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The Best 15 Sudoku Games Online to Play in 2021

The Best Sudoku Games Online to Play

What is the better way to flex your brainpower than to solve Sudoku puzzles? Sudoku puzzles are one of the best ways of passing time for centuries. This 19th-century brainstorming game originated in Japan. Originally it was known as ‘Number Place’. The French made Sudoku a popular pass time by publishing it in the newspaper in 1979. You usually need a piece of Sudoku puzzle and a pen or pencil to write down the numbers. But now, technology has made playing Sudoku much easier and more accessible. You can easily play Sudoku Games Online.

Our today’s article is about how you can play Sudoku online and for free. Here is our list of The 15 Best Sudoku games online in 2021.


What is Sudoku? It is a question that might come to mind of those who are not familiar with the game. To put it simply, it is a game of puzzles where a player has to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers. So that each column and row has 3×3 sub-grids contain the numbers from 1 to 9.

The task has made it more difficult as there are some numbers pre-filled in the puzzles randomly.

The Japanese first invented the Sudoku puzzles, and it was called the number place back then. Maki Kaji, president of Japanese Puzzle manufacturing company ‘Nikoli,’ abbreviated the Japanese word Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru to English Sudoku.

The modern-day Sudoku was introduced in the Dell magazine in the 19th century. In 1979 the Dell Magazines published a Sudoku puzzle designed by 74 years old architect Howard Garns.  

Rules of Playing Sudoku

Playing Sudoku is not complicated, but you must have a good eye and understand numbers to solve the puzzle efficiently. There are some basic rules of Sudoku, and here they are:

  • There are 9×9 grids, and inside that, there are 3×3 sub-grids. That divides the whole puzzle into 81 cells (nine rows and nine columns). You have to fill the cells with numbers.
  • When filling the empty cells, you cannot use a number twice in the same row, column, or block.
  • There will be at least 17- 30 pre-filled cells on the puzzle.

Solving a Sudoku puzzle: Methods and Tips

Remember, every Sudoku puzzle has only one correct way to solve it, depending on the pre-filled cells. There are several techniques for solving the puzzle, but you don’t have to worry about them. If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with a puzzle with many cells pre-filled. It will be much easier for you to fill.

Start by identifying the missing sole numbers. Look in the row and column to find out which numbers are missing. Then cross-check if the missing number is in the next row or column. If you have found an isolated number, then write it in the first blank cell. Following the same procedure fills the rest of the cells.

Use a pencil to write down the numbers. If you make any mistake then, it would be easier to erase the writing and redo it. Concentrate and remember to find the numbers from 1 to 9. 

World Sudoku Championship (WSC)

Every year the World Puzzle Federation organizes the World Sudoku Championship. It is the ultimate competition of Sudoku players around the globe. In 2006 the 1st WSC was held in Lucca, Italy, and the most recent WSC was held in 2019 in Kirchheim, Germany. In 2021 the 16th WSC will be held in Shanghai, China. The competition is usually held in the ‘Individual and Team’ category. Japan is the most successful team in the World Sudoku Championship, securing victory in 2007, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019.

Creating a Sudoku Puzzle

If you want to create a Sudoku puzzle at home, you can follow the following steps.

Step 1: Take a piece of a square sheet of paper, a pen/ pencil, and a ruler.

Step 2: draw a large square on the paper and divide the square into a 3×3 equal grid. You will get 9 smaller grids.

Step 3: Next, divide the 9 squares into 3×3 grids. Now you will have 81 small cells. Our puzzle cells are ready.

Step 4: Write down the numbers randomly in the 3×3 grid cells. Remember that every 3×3 grid should have numbers from 1 to 9.

Step 5: Finally, take an eraser and erase some numbers randomly, keeping 17- 25 numbers intact. Your Sudoku puzzle is ready.

If you don’t want to go through the hassles, you can take the help of an online Sudoku puzzle generator. Sudoku Web is a great site to create and print Sudoku puzzles for free. 

Best Sites to Play Sudoku Online for Free

Here are some great sites where you can play Sudoku for free. We recommend you bookmark some of these websites so that it is easier to access.

1. Play Sudoku Online

Play Sudoku OnlinePlay Sudoku online is the best site to play Sudoku for free. The website offers Sudoku puzzles on four different levels: easy, medium, challenging, and complex. The site lets you play by clicking on an empty cell and type in the number you wish to put or use the mouse to select a cell and click the numbers.

Play Sudoku online gives you the ability to restart or undo a move with a single click. You can try unlimited times before succeeding. Sadly, Sudoku online is not optimized for smartphones. So you cannot play the game on mobile devices.

2. 247 Sudoku

247 Sudoku247 Sudoku is a fantastic online app for playing Sudoku. It feels and looks like a mobile game that you can play online. The interface is attractive looking. You can take part in daily challenges or solve the usual puzzle. 247 Sudoku has four difficulty levels- Sudoku Easy, Sudoku Medium, Sudoku Hard, and Sudoku Expert.

You can select an empty cell and type in the number or choose from the numbers below the puzzle sheet. 247 Sudoku offers different season-themed Sudoku puzzles. With the six seasons come six different-looking Sudoku puzzles. 247 Sudoku has solving Sudoku puzzles more fun and interesting. It is a kid-friendly site, and children will surely love to solve puzzles on 247 Sudoku.

Play Here

3. Web Sudoku

Web Sudoku OnlineNext on our list, we have Web Sudoku, a straightforward Sudoku-playing website. The game has a clean interface and a simple look. The site has been satisfying Sudoku lovers since 2005. There is a deluxe Web Sudoku that is available for Windows and Mac OS download. The deluxe version is priced at $14.95. Web Sudoku has apps on Google play store and App store.

Unlike Sudoku online Web, Sudoku has a dedicated app for mobile devices. So you can enjoy a game of Sudoku when you are waiting in line for your morning coffee. The game offers four difficulty levels. They are easy, medium, challenging, and evil. The last one is truly a monster to solve and requires a lot of concentration.

Play Here

4. the Sudoku Kingdom

Sudoku KingdomThe Sudoku Kingdom is your daily Sudoku playing website. It is my personal favorite for solving Sudoku. It has a leaderboard option. The top 5 players who have obtained 100 scores are randomly chosen and rewarded by the Sudoku Kingdom via email. So if you want to compare your skill as a Sudoku puzzle solver with players worldwide, Sudoku Kingdom is perfect for you.

Another thing about the Sudoku Kingdom is a picture puzzle at the bottom of Sudoku that fills as you progress on the Sudoku. You can register on the Sudoku Kingdom and keep a tab on your progress. There are new puzzles every day for you. Just like other online puzzles, Sudoku Kingdom has four difficulty levels.

Play Here

5. Sudoku Menu

Sudoku MenuSudoku Menu is the daily Sudoku game that will give you company in your leisure. They offer puzzles for beginners to professionals. The website has multi-lingual support covering all major languages. The website is optimized for mobile devices too. So, you can enjoy a game of Sudoku on your smartphone.

Sudoku Menu has multiple difficulty levels: easy, moderate, complex, challenging, very hard, diagonal, and odd/ even. You can check for the solutions after solving the puzzle. Sudoku Menu lets you print out the puzzles if you want.

Play Here

6. Elite Sudoku

Elite SudokuElite Sudoku is a free online Sudoku playing website that has a premium interface. It requires you to create a free account so that you can keep track of your progress. You cannot select different Sudoku puzzles. Instead, they give a new set of Sudoku every day. You can see the leaderboard on the site.

Elite Sudoku lets you undo your selection unlimited times, and after solving it, you can validate it. Elite Sudoku offers free Sudoku games that are fun to play and brings out the professional Sudoku solver in you.

You can select a cell and type in the number you want to use the scrolling method on the counter like the number box, to select your desired number. To me, the look of Elite Sudoku with grey and black color is much more attractive than other free Sudoku puzzles.

Play Here

7. Sudoku.com

Sudoku.comSudoku.com is one site that you won’t forget due to its unique domain name. It has become one of the most popular online Sudoku playing sites on the internet for its name. The site has many valuable features other than just the domain name. It has a clean and refined look that catches the eyes. The app is free, of course.

Sudoku.com has four difficulty levels for you to try; easy, medium, challenging, and expert. During the solving stage, you can check for mistakes up to 5 times. You can click on the cells and type the number or use your mouse to click the virtual numbers. There is an Android and iOS app too.

Play Here

8. Live Sudoku

Live Sudoku is a free-to-play online Sudoku playing website. This strategy game offers solo as well as multiplayer Sudoku games for you to enjoy. Moreover, you can play the game by yourself or challenge players across the world. There is a leaderboard where you can see the current leaders of the game.

You can put your name on the leaderboard by registering to Live Sudoku and winning the puzzle. The game has 4 levels: easy, medium, challenging, and evil. You can check for mistakes and correct them. The interface is child-friendly, and anyone who is up for the challenge will enjoy Live Sudoku.

Play Here                                                

9. Sudoku.game

sudoku games online easySudoku.game is another excellent website to play Sudoku online. The site’s interface is clean, and the puzzle covers the whole page of your browser, making it much easier to see and play. Just like other online Sudoku games, it has four difficulty levels.

In addition to Sudoku, you can play mahjong and solitaire. You can select a cell and type in the numbers or choose from the onscreen virtual numbers. Sudoku.game is a fantastic free-to-play online Sudoku puzzle game that is perfect for everyone.

Play Here

10. Play Sudoku

Play SudokuPlay Sudoku is another clean-looking free-to-play puzzle game. It offers easy Sudoku puzzles for you. Your progress is saved automatically, and you can pause the timer by taking a break. The website has multilingual support covering more than 15 languages.

If you are new to Sudoku puzzles, then we recommend Play Sudoku for you. You cannot change the puzzle by yourself. The site updates the puzzles every day. The archive option on the site stores all previous puzzles with the solution if you want to try them later. It is a tremendous beginner-level website for those who are getting interested in Sudoku.

Play Here

11. Sudoku online.io

Sudoku online.ioSudoku online.io has four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, evil, and impossible. They graciously provide delicious Sudoku for your brain games online. The web Sudoku evil is particularly tricky to solve. You can check the solutions after solving the puzzles. You can start over as many times as you want or choose a new puzzle.

Sudoku online.io is the daily Sudoku game that will give you company in your leisure. The site offers puzzles for beginners to puzzle masters. The website is optimized for mobile devices too. So, you can enjoy a game of Sudoku on your smartphone. Additionally, it has its Android and iOS game named Sudoku Genius for you to try.

Play Here

12. Sudoku Bum

Sudoku BumSudoku bum is an excellent web Sudoku easy playing game for everybody to try. The site provides you with simplistic Sudoku puzzles for you to solve. It also shows you if your answer to the puzzle is correct or not. You can restart the game multiple times and choose a new one if you want.

Sudoku bum has six levels: very easy, easy, medium, challenging, very tough, and extreme. You have to select an empty cell and type the numbers from your keyboard. There is no virtual number on the screen. The game is free to play and compatible with mobile devices.

Play Here

13. Sudoku Exchange

Sudoku ExchangeAnother fun to play online Sudoku app is Sudoku Exchange. This site is developed by a single person and provides you with the best Sudoku puzzles. The website is best for people who want to solve puzzles and people who want to submit their puzzles for the mass to try.

Sudoku Exchange is a free website, and you don’t have to create an account to enjoy a game of puzzles. It offers difficulty levels of easy, medium, challenging, and sinister. You can check for mistakes and correct your answer accordingly. There are not unlimited numbers of puzzles. Sadly the number of puzzles is fixed, and you can play only those as the site is still under development. But there is a sufficient number of Sudoku for you to try.

Play Here

14. Puzzle Baron’s Sudokus

Puzzle Baron’s SudokusPuzzle Baron’s Sudokus is an online Sudoku-solving site for those who are serious about playing Sudoku. They mean business as they provide the best intricate puzzles for you to solve. It features four levels: easy, medium, complex, and insane. All levels have two modes. You can choose Play Competitively, where there will be no hints, no penciling, and limited undo. The Play for fun mode gives you hints, penciling, unlimited undo and redo, and cross-check your answer. Puzzle Baron’s Sudokus holds monthly Sudoku competitions where you can compete against players around the world.

Play Here

15. Sudoku 9×9

Sudoku 9x9Sudoku 9x9is the last Sudoku game online on our list. It is a killer Sudoku online game for you to try. It has a simple interface with many useful features. You can choose different colors, grid designs, and more. To put it, you can customize the interface of the puzzle. It has an average puzzle as well as diagonal Sudoku on Sudoku 9×9.

You can check for answers when you try to solve it and undo and redo your action as much. You can also create your Sudoku puzzles on Sudoku 9×9. It has five-level for you to play. They are Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, College, and Graduate.

Play Here

Final Conclusion

Sudoku puzzles have been the way of recharging your brain for a long time now. It can energize your brain a well as make you active. It is not that hard to play the game but will you be able to master it? Please find out your capability by playing any of the free Sudoku puzzles online from our list. Let us know which one was your favorite. Share the article if you found it helpful.



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