The 30 Best Free Android Themes With Dark Mode

We have become meticulous in designing the Theme of our Android Phone. A few days ago, when the smartphone was unavailable, we changed the theme background from the setting of that phone. Now, because of the contribution of the Google Play store, we can easily download Android themes to make our mobile more colorful. Previously, we desired to make Google dark mode Android, but it is now elementary.

Like Windows 10 Night Mode, we prefer to make Google dark themes. But today, we will discuss the dark mode in Google and various third-party apps, widgets, live Wallpaper, and other hardcore stuff. But, of course, with a small Smartphone, there are a thousand things to do. So our focus will be aesthetic android themes and dark themes.

Best 30 Android Mobile Themes to Free Download

After extensive research, I have sorted out the 30 best Android mobile themes from the Google Play store. Therefore, all the themes apk will be available on the Play Store. Moreover, I have tried to collect the free list after research. 

I believe my study will help you find a live theme to make your mobile beautiful. So now it is your turn to try as per your choice and recommend us the better one.

1. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher Pixel EditionAction Launcher is one of the best options to start Android theming. It helps you to make your home screen shine with various customization tools. The rich color and unique features make this Launcher attractive. However, the most exciting feature is its adaptability. Instantly it can import the existing layout from many launchers like Google Now Launcher, Apex, Nova, Samsung/Galaxy, and HTC Sense Android launcher.

Important Features

  • Action Launcher: Pixel Edition supports all Android launcher features like folder style, tint the dock, and swipe doc to reveal the App.
  • You will get a full customization dock search box with complete control of color to customize the search box and its icon.
  • This Android theme will show you everything at a glance, like the weather, temperature, time, date, and schedule on your calendar.
  • The marvel of your home screen is highly customizable with a different color.
  • Without opening Facebook App, it will show you your Facebook Feed on your home screen.


  • Action Launcher: Pixel Edition was the best Google Play app in 2016.
  • In 2016 it achieved the best Android Launcher app reward from Android Central.
  • More than 100000 people provide positive remarks about this best Android theme 2021.

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2. 3D 2021 Theme For Android

3D 2021 Theme For AndroidThis excellent Theme is created by some of the world’s famous artists. As a user, you will love its beautiful graphics, unique icons, and excellent Theme. Moreover, it allows you to customize your home screen as per your choice. This Launcher is free to download with lots of features.

Important Features

  • The installation of the 3D 2021 Theme For Android is effortless. Any kid also can configure it.
  • The library of this Android widget is vibrant and full of icons, graphics, and themes.
  • You can easily customize the excellent virtual effect of this application.
  • The developer page of this App has thousands of launcher themes for Android.
  • You have to open the launcher theme and swipe to begin the application.

3. Red Neon Apple Dark Theme

Red Neon Apple Dark ThemeRed Neon Apple Dark Theme is appropriate for those people who love Dark style and metallic tech colors. It has a dark background with a digital effect. The Red Neon Apple Dark Theme will make your phone more stylish. Different brands like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and HTC support this Android Theme app. If you like to enjoy dark feelings, then the Red Neon Apple launcher theme will suit you best.

Important Features

  • Red Neon Apple Dark Theme supports different color Android themes like tech, skull, metallic tech, golden, Red Neon Apple, cool, crystal (Krystal), Dark, pink, skull, neon, etc.
  • The intelligent locker of this App makes the lock screen more beautiful.
  • With the help of all sorts of dark animated effects, your mobile becomes more fashionable.
  • When you flip your mobile, it will look more impressive with Red Neon Apple Dark Theme.

4. Energy Bar (or Energy Ring) Apps

Energy Bar (or Energy Ring) AppsEnergy Bar is a series of Android Apps to design your mobile home screen with multiple information. The Energy Bar – A pulsating Battery indicator is a best-theming app showing the home screen’s battery level. Access Dots – Android 12/iOS 14 privacy indicators are another aristocrat tool to design your screen. You may find other critical free themes from the developer page for Android.

Important Features

  • Energy Bar (or Energy Ring) apps can work silently at the back of your phone.
  • Though it is a series of apps, the Theme’s configuration is straightforward.
  • When your phone, camera, or GPS is engaged with another third-party app, it shows the access dot.
  • Energy Bar – Curved Edition for Galaxy S8/S9/S10+ is another launcher for Samsung users.
  • You can organize the pixels at left, right, or center in the status bar.


  • Energy Bar (or Energy Ring) apps are a series of applications.
  • There are some apps in the purchase.
  • They offer customized features for a particular phone.

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5. Launcher New 2021 Theme, 3D Version

Launcher New 2021 Theme, 3D VersionAfter trying many Android themes, if you are tired of selecting the best Wallpaper for your home screen, you can use the Launcher New 2021 Theme, 3D Version. It has an extensive collection of customized themes, images, fonts, and 3D icons. After installing the Android launcher, you will get a fantastic visual effect on your mobile screen. In addition, the customized app icons will help to change the color and fonts.

Important Features

  • Launcher New 2021 Theme, 3D Version uses a free font that is also downloadable from open source.
  • Both Android phones and Tabs can use this launcher app.
  • You can also customize the color of others using this Android launcher app.
  • The graphics are very excellent, and I love the custom effect of this App. 
  • After using this application, your mobile home screen looks 3D-animated and new.

6. Facer Watch Faces

Facer Watch FacesFacer Watch Faces is one of the best themes for Android wearables. These Android wearable apps make our lifestyle more decorative. We can consider this theming App at the pinnacle of wearable platforms. It can provide everything you need, like a free premium watch face, brands, artists, and Gear S2/S3. With the creator tools, you can even make your watch faces.

Important Features

  • The world-renowned Facer Creator offers over 15000 faces for creating its style.
  • In addition, it has more than 100000 watch faces.
  • You can use the faces of world-leading brands like Tetris™, Star Trek, Garfield, and Ghostbusters.
  • It is straightforward to import and edits the watch faces.
  • In addition, the user will get Numerous Time and Date layouts, extensive custom font collections, and interactive animated design capabilities.


  • Facer Watch Faces is the Theme of the Android wearable.
  • More than 70000 people talked about this background app.

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7. Themes App

Themes AppThemes App provides 4K wallpaper with HD icons for all custom launchers. The users get fantasy themes from this Android wallpaper app. Within a click, it sets your smartphone’s home screen and lock screen. The new Theme of it is neon-inspired. With the new icon pack, you can change your mobile screen easily in 2021.

Important Features

  • Themes App is considered one of the best-theming AAppswith icon packs and HD themes.
  • The 4K background of this App will change your mood quickly.
  • The material design dashboard is free to use.
  • With a single click, you can apply themes.
  • It supports the Neox launcher and Neon Clock Widget.

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8. Modern Theme For Computer Launcher

Modern Theme For Computer LauncherI like Modern Theme For Computer Launcher more than any other theme. There are a lot of reasons for loving it:

  1. It gives me the experience of using a small computer.
  2. You will get the same feeling as me when you see the Windows platform on your smartphone.
  3. You will get a lot of Wallpaper to design your mobile screen.

The low-end mobile user also will get a good resolution screen for its cool quad-resolution features. 

Important Features

  • Your mobile phone will look like a computer if you install this Theme.
  • The icon and animations are very smooth. 
  • It consumes a deficient battery, so there is no need for battery saver apps.
  • You can decorate your screen with its rich wallpapers. 
  • There are lots of icons to decorate your home screen.

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9. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard - the Google KeyboardGboard is one of my favorite typing apps. It can save a lot of time by helping you to type. Besides typing, it offers beautiful theming for your smartphone. In addition, Gboard provides some basic themes to help you design your home screen.

Important Feature

  • Gboard allows you to choose your Theme with or without a critical border.
  • The Pro Version of this software provides some additional facilities.
  • It is multilingual typing and supports more than 100 languages.


  • You can use Gboard as both a basic theming and typing App.
  • Almost 8 million people talked about it.

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10. Cheetah Keyboard App

Cheetah keyboard AppThe Cheetah keyboard app is both a typing and theming App for Android. The pro features of this App will help you to design your style. The keyboard customizer feature of this App will surprise you. If you have a girlfriend, you can show it’s the coolest trendsetter. Cheetah keyboard apk download from other sources other than Google Play. I have downloaded a cheetah keyboard for the animal print background.

Important Features

  • You can change the keyboard theme with this Android App.
  • Quick message templates are available in this theming App.


  • The Cheetah keyboard app is perfect for girls.
  • It is suitable for more fashionable people who want to design a keyboard.

11. KWGT and KLWP

Best Free Android Themes With Dark ModeWe want to introduce two more timing apps which are KWGT and KLWP. Both of them can make custom widgets for your smartphone home screen. KWGT supports Google Fit, weather, and sensor data. You can also set your countdown timer on the Theme. KLWP creates Wallpaper for users. It has WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) to edit your display.

Important Features

  • KLWP provides a ton of free presets featuring custom.
  • You can set text with custom font and design.
  • Users will get ZZooper-like progress bars, 3D flip transformations, avals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, EHexagons, etc.
  • KWGT offers one thousand free widgets with Gradients, shadows, tiling, and color filters.


  • KWGT and KLWP are different Android theme apps from the same production house.
  • The pro feature will remove ads.


12. Water Drops Theme

Water Drops ThemeWater and rain are a symbol of relaxation. So, you can set your Wallpaper with the Theme of water and rain. This Android theme launcher will completely change the look. This Theme is free, and customization is effortless. The fantastic blue color of them will refresh your mind. The tremendous visual effect makes the Theme more attractive.

Important Features

  • Water Drops Theme gives a unique presentation of your mobile phone.
  • The developer page of this App offers hundreds of customized themes.
  • The App is smooth and works as per your requirement.
  • It is effortless to download, install and customize.
  • The icon will show as a water drop.
  • Users will like the visual effect of this App.

13. Nova Launcher Themes

Nova Launcher ThemesNova Launcher is one of the best-theming apps to start. It is a versatile, customizable, and powerful app to replace your mobile screen. The features of the Nova launcher are advanced, but it is user-friendly. The Android launcher feature of NOVA brings many features for all. You will get thousands of icon themes after using it.

Important Features

  • Nova provides a dark Android theme automatically in the Night mode.
  • This dark mode apk is highly optimized, and your old phone will get a fast and fluid feel.
  • Nova’s backup and restore feature will help you to move from phone to phone.
  • Vertical or horizontal scroll and immersive options prove its customize ability.


  • Nova is a professional launcher app for Android.
  • More than 12 million people talked about this App.

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14. Butterfly Launcher Themes

Butterfly Launcher ThemesYou may love butterflies. It is a symbol of love. TYoumay uses Butterfly Launcher Themes or Launcher on your Android phone. To make your love more perfect. It will express your personality. After installing the sweet butterfly theme app, you will feel the changes in your mobile look. Once installed, you will get a customized app icon, a cute visual effect, and a nice look.

Important Features

  • Butterfly Launcher Themes will change the look of your mobile phone.
  • You will like the customized app icon and cute visual effects.
  • Anytime you can change the color and font of your Android theme. 
  • The widget is highly customizable that will increase your personality.
  • The automatic lock screen of this App is more beautiful.

15. Reddit Android Theming App

Reddit Android theming appReddit is not an Android theming app, but it is an excellent source of information. It has a lot of similar groups where you will get beautiful themes to download for Android. Various developers post here theme apk for download. If you search for some of the best and cool themes for Android, you should have a Reddit account.

Important Features

  • Reddit is free to use, but you can pay a monthly fee to remove apps.
  • It is one of the best Pinterest alternatives to get a similar idea.
  • Themes download for Android.
  • Many stuff is available, like icons, wallpapers, packs, and themes on its page.
  • You can chat with the community for the correct information for your Android launcher theme.


  • Reddit is one of the best social media apps that quickly provides information on your Android phone’s requirements.
  • Over 20 million people talked about it.

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16. Tapet Android Theme

Tapet Android ThemeMany of us like to get new flavors always. Tapet Android theming app is for them. It automatically generates Wallpaper for your smartphone. You can select a randomly generated app to change your Wallpaper weekly, daily, and hourly. As a user, you will get free trials, Muzei support, color picker, and pattern manager options to customize your Android phone home screen.

Important Features

  • Tapet ensures the highest quality of your background based on your screen resolution.
  • It will not overflow your memory because no image will download from the internet. It will generate automatically.
  • The users will like the exciting pattern.
  • If you present any surprise to your beloved, you can install this best themes app on her mobile.


  • Tapet is a paid a; the free Version will provide limited access.
  • More Than 70000 people talked about it.

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17. UCCW – Ultimate Custom Widget

UCCW - Ultimate Custom WidgetUCCW is the WYSIWYG editor based on the most popular and Ultimate custom widget. It supports all types of functionality like location service, notification, calendar, battery level, weather, etc. From Google Play, you can download additional screen pack apps. It supports the external widget made by someone else. Moreover, it helps to make your widget the way you think.

Important Features

  • The widget object of this theming App is vibrant. It supports tests, images, calendars, taskbar, etc.
  • A particular object like the weak bar and series of clocks fascinates me more.
  • You can do text mapping to override text values. 
  • You can make your themes apk to share with the world.


  • UCCW – Ultimate custom widget will take various permission from your phone.
  • More than 47000 people talked about it.

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18. Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli - 4K, HD Wallpapers & BackgroundsWalli is featured on the Google Pixel device. This above-average Android wallpaper app is the best option to express your personality. Therefore, it is selected by Google as an excellent home screen app. The inspiring Wallpaper of Walli can make your mind fresh. Besides Wallpaper and background application, it supports the same usual photos in the landscape. 

Important Features

  • Walli has a high-quality selective collection to make your smartphone screen good-looking.
  • It is a community of top artists around the world.
  • When you use the theming App of Walli, the Artist gets paid for their particular created Theme.
  • It has an automatic wallpaper changer to make your mind fresh.
  • In your profile, you will get your favorite artwork.


  • The Google Play ranking of Walli is very high.
  • Over 764234 people talked about it.

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19. Love Theme Launcher

Love Theme LauncherLove is a part of life, and you can show it through your mobile phone. This Theme Launcher is a cute app you can install when you are in love. It will help you to feel like romance. The heart sigh will make you more lovely to express your feelings. The love launcher is highly customizable to design more customized widgets. 

Important Features

  • Love Theme Launcher is full of free icons and masks. 
  • This free theme launcher offers a ton of Wallpaper.
  • In 2021 des, signing your phone will be more accessible with this App.
  • You will get a lot of fonts and colors.
  • The App is highly effective if you have fallen in love recently.

20. HTC Sense Home

HTC Sense HomeWe all know that Android does not have its theming App. But there are a lot of mobile manufacturers who make Android Themes for their devices. HTC Sense Home is one of them. HTC makes a customized experience combining the power of BlinkFeed and Themes. In this Theme, you can add your social media account to the update of your friends. It also shows you nearby cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Important Features

  • HTC Sense Home requires an HTC phone to use this theme app.
  • It will help you to feel imaginative.
  • It is a good app for social media lovers.


  • More Than 105094 people talked about HTC Sense Home.
  • This application is free to use.

21. Green Nature Cartoon Theme-themes for Android Free

Green Nature Cartoon Theme-themes for Android FreeWe know an actual word that a mobile phone screen represents the personality of any human. Green Nature Cartoon Theme is the best possible Theme for Android that matches my personality. You will get many similar home screens and screens locked, but this Android theme is fantastic. The whole design you will get at the C Launcher themes app. The tiny creature in the cartoon is also remarkable. Moreover, you will get an outdoor environment with this C launcher app.

Important Features

  • We believe you will like the C Launcher themes App for its high quality.
  • Almost 99% of Android devices are compatible with this Green Nature Cartoon Theme.
  • The 3D themes lover can install this Launcher.
  • It is one of the best clock apps for Android to show your time with Wallpaper.
  • Every day it brings new types of themes for your Android home screen.

22. High Style Launcher 2021 – App Lock, Hide App

High Style Launcher 2021 - App Lock, Hide AppHigh Style Launcher 2021 is my highest preference because of its Wallpaper, app lock, and hide app features. Your Android phone will get a virtual theme and next-generation Launcher because of its stylish user interface. The interface is straightforward and interactive to control. There is no requirement for a separate app lock when you use this App. Moreover, it lets you hide your secret apps from your home screen.

Important Features

  • High Style Launcher 2021 provides a beautiful and colorful theme to its users.
  • This App helps you to manage the folder effectively. Long hold on the Ait will make a folder and vice versa.
  • You can see/invisible your status bar from the Launcher.
  • The smooth and lucrative animation will make your home screen more attractive.
  • The other features are Smooth and clean UI, Power saver mode, and Easy to change themes.

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23. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum Theme EngineWith Andromeda, the substratum theme engine supports Android Oreo without root. Except for Samsung, everything can be done out of the box when your device is rooted. Substratum Android 10 theme is a constantly improving theming app for users.

Important Features

  • The substratum theme supports Stock Oreo (OMS), which is Compatible with rooted and unrooted devices.
  • Substratum works on Android 10 with the help of the Andromeda plugin.
  • After installing the substratum apk, you can customize it according to your needs.

More Info

24. Launcher for Oppo

Launcher for OppoThe Oppo Android phone users can use the Oppo launcher for free. You do not need to search Oppo theme store apk because it is available on Google Play. When you get bored of using Android’s default user interface, then you can install this apk. Moreover, anyone can install it to make a smartphone-like Oppo.

Important Features

  • The Launcher For Oppo can support many themes and icon packs.
  • Users will get an Oppo Launcher search bar and a Custom icon label.
  • The new technology is Android N widget drawer style and Android N editor style.
  • You will get a quick search in all apps and gesture support.
  • The App is tested for all the models of Oppo phones.

25. Dark Mode Theme for Instagram

Dark Mode Theme for InstagramSometimes we search Instagram dark mode apk to take care of our eyes during browning on Instagram. Dark Mode Theme for Instagram is the best choice for those people. This App is unofficial, but it can change the Theme of your Instagram account. Besides the dark Theme, you can change the background.

Important Features

  • Dark Mode Theme for Instagram is an unofficial app for Android.
  • You do not need to create a new Instagram account.
  • If you do not like the Instagram Theme, you can quickly get back by reset.
  • It is possible to change the color of the web version.
  • When you press the “Toggle Dark Mode,” you will go to an earlier version without rebooting your device.

Changing Theme For Different Apps

Sometimes you do not need to install any particular Android theme on your mobile phone. In that case, you would like to customize application-based themes. Now, I will discuss application-based themes like Google dark mode, Facebook dark mode, Instagram dark mode, WhatsApp dark mode, and Facebook lite dark mode.

Google Dark Mode

Google Dark ModeFromYou efficiently use the dark mode of Google Desktop and Mobile. In your setting that case, your browser, toolbar, homepage, and settings will be dark on mobile and desktop computers. 

How to Enable Google Dark Mode on Android?

  1. Go to the Android Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press on the 3 dots and find out the setting option.
  3. Scroll below until finding the Theme.
  4. You will now get the theme Default, Light, and Dark.
  5. Choose your favorite option and return.

How to Enable Google Dark Theme Mode on Desktop?

The easiest way to change the browser theme is to use the Google Incognito Mode. To select incognito mode, click on the three dots at the right of your Chrome browser. The third option is Google incognito mode. 

Only Windows 10 plus Mac OS 10.14 and up supports Google Incognito mode. Windows users can change it from the personalization setting of the Theme. Mac users can change the Theme from this instruction. Following the same process, you can use Google Maps dark mode. 

Whatsapp Dark Theme

Whatsapp Dark ThemeWhatsApp users can use the lucrative and customized Theme on their Android phones. In that case, there is no need to download WhatsApp dark mode apk. Like WhatsApp Web, finding the dark Theme is very easy. With only six steps, you will get a WhatsApp theme for Android.

Step 1: Select the menu options (Three Dot) from your WhatsApp.

Step 2: Select Wallpaper from the options.

Step 3: After selecting Wallpaper, you will get a lot of custom wallpaper.

Step 4: Select the dark Theme as per your choice.

Step 5: After preview, you have to select SET WALLPAPER.

Step 6: Finally, you will get customization options, like specific chat or all chat.

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook Dark ModeMany of us like to browse Facebook in bed during the night. But, at night, the light of a Facebook app may disturb your eyes. So, you can use the Facebook dark mode Android app setting to relieve your eyes. Like Android, you can set the dark mode for Facebook lite, desktop, and iPhone.

Android Facebook dark mode: You can change the white background into a dark background by following the four steps.

Step 1: Open and login into your Facebook account.

Step 2: At the top right, you will get the three lines/”hamburger” icon and touch it.

Step 3: Find Settings & Privacy by scrolling down.

Step 4: Tap on the dark mode and select the Dark Mode option.

Facebook Lite dark mode: Finding the dark mode on Facebook Lite is more accessible. JGoto the three lines/”hamburger” icon and scroll down. You will get Dark mode options and enable it.

Linkedin dark Mode Android

The dark mode has become a trend for all smartphone users. Like Facebook and Google, it is also possible to use the dark mode on Linkedin. The steps for getting LinkedIn dark mode Android are as follows:

Step 1: From the home screen, select your Linkedin Post App.

Step 2: Tough the profile icon at the top right corner.

Step 3: Scroll below to find the option “Dark Mode.”

Step: Select the check box of Dark Mode and double-tap the back key.

Final Thought

Android Theme has become a part of our style. After purchasing a new phone, we have good feelings. So, after a few days, we searched for phone themes to look like the newer ones. In today’s article, I have tried to recommend some of the best themes for Android. Moreover, I also show to convert into dark themes for particular applications. So, please share it with your friend’s community who need to download mobile themes for Android free if you enjoy my post.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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