The Best 20 Anagram Solver Apps for Android in 2023

Do you want a good exercise for your brain? Do you want to learn new words and improve your vocabulary? Are you interested in challenging your intelligence? Do you want to learn and also have fun at the same time? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, then check out puzzle-solving games. To make these games easily accessible, we present our top 20 Anagram Solver apps in this article. This process is an excellent way to keep your brain healthy. 

Best 20 Anagram Solver App For Android In 2023

An Anagram is a word or phrase that can rearrange to form a different word or phrase. It has been used in this world since the third century BCE. People would use it to convey secret messages, hide clues, or have fun playing these games. Authors use it to create pseudonyms for themselves or their fictional characters. It is a great way to pass your leisure time while exercising your brain well.  

Sometimes it gets challenging to rearrange large letters of words to find new words. This app will be helpful and make your task easy. These offer many fun games and solutions that people of any age can play and enjoy. We hope that you will also enjoy these apps.   

1. Word Breaker

Word BreakerWord Breaker is another excellent anagram solver maker that will surely be your best friend in times of need whenever you are stuck in jumble puzzles. It has been helping its users since 2011, and its popularity has grown since its arrival. To improve your understanding, you can use this application to solve crosswords, jumble puzzles, scrabbles, and even English subjects. Word Breaker is an excellent cheating tool to play with friends and one of the best free word game applications to rearrange words.

Key Features

  • Word Breaker has three visual themes: wood grain, light, and dark.
  • You will also enjoy their Ghost mode, which gives you a peek at a word-breaker game. 
  • The dictionary provided is free to use, and you do not need an internet connection to access it.
  • The “Remaining Tiles” feat” re will help you” predict the letters you could get next.
  • It provides blank tiles and wild cards to help you identify where to look and what kind of patterns to search for. This process makes it faster and easier to solve a puzzle.
  • The application is super fast in its word searches.
  • It features screenshots that you can take and use to your advantage.
  • It provides solutions for puzzles, crosswords, or games like Hangman.
  • You can customize your search using different types of filters.
  • The application is available in English, Portuguese, Netherlands, Spanish, Italian, French, and Dutch. 

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2. Anagram Solver

Anagram SolverThis application is a fantastic anagram solver online free app that can solve difficult scrabbles for you. Anagram Solver uses the latest dictionary, known as TWL, in its word lists and games. Real Scrabble competitions make use of the TWL dictionary for accurate results. It would be best to try this jumble fixer that quickly solves jumbled words.  

Key Features

  • Anagram Solver operates fast with easy configurations. 
  • The app can solve any word, no matter how messy the letters are. 
  • The app allows you to mark words that you have missed to study these words later. 
  • It features a user-friendly interface.
  • It gives you quick results and accurate meanings with its updated dictionary. 

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3. Anagram Solver With Puzzle

Anagram Solver With PuzzleAnagram Solver is as good as the previous app in the list. Apart from sharing the same name, this app also provides similar features to its users. No matter how small or big the word is, this app is always here to your rescue. It has searches over a wide range of words in different languages so that you can fully enjoy its features in your native language. 

Key Features

  • Anagram Solver features a fast search engine that instantly searches over 400,000 words and phrases. 
  • The app features solutions for missing letters, crosswords, crossword phrases, and spelling bee puzzles.
  • It also provides an up-to-date dictionary for word meanings.
  • It has English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish word lists.  
  • The app also has an online user guide to help you use the app properly. 

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4. Jumble Solver

Jumble SolverJumble Solver is a remarkable anagram solver-free tool with many word games. These games are not only fun to play but also improve your vocabulary. Unscrambling jumbled words, crossword scrabbles, and many more give you an enjoyable experience. This anagram solver app is a free application with many cool features for its users. 

Key Features

  • Jumble Solver has cool games as well as cheats for quick solutions.
  • You can enjoy it without the Internet.
  • Solutions are found for words of any length. 
  • Word lists are available in English and Spanish.
  • You can enjoy the jumble fixer with a user-friendly interface.

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5. 9 Letter Jumble

9 Letter Jumble9 Letter Jumble is a free app with many intelligent word games and puzzle levels. Complete each level and test yourself on how good your vocabulary is. You can try out these games as a single-player or a puzzle challenge participant. It rewards you with solutions if you perform well in the levels. This app will push you to work hard to pass the levels. 

Key Features

  • 9 Letter Jumble offers a dictionary to help you solve the games.
  • Every level needs you to work with 9-letter words.
  • It can use clues to understand a word you are struggling with.
  • 50% of the solution at the current level will unlock the next level.
  • The word target of scoring a perfect 100 motivates you to play harder.
  • Daily challenges will help you get extra clues.  

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6. AnagramApp

AnagramAppAnagramApp can be played for free to give your brain a good exercise. The puzzles contain hidden words to help you win extra coins. Some challenges have hundreds of hidden words that will keep you on your toes. So if you want to go for challenging puzzles, this could be perfect.    

Key Features

  • AnagramApp lets you return to the previous level to find more hidden words.
  • You can tap a word to know its meaning.
  • Hints are provided to help you find a word you’re struggling withyou’reple of. Any age can enjoy this application.
  • There are 500 levels to enjoy.
  • Vocabulary is provided in both English and Spanish. 

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7. Word Solver Free

Word Solver FreeWord Solver is a word search anagram solver app that solves all your word puzzles. It is fast and elementary to use. It will answer your word problems quickly and has an advanced search engine to provide instant answers to crosswords, scrabbles, and puzzles. You can enjoy the app for free and do not need an account to use it. 

Key Features

  • Word Solver does not require you to create any user account.
  • It can solve scrabbles with a maximum of 16 letters.
  • You can also solve crosswords with unlimited wildcards. 
  • It searches words according to length. 
  • You can enjoy the application ad-free if you pay. 

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8. WordFinder: Unscramble words

WordFinder- Unscramble words - solve anagramsWordFinder is a fantastic word finder Anagram app with many fun vocabulary games. You can play these games with friends, family, and even expert gamers worldwide. Not only that, but this WordFinder also teaches you how to use the language with examples of sentences properly. 

Key Features

  • WordFinder will provide you with relevant wildcards to help you pass the games.
  • It also comes with cheats that you can share with your friends.  
  • You can easily search for words in the dictionary to find meanings.
  • You can view word meanings, synonyms, and examples of words used in sentences. 

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9. Anagram Word Finder – Solver

Anagram Word Finder – SolverThe Anagram Word Finder app has a simple interface. You can play many brain-challenging puzzles to pass your time and learn something new. The app finds all the possible words from a list of provided letters with their up-to-date dictionary. The app is free and is very easy to use. 

Key Features

  • You can enjoy Anagram Word Finder without the Internet.
  • Its word search engine is fast and gives you instant results.
  • The dictionary is provided to find word meanings.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It performs word sorting by alphabets, points, or lengths. 
  • The app can perform an unlimited search for words. 

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10. Alphagram-R

Alphagram-RAlphagram-R includes solutions for words as big as 10 or as small as 2 letters. You will enjoy your time playing with words of varying lengths. The application is free; you can enjoy these games even more with wildcards. So do not waste much time on problems; download this app for quick searches and answers. 

Key Features

  • Alphagram-R will be ad-free if you pay for its service.
  • The application provides word lists in English and French.
  • It offers a feature that helps you improve your pronunciation.
  • The paid version provides advanced searches on words. 
  • You can view the app in either landscape or portrait mode. 

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11. Anagram Solver Pro

Anagram Solver ProAnagram Solver Pro lets you go pro in solving anagrams. As its name suggests, This is an excellent puzzle app to teach you new words and their meanings through various games. It has an excellent filter to narrow down results and make it easier to find the exact words. You can enjoy all its features for free and ad-free. 

Key Features

  • Anagram Solver Pro features crosswords, spelling bee games, and crossword phrases. 
  • It has a fast search engine can search more than 400,000 words and phrases.
  • It is also a multi-word anagram finder.
  • You can use its English dictionary without the Internet.
  • Word lists are available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian. 

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12. Crossword/Anagram Solver Free

Crossword-Anagram Solver FreeCrossword/Anagram Solver Free is a practical application for solving crosswords or unscrambling jumbled words. Type a random word, and you will get a list of all the new words from what you’ve entered. Enjoy you’ve Anagram solver apps and improve your English vocabulary. 

Key Features

  • Crossword/Anagram Solver Free has a database of more than 236,000 words.
  • You do not need an internet connection to enjoy this app. 
  • It has such a comprehensive database that you will instantly get accurate search results.
  • It features an excellent dictionary to help you learn word meanings. 

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13. Anagrams App

Anagrams AppAnagrams App is the one to go for if you want to play competitive word games to get high scores. There are many scrambled words to rearrange to keep you busy and entertained. The app sorts words by length and gives a fast result of a list of words you can make. This application is another free solver app to find all kinds of correct words from any jumbled letter. It is quick to identify the pattern and provide the correct answer to you. 

Key Features

  • Anagrams App offers word lists in two languages, English and Spanish.
  • You also can use the app without an internet connection.
  • This app provides instant results for your word search.
  • It solves word games very fast.

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14. Anagram Finder

Anagram FinderAnagram Finder helps you find many different words from a single word you have typed. If you want to use an app with a simple user interface and features, check out this app. It is a good jumble words solver app to make you better in the English language. This application is easy to use, with straightforward instructions and answers.  

Key Features

  • Anagram Finder is a free app with no ads.
  • It helps you find all the words from a scrambled or unscrambled word you typed.
  • The app’s interface is verapp’sorful and lifts your mood when using it. 
  • Its fast search engine will save much of your time finding problem solutions.  

15. Word Generator App

Word Generator AppWord Generator generates new words for every set of letters you type. The app will help you learn new words and quickly rearrange letters to form different words. This app can be a good scrabbles solver that cheats words with friends that you can use to impress your buddies when trying to solve word riddles. 

 Key Features

  • Word Generator will be helpful if you want to quickly solve word puzzles in competitions, newspapers, or homework.
  • It is a high-speed generator of words.
  • It provides beneficial cheat sheets that you can use to get ahead in such riddles.
  • The app contains English, French, Bulgarian, Swedish, Italian, and German word lists.

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16. Anagram!

AnagramAnagram! is a beautiful app for curious people who like playing with words. It would be best if you came up with all the different words from the provided word. The app is amongst the “Google’s play games a”Google’s.” This app shows how “credible the application is as a problem-solving app. Its popularity has been rising ever since its release. 

Key Features

  • Anagram! Hundreds of word games to enjoy.
  • There are thousands of words available in this app that you can play with to improve your cognitive skills. 
  • There are many different themes for words.
  • You can use the same device to play with your friends. 

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17. Anagram Generator

Anagram GeneratorAnagram Generator is an excellent anagram solver app that can search and find all the anagrams and lexigrams of the selected words. From unscrambling words to making rhyming words, this particular generator will come up with any words for any purpose you want. There are also wildcards to help you with any word puzzles that you come across. 

Key Features

  • Anagram Generator is excellent for solving scrabbles and crosswords.
  • It also shows rhyming words of the selected word that can be especially helpful for poets and songwriters. 
  • Its fast search engine can get you any. 
  • A dictionary is available in English, Finnish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, French, and Italian. 

18. Crossword Solver King

Crossword Solver King is a must-have crossword anagram finder app to download on your Android. It can solve all kinds of crosswords, scrabbles, jumbled words, whatever you need. With its fast search engine and quick results, the app is one of the favorites amongst many people. You can download the application for free and access its comprehensive vocabulary database. 

Key Features

  • Crossword Solver King can search over 500,000 words, synonyms, and phrases.
  • If you enter crossword clues, you get to search the built-in thesaurus.
  • An online user guide is available to you for properly using the app.
  • The app finds words for missing letters, crosswords, codewords, etc.
  • It features a powerful filter to make your word searches fast and simple.
  • The dictionary is available for you to learn word meanings. 

More Info

19. WordFinder by YourDictionary

WordFinder by YourDictionaryWordFinder by YourDictionary is a well-known puzzle solver app for Android. This app is helpful for those who like playing scrabbles or other word puzzles and need instant solutions. It is a free app, and an ad-free option is available to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. 

Key Features

  • WordFinder by YourDictionary uses an advanced search engine to help you find words and provide results if you type starting or ending letters or even random letters of a jumbled word.
  • The app operates fast and has a wide range of options for the best solution.
  • If you are a Premium user, you can get access to features and content that will help you become a better word gamer.
  • The app features solutions for scrabbles, crosswords, and many more word games.
  • You can use the app to find word synonyms, word meanings and even learn how to use a word in a sentence. 
  • You can also save words that seem exciting or have high scores.

More Info 

20. Word Expert (for SCRABBLE)

Word Expert (for SCRABBLE)Word Expert is our last app that deserves to be on our Anagram Solver apps list. It is an excellent tool for rearranging and solving scattered letters of words. Word Expert is always at your service, giving you the best answer. It can search up to 15 letters of a word, and you can also use wildcards for faster solutions. 

The app supports different versions of dictionaries like NASPA Word List (the USA, Canada), SOWPODS/CSW (the UK and other countries), YAWL (Wordsmiths), NASPA School Word List (the USA, Canada), and ENABLE. More resources mean better results; this application keeps updating its dictionary and other features to give you the best. 

Key Features

  • Word Expert performs quick searches for your queries.
  • It can find solutions for starting letters, ending letters, 2 or 3-letter words, words with vowels, and words with no vowels.
  • You can enjoy its features offline.
  • It also includes several search modes.
  • Word Expert also includes Bingo Formula.
  • You can install the application on an SD card.
  • The app displays hundreds of words on a single page, so you do not have to scroll much.

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Benefits of Solving Anagrams

Now that we have our list of jumbled word fixers and applications let us look at some of their benefits. If you are still unsure whether or not you should download such applications, then these benefits might be able to change your mind. Such fun puzzles will teach you new words and enhance your ability to use better and understand a specific language. 

When you involve yourself in such brain activities, it helps keep your brain fit. You improve your cognitive skills, and your memory sharpens. Your brain functions better, and you solve problems faster and more efficiently. You avoid getting diseases such as Alzheimer’s or DementiAlzheimer’sly stage of your life.  

Besides having health benefits, solving these riddles is a great way to utilize your free time. You can enjoy these games with your family and buddies and even challenge the most experienced gamer to see how good you are. Some applications allow you to participate in many fantastic competitions to encourage learning. Cheat sheets are also provided so you do not waste much time on one problem. Just have a look at these hints and level up your vocabulary. 

Thanks to such interactive games and puzzles, you can learn to rearrange letters to form different words. If you want to hide any clues for your friends or create pseudonyms for yourself, then this is an exciting way to do it. Anagrams make your life more adventurous and exciting, and you will never get bored of solving these problems.   


  • How do you know if something is an anagram?

Two words are said to be anagrams of each other if they contain the same and the same number of letters. 

  • Is there an app to solve anagrams?

Our best 20 Scrabble solver apps for Androids in 2023 list is here for you to help you with that. Each application has been carefully picked to provide the necessary features and functionalities.  

  • How to be good at solving jumbled words? 

Here are some tips to help you get started with solving jumbled words:

  1. Identify letters that frequently go together in words such as “TH” or “BR.”
  2. Identify”su,” fixed, and” o” prefixes like “ING” to help you in e”ten”  in different words.
  3. Try to separate the consonants and vowels.
  4. Check if you can identify consonants matching vowels to form shorter words. Then try to make these words longer by adding more words. E.g., “A” with “C” becomes “C” and w”t” “E” it b”co” es “ACE.”
  5. “s” paper and a”pen” il if you want to solve it yourself. This app makes it easier to note down any changes you make. You can always get help from any of the applications in this article for fast solutions. 
  • Can you get better at solving anagrams?

Definitely! Thanks to the advanced technology of today’s generation, sotoday’sdevelopers have come up with some great applications to help you become better at that. These applications generate puzzles, crosswords, and scrabbles to challenge and provide hints, wildcards, and sometimes complete solutions to make learning easy and fast. When you become, a top scorer in solving scrabbles, it is a matter of time.  

  • Are anagrams good for your brain?

Yes, they are. Our brain needs mental exercise to keep itself healthy and active. And playing anagrams is one of the best forms of mental exercise. Thanks to these free software applications, you can play them whenever and wherever you want at little to no cost. 

  • Why are there anagrams in IQ tests?

Being a Scrabble expert is a good sign that you have developed problem-solving and cognitive skills. Both of these skills are very important to demonstrate in IQ tests. Anagram-related questions are also seen on online job assessments to help job recruiters determine how fast the applicant’s thinking applicants. So it is better to prepare yourself as much as possible with these free and readily available applications on the play store.

Final Thoughts

We hope you like our list of Anagram Solver apps. Make sure to check out any one or all of these apps to enjoy the benefits we have talked about here. Visit the play store and read the reviews to know which suits you best. Let us know in the comment section if you have decided to download any of these apps and how much you are enjoying them.

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