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Best 20 Google Maps Alternative as Web Mapping Service in 2020

Google maps is one of the best location-based service apps for both computer and mobile device to millions of people. It is a highly successful and useful application which provides navigation facilities. If you need to search for any vital landmark, book store, petrol station, and ATM booth, ask Google, and it will offer you the nearest solution. If you are a newcomer of any country or city, it will be the Google maps which will be your closest friend. Because of all those fantastic features, people are now more interest in Google Maps. Capitalizing this interest, people develop many Google maps alternative to provide the same navigation facilities.

Google Maps Alternative

Though I am fond of using Google product. Because of the diversity of knowledge and thirsty of learning, people search for something new. Finding Google maps alternative is such types of luxury. Moreover, people always like to find an alternative and new one. As a result, the question of Google maps alternative arises. On the other hand, few people want to use extraordinary things than traditional. My today’s article is dedicated to them. In today’s learning, we will learn the best 20 Google maps alternative to give you a different flavor of navigation. All of those you can use instead of Google maps.

1. Bing Maps

Bing Maps as Google maps alternativeBing maps is the product of Microsoft, which provides the same search engine facilities as Google. Because of some powerful and handy features, Bing maps is considered one of the best alternatives of Google maps. This web mapping service provides real-time transit direction, cycling, and driving. The direction-finding from one location to another location is so easy. Like Google maps, it notifies your traffic update into a different color combination. Bing maps support any web browser along with mobile platforms like Android and iOS.


  • Bing maps is one of the best web mapping services.
  • It has long-time success history about 14 years ( as per 2019).
  • You can see 3D maps, venue maps, Streetside view, birds-eye view, aerial view, and road view of Bing Maps.
  • You also can share and embed this map to any other website.
  • Bing Maps frequently update their data for the users.

Windows     Android     iOS

2. MapQuest

mapquest mapThe American free web mapping service MapQuest started its journey in the year 1996. It was the first web mapping service for commercial use. Now it has strong competitors like Here and Google maps. In this map, you can search for hotels, food, shopping, coffee, and Gasoline. This multilingual service is supported all over the world.


  • MapQuest provides street-level details on driving on a variety of countries.
  • It provides accurate GasPeices result for the inhabitants of the United States.
  • Using MapQuest, you can create your custom map, print map, and even embed your custom map.
  • It has collaboration with the third party for hotel booking, flight, and rental car.
  • The signup of this web mapping service is optional.

3. OpenStreetMap

openstreetmap as web mapping service

OpenStreetMap is the free application created by users like you, and it is under open licenses. This editable mapping system is a big collaborative project. The US developer Steve Coast develop this platform in the year 2004. Now it is one of the best Google maps alternative based on some extraordinary features.


  • OpenStreetMap shows data on native language to the respective countries.
  • This collaborative mapping project supports 93 languages.
  • Its users provide the map data of OpenStreetMap.
  • Using any web browser, you can edit the data of OpenStreetMap.
  • The mapper generally conducts the ground survey using OpenStreetMap.

4. GIS Cloud

GIS Cloud as web mapping toolsGIS Cloud is one of the best cloud-based GIS platforms which provides web mapping service. This GIS service is designed based on spatial analysis and supports real-time mapping. It has three features which are online, offline, and on-premise service. This complete mapping solution can collect data from the field, support data, and team management, and edit map and share.


  • With a mobile data connection, it is easy to collect points, lines, and polygons.
  • Using GIS cloud, you can turn your map into a cloud-based GIS App.
  • With the GIS portal, you can raise awareness about geoheritage.
  • With an interactive map portal, you can support swim marathon.

5. Here WeGo

herewego mapping serviceThe popular web mapping service Here WeGo is developed by Nokia in the year 2013 for its Windows mobile. In the year 2014, it incorporated for Android and later for iOS. The service of HERE includes traffic data, location service, and satellite views. Each after two or three months, the map is updated by itself.


  • Turn by turn navigation, which includes destination, landmark, business name, and approximate time to reach.
  • HERE provides the data on public transport with full navigation for some countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore, and Germany.
  • It shows real-time information with traffic information of 63 plus countries.
  • Since it provides storage facilities to a device so,  it does not require internet data for navigation.
  • This English language supported application supports Android, iOS, Windows phone, and any web browser.

Android         Windows

6. Géoportail

GéoportailGéoportail is one of the best Google maps alternatives of France. It is the web mapping service of France Government for providing aerial photograph form more than 90 sources. The former president of France Jacques Chirac inaugurated the service in the year 2006. Though the French people think it as an alternative to Google map, it has a lot of difference with Google map.


  • Géoportail is the French language-based web mapping service.
  • This application was developed for the Ministry of Ecology, France.
  • It is useful for an aerial photograph, complimentary maps and old maps.
  • It supports Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

7. Foursquare

FoursquareFoursquare is a local search and discovery mobile app which is used for city guide. Based on previous browsing and check-in history, it provides you a recommendation. This location tracking platform improves the movement of people in the real world. The check-in technology of Foursquare started in 2009. Uber, Tencent, Apple, Samsung, and Twitter use Foursquare technology.


  • Foursquare provides local search and recommendation system to customize your map.
  • It supports many languages like English, German, Russian, Thai, and Turkish.
  • The registration of Foursquare is not mandatory.
  • It focuses on user-written tips and recommendation.
  • In addition to various tips, it allows users to rate multiple venues.

8. Yandex.Maps

Yandex.MapsYandex.maps is one of the best Google Maps alternatives in Russia. But through the whole world, this web mapping service is used by all. This service was introduced in 2004. Since then it provides routing, street panoramas, traffic jam information, and search facilities. This multilingual web mapping platform is written in C++, JavaScript, XML, and AJAX. Yandex.maps supports Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.


  • Besides Russia and Ukraine, the Yandex.maps is now available to all of the world.
  • If you use Yandex.maps you can see the street view and street panoramas.
  • Yandex.maps editor allows us to make new data and edit the map.
  • The traffic system of Yandex. Maps describe the live situation accurately.
  • However, in spite of having many features, it is not as productive as Google.

9. Mapbox

mapboxMapbox is an American live location platform for providing a solution to web and mobile platform. It gives location search, custom maps, turn by turn direction and embed facilities to your application. With this ultra-fast and traffic-aware ETA, you can analyze your user and change your industry with real-time routing and asset tracking. Since it is faster and more flexible so you can visualize your geospatial data which is available on the web, desktop, and mobile.


  • Mapbox empowered developers to the decentralized sensor and feeding back live location data.
  • CNN, GitHub, National Geography, and Mastercard use this mapping solution.
  • You can augment the map reality with the physical world, which includes live location data, global object persistent, point of interest, and games.
  • The data of Mapbox is taken from an open-source like NASA and OpenStreetMap etc.
  • You can customize this map with administrative, postal, and statistical boundaries with the dashboard.


Carto mapCARTO is a world-famous location service provider with artificial intelligence. With CARTO, you can solve spatial problems with best data analysis. It converts location outcome data to business outcome. On the other hand, it is very efficient in strategic store placement, targeting marketing campaign, and delivery routes. It follows five steps, which include data ingestion, data enrichment, analysis, solution and visualization, and integration. This Google map alternative is beneficial for data scientist on data preparation and enhancement.


  • CARTO is an ultimate development framework with visualization library, geocoding, routing, isoline, and data API.
  • With the prototype response features, you can upload your data and start developing in easy steps.
  • It visualizes millions of points smoothly.
  • This open-source software is written in JavaScript and Ruby.
  • CARTO offers web application, mobile application API, JAVAScript, and python package as service.

11. ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Online is one of the most popular visualization platforms for solving the mapping solution. It provides cloud-based easy tools for coordination. Using this ArcGIS Online, you can create a web map after signup. You can view this map on the desktop browser or any mobile device. It is also possible to share it on any blog or via mail.


  • ArcGIS Online is suitable for developers.
  • You can incorporate with maps and data on both mobile and desktop platform.
  • ArcGIS Online has a vibrant gallery of unusual species.
  • It offers separate pricing options for creators, viewers, field workers, editors, and GIS professionals.
  • It offers many particular programs like a conversation, disaster response, and nonprofit organization.

12. Waze

wazeWaze is one of the best Google Maps alternatives on Android application. It provides GPS, traffic alert, and live navigation. Waze informs you what is happening on the road regarding traffic, police, hazard, and more. To avoid traffic, you can change the route instantly using wage. It helps to find the cheapest gas on your path. This mapping app is one of the editor’s choices for Google play.


  • Millions of people used Waze technology and made a Waze community make roads better together.
  • You can use the live map from Waze.
  • While you drive, you can take the help of voice guide of Waze.
  • You also can drive the Android auto with Waze.
  • You can find the estimated time of arrival using live traffic.

Google Play Windows

13. Maps.me

Maps.me is a mapping serviceMaps.me is a mapping service which is compatible with Android, iOS, and BlueBerry using the service of OpenStreetMaps. This application is written with C++, Objective-C, and Java. For personal and commercial use Maps. Me provides free API to developers. It is registered under Apache License.


  • The data of Maps.me is updated once or twice each month.
  • Maps.me support GPS map.
  • You can search on offline by name, address, category, and coordinates.
  • I work as Map editor, bookmarks, and auto-follow mode.
  • Location and bookmark sharing with KML import.

Android    Windows

14. CoPilot GPS – Navigation

CopilotCoPilot GPS – Navigation is one of the best web mapping applications which is used at the car. The CoPilot GPS can be one of the best Google maps alternative for its standalone GPS features. CoPilot helps to maintain efficiency, safety, and compliance. You can deploy commercial-grade navigation with OEM solution.  Finally, routing, scheduling, visualization, and navigation is now easier because of CoPilot GPS – Navigation.


  • CoPilot GPS – Navigation shows where a potential delay may occur on your route.
  • The intelligence estimated time of arrival tells you when you will arrive.
  • It saves time and fuel.
  • Over 150 countries of the world use these navigation tools.
  • It supports Android, iOS, and Web browser.

Android      Windows

15. Citymapper – Transit Navigation

citymapperCitymapper is one of the best Google map alternatives for Android application. This transit navigation tool checks nearby departures in real-time, find the fastest route for subway, bus, train, car, bike, etc. According to Newyork Times, the Citymapper is one of the best travel apps, and at MTA New York app quest it won the first prize.


  • Citymapper finds the best route to it can be used as a trip planner.
  • IT Shows real-time bus, train departure of USA.
  • It provides you an alert when your favorite lines are disrupted.


16. BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

backcountry navigatorBackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS is one of the best Google map alternatives for Android application. It is workable on offline outdoor navigator. So you can explore beyond cell coverage for recreation like hiking. Your Android app supports this navigation tool to see at a glance. Since this is a paid app, so you have to buy before using the pro version of BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS.


  • BackCountry Navigator provides colorful marine and aerial photography.
  • It is flexible, featured with fun so you can preserve your memory with the map.
  • This app is highly effective for the hiker of the mountain.
  • It supports the features of geocaching navigator using pocket query as a GPX.
  • It is widely used in most of the developed countries like New Zealand, Japan, and the USA.


17. Polaris GPS Navigation

polaris gps navigatiIf you are fond of hiking, marine tour and adventure on the off the road, then Polaris GPS Navigation is suitable for you. Polaris GPS Navigation turns your phone into robust GPS. So you can use these mapping tools as your Google map alternative for Android. It allows you to record your trail during hiking at any off the road.


  • All marine navigation chart like sailing and boating are free with Polaris GPS Navigation.
  • If you are fond of fishing, you can use this fishing GPS.
  • Camping, geocache, and hiking & hunting is possible with this app.
  • It is suitable for mountain biking and bike apps.
  • Since it is a free app so you may find some advertisement on this app.


18. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps SygicSygic GPS Navigation is one of the best Google map alternatives for offline navigation. More than two million users use this web mapping tool. TomTom powers this turn-by-turn navigation software. With some Ads-on features, you can take the user to the next level of adventure. Because of its head-up display, you will be able to drive at night.


  • GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic has coordination with Dashcam, which can record continuously of the last five minutes.
  • It allows you to replace your map with a real world view.
  • Its robust feature Cockpit allows you to show the real-time performance of your car.
  • Some other mobile apps are Sygic car navigation, Sygic travel, Sygic cameras, and family locator.


19. OsmAnd

osmandOsmAnd is one of the best Google map alternatives for online and offline map viewing and navigation. It has fast online options. On the other hand, you can use it for offline without any roaming charges of internet. It automatically reroutes if you deviate from the original route.  OsmAnd can search please by address, by types, and by geographical coordinates.


  • OsmAnd can display your orientation and position on the map.
  • It displays your point of interest around you.
  • You can save your most preferred place according to your wish.
  • The offline map helps your foot, hiking, and biking paths.
  • This up to date map provides high-quality information.

Android   iOS

20. Navmii

navmiiNavmii is a mapping and navigation, service provider. It helps to create an automated grade digital map from the service of OpenStreetMap. You are allowed to use the SDK of Navmii for using your app. So you can easily add navigation and search features to your website and mobile application. It also supports premium turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation.


  • The users of Navmii will get sophisticated navigation experience.
  • The Dashcam app with built-in Artificial intelligence, continuously analysis the road.
  • For professionals drivers, it navigates turn by turn with premium quality and routing.
  • It provides voice-guided navigation and lives traffic intelligence.
  • Some other features include HD mapping, truck navigation, automotive navigation, and EV navigation and routing.


Final Words

After a long list of Google maps alternative, you may be puzzled. So our experts find out some of the best alternative of Google maps as web mapping tools. According to the features, we do feel Bing Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap, and HERE are the best options of Google. At the same time, you may find some other best maps which can also be used instead of Google maps. However, we are eagerly waiting for those and inform us of the recommended manes through comments. We will incorporate those as soon as possible.

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.


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