How Do I Use The Microsoft Edge Browser? Is Edge Good?

We are using internet explorer for a long time. Windows 10 has brought a new internet browser popularly known as the Microsoft Edge browser. Side by side, the Xbox one was introduced in 2015, Android and iOS in 2017, and Mac OS in 2019. The extension of the edge is hosted in the Microsoft store, and it is connected with Cortana.

Edge has introduced world-class performance with great productivity, privacy, and security in terms of browsing. It is mainly optimized for Windows 10 to automatically synchronize your setting, favorite things as well as password. Because of searching it provide you rivers. It is widely used in various organizations because it has provided enterprise-grade security and integration with the bing search engines. It supports all the operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems. Moreover, it is one of the Best Browsers for Android.

Features of Microsoft Edge Browser

Compared to the Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Edge browser has brought meaning outstanding features for Windows 10 users. It is more fast, secure, and convenient to use. The development and features of Microsoft edge depend on Windows as a service model. Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer and uses a new engine instead of the legacy engine. It supports Adobe flash player and PDF reader by default. In today’s article will cover some Microsoft is browser features.

Features of Microsoft Edge

Supports All The Devices

Microsoft Edge browser supports all the device’s true synchronized automatically settings, passwords, and favorite things. The is browser is also available to all the respective web stores like Google Play, iOS app store, Mac, and Windows.

Seriously Take Care Your Privacy And Security

Microsoft Edge takes the oath to become committed in terms of safety and security on the web. It will keep you safe in terms of accessing unauthorized browsing data. To take the decision, it shows the data which are totally transparent. Empowers its user to take control of the browsing data and improve the user experience. Another hand, Microsoft East browsers respect the users to make their experience better. You can keep your browsing private like the Incognito mode.

Allows You to Choose The Style

Maintaining that capability and compatibility in terms of performance, security, and privacy allows you to design independently. You can customize your favorite things like image news and social media during your search from the Microsoft Edge browser. You can design your own layout for searching for anything on the web. It allows you to browse the smarter collection.

Edge Browser Extension

Extensions other productivity features for any browser. In our previous article, we discussed Best Google Chrome Extensions. However, the Microsoft Edge browser has thousand of productivity extensions that you must like. Our next article will try to cover the best Microsoft Edge Extension to make you the ultimate power user.

Other Features

Besides the common features, many other features like integration with office 365, organizing and exporting web content with office applications, and browsing with a peaceful mind. Another interesting feature called “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen” protects you from phishing schemes, malicious software, and security threats. Moreover, you can control your browsing from anywhere because it supports all the devices, and synchronization is easy. 

Market Share of Edge Browser

Since the Edge browser is very new compared to others so naturally, Microsoft Edge should have a lower ratio regarding users of the web browsers. I have shown the Best 30 Web Browsers For Windows To Get The Safe And Fastest Access in my previous article. Now I am going to show you the ratio of that internet browser.

Market Share of Microsoft Edge BrowserIn this image, it is clearly understood the market share of different Web Browsers. Here, we can see that 68.84% are using Google Chrome. On the other hand, the second largest user is Mozilla Firefox. The Microsoft Edge Browser has only a 4.6% market share.

How Do I Use the Edge Browser?

Since Microsoft is browser is a new platform for Internet browsing, there are many questions in the mind of internet browser users. We do believe the uses of FossGuru users have the same query. To make you clear regarding edge chromium, try to find suitable questions for you and answer.

How Much Fast Microsoft Edge Can Be?

There may be a misconception of the Microsoft browser, but it is wrong. The Edge browser does not have the exceptional power of extra speed. It is the same as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is the common tendency of all web browser developers to say that they provide higher speed. The browser’s speed depends on various factors like the content of the web page, hosting capacity, bandwidth, and ISP.

Like another browser, you can save the webpage as a shortcut lint to the desktop. The process is not the same easy as another browser. First of all, copy the link from the address bar. Then on the desktop, click the right button > New> and make a shortcut. After selecting the location, input the name. Instead of providing the location in the box, paste the URL, and the Microsoft Edge shortcut will be ready for you.

How to Delete Edge Browsing History?

Always we have tension that will see my browsing history after my browsing. The Edge browser also has the facility to delete all the history. To delete the history, select ”…” then you will get the option “What to clear” then select those and press the “Clear” button.

Some Other Questions to Microsoft Edge?

To use the edge browser, you may have many other questions that may be very relevant to all the users. Some other important questions are:

  • How to import favorites from IE?
  • If you have Microsoft Edge, then should you stop using IE?
  • Can I block Adverts?
  • How to get out of infinite popup?
  • Can I change the test (Zoom in/out) from Microsoft Edge?
  • Can I update the Microsoft Edge browser?

All of the answers to your question are “YES”. But, there are definitely some ways to perform the job. You can visit the official page of Edge to get many other relevant question answers. 

Microsoft Edge Download

It is supposed to have the Microsoft Edge Browser with a recent Windows 10 Operating system. But, if you want, then you can download the Edge Browser from the Microsoft website. It is free of cost, and anyone can download it. Besides the Windows version, you can install the Edge browser on Android and iOS.

Download Browser for Windows 10

How to Update Microsoft Edge?

If you are a Windows 10 user, you need not update the Edge Browser separately. During the update of Microsoft 10 OS, it will automatically update the Microsoft Browser. When you check your OS to update automatically, you will get the latest version of a web browser. You can update the edge browser manually in the following ways.

How to Update Microsoft Edge Web BrowserThe graphical presentation shows how to update the Microsoft internet edge browser. You have to follow as per the sequence. The sequences are:

  1. Click on the START menu
  2. Select the Setting Option
  3. Select Update & Security
  4. Select Windows Update
  5. Check for Update
  6. Downloading Update
  7. Finally, See the Update Status

Does Chromium Use Edge?

Microsoft Edge was first released on January 15, 2020. It is based on chromium. It supports all the versions of Windows and Mac OS. Chromium uses Edge for many reasons like performance, speed, and security. For your kind information, chromium is used by Google Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and many other web browsers.

How Do You Get Edge Chromium?

You can download the edge Chromium from Microsoft’s official website. It is available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. After download the edge Chromium, you have to confirm the stored location of the downloaded file.

How to Updates in Microsoft Edge Chromium

After the download and installation, and use of Microsoft Edge Chromium, you have to update or check for updates. Microsoft has adopted the Chromium open source project to select compatibility. Since Microsoft Edge supports all the versions of Windows, including Mac OS, there is a requirement to update Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

To update Microsoft Edge Chromium, you have to follow few steps as follow:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Chromium
  2. Go to Setting and More
  3. Find the Help and Feedback
  4. Find “About Microsoft Edge”
  5. Check for Update
  6. Update and Restart

What is the difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer?

There is a lot of differences between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Some of those are given in the tabular form:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge Browser
1. Internet Explorer is a traditional browser. Microsoft Edge browser is a small app.
2. It is not much secured as much as Microsoft Edge Browser It is good for security.
3. It is slow compared to Microsoft Edge. Speed is relatively faster.
4. No options for protecting It protects you from phishing sites and more.
5. A lot of customization options. Microsoft Edge Browser does not have many customizing options.
6. How to Configure: From Control Panel or Internet Explorer’s Tools menu > Options > Internet Options. You can also configure from the control panel or the App setting.
7. Difficult to block third-party cookies. Easy to block third-party cookies.

Do You Have to Pay for Microsoft Edge?

No, Not at All. It is by default feature of Windows 10 latest edition. Moreover, if you are Windows 7 or the latest version OS user, you can download Microsoft Edge Browser free of cost. On the other hand, it is also free for Android, iOS, and Mac users.

Is Microsoft Edge Browser a Good Browser?

Yes, definitely, it is a good browser. It is highly secured and protected. There is no chance of web phishing. You do not have to pay for it. Moreover, you do not have to update it separately. Because of all those reasons, it is considered one of the best internet web browsers.

Final Thought

Microsoft Edge Browser is the latest internet web browser in the market. Though the browser is new, the growth rate is satisfactory. Like another web browser, it uses the open-source platform edge chromium. It is thought that the innovation of Microsoft will bring a revolution to the technology world. 

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