Engaging Student’s Attention With Online Spin Wheel

Spin to win with the online spin wheel! Try your luck and win prizes with a virtual spin. Play now and enjoy the excitement!

Digital spin wheels are an excellent way for teachers and instructors to engage and boost confidence among students during classes and sessions. 

By providing turn-based chances to students through the spinning wheel it boosts motivation towards participation in class activities as well as adds excitement and fun in educational and training practices

Wheel Spinner X is a free digital online spin wheel tool in which you can put various names, sentences, and words in the sphere’s portions. And with a click, you can easily spin the wheel. With time, the spinning of the wheel will slow and finally stop at a random portion of the wheel, selecting a particular name, topic, work, or sentence on the wheel. 

In Wheel Spinner X, the users can easily add or edit the wheel’s entries, allowing them to easily and quickly select one option from multiple choices without any errors or injustice. 

What is Online Spin Wheel?

Online Spin Wheel is a great tool for choosing one candidate or option for an extensive range of class and educational activities like selecting winners, initiating conversation, drama play, telling stories, games, and other fun affairs. 

Online Spin Wheel is a great tool for choosing one candidate or option for an extensive range of class and educational activities like selecting winners, initiating conversation, drama play, telling stories, games, and other fun affairs. 

Moreover, the Wheel Spinner X enables its users to add images to the portions of the wheel. So, whether you want to add the names of your students, session participants, seat numbers, topics, stories, quizzes, or any other text or number, you can effortlessly do it with the help of Wheel Spinner and make an unbiased decision.

Tools Overview 

Name of Tool Wheel Spinner
URL https://wheelspinnerx.com/
Tool Purpose The main purpose of the Wheel Spinner X is to provide an unbiased, quick, and error-free selection of one opinion from multiple choices
Cost Wheel Spinner X is completely free of cost and provides an unlimited quantity of wheels. 
Usage  Wheel Spinner X is quite simple and quick to use

A Quick Rundown of Wheel Spinner X

Wheel Spinner X is a free online spinning tool that allows users to choose one option from multiple choices, making easy, quick, and justified decisions. 

For using the Wheel Spinner X, users don’t have to create an account or share personal details to sign in. Instead, simply open the tool on device and start using it. 

This tool allows up to 1000 entries in the spinning wheel that can be easily added, edited, or managed by the entries column on the right side of the window. The user can enter alphabets, numbers, and images in each entry. 

Moreover, the users can change the font style of the entries as well as the color in the entries editing column. Deleting entries block as well as cloning entire block is also available in the editing option. 

At the bottom of the entries block, the user has the bar to write the text and enter it into the columns of the spinning wheel. 

The Spinner Wheel X also allows users to use the tool in different international languages. The search bar, with “English” written, is present on the top right of the tool. By clicking on the option, a wide range of languages is open, including Russian, Turkish, Thai, Dutch, German, and others, and the user can choose the desired language from there.

How does it work?

So, after choosing the language and input entries in the spinning wheel, the user has to click on the play button, present at the center of the wheel, and let it spin. After a few seconds, the spinning wheel will start to get slow until it fully stops, and the arrow will be at one column of the wheel. This is how your final result will be decided. 

The final result will show on the screen like a pop-up box on your screen, as shown in the image below. 

The user can hide or remove the winner column from the next spins. 

You can also view the final result at the result option of the editing column, as shown in the image below.

The Wheel Spinner X also allows the users to share the wheel results and other settings with other participants. So, if you are an instructor or teacher who wants to share the results with the students, you can easily do it with the “Share” option present at the bottom of the tool. 

After clicking on the “Share” option, the pop-up box will open, providing sharing options as well as generating a link. However, you can only share the wheel in the form of a link or through Facebook or Twitter. 

What Online Spin Wheel X Can be Used for?

Wheel Spinner X is a great tool for random student selection in the classes and sessions for academic activities like assigning topics for research, writing stories, quizzes, games, and other fun performances. 

Moreover, by adding the element of uncertain fun and excitement to the class activities, you can promote class participation and confidence among the students. 

For example, with vocabulary practice activities, you can set the wheel for different alphabets and ask the choosed student to name things, countries, cities, dishes, fruits, or other categories of goods to name or enlist starting from the particular alphabet. 

Wheel Spinner X allows the users to have bulk entries that are a maximum of 1000 per wheel. Its randomization, as well as user-friendly themes and attractive user interface, make the user experience of this tool more engaging. 

Moreover, this spinning wheel technique is quite beneficial for distributing rewards and incentives among the students. The selected student will be the lucky winner of the class, however, the chosen name will be removed from the wheel afterward to promote justice and winning chances among other students. 


Promoting creativity and innovation among the students is only possible by bringing the essence of fun and entertainment into educational activities and Wheel Spinner is a great tool to do so. From boosting the motivation of class participation to promoting unbiased and justified results, these spinning wheels make the decisive process simple, quick, and effortless for the instructors. 

So, why not put a spin wheel in your next class? We assure you that your students will be thankful to you!