard history of ClipMate very well. This clipboard software runs on all the versions of Windows OS.

Important Features

  • ClipMate can recall everything that you cut or copy at your computer.
  • This clipboard history manager works with all the Windows OS which are compatible with the clipboard.
  • The database of this clipboard manager can hold thousands of clip data like text, image, URL, and any other format data.
  • You can print your clip from this clipboard history manager.
  • ClipMate has a portable version.

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12. ClipX Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10

ClipX is another clipboard history manager based on Windows 10 OS. This clipboard is free to use, and the interface is excellent. This simple clipboard history manager contains all the copied image, text and URL which can be reselected for posting. You can recall the ClipX clipboard history manager by pressing a single hotkey.

Important Features

  • This clipboard history manager offers a simple right-click menu for the insertion of copied data.
  • You can customize and configure it according to your choice.
  • You can save a set of clips and restore them as per your requirement.
  • Some other recent updates are revamped config dialog, fixed ignore bitmap/text entries, added multi-user support, added Clear History/Clear Bitmaps, and added Purge bitmaps between sessions.

13. CLCL Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10

CLCL is another clipboard software that manages a list of content that you have copies of since the last login of your computer. It automatically compels you to manage the list to save your time. This clipboard has a different template, format and you can select your desired keyword from the popup menu. The super-simple user interface of this clipboard is user-friendly and allows you to manage clipboard history efficiently.

Important Features

  • CLCL supports all types of data and equations.
  • You can register the template of the CLCL clipboard manager
  • To see the popup menu, you have to press “Alt+C.”
  • The item is pasted automatically, and the picture is displayed on the menu.
  • You can extend its functionality with a plugin.

14. ClipboardZanager

ClipboardZanagerClipboardZanager is a modern clipboard that allows copying the content from another device. It is one of the best clipboards for windows 10, which responds quickly and smartly. The minimum system requirement of this clipboard manager is very few. It supports x86, x64, ARM, ARM64 architecture. ClipboardZanager requires a minimum of 300 MB memory to run this program.

Important Features

  • ClipboardZanager is specialized in Clipboard conservation.
  • You can synchronize this ClipboardZanager with Dropbox or one drive.
  • Clipboard for windows 10 has a wonderful interface to use.
  • The user’s data is encrypted, so you need not be bothered by data security.
  • ClipboardZanager consumes very little memory compared to another clipboard for windows 10.

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15. Tagpacker Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10

Tagpacker is another clipboard software windows 10 which is beyond bookmarking. It allows you to collect, share and organize your love easily. Tagpacker is also a free tool to save, organize and share your favorite link. It is a 3 in 1 function of writing. 

Important Features

  • Tagpacker allows and supports you to keep your content private.
  • You can assign much content whatever you like.
  • The search feature of Tagpacker is incredible.
  • It offers a lot of keyboard control features.
  • It allows you to sync with any cloud application.

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16. is another clipboard history manager as well as one bookmark manager for the Windows operating system. This clipboard manager is highly organized, able and fast. It enables you to save anything around the web. You can install it for your browser, and there is a Google Chrome extension of this application. Moreover, it also has the android version to facilitate more to the users.

Important Features

  • allows you to collect the bookmarks photo, video, and pages from web pages.
  • It synchronizes your device every day.
  • It is easy to share and collaborate with friends.
  • The support of is awesome.

Chrome Extension   Google Play

17. ClipAngel Free Clipboard Manager Windows 10

ClipAngel is a productivity software to save time and increase effort. This open-source clipboard history manager can satisfy all of your needs regarding typing. You can save the clip by copy or right click of your mouse. If you are an advanced level user, then you can use the advanced option of ClipAngel clipboard software windows 10.

Important Features

  • ClipAngel saves time day by day.
  • To reuse recently copied data enables access.
  • Once the data is copied, you will never lose it.
  • It records everything on its database.
  • It is an open-source clipboard software the manages clipboard history and suitable for Windows OS. 

18. Spartan Clipboard Manager

Spartan is another Microsoft office packages clipboard history manager to increase your productivity. In this clipboard, you can preserve sensitive data like bank account information and password. It accepts all types of digital images. This clipboard software is capable of running on all versions of Windows.

Important Features

  • Spartan has a light version to use limited resources.
  • There is a portable edition of Spartan clipboard manager, so you need not transfer files by Pendrive.
  • You can synchronize your data with many online drives.
  • Spartan also offers you to save clips permanently.

19. Clipboard Magic Windows 10

Clipboard Magic is a Windows 10 based freeware software developed by CyberMatrix. This software is useful for him, who performs lots of copy and paste functions. It empowers you to multitask. This clipboard manager has the ability to backup and restores the clipboard. The Clipboard Magic Windows 10 can recover clipboard data and clipboard history.

Important Features

  • For the repetitive plain text work, the Clipboard Magic Windows 10 is highly effective.
  • You can store a single character on multiple pages.
  • With a click of the mouse, your copied clipboard data.
  • Row paste and series paste by customizing hotkeys.
  • Allows manual clip addition and has rearranged facilities

20. Plain Clipboard Manager

Plain Clipboard Manager saved any copied text and monitored the Windows 10 clipboard. The copied image and screenshot are saved in PNG format. You can configure your saved text and synchronize it with OneDrive or Google Drive. It is all in one native Windows application.

Important Features

  • With the key template, you can configure short keywords.
  • With the Plain Clipboard history Manager, you can set code word for ” Come back soon,” if you type CBS, then the full line will set.
  • It allows you to create an archive for the future.
  • It allows you to make the template reusable.

Clipboard History Pro: Best Productivity Tool

Clipboard History Pro: Best Productivity ToolClipboard history pro: best productivity tool is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions that can increase your efficiency. It is perfect for managing the history of copied text, instant paste, and sync clipboard items. If you want to manage your clipboard from any excellent browser, you can use this extension, Clipboard manager.

Important Features

  • Clipboard History Pro: Best Productivity Tool is the finest tool to manage your ClipBoard history.
  • In any input field, it keeps your favorite items to paste frequently.
  • You can send your clipboard items to your smartphone.
  • Clipboard History Pro is smart for mobile sync.
  • This Best Productivity Tool allows floating mode. Moreover, it is allowed to work on more than one display.
  • The password lock feature allows you to set a password and restrict access from the history list of your clipboard.
  • Clipboard History Pro: Best Productivity Tool is a handy widget to manage your webpage.
  • It also offers some other tools: Add tags to history items, Manual backups & restore, Edit copied items, and Make full-page screenshots.
  • Clipboard History Pro offers some free features like History items editing, Limited cross-extension sync, Clipboard tracking & history management.

More Info and Download

Final Verdict

The clipboard Manager allows us to save time and increase efficiency. Out of those 20 best clipboard history managers, windows 10, it is tough to tell which one is the best. According to my experience and verdict, ClipboardMaster, 1Clipboard, and Clipdiary are the best Clipboard Manager. For selecting the Clipboard Manager, we should analyze the performance of clipboard history. ClipAngel, ClipboardZanager, and ClipboardMaster also provide good clipboard history.

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