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10 Ways To Find Motherboard Model Number On Your Windows PC

Computer Motherboard is the main printed circuit board which works as air traffic controller of CPU. It is the central communication backbone to coordinate all the process and ensure the connection of all operation of the computer. There are many computer motherboards available in the market. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and Intel are the famous manufacturer of them. To replace, repair, maintenance, and system integration it is necessary to find the Motherboard model number. In today’s learning session we will learn different ways to find Motherboard Model Number on Windows PC.

Find Motherboard Model

When the requirement arises, then it is necessary to know the motherboard model number. Today we will discuss in details way to check motherboard model number on Windows operating system. You may follow any of them to find a motherboard model.

1. Benchmarking Software

There are many software to find the motherboard model number. Benchmarking software is one of them. It provides information about hardware and its performance. If you think about upgradation and replacement of your hardware, then you can use this software to compare performance. Beside performance management, the benchmarking software for PC can show your motherboard model number. Some benchmarking software is Everest Ultimate Edition, CPU-Z, SiSoftware Sandra, Fraps, and CineBench, etc.

Benchmarking Software Motherboard information

There are lots of third-party utility tools to check the model number of the motherboard. You can use both paid and free version software of them. It will provide you a single click solution. But the installation of that software may become a hassle.

2. System Information

If you follow the motherboard build in system information tools, you will get the motherboard model number quickly. The system information shows a comprehensive list of hardware configuration, systems component, and software application.

Ways to see System Information

  • Press “Windows” Kay

Windows Search BoxIn the search box type System Information and enter. Then you will see the “System Information ” desktop app. Click here and find below information:

Windows System Information

When you click the system information, then you will get a pop-up screen. On the search box of pop up screen type Motherboard and press next. Here you will find your motherboard model number.

3. Keyboard shortcut

Sometimes shortcut key of the keyboard also provides the advantage to reduce the pain. If you press Windows key + R, then you will get run pop up screen. In the open text box type “msinfo32” and press OK. After pressing Ok, you will get the same pop-up screen as before.


4. Command Prompt

Command Prompt is the easiest way to find out the model number of any motherboard and system information. Again you press Windows key, and R then runs command box will appear. Type cmd on the “Open” text box and Command Prompt will appear. Type “Systeminfo” and press enter. You will see the details of the motherboard.

Command Prompt

5. Product Label On Your Product

If you are intelligent enough, you will preserve the Product Label on your product. Motherboard model number starts with the chipset’s name at the beginning. Without any pain, you will get the motherboard model.

motherboard Product Label On Your Product

6. Barcode

Barcode scanner is a standard tool to find any information. If you are unable to follow the easy steps, then you can scan the barcode with a scanner and find the required model number. Barcode level is posted on the motherboard.

motherboard Barcode

7. Printed Board

Suppose your computer is already damaged. There is no other way to execute the benchmarking process, command prompt and keyboard shortcut. Then you can use the easy method of hardware leveling. On the board, the model number of the motherboard is written clearly.

Printed Board of Motherboard


BIOS is the basic input output system of the computer. In your computer system, BIOS is stored inside a small chipset. To perform in usual way BIOS helps the PC. It works an intermediator between hardware and computer operating system. After BIOS setting you will get all relevant information of motherboard.


9. Documentation

Documentation can be another way to check the motherboard model number. Pdf version of those document may be workable as technical notes. The details also can be learned from the website of the manufacturer.

10. Expert Visit

If you fail to check all of the methods or did not get any answer you may consult any technical person. The expert may guide you in the right direction. So you can visit a computer expert if the replacement of the motherboard is required.

Final Thought

You may think that we are using cannon to kill the mosquitoes. But if the system fails, it is difficult to find out the model number of the motherboard. If the computer is functional, you may use any third party software, command prompt, and system information. On the other hand, if the computer is non-functional then product leveling, visual identification, and expert opinion are highly useful. If you find any other way to find motherboard model number, please let us inform by comment. Otherwise, share it with your friends.


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