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The 30 Best Free ROM Games That Are Safe And Trustworthy in 2020

Some of the best video games of all time are those that are not available on Windows platforms. Luckily for us, the highly accessible nature of Windows OS allows open-source emulators to emulate these games on PC. A ROM game is a video game created for a particular system that can be emulated and played on a different system than initially intended. Today we will discuss The 30 Best ROM Games that are safe and trustworthy in 2020.


Throughout the history of gaming, there have been many video game systems that support many exclusive titles worth playing. Videogame companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Sega have produced many great consoles with many original IPs and exclusive titles that are simply irresistible. In our last article we have discussed some best ROM Sites. Let us take you through the best free ROM games for pc that are safe and trustworthy in 2020.



 The 30 Best Free ROM Games

People are not satisfied with similar types of games. They need some diversification. So our endeavor is to present you some of the best ROM games that are safe for your kids. We tale the help of Wikipedia to collect the information. Remember, this ROM game is not based on ranking. It is based on availability on Google.

1. Kirby’s Dream Land

Kirby's Dream Land- Best Free ROM Games That Are Safe And TrustworthyAny list for best ROM games will not be complete without mentioning one of the most popular mascots in gaming. Released on the Game Boy, this game introduced the world to Kirby. This game is an action-platformer where you play as a bald little lump who can devour anything.

Kirby’s Dream Land introduced unique platforming gameplay. Like any other Nintendo game, this game has some of the best level designs and background scores. The game’s easy difficulty level doesn’t scare off young or inexperienced players. Moreover, even being a Game Boy title still manages to look beautiful. 

Important Features

  • It has features of high-level designs.
  • This game has smooth and addictive gameplay.
  • It Contains high background scores.

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2. Super Mario World

Super Mario WorldThe most glorious journey of the most popular and recognizable video game mascot, Super Mario World, is a true spectacle. Mario games are known for their fantastic level designs, beautiful character designs, and intuitive platforming. This Mario entry on the Super Nintendo, aka the SNES, ups the game in all of these aspects.

This game introduced many new features that would go on to be stapled elements in future entries. The inclusion of the spin jump broadens the gameplay possibilities. The game also introduced Yoshi, Mario’s dinosaur companion, who was a favorite fan character in the franchise.

Important Features

  • This game contains seven different worlds.
  • It has features of beautiful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.
  • It Implements many new gameplay mechanics and characters.

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3. Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D WorldEnjoy a Mario game in HD graphics. This Wii U title has some impressive visuals, as well as Nintendo finesse. Super Mario 3D World is an expansion of the Super Mario 3D land on the 3DS. This expansion introduces new power-ups and other gameplay features as well as a different story.

Just like any other Mario games, Super Mario 3D World has amazing platforming mechanics. The new catsuit power up really changes how you control Mario. This game also effortlessly transitions from 3D to 2D viewpoint according to the levels. This game also allows you to choose from 4 distinct playable characters with their advantages. 

Important Features

  • It features a unique camera system that transitions into different perspectives.
  • This game has four distinct playable characters.
  • It Contains mesmerizing visuals.

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4. Best ROM Games Super Mario 64

Best ROM Games Super Mario 64Mario’s first venture into the realm of 3D is as glorious as it is memorable. Very few 2D platformers have been able to transition into the 3D world successfully. The tight and intuitive controls and satisfying platforming have been retained from its 2D predecessors. This game was released on the Nintendo 64 console. 

This game has 15 well-constructed levels. The additional dimension allows the players to take control of Mario in a much more free environment. This game takes the credit for revolutionizing the 3D sandbox gameplay mechanics.

 Important Features

  • This game is the first 3D Mario game ever made.
  • It Contains well-designed levels and boss battles.
  • It Features an open 3D sandbox environment.

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 5. Disney’s Magical Quest

A Capcom developed Disney video game Disney’s Magical Quest was able to completely capture the magical charm of Disney perfectly in a video game format. One thing Capcom always manages to perfect is the visuals. Just like most other Capcom games, Disney’s Magical Quest manages to look outstanding.

This game is a 2D platformer featuring Disney characters. The level designs are awe-inspiring. The different abilities Mickey gets while wearing different themed clothes is an excellent concept, and the players can change this at free will. This game is available on SNES, Sega Genesis, and GBA.

Important Features

  • This game is a fantastic 2D platformer with Disney Characters.
  • Unique level designs with fun mechanics.
  • It has features of Disney themes throughout the game.

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6. Best ROM Games Donkey Kong Country

Best ROM Games Donkey Kong CountryAnother one of Nintendo’s original IPs, Donkey Kong Country is a SNES game that can’t be overlooked. One of the visually astounding titles on the system was a real spectacle in the SNES era. Even with limited capabilities of the system, Donkey Kong Country managed to incorporate many innovative gameplay elements.

There are many secrets and other passages hidden inside the levels. The players must keep an eye out for these hidden passages. Donkey Kong also has a companion Diddy Kong. The game never lets you feel alone with this tag team duo. On top of fantastic level designs and tight controls, the game has a fantastic soundtrack.

Important Features

  • The game has fantastic 3D graphics.
  • It features incredible level designs and a captivating soundtrack.

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7. Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third entry in the Mario Bros series and perhaps the most polished one. Released on the NES, Super Mario Bros. 3 takes the formula of the first two games in the series and heavily improves it. This game featured much higher and more open levels.

All the new and versatile powerups in the game open up new gameplay possibilities. The inclusion of warp whistles hidden throughout the levels adds to the fun element of the gameplay. Overall this is a Mario game that cannot be overlooked.

Important Features

  • This game contains eight worlds.
  • This game has much more open and massive levels.
  • Features new powerups.

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 8. Super Mario All-Stars

This is one if the Best ROM Games, which also contains the lost levels. This is perhaps the best way to play the original trilogy. Released on the SNES, this title updated the visuals of the original games. Apart from the visuals, the developers were able to improve the controls of the games.

The remake of the Super Mario Bros 1 is perhaps the definitive version of the game with an improvement in all aspects. However, the remake for the Super Mario Bros 2 feels a bit short-handed as it retains most of the original problems. For the case of Super Mario Bros 3, it mostly stays true to the original with improved visuals and saves mechanics.

Important Features

  • It contains the entire original Super Mario Bros trilogy.
  • Features improved visuals and gameplay mechanics.
  • It Contains Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

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9. Best ROM Games Tekken 3

Best ROM Games Tekken 3Finally, a video game that is not a Nintendo title. In the realm of fighting video games, Tekken needs no introduction. Released on the original PlayStation, Tekken took the world by storm. This game is famous for its intuitive controls and excellent gameplay. 

The gameplay of Tekken 3 relies on executing complicated combos. The game has a varied roster of fun and unique characters with different fighting styles and combos. The fast-paced fighting gameplay captivates the players.

Important Features

  • The game has intuitive control mechanics.
  • It Contains a big roster of fun and unique characters.
  • This game has a high background score.

 More Info

10. Mario Kart 64

One of the best entries in Nintendo’s successful video game series which created the kart racing sub-genre. This is an incredibly fun, whacky, and colorful racing game with characters from different Mario games. Released on the Nintendo 64, this game brought the Mario Kart 64 to the mainstream audience.

This game has a diverse roster of characters from various Mario games. The game’s tight control and smooth driving mechanics make for addictive gameplay. Mario Kart 64 has 4 cups, each with four tracks that contain unique and iconic power-ups. This game introduced many tracks that would become classic tracks in future entries of the series.

Important Features

  • This game has a big roster of characters from different Mario games.
  • Features 4 cups and a total of 16 tracks.
  • This game introduced many future classic tracks.

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11. Super Bomberman

Super BombermanReleased on the SNES, Super Bomberman revolutionized the concept of local multiplayer. The gameplay mechanics of this game is simple yet addictive. Super Bomberman is best enjoyed while playing multiplayer as you strategically blow up your opponents with various explosives from a top-down angle.

The various power-ups make the game fun and enjoyable. There is a story mode with a lukewarm narrative, but it truly shines in when played with friends. Unlike most retro games, Super Bomberman has surprisingly aged well.

Important Features

  • Primarily a multiplayer game.
  • It Contains well-designed level layouts.
  • It Contains many unique and fun power-ups.

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 12. Best ROM Games Metal Slug

Best ROM Games Metal SlugPrimarily an arcade title that took the world by storm, Metal Slug needs no introduction. Metal Slug was released on SNK’s Neo Geo home console. Metal Slug is a run and gun shooter game. This game is simply amazing. From its beautiful visuals to captivating shooting mechanics and enemy designs, everything is done spectacularly.

Metal Slug has some of the best level designs and aesthetics, as well as some fantastic boss battles. The heavily action-oriented gameplay, the amazing powerups, and some of the best pixel-art seen in gaming make up the whole package that is Metal Slug.

Important Features

  • It has features of beautiful visuals and pixel-arts.
  • This game has heavily action-oriented gameplay.
  • It Contains beautiful level designs and captivating boss fights.

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 13. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda The Minish CapReleased on the Game Boy Advance, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap has some of the most beautiful visuals. The concept of playing with a shrunken link might not seem like a big deal, but it makes you see Hyrule’s world from a very new perspective. It also completely changes the way you approach puzzles and boss battles.

The various mystical items in the game help you on your way through different dungeons. Some aspects of the game are similar to that of a Metroidvania game. Finding various items allows you to explore many areas of the map. Overall The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a game that every Zelda fan should experience.

Important Features

  • This game has beautiful visuals.
  • It has features of many Metroidvania mechanics.
  • It Has a much more improved sword combat mechanic.

 More Info

14. Super Mario Kart

Super Mario KartThe first game in one of Nintendo’s most successful video game series, Super Mario Kart, created the kart racing sub-genre. This game is one of the best selling titles on the Super Nintendo, aka the SNES. Nintendo went on to release a Mario Kart game on every single major console from then on.

Super Mario Kart is a racing game that features characters from various Mario games. Unlike other fast-paced racing games at that time, Super Mario Kart took a much more relaxed approach. It featured fun and innovative stages and tracks. The unique power-ups of the game gave it a distinct gameplay experience.

Important Features

  • This game ha a variety of characters from the Super Mario franchise.
  • It Contains five cups and a total of twenty tracks.
  • This game contains a retro racing game aesthetic.

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15. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2This game is a remake of Super Mario World for the Game Boy Advance. This game is a faithful adaptation of the original SNES title. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 features extra content, such as Luigi’s inclusion. There isn’t much difference between this and the original.

Certain extra features of this game make it a better deal. But this is simply Super Mario World for The Game Boy Advance. Luigi has a different play style than Mario, so playing the game as Luigi feels very different. Luigi also has a different sprite set from Mario. 

Important Features

  • This is a version of Super Mario World for the Game Boy Advance.
  • Features Luigi as a playable character.
  • Luigi features a different play style and sprite set from Mario.

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16. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is an updated version of the original and Best ROM Games. The game is available on a plethora of different systems, including SNES and Sega Genesis. This game has a different gameplay system than the original. It features many characters not available in the original edition.

Just like one would expect from a Mortal Kombat title, this game has some solid fighting mechanics. This game appeals to any edgy players with a long vast roster of unique characters and bone-chilling gore and violence.

Important Features

  • It has features of additional characters.
  • Two additional gameplay mode has been added.
  • It has features of extra combos and specific tweaks.

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17. Best ROM Games Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a wonderful game that we discussed on Useful Google Tricks. One of the most recognizable video game mascots, Pac-Man ruled the arcades back in the 80s. There is hardly any system that doesn’t run Pac-Man. Its simple design and addictive gameplay formula have made it this much famous. The game is an all-time classic, very much like Tetris.

The gameplay is simple. You can play as the titular character, which is a yellow circle with an open mouth. The objective is to eat as many dots as possible while avoiding contact from the colorful ghosts. Coming into contact with these ghosts will result in instant death. Eating the limited big dots will allow Pac-Man to be momentarily invincible and allow him to eat the ghosts which are turned blue for extra points.

Important Features

  • One of the most classic video games of all time.
  • Available on a plethora of different systems.
  • It has the features of the arcade and retro aesthetics.

 More Info

18. Yoshi’s Woolly World

This is a 2D platforming game featuring Yoshi in a form never seen before. Take your favorite dinosaur companion from Mario on a quest in a land made out of wool. The visuals are beautiful with vibrant colors and soothing sceneries. This game also features some of the most catchy tunes.

This game utilizes Yoshi’s hover jump and long-range attacks to create many challenging sequences. The overall platforming and controls of this game feel very much intuitive. Certain aspects of this game make it a light-hearted and relaxing title. This game is available on the Wii U as well as Nintendo 3DS.

Important Features

  • This game has some of the most beautiful and unique visuals.
  • It has the features of a collection of catchy tunes.
  • It makes for a fun and intuitive experience.

 More Info

19. Mario Bros

The staple for all video games would be incomplete without Mario Bros. A hero who saved video games from the brink of destruction. Released on the NES, this Nintendo heavy hitter changed video games forever. With its revolutionary visuals, outstanding gameplay mechanics, and endearing characters, this was a sure success. This game contains some of the highest level designs and boss fights ever seen.

And who can forget the most recognizable video game music? Super Mario Bros. contains some of the most cherished video game music of all time. Although the game has become dated, one cannot deny its importance for what it represents. Mario Bros will always remain one of the most celebrated video games of all time.

Important Features

  • One of the most famous games of all time.
  • It features a fantastic soundtrack.
  • It Contains fun and well-crafted levels and boss fights.

 More Info

The Legend of Zeldais considered by many to be the best Zelda game of all time. This game contains beautifully animated graphics, a huge improvement over the previous generation of the series. 

A well-crafted world full of rich lore and mythos engages the players in the narrative of the game. The grand tunes featured on the game heightens the gameplay experience to a whole new level. A staple entry in the franchise that cannot be overlooked.

 Important Features

  • It Contains a rich narrative.
  • Beautifully animated visuals and immensely detailed worlds.
  • This game has an intricated gameplay mechanic.

 More Info

21. Best ROM Games Legend of Zelda

Indeed, a game ahead of its time, Legend of Zelda changed the face of video games with its diverse gameplay and an actual narrative. This game was released on the NES. Video games during that era were mostly formulaic with simple score-based gameplay and devoid of any narrative. 

Roaming around the world of Hyrule with Link from a top-down perspective felt fresh. The incredibly open world of Hyrule and the thrilling sense of adventure sets this game apart. The game also has many RPG elements, where the actions of the players seem to have consequences. The feature of exploring and finding secret passages and upgrades made players revisit this gem repeatedly.

Important Features

  • Legend of Zelda is the first entry in The Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • One of the first action-adventure RPGs of all time.
  • It Contains an amazing soundtrack.

 More Info

22. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War is an immensely popular video game series. While the main console entries in the series are considered the best, this second entry on Sony’s first handheld is a competent installment. Set in between the first two games, it is a must-play for any God of War fans.

Set in different locations where you fight other mythological beings, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is sure to get the blood pumping in any gamer. The game manages to look beautiful even on the limited hardware of the PSP. God of War: Ghost of Sparta retains all of the blood and gore the series is most known for.

Important Features

  • This game explores the backstory of Kratos.
  • It features great visuals even though it is a PSP title.
  • It Contains heavy blood and gore.

 More Info

23. Best ROM Games Mega Man X

My most favorite video game on this list, Mega Man X is near perfection. This game has it all heavy, fast-paced action gameplay, amazing level designs, great boss battles, iconic characters, and to top it all of a fantastic soundtrack. Released on the SNES, this game has some of the most stylistic visuals and characters.

This game is a perfect example of how to update a franchise. The original Mega Man series was already phenomenal with its amazing run and gun mechanics. But Mega Man X blew it out of the park with two new mechanics, sliding and wall jumping. While it might seem inconsequential, these mechanics make the game feel far more fluid and intuitive.  

Important Features

  • This game has fast-paced action gameplay.
  • It Contains incredibly stylistic visuals.
  • It has the features of a fantastic soundtrack.

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24. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Set two years before Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, players take on the role of Victor Vance. This ex-soldier is forced to take up criminal life after being falsely framed and discharged. This game is very much nostalgic for any fans of the original Vice City. This game is available on both the PSP and the Play Station 2.

Overall Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a solid GTA title. This game explains a lot of the plot of Vice City and serves as a loose prequel. The side missions and the business management system are a great addition to the classic GTA gameplay.

Important Features

  • This game serves a loose prequel to Vice City.
  • It features many side missions.
  • Available on both the PSP and the Play Station 2.

 More Info

25. Best ROM Games Super Metroid

Metroid is one of the most overlooked Nintendo IPs. Return to the shoes of Samus Aran. After defeating the Mother Brain and eradicating all Metroid life forms, the last specimen is stolen from the base. This is where the journey begins. Super Metroid took what made the original so good and raised the bar astronomically high.

The interconnected sub-sections of the game gives it a very open feel to the game. The game is heavily reliant on exploration, with players exploring many secret passages and obtaining different items. The game has an amazing aesthetic. With its sci-fi worlds. The dark and gritty environments and the creatures that inhabit them makes the game so beautiful.

Important Features

  • This game has amazing dark and gritty visuals.
  • Features action-packed gameplay.
  • Heavily emphasized exploration-based gameplay.

 More Info

26. Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super-Heroes

Capcom truly knows how to create video games that are both visually outstanding and gameplay that is intuitive and fun. Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is primarily an arcade fighting title featuring a full roster of Marvel characters and characters from various Capcom games.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is truly a beautiful game. The character designs are on point, and the sprites still look amazing to this day. Each character has their combos and special abilities. Overall, this is a unique video game that every gamer should experience. This title is available on the Sega Dreamcast and the original Play Station.

Important Features

  • This game has beautiful visuals.
  • It has Features a wide roster of both Marvel and Capcom characters.
  • This game has an amazing soundtrack.

 More Info

27. God of War: Chains of Olympus

This game is a prequel to God of War 1 and 2. Released on the PSP, God of War: Chains of Olympus holds up just as well as its home console counterparts. Even with the PSP’s limited buttons, this game managed to retain the swift controls of the original God of War games.

The visuals of the game also stay intact with beautiful animation and stunning art designs. The series is most renowned for its bloody and gory combat finishes, which is also available in this rendition. Overall, God of War: Chains of Olympus is an action-packed beast that is sure to get the blood pumping in any player.

Important Features

  • Features action-packed gameplay.
  • It serves as a prequel to God of War.
  • It Has amazing visuals for a hand-held console.

 More Info

28. Best ROM Games Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart: Super Circuit was the first portable rendition of the Mario Kart series. Released on the Game Boy Advance, Mario Kart: Super Circuit seems to be more or less a port of the original Mario Kart. This game didn’t introduce any new features or elements.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is simply Mario kart for the GBA. This game contains the roster of the Mario Kart 64 and essentially the same power-ups. This game is not the most original Mario Kart game, but it sure does have a unique feel.

Important Features

  • First portable rendition of Mario Kart.
  • It has Features of the entire roster of Mario Kart 64.
  • The game has a unique visual aesthetic

 More Info

 29.The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Released on the Nintendo GameCube, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is an overlooked title in the Zelda franchise. The concept of this originated way back in the GBA era with The Legend of Zelda.

This game focuses more on its local multiplayer aspects. The ability to play with up to 4 friends sets this game apart. The game shines with its emphasis on teamwork. You must explore dungeons and solve puzzles together to progress through the game.

Important Features

  • It has Features of an amalgamation of 2D and 3D visuals.
  • This game can be played both on the multiplayer or single-player mode.
  • One of the most underrated The Legend of Zelda game.

 More Info

30. Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

One of the most popular fighting games of all time, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, needs no introduction. Perhaps the definitive Street Fighter II is still a popular choice at various esports events and gaming tournaments. This game has been countlessly re-released on various systems across many generations.

This is the port of the arcade version without any glitches, which makes this much faster and fluid. This game is available on the Super Nintendo. This fast-paced action fighting game is sure to satisfy all fans of fighting games.

Important Features

  • This game is the definitive version of Street Fighter 2.
  • It has Features of iconic characters in its roster.
  • It Contains fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.

 More Info

Final Thoughts

The Best ROM Games and emulators allow us gamers to enjoy video games across many platforms to run on one system, thus enabling us to enjoy many exclusive titles. Many amazing retro titles that are worth playing are extremely rare or highly expensive or are on an obsolete system, making it impossible for anyone to experience. 

Hasan Saad
Hasan Saad is a passionate gamer as well as a prodigy-writer. He has much experience in gaming. He also has an aptitude for writing.


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