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Top 30 Best LinkedIn Tips For Manipulating Recruiters To Choose Your Profile In 2022

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals, which was launched in 2003. This huge site for the professionals links the professionals with the recruiters. If you want to make a great career, you must utilize LinkedIn to appear in a more comprehensive, brighter, and perfect workplace. LinkedIn will take you to your ideal place in the best possible way. But there are competitors always beside you. You need to know LinkedIn Tips so that you can appear correctly to ensure your work.

Best LinkedIn Tips

Recruiters look for talents and talent people are always talented in their workplace and their work way. I consider LinkedIn as a work-way as it helps to take you to work. Now, how to get caught by the recruiters and get your desired work? If you are using LinkedIn, you need to follow certain things to appear in the proper place.

In this article, I shall give you the tip of LinkedIn Tips so that your profile becomes a perfect one and gets attracted and accepted by employers. I shall go in a sequence. You have to think in the eye of a recruiter. A recruiter will start with a search and then start going through his search result. I will chronologically give the tips as seen from the employer’s view.

1. Allow Employers to Discover You with Keywords Used in Skill

When you search for anything on the internet, how do you seek it? You go to google and then use any keyword to find your desired thing. In the same way, when a recruiter search for someone, he uses some keywords. So, there should be keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Now, where to place these keywords and which keywords to use? Well, your skill section is the perfect place.

Employers will surely search using different skills as keywords. One thing to remember, you must use skills in generic terms to utilize them as workable keywords. Anything in your ability may sound unfamiliar to other people, but obviously, your skill belongs to a generic name. It is one of the essential LinkedIn Tips.

2. Your Look Matters | Vital Among All LinkedIn Tips

Does it require a workplace to have a decent or beautiful look? Your outlook is not directly relevant in most job places unless the job is related to beauty. However, it is human psychology to select a right-looking person, and subconsciously a person is biased toward him.

The LinkedIn tips I want to give here are selecting a good photo so that the recruiter is biased towards your profile. I will discuss details about selecting photos in the next four paragraphs.

    • Choose a Good Looking Profile Photo

a good profile picture linkedin tipsRemember, LinkedIn is not a social network like Facebook where you can share your photos, thoughts, and feelings with your friends. It is a professional social network; thereby, you have to choose a good-looking photo that is decent. You should avoid selfies or any fancy photos. Give a very modest picture with a perfect dress that looks professional.

    • Keep Your Photo Clean

Keep your photo clean means you need to keep your photo background clean. The main concern will be you, so do not keep anything that distracts the view. If you are applying for a job and showing a funny picture, that will make the employer disappointed. Again, do not give a passport-type photo with a plain background like you provide for a national ID card or any driving license.

    • Headshot Works Great

A headshot is a category of portrait photography. You don’t have to be a master in photography now; you need to select a good photo with a professional look and then show your face by cropping with the tools. Search in google what a headshot photo looks like and make your one like that.

You do not need to give a photo of your whole body; if you do so, then you will look tiny in the picture and probably annoy the recruiter. You can even make a good headshot from a regular photo by editing them with an online photo editor.

    • Don’t Deceive With The Time.

Never upload an old and unclear photo. Always give a recent picture in the profile. If you do not have the last photo, then take one and upload it. How current should it be? In this modern age, taking a picture is easy with your smartphone. So, you should avoid any photo which has crossed one year.

3. Never Give a Low-Resolution Photo | Critical LinkedIn Tips

bad resolution photoI have already mentioned not to deceive with time. You may have a perfect-looking picture of a long time ago with a reduced resolution. So, avoid uploading that. Nowadays, you can capture very high-resolution photos with average standard smartphones. If you do not have a high-resolution photo, then make one and upload that. But do not create a mistake by giving a low-resolution picture. That will disappoint recruiters.

4. Highlight Yourself and Your Aim on Headline to Get Attracted

Just after seeing the picture and name, a recruiter will directly see the headline that appears with your name in the search result. A headline is a small place on your profile just beneath your name. This section mentions shortly who you professionally are and what your aim is. This portion is significant, and this is one of the essential LinkedIn Tips.s


Remember, this will make you appear in the search result as the recruiters will look for recruits by searching professional keywords instead of someone’s name. Many people may think that this is to show the current professional position. I suggest you show your current job and your aim so that the recruiter quickly understands you and selects your profile for further study.

5. Set Your Location | Very Important LinkedIn Tips

In LinkedIn, search results are based on location as well. So, you must keep your area updated in your profile to appear in the right place. You will want to work around your area. If you live in some area but are interested in working in some other area, select that location in the profile. Because employers will not justify and understand what you want and where you live.

6. Manipulate Recruiters to Select Your Profile

Already I have mentioned using keywords so that you appear in the search result quickly. Now, you need to make your profile so that the employers are manipulated by your profile to select it once it appears in the search. How to do it? You have to have a good outlook on your profile.

The first impression matters a lot. You must select a professional photo and a good description which shall appear on the headline. The headline should be specific and good enough to make the employers interested. Few points to remember here:

  • Select a professional photo.
  • Be specific in the headline.
  • Write exact time and experience in the specific field of work.
  • Write the most important thing to show and you can do.
  • Do not overdose and make it an exaggerated one.

7. Select a Good Cover Photo | Must Follow LinkedIn Tips

Just after entering your profile, the first thing the employer will see is the cover photo. A photo speaks a lot about you. It will tell your choice, your intention, and your work. So, select anything relevant about you. It may be something that relates to your present job to make someone understand your type of work and experience.

8. Education Is Very Important, Endorse It

Your educational background is significant. It is seen at the very first look of your profile. You do not need to show the very initial stage of your study. Instead, you show your relevant educations with institutions. You have to mention the university from where you were graduated if you are a computer engineer. In this way, you have to endorse your education and training institutions.

9. Customize the URL | Very Important LinkedIn Tips

The URL of your profile can be customized very easily. You should customize the URL and make it relevant to your profile. If you set it to a default one, it will be very distracting with many numbers and letters. Instead of this, you should change and add your name to it to become reasonable to look at and easy to find. Why should you change it? Well, this will:customize URL LinkedIn tips

  • Make your profile unique and look professional, as many LinkedIn users do not know it.
  • Bring a positive impression of the recruiters to the profile.
  • Make the link more readable.
  • Better for SEO purposes.
  • Enters in website ranking due to better readability.

10. Add Contact Information

Maybe you have done many things for your LinkedIn profile and followed all LinkedIn tips, but you have not made any contact point, then you may not get your desired job. Always provide a contact point in your profile.

That should include your email address, your phone number, and any other available means, which will allow the recruiters to contact you quickly. You know very well that what are methods people in your section are used to for contacting.

11. Avoid Abbreviations’ Exaggeration

There are lots of abbreviations to tell the qualifications and degree of any person. Should you show those? Or should you avoid those? Remember, showing too much is always wrong, and not showing is another loss. So do not exaggerate and keep to a minimum level and keep only the relevant. However, it is better to use the full form of the abbreviations rather than using the short form.

12. Show but Don’t Show-off Your Certificates

LinkedIn allows you to show your certificates. You might be a man of many documents, but the job you are aiming for may not demand many certificates. Thereby showing unnecessary certificates might create trouble instead of making a good impression.

So, try to show all relevant certificates you have and some additional which will act as supportive but similar. Your highlighted documents should work as positive catalysts.

13. Complete All the Areas

LinkedIn value the completeness of your profile to an extreme level. Finishing all the areas of your profile is highly appreciated, and LinkedIn takes that profile in a better position when someone is searching for something related to your profile. Completing all the areas does not mean just writing anything you feel like; instead, you have to complete all the regions with reasonable information.

14. Describe as You are Saying

Your writing should be such so that the person who reads your profile and information gets an understanding that you are telling and he is hearing. So be the first person in your writing. Like, I have worked for so and so appointments in so and so places. I have done this for so and so years. It should be like this. It is suggested to use a third person or any other format here.

15. Highlight Your Present Job

Your present job is vital to you. If you are already working someplace, then it will act as a reference for your future work. The location and tenure of your work will serve as an advertisement on behalf of you, and it will tell how experienced you are and how a recruiter should be relying on you.

16. Make a Good Summary with Free Space

Just think about a paragraph with 10 or more lines. That will surely look like a huge one, and you will not like to read that. This case is the same when you are writing your summary. So how to get rid of that? Well, keep free white space. How to stay free white space in LinkedIn profile summary? It is just keeping three to four lines in a paragraph and then start a new one.

a good summary

What to include in the summary? The summary should be a short description of you where you will tell about yourself, your potentials, your aim, and how you will fulfill your objective. Be a good writer. Do not just write to complete the area. Write with passion and read, again and again, to make it a better one.

17. Don’t Miss Career Interest

Career interest is the perfect place where you show what you want to do correctly and your desire to be in that place. Firstly you will get the privacy settings there. I shall discuss this after discussing other points. Next comes the ‘Where are you in your search?’ option. There are four categories here, and your selection will tell the recruiters how serious and how active you are.

career interest

Next comes your desire for the title in your job place. So, you can show your level of demand according to your merit. Never miss selecting that properly. After that, the location status will help you to get your work depending on your location selection. Select where you want your job, not just where you live. If you have the plan to go anywhere, do not give your location.

The other option for the availability of your time in the job should be filled up accordingly so that the recruiters can understand your state. LinkedIn is a great place where you can provide all minor details. Giving all the information correctly will help you a lot. It’s like appearing in an interview without appearing physically.

Now come to the privacy settings. Keep your career interest open so that the recruiters can see everything. The information given in the career interest is essential for a recruiter to select a candidate or employee. Opening it to recruiters will help you in appearing search results, get a good position, and your opportunities to get the perfect job will increase.

18. Tell Your Creations and Add Media

Never hesitate to tell your creations. How can you show your creations? You can show your writings and anything you made, like any video content or any project which is not classified. Upload those there and show them so that the recruiters can understand how innovative you are and you are a dynamic person.

A media file can show a lot about you. You may write a thousand words about yourself, but you may describe more with a single picture. If you can do so, then add a media file like that in your profile.

This can be a photo, banner, video file, and presentation. Remember, these LinkedIn tips are not to overexpose you; instead, they highlight you decently and innovatively. So, do not destroy the decency and innovation to follow these LinkedIn profile tips.

19. Mention Specific Experience

Your experience will tell you how good you are. Surely you will add your skills to the LinkedIn profile. But, how to utilize this properly? Just adding experience is not adequate. While describing your experience, be specific. Like, don’t say you worked there.

LinkedIn Experience

Tell them where did you work, what was your post, what was your achievement etc. All your experiences should be to the point and should not raise any questions once someone sees them.

20. Multilingual Is a Great Skill, Don’t Miss to Show

Most of us know at least two languages. One is our mother tongue, and another is usually English. However, if you know any language other than your mother tongue, then don’t forget to mention it in your skill. You never know this skill may make you very important in any category. If you have your language course certificate, don’t forget to attach it to your profile.

21. Don’t Fall Behind

Remaining backdated is like a crime to me. Do not live without knowing anything that you should be concerned about. And do not stay tight without updating your information and details in any place which may affect you. With time, many things of yours will be changing, and you should update your information accordingly.

With the change of time, the system of LinkedIn will also change. So if you are not accustomed to the move, then you might miss many important things. LinkedIn is changing its dimension every day. So stay with the flow and do not miss anything there.

22. Show Your Blog | Smart LinkedIn Tips

If you are an owner or writer, even an employee of any category of any blog, then it’s an excellent boost for you. Those who maintain a blog are usually innovative and have got tremendous patience in their work. They know a lot about the surroundings of the subject they are related to. So, the employers will try to take him for better utilization. Therefore if you have a blog, mention it in your profile.

23. Make a Handsome Connection

This is another vital tip from all the LinkedIn Tips because having very little connection means you have little interest and control over LinkedIn. When a recruiter sees you with fewer connections, he will surely take it in the wrong way. Again, if you have fewer connections, you will get less opportunity and less exposure to others.

handsome Connections LinkedIn Tips

People with the search results come with three different markings like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. This denotes how people are connected with the person who has searched. 1st means he is in direct connection, 2nd means they are connected to someone with whom he is connected, and the third one says he is connected indirectly or there is no connection via anyone.

When you have a handsome connection, then you will appear in the search result quickly. You should at least have 50 connections. Hopefully, good relationships will either take you in the 1st or second ranking in the search result. The more you are linked, the more is the possibility of being discovered.

24. Avoid Unknown | Critical LinkedIn Tips

Already I have discussed having a good number of connections. That was one of the critical LinkedIn tips. But avoiding the unknown is also essential. Just for adding people, if you start adding unknown people or fake people, that will ruin you instead of doing good.

unknown friend

You need a good number of connections, but that does not mean you have to have a considerable amount of connections. Try to keep 50 but strong and useful connections whom you consider to have better links in their list.

25. Be in Groups

When you increase your contacts, the possibilities will increase. Getting attached to different groups will boost you up undoubtedly because there will be multiple people for different categories. But it is tough to get a good number of good links.

LinkedIn Groups

The groups relevant to your interest and work will allow you to remain indirectly connected with a considerable number of people. Thus the opportunities will also increase.

26. Be regular in Linkedin

Just coming once in a month and not using it during the rest of the time shall not increase the value of your profile. If your activities are regular, LinkedIn will automatically consider your account as an active account; thus, LinkedIn will pull you up rather than the profile, which is not usually active.

regular in LinkedIn

Try to be a regular user of LinkedIn. How to do so? Check different groups, chat with connections, like important things, etc.

The interest section should accurately reflect you. That should tell the point of interest so that when a recruiter comes to visit your profile, he gets a better impression of you.

Maybe you are interested in science fiction or anything not related to your job, but you do not need to show them as those will create irritation to the employers. It is better to show the relevant interests in your profile.

28. Follow Others | One of the Best LinkedIn Tips

This is one of the best LinkedIn tips. I should say this is the best tip for any work. Follow others. But follow the right sides of others and support the right people. So, in your range, you know who all have done good in their profession, and you know who have utilized LinkedIn as a way to find their job. Follow the way he has arranged his profile and make your one in the same way.

29. Company Logos | Smart LinkedIn Tips

If you are doing a current job, then the company where you are doing a job usually has got a logo. What is the role of that logo? The logo was prepared to give a better identity of the organization symbolically. Now, why use it for your current job? Because this gives a better reputation about your work and impresses the recruiter to see you in the right place.

30. Include Recommendations | Final LinkedIn Tips

Recommendations are like references and a blessing for your future work, which you can achieve from your clients or mates with your hard work. This is one of the essential LinkedIn profile tips from all the LinkedIn tips. Before adding recommendations, you must remember that you should not use any fake recommendations made by your friend or anybody like that.

Use detailed recommendations from your clients. All recommendations should have an example to make you understand the recommendations’ purpose. You should also avoid vague recommendations which tell something good about you, but the way is very similar and not attractive.

Less in number, but actual recommendations are far better than too many fake recommendations. Recruiters are well educated and clever to understand the type of recommendations.

Final Words

We have to do a lot of work within a short time. It is very tough to check where you can work by roaming all the websites and places. LinkedIn does the job for you. Here you will not get any foul call from any site as you have described all you have and all your demands. LinkedIn does the pre-interview for any job that suits you without appearing in front of anyone directly.

To get the advantage of LinkedIn properly, we must know how to utilize it. I am hopeful that the tips mentioned above will help you make a perfect LinkedIn profile and get your desired job. If you have some more and bright ideas, please share them with us, enabling us to learn more.

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