Best Baby Games for Android to Make Your Baby More Creative

The more you will practice, the more you learn, and learning starts from the infant grave. Baby learning is a sensitive thing because this is the item for education. Some games may influence the learning stage. As the sequence of app review today, we will discuss the best baby games for Android. This games review will be based on utilization, popularity, the number of installations, and impact on a baby’s mind. These games may change the thinking the capability of your baby. It may help him to exercise his brain.

Best baby games for Android

Finding out the proper games for a baby is complicated. In the reviews, we will try to find out the best baby games for Android to make you tension-free. Without any delay, let’s start our primary business.

1. Baby Phone – Games for Family, Parents, and Babies

 Baby Phone - Games for Family, Parents, and BabiesBaby Phone – Games for Family, Parents, and Babies app is suitable for all ages children. This rich learning application can enlighten your family with excellent music and nice rhymes.
You and your children will love this awesome app because it can produce an animal sound like a cat, dog, and cow. The Lullabies, Plays Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and many sound effects are free in this application. Some features include a musical phone, own singing recording, 7’’, 8’’ and 10 ’’ tablet supported.

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2. Talking Baby Games with Baby

Talking Baby Games with BabsyTalking Baby Games with Babsy is another best baby game for Android to make your baby happy. In this app, speak to them, and in reply, you will get a funny voice. This game has lots of exciting levels to play.
Some critical features are piano, high-quality graphics, and refreshing voice integration. These games can cry, laugh, and even it becomes angry. However, it is suitable for little and adult kids.

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3. Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon

Sweet Baby Girl Beauty SalonThis app review will start with the story. A cute girl and some friends want to change their faces. The four smart girls named Alice, Yukiko, Emma, and Laila take care of each other. They cut their hair and nails to color it. Once beauty and spa are over, then it’s time to dress in beautiful clothes.
Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon is a fun game. This is one of the best baby games for Android to make the baby girl happy. It’s training in hair cutting, makeup, manicure, hair dying, and making videos. You can give this app to your baby girl to make her more creative.

4. KidloLand- Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, Baby Songs

KidloLand- Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, Baby SongsKidloLand is designed with hundreds of Nursery rhymes, games, and baby songs. It has everything for the below five years of babies. With this fantastic app, you can make delight your child with many favorite rhymes. It is an award-winning baby app of Google Play in the year 2016.
KidloLand app also acknowledges Mom’s choice 2016 and the academic excellent smart media award 2016. This app has funs and original kids’ songs videos. You can rely on it for its informative stories and pre-school knowledge games.

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5. Baby Twins – Newborn Care

Baby Twins - Newborn CareBaby games are so funny if you can choose the right one. It is such an incredible best baby game for Android that you love it. There are many things to do in this baby game.
You can give your baby a warm bubble bath and doctor care. Some essential features are dress-up, outfit, unique clothing, decorating babies’ bedroom, feeding, and care. It has over 1.5 billion active downloads.

6. Panda Lu Baby Bear Care

Panda Lu Baby Bear CarePanda Lu Baby Bear Care is another excellent and sweetest app for baby girls. Your baby needs to choose healthy food for the panda, give a separate bath, create the cutest panda outfit and finally wish for the sweet dream at night. This pet can be a new friend.
Panda Lu Baby, the Bear Care app, helps your kid learn how to take care of animals. They can enjoy a muddy bath or a flower bath. Offer the panda to eat chili pepper, broccoli, ice cream, or coke to have more fun. This app has more than 1000000 current installations.

7. Baby puzzles

Baby puzzles is an educative app for the kids.Baby puzzles is an educative app for kids. This editor’s choice app is considered the best baby game for Android because of its educative nature. Toddlers and babies can enjoy the fun for a long time with this app.
Baby puzzles app helps to learn numbers, alphabet, fruit, profession, transportation, and colors. This app keeps babies interactive and entertained. Baby puzzles are very suitable for brain exercise.

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8. Baby Hazel Baby Care Games

Baby Hazel Baby Care GamesBaby Hazel Baby Care Games is another best android game for kids because of its unusual nature. This app game contains nine favorite fun-filled Baby Hazel Baby Care Games. This app has many positive signs except the length of size.
The promotion of this app is too much to get the right review. Some critical features are Baby Hazel Royal Bath, Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun, Baby Hazel Bed Time, Baby Hazel Skin Care, Baby Hazel Hair Care, and Baby Hazel Sibling Care. Moreover, it has about one million installations.

9. FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!

FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!Funny food two apps are another best android game for kids. Kindergarten learning app makes lots of fun. The beautiful app offers a world of 15 learning games. In this app, a baby can learn colors, geometric shapes, logic, sizes, etc.
Some essential features of rich food 2 are the puzzle, angle parts whole, hide and sick, shape, and many more. This app has much functionality with parental control.

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10. Shapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlers

Shapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlersShapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlers is the final review of my writing. This awesome app can be considered as a teacher along with a friend with this app. This app offers 15 types of games for two years old babies.
Shapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlers offer segment-wise games. For each age, kids have separate style games. The English language fully supports this app.

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Final Thought

Babies are more reliable on the android device than the babies of previous. They are our assets. So we should take care of them. The review of Best baby games for Android can create a new dimension. You can choose anyone for your babies or recommended anyone in the comment section.

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