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Best 30+ Free Statistical Software for Easy Data Analysis in 2019

Statistical Software is a specialized computer program for easy Analysis of statistical problems in an innovative way. Besides statistical Analysis, this Software performs mathematical, financial and Scientific Analysis. Generally, the University students, teachers and researchers use statistical analysis software. Due to the exploration of multidimensional sectors nowadays the corporate organization, various research firm and government organization use this statistical programming. In today’s article, we will try to give a brief idea about different Pro and free Statistical Software of Windows OS to have a list of collection regarding some best statistical software for further study.

Free Statistical Software

Generally, statistical Software is a free product which is sponsored by various organization. Today we will provide some list of Free Statistical Software of Windows OS, but those are also supported to other OS. Please remember we do not rank any software.

1. Minitab

minitab stat softMinitab is one of the best speaker analysis software to solve your day today statistical problem. It is a Windows operating system based static analysis software which has a loss of graphical representation and analytical tool.

Minitab is a complete package which provides all the historical tools like that Analysis, data visualization, data representation and much more. The other features of the Software are smart data import, automatic graphics updating, and seamless data manipulation.

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2. SAS (Software)

SAS statistical software program is designed by SAS InstituteSAS statistical software program is designed by SAS Institute to perform some specific statistical problem like advanced analytics, data management, Multivariate Analysis, Predictive Analysis, and business intelligence. The initial release of the Software was in 1976, but since then it has released many updated version. This free statistical package is potent to solve the problem of technical and non-technical users.

SAS helps you to mine, manage, alter and retrieve data from many sources to perform statistical Analysis. SAS statistical program has many DATA steps like manipulation data, PROC steps, analyzing data and finally consistency of series of a statement. This statistical programming software supports Windows, IBM mainframe, UNIX, Linux, and many other operating systems.

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SPSSIf you think any free statistical software in your mind, then SPSS is one of the best suitable analytical tools to perform your statistical problem. This Software is produced by SPSS Inc. and acquired by IBM in the year 2009. Currently, it is known as IBM SPSS statistics. If you think the history of SPSS software that will be astonished to because it was first released in the year 1968.

Statistical package for social science (SPSS) is capable of solving statistical Analysis, data mining, data collection, text analysis, and many other statistical functions. If you need to solve any complex statistical problem, then you can use this best statistical Software. SPSS software is in the platform of java having 700-megabyte size. At present SPSS software supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and UNIX operating system.

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4. Stata

STATA statistical SoftwareStata is also one of the free statistical Software for easy Analysis. If you want to manipulate data, explore, visualize your model or solving any statistical solution then this free statistical tool can be your helping hand. This statistical Software is for data science which can master your data, publish quality graphics, create a dynamic document and perform original documentation.

The key feature of Stata includes easy to extend, affordable, easy to use, trusted and vibrant community. Some of the unusual features of this free statistical Software are extended regression model, Latent class analysis, Non-parametric regression, panel-data co-integration test, and spatial autoregressive model. This statistical analysis software supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating system.

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5. JMP

JMP statistical software packageThe JMP business unit of SAS Institute developed a fantastic statistical software package to solve a statistical analytical problem which is popularly known as JMP statistical software. This statistical analytical package was first introduced in 1989 by Macintosh to provide the adventures to the user of the graphical user interface.

Now, this JMP supports both Macintosh and Windows operating system. You can purchase this Software from any five configurations like ok JMP Genomics, JMP clinical, JMP Pro, JMP and JMP Graph builder app for the iPad. Like any other statistical software tool, it can be used for data analysis and modeling.

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6. RStudio

rstudioRStudio is it free statistical Software to perform the job of data analysis, data modeling, statistical computing, and programming language. This free and open source software is written in Java, C++, and JavaScript language. Rstudio is available in two versions which are Rstudio desktop version and Rstudio server using by any web browser.

The initial release date of RStudio statistical tool is 28 February 2011 under the license of Affero general public license. This open source free statistical software package is suitable for Windows NT, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat Linux, and openSUSE. You also can solve your educational statistical problem with this statistical tool.

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JASPIf you think any new way to do statistic, this then JASP is one of the best packages for you. This open source free statistical Software is supported by the University of Amsterdam. JASP is designed by keeping in mind the usability of users. This Software is highly flexible to use in classical and Bayesian form.

The main features of JASP are dynamically updated, spreadsheet layout, progressive disclosure for increasing understanding and integrated output. Many organization supported this statistical Software to make free for all.

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8. NCSS (Statistical Software)

NCSS software packageNCSS is a software package with distributed and produced by NCSS LLC in the year 1981 to provide support to researchers, business organizations and academic institutions. It supports export and import of various database, spreadsheet and statistical files for further Analysis.

You can perform much statistical Analysis with NCSS which includes Analysis of variance, Appraisal method, chart and graphs, correlation, cross tabulation, curve fitting, forecasting, method analysis, T-series analysis and many more. This free statistical Software is applicable for Windows operating system.

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systatAn assistant professor of psychology of the University of Illinois at Chicago develop a fantastic statistical package named as SYSTAT statistical software. This Software supports all the statistical tools for data analysis and solving a statistical problem.

It is the Windows-based best statistical software which is free only for 30 days. If you agree to pay money for statistical, then you can use it Software. Otherwise, you may search for the alternative of SYSTAT.

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10. PSPP

psppIf you think about the alternative of IBM SPSS statistics software, then you can use PSPP statistical software. This Software has a lucrative graphical user interface and command line interface.

PSPP Software has a comprehensive capability which includes logistic regression, linear regression, time series analysis, one way ANOVA, data analysis and system modeling. PSPP is written in C and supports Windows Linux and Mac OS.

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11. OpenEpi

openepiIf you need a web-based free, open-source statistical software, then OpenEpi is suitable for you. This operating system independent statistical software package is used for epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, accounts finance medicines physics and many other sectors.

OpenEpi is developed in HTML and JavaScript so it can support any web browser. You can solve mean, median, mode, case-control Analysis, one way ANOVA t-test, random number generator, and many other statistical problems since it is a cross-platform web application so you can use this Software at any of your devices.

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12. Maple

mapleIf you want all statistical tools in a single software, then Maple statistical package is best for you. You can solve hypothesis test, data smoothing, data manipulation, estimation, correlation and regression, simulation, visualization, probability calculation, and random variable.

If you want to do a wide range of calculation making data summary and tabulation you can rely on this Software. Basically, this is the collection of stores for statistical and Mathematical Analysis. The developer of the Software has tried to touch all of the probable sectors to help its user for performing data analysis, statistical Analysis and Mathematical Analysis.

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13. Genstat

genstatIn the field of agriculture, Genstat is used for data analysis capabilities as a statistical software package. This is statistics package is developed for Microsoft Windows operating system. The proprietary Software is available in English. Genstat analytical software is applied for various types of user which includes agriculture, environment, food science, medical, pharmaceuticals, finance, engineering, and mathematics.

Genstat allows you to manage data on a spreadsheet, and it is compatible with Excel spreadsheets. It allows you to represent your data on a histogram, boxplot, scatter plot, line graph, and many other formats. You can also analyze time series, six sigma, plot control chart, print partition-table, and many other statistical problems.

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14. SPSS Modeler

spss_modelerIBM SPSS Modeler is a text analysis and data mining software developed by IBM. Without any programming it allows its user to leverage statistical and data mining algorithm with its visual interface. One of the important purposes of this Software is to get rid of unnecessary complexity in the times of transforming data and making predictive complex model. You can solve the problem of decision tree and neural network with this IBM SPSS Modeler.

IBM SPSS Modeler is used for many other industries like customer analysis, customer relationship management, fraud detection and prevention, risk management, forecasting demand for sales, education, telecommunication and many more. SPSS Modeler supports Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and many other operating systems.

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SUDAAN is statistical SoftwareSUDAAN is statistical Software for data analysis and solving the mathematical problem. This Software is internationally recognized for analyzing data from a complicated situation. This Software is designed for the researcher who wants a decision from data. More than a thousand analyst from various prominent sector like academia, government and private industry use this data analysis software.

SUDAAN helps to analyze data from a complex sample survey, clinical trial data, experiments and observational studies. With this Software, you can solve almost all the statistical problem.

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16. StatsDirect

statsdirectIf you think about statistical knowledge-based Software which is robust and reliable, then you can consider the StatsDirect affordable Software. This Software is it used and help you to write a scientific report from the gain results. The smart interface of the Software helps you to understand and learn statistics very well.

StatsDirect is used in many fields including social science market research and teaching statistics. The Software has a spreadsheet-like editing interface and a rich library to solve many studies till problem. This Software is also supported Windows operating system.

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17. XLispStat

xlispstatXLispStat is a structural software which is free to solve a statistical and analytical problem. It has many e statistical methods and functions including a routine for nonlinear curve fit. This Software is used on GIS, astronomy, economics, speech accounts and epidemiology.

Luke Tierney is the developer of XLispStat Software. It was highly informative we get and those to perform data analysis and interactive graphics. It supports almost all the platform of the operating system.

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18. G*Power

G*Power freeware to calculate statistical power.G*Power statistical software is a freeware to calculate statistical power.  It can solve a various statistical problem like F-tests, t-tests, and Chi-square-test. Additional it can solve one way ANOVA and multi ANOVA problem. To calculate the power anyone has to know four to variables which include the number of groups, effect size, observation, and significance level.

The commercial distribution of G*power is strictly restricted. Moreover, you may use the screenshot of power without any permission. This Software is also supported on Windows operating system.

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19. The Unscrambler

The Unscrambler is a multivariate analysis softwareThe Unscrambler is a multivariate analysis software for calibration of multivariate data. It is a commercial Software which is often used for the analytical and statistical solution. You can use this Software for modeling, prediction, and optimization. It is an industry leading powerful tool for Analysis interactive graphics and visualization for developing faster and improve product quality.

Many engineers, scientist, researcher and need analysis large and complex data and make the decision quickly and use these types of Software. You can use this Software for 30 days trial, and it is operable on Windows operating system.

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20. Dataplot

dataplotThe open source data plot statistical software is used for statistical Analysis and scientific visualization. It is a public domain software source code is available on the internet. National Institute of standards and technology developed the Software in the year 1978.

Dataplot software support Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac operating system. The students, teacher, a university professor can use this statistical tool to solve all the analytical problem.

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21. Origin (data analysis software)

OriginOrigin is a statistical graphics and data analysis software which provides statistical Analysis and representation of various graphs. This is proprietary of a computer program designed by OriginLab Corporation.  This Software is for windows but supports all the other operating systems.

Origin data analysis software supports English, German, and Japanese language. The origin as a spreadsheet like front end. The main functions of the Software include that analysis curve fitting signal analysis peak analysis.

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22. StatView

statviewStatView is another historical Software for statistical analysis data management presentation tools and problem-solving. In the year 1985, this Software was released for Apple Macintosh.

StatView is the first-ever statistical Software which provided the graphical user interface. You can perform much statistical Analysis like correlation, regression, hypothesis and any other historical problem. This Software also supports the Windows operating system.

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23. StatCrunch

StatCrunch is an excellent statistical softwareStatCrunch is an excellent statistical software of online version which is owned by Pearson education. The primary purpose of the Software is to solve the statistical problem of college students in the USA. This full feature statistical package is also used for research and data analysis.

The creator of StatCrunch Software is Webster West. He developed it in the year 1997. In 2003 the Java code of the Software was rewritten in JavaScript to provide the online facility. This proprietary Software is web-based, so it supports all the operating systems by any best web browser.

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24. CSPro

csproCSPro statistical software is a  public domain data analyzing and data processing software tool. It was developed by ICF international and US census bureau. The short name of CSPro is census and survey processing system. Data collection and processing is the primary purpose of CSpro.

CSPro is a public domain software which is used by over 10,000 individuals and hundreds of organization for entering data editing disseminating census and server data. CSpro supports data collection from Android phone and allowed to transfer data from Android to Windows computer. CSpro has an eLearning hub where you will get video-based instruction.

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25. SimFiT

SimFiT is a Windows-based simulationSimFiT is a Windows-based simulation software for solving the statistical problem, plotting, curve fitting, and user-defined equation. Although this statistical Software is for windows, you can use it for Linux machine via WINE. This open source software can be used in biology, ecology, psychology, sociology, pharmacy, physics, chemistry and solving the mathematical problem.

There are 40 programs in SimFiT which are directed to an aspect of simulation. With this Software, you can analyses that clipboard data and spreadsheet, create a macro to the interface with Microsoft office package.

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26. SigmaPlot

sigmaplotSigma plot is a scientific graphing and data analysis software quiz is suitable for Microsoft Windows operating system. This Software is used for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, mathematical and statistical problem solution.  Actually, this is a coastal software, but you can use this for 30 days trial version.

The user interface of SignaPlot Software is Microsoft office style. This graphical Software also makes the data visualization easy. This Software is also allowed to customize every detail of the chart and graph.

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27. JAGS

JAGS is Just another Gibbs sampler.JAGS refers to Just another Gibbs sampler. This program uses the hierarchical model of Markov chain Monte Carlo ( MCMC) to simulate the data. You can use this software for professional research.

JAGS is made with three AIMS in mind which is our having a cross-platform engine for the BUGS language, experimentation with Idea in Bayesian modeling and finally allowing a user to write their functions. JAGS is a freeware which you can modify and redistribute under GNU general public license.

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28. SigmaXL

sigmaxlSigmaXL is used for graphical and statistical purpose in Microsoft Excel. This tool is used for graphical and statistical data analysis. So often used in six sigma training, medical and scientific research article.

SigmaXL has some graphical tools which include Pareto charts, histogram, run charts, scatter plots and boxplots. Finally, this statistical analytical tool is widely used in Microsoft Excel for representing graphical Analysis and Statistical Analysis.

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29. CumFreq

cumfreqIf you think data analysis, cumulative frequency analysis, and statistical Analysis then CumFreq today may be your feasible one. Actually, this analyzing method is developed for the measurement of hydrological magnitudes like rainfall and river discharge and to find out the return period. In many other phenomena, CumFreq is also used for calculating the negative values.

CumFreq finds the position to estimate the cumulative frequency to observe the data series of a variable. This analytical Software supports many functions which include lognormal, exponential, Weibull and many more.

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30. OpenBUGS

openbugsOpenBUGS is a flexible statistical package which can solve your statical problem. By setting the relationship between the related variable, this statistical model can solve all the complicated statistical math.

WinBUGS and OpenBUGS are the two main version of BUGS. The BUGS project developed based on artificial intelligence in the year 1980. After that, the developers change the features for various times. This Statistical analytical Software support both Windows OS and Linux OS.

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31. MaxStat

MaxStat is an affordable and easy to use Software by which you can complete Analysis statically. The light version of this Software is for both personal and commercial use. It is perfect for a young researcher as well as students. So without any statistical experience, you can solve any types of complex statistical Analysis.

With the high quality of graphics, MazStat is used in most common 100 models of a statistical test. Using this Software, you can create more than 30 different graphs like scatter plot, bar, box-whisker, regression line and many more.

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32. S-PLUS

S-PLUS is commercial software for analysis of data. It is implemented through S programming language.TIBCO software Inc developed this statistical analyzing software. This software supports Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

S-PLUS is based on object-oriented programming. It has capabilities of the advanced analytical algorithm. Because of the popularity and high demand of this software, TIBCO Inc released an alternative of R interpreter which is known as TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R.

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33. Epi Info

Based on the requirements of epidemiology the CDC ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention ) in Atlanta, Georgia (US) developed this statistical software. GitHub is the repository of this software. This program is written in Microsoft Visual C# and supports Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Epi Info is now available in both desktop and web cloud version. This statistical program is also used for automatic data entry, data analysis, and online-based survey. It will be wise to mention some of its features which includes t-tests, ANOVA, cross tribulation, regression and analysis complex survey data.

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Final Thought

All the statistical Software are on the same route with the same purpose. It can solve the same types of problem. But the uses of this Software depends on the recommendation of statistic instructor or any supervisor for the researcher. It is difficult to find the best one, but out of my study, some best free statistical software is SPSS, SAS, Stata, JMP, and Rstudio.

In the academic world, there are many statistical packages which are easy to use, and unfortunately, I missed it. I do apologize for not mentioning your favorite one. Please remind me through comment if I missed an important one. Your feedback and sharing would be a blessing for me.


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