Best 10 Basketball Anime to Watch if You are a Basketball Fan

When it comes to sports anime, basketball anime is my first recommendation and choice. I enjoy watching a competitive and energetic basketball animation series. Popular anime series like Kuroko, no basket, or Slam Dunk, has led the way in successful basketball anime. The sports have success in real life in Japan, and the anime shows based on them are truly spectacular.

The Japanese national team is powerful in the Asia-Pacific region. They also competed in the final of the Olympics. Most anime concentrate highly on high school teams, allowing viewers to connect with the characters. Here are my Best ten basketball anime shows to watch if you are a basketball fan.

Top 10 Basketball Anime Shows

Many basketball anime names pop into my head. But this list is about the top 10 best anime based on Basketball.

1. Slam Dunk (1993)

  • MAL Ratings: 8.54
  • Studios: Toei Animation
  • Number of Episodes: 101
  • Source: Manga

Basketball Anime Slam DunkYou must have heard about Slam Dunk if you have watched anime for a while. It is one of the most popular anime shows in Japan. This series is top class regarding both story and animation. The anime is based upon Takehiko Inoue’s bestselling manga series. From 1993 to 1996, the show aired. The show mixes romanticism, high school love, and Basketball.  


Hanamichi Sakuragi is infamous for his temper, huge body figure, and fiery red hair. Being rejected by 50 consecutive times in middle school, Hanamichi realizes he needs a girlfriend in high school and hates Basketball. However, as fate would have it, Hanamichi comes across a beautiful girl and falls in love. One thing leads to another Hanamichi joining the basketball team and aspiring to be the best. And all of it is to impress his crush.

2. Kuroko no Basket (2012)

  • MAL Ratings: 8.08
  • Studios: Production I.G.
  • Number of Episodes: 25.
  • Source: Manga.

Kuroko no BasketPerhaps the most popular basketball anime, Kuroko no basket or Kuroko’s Basketball, is the highest ranking anime on MAL. The series has three seasons and four movies. Kuroko’s Basketball has a series of light novels, audio CDs, and Nintendo 3DS games. The anime’s plot revolves around a group of boys who are into Basketball and will go the extra mile to be the nation’s top teams. This show’s animation and dialogue delivery are exceptional. The music score of Kuroko no Basket is also outstanding. If you want to enjoy a touching and inspiring anime series, I recommend Kuroko no Basket.


Despite being in Teikou Middle School, which has dominated the nationals for three years, Kuroko finds himself in a fix. After joining high school, he finds his former teammates are attending different high schools. Who once was his ally has now become the opponent on the basketball court. Despite the predicament, Kuroko struggles to be the best and live up to his title of the “Phantom Sixth Man.”

3. Ahiru No Sora (2019)

  • MAL Ratings: 7.29
  • Studios: Diomedea.
  • Number of Episodes: 50
  • Source: Manga.

Ahiru No SoraAhiru No Sora is a basketball anime series opposite Slam Dunk. The series features a team of delinquents who play in a basketball team. The fans have praised this 50-episode of anime for its complex but easy-to-grasp storyline. The show offers entertainment as well as a learning experience for its viewers.


Ahiru No Sora is a tale of delinquents who plays Basketball for fun. However, Sora Kurumatani is a dedicated basketball enthusiast and player. Though he struggles with his height to play the game, he joins the team of delinquents in order to make a successful team. Sora Kurumatani tries his utmost best to turn a bunch of goofballs into pro basketball players and bring out their potential. The anime is the tale of Sora Kurumatani’s struggle, failures, and success.

4. Basquash! (2009)

  • MAL Ratings: 7.22
  • Studios: Satelight
  • Number of Episodes: 26.
  • Source: Original.

Basquash Basketball AnimeAired from Apr 3, 2009, to October 2, 2009, Basquash is a unique anime show. It introduces a totally bizarre and new form of basketball games. The games are usually played in gigantic arenas, known as the Big Foot Basketball (BFB) in the series. And the players are not human. Instead, there are a bunch of giant robots playing the game. Basquash has some of the best quality animations and mecha action.


Earthdash’s residents are stunned by its moon and Mooneyes’s superior lunar city. Dan JD, a young man, living in Rollingtown on Earthdash’s surface, becomes engrossed with Bigfoot Basketball, a fast-paced sport involving enormous Bigfoot robots.

5. Buzzer Beater (2005)

  • MAL Ratings: 6.53.
  • Studios: TMS Entertainment.
  • Number of Episodes: 13.
  • Source: Web manga.

Buzzer BeaterAre you interested in playing Basketball with intergalactic aliens? We have already seen robots play Basketball, and now it’s time for some aliens. You might enjoy watching Buzzer Beater. It is an amazing anime show featuring hardcore basketball in a cosmic setup. The anime is created by Takehiko Inoue and shows us the standing of humans against giant aliens. You will enjoy watching this 13-episode basketball anime show.


Hideyoshi is a homeless boy who lives in New York. He has been surviving by hustling young boys in basketball games. However, fate turns when he is drafted for a pro basketball team. And that team is to face off against players from outside the world. Yes, literal aliens dominating the basketball world are against Hideyoshi in Buzzer Beater.

6. Dear Boys / Hoop Days (2003)

  • MAL Ratings: 6.81.
  • Studios: A.C.G.T.
  • Number of Episodes: 26.
  • Source: Manga

Dear BoysDear Boys is an excellent anime show if you are keen to learn the basics of basketball. The show has a mix of romance and basketball playing. It is an underdog anime series based on a manga published in the Daily Shonen Magazine. Dear Boys or Hoop Days shows us a school basketball player’s struggle, ups, and downs. Despite being talented, life is not always rewarding- this is the message of the anime show.


Aikawa Kazuhiko was the basketball team captain of the prestigious Tendoji high school. He transfers to a new town and joins Mizuho high school. The basketball team of Mizuho high school is far from being a team. How will Aikawa face tackle the challenges? Will he be able to succeed or fail miserably? 

7. Ro-Kyu-Bu! (2011)

  • MAL Ratings: 6.79.
  • Studios: Barnum Studio, Project No.9, Studio Blanc.
  • Number of Episodes: 12.
  • Source: Light Novel

Ro-Kyu-Bu! Basketball AnimeRo-Kyu-Bu is an anime show featuring cute girls playing basketball. It is a perfect combination of Loli and sports. The show is set upon the idea of pursuing one’s goal regardless of obstacles. This entertaining basketball anime Netflix show allows viewers to enjoy a great TV experience. Ro-Kyu-Bu! might be your best show if you are into Loli girls.


Subaru Hasegawa was a famous basketball player of his time. However, his carer was cut short due to a scandal. Now, Subaru has been tasked to guide a group of cute girls as their basketball coach. The team has sixth graders students, and all of them becomes a fan of Subaru. How will he tackle the group of young stars? Watch the show to find out.

8. Dash Kappei (1981)

  • MAL Ratings: 7.18
  • Studios: Tatsunoko Production, Tama Production.
  • Number of Episodes: 65.
  • Source: Manga.

Dash KappeiDash Kappei is a classic sports anime show released in 1981. The show has 65 episodes and showcases the 80s ecchi comedy. Dash Kappei is packed with erotic comedy and humorous dialogue delivery. Wheater you are a basketball fan or a comedy lover, you will enjoy watching Dash Kappei.


The main best basketball anime character is Kappei. Despite his short stature, he is good at every sport, especially basketball. He stays as a guest in Akane’s home and falls in love with her. However, Kappei has a strong rival: Akane’s dog, Salomone. The dog plans evil traps and mischiefs to keep Akane away from Kappei. Dash Kappei is a romantic comedy mixed with sports events.  

9. Breakers (2020)

  • MAL Ratings: 6.36.
  • Studios: Albacrow.
  • Number of Episodes: 16.
  • Source: Original.

Breakers Basketball AnimeWhen we make a list of the basketball anime names, then we cannot leave Breakers. It is a recent anime series featuring Para-athletes and basketball players. The show focuses on a particular sports event not usually covered by any shows: Paralympics. Breakers feature four sporting events; goal ball, track, Paralympic swimming, and Wheelchair basketball.


Breakers has successfully shown us how much talented the para-athletes are. From the first episode, the show has been inspiring and worth watching. It is entertaining in a different sort of way. Breakers is a must-watch anime show.

10. I’ll/CKBC (2002)

  • MAL Ratings: 6.24
  • Studios: M.S.C.
  • Number of Episodes: 2.
  • Source: Manga.

I'll/CKBC Basketball AnimeThe last entry in our basketball anime list 2022 is I’ll/CKBC. The show teaches about team chemistry and respect for teammates. I’ll/CKBC is based on a popular sports manga with only two episodes. The show features two protagonists: Akane Tachibana, a hard-working individual, and Hitonari Hiiragi, a natural-born superstar. I’ll/CKBC shows no man can alone secure a victory in a team sport. It needs a team to win in life. The two-episode anime is very touching and educational.


Due to family expectations and pressure, talented basketball player Hitonari Hiiragi is considering quitting the game. But after meeting with Akane, the love for basketball in Hiiragi is reignited. He starts enjoying playing the game with Akane and the team. Despite enjoying his time, Hiiragi begins to question his achievements and choices. The approach towards the sport is a thing to watch.

Final Thoughts

You will find the list helpful if you are a basketball fan. They do not just reflect the intensity of the court but also offer incredible plotlines and good character development in some scenarios. While typical of anime is nevertheless entertaining when paired with basketball themes.

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