Pinterest Alternatives: 20 Best Pinterest Like App to Use Free!

Pinterest is an excellent platform for sharing ideas and following others like you. But why should you confine yourself to a single image-sharing platform? You must develop some Pinterest alternatives to expand your idea more. So we endeavor to provide some Pinterest-like APP to inspire your art and design.

Are you a photographer? Entertainer, marketer, content developer, designer, or food lover? You have it with your idea and share it with social media like Pinterest site. The more you share, the more your publicity will generate. So it would be best to have a collection of lists of social sharing sites and applications. This article will help you to know about websites and apps like Pinterest.

Best 20 Pinterest alternatives/ Pinterest like APP

This article will discuss the best 20 Pinterest alternatives to enrich your knowledge for social sharing. From the most significant community, you also can gather your intelligence. All of those made not similar to Pinterest, but you will find a brief idea about other alternatives. All Pinterest-like apps are not based on ranking; we write them randomly.

1. We Heart It

We Heart It-Pinterest AlternativesWe Heart It is one of the best Pinterest alternatives, according to FossGuru analysis. Users can post their pictures into various groups like food, entertainment, creativity, travel, etc. College students and teenage girls mainly use the app and website. Moreover, young women also like this application.

If you love art and culture, then the We Heart It application is for you to make fun of. But this Pinterest-like APP does not have the pin facility. InState of the pin, you will get your heart button. The heart button will help you to discover your image on Android and IOS devices. The community size of this image-sharing application is enormous.

Android  iOS   Web

2. Tumblr

tumblrTumblr helps you quickly share your text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, and video. It is an American-based microblogging social networking website that can be compared with Pinterest. Tumblr is straightforward to use applications that cannot be expressed in such writing. It hosts over 500 million blogs and receives over 500 million visitors.

Tumblr is an instant photo-sharing app application similar to Pinterest. So in the similarity, you will get lots of ideas for knowledge. It has become popular because of its easy-sharing feature. As a user, you must have to log in to share anything.

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3. Pinterest Alternatives: DudePins

Pinterest Alternatives DudePinsWe Heart It is aimed at women, but DudePins is aimed at men. This Pinterest alternative focuses on the fashion and style of men’s life, fitness inspiration, sports, and fashion. The motto of it is ” discover everything manly.” The application is user-friendly, clean, and decorated with floral ornaments.

DudePins is an appealing website for gentlemen. The abundance of the collection will attract men. Moreover, the DudePins wins the Heart of men compared with We Heart It. But it is not restricted to women. As a lady, you can use this image-sharing application.


4. PearlTrees Pinterest like APP

PearlTrees Pinterest like APPPearlTrees similar application to Pinterest, but there is little difference. You get a board pin on Pinterest, but you will get trees and pearls here. It helps you to explore different types of content. The user interface is functional and looks dated. Other than pearls and trees, you can call it the best Pinterest alternative.

PearlTrees is a free image-sharing website. But you can use the premium version for 2.99 dollars per month. You can use it as all of your learning hubs. With the browser extension, you can look at photos of URL documents and snippets. The free version will get up to one GB of free storage.

Web   Android    iOS   Chrome Firefox

5. Dribbble as Pinterest Alternatives

Dribbble as Pinterest AlternativesDribbble is a professional application designer and professionals. But the general people also can use this image-sharing Pinterest alternative. This community is very active in answering your questions, whatever you have in your mind.

Dribbble is one of the best Pinterest-like apps. Designers post here graphics, logos, pictures, and many other items. It has both web, Android, and IOS applications.


6. Google Photos

Google PhotosGoogle Photos is the best photo-sharing and storage service in the world. You can store here plenty of photos without any cost. It is considered one of the best Pinterest alternatives because of its image-hosting facility. You will get up to 16-megapixel photos and a 1080p resolution video storage facility here. In the year 2019, it reached 1 billion users. You can access this application from Android, iOS, or any device.

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7. Pinterest Like APP FoodGawker

Pinterest Like APP FoodGawkerFoodGawker is a Pinterest Similar App and a secure website for the food lover. It offers a lot of food ideas and ways of cooking. The online cooking ideas for beginners will be constructive for them. Anyone can post their food on the application, but it will be published after the moderation of editors.

FoodGawker is the biggest redesigned app with extraordinary food ideas. You will find a curated photo gallery with cooking recipes, ingredients, and techniques. It consists of tons of food recipes from worldwide food professionals. All the content here is categorized under breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegan, etc.


8. Pinterest Alternatives: Hometalk

Pinterest Alternatives HometalkHometalk is another Pinterest-like app specialized for your home. You will get here the combination of DIY and design. There are many categories, like garden, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. For each of the classes, you will get different suggestions. Based on your related topic, the community will answer your questions.

Hometalk is the best Pinterest alternative to decorating your house. If you think you need suggestions from the community, you will get the benefits very fast. It will increase your productivity and minimize your efforts in designing your homes.

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9. Fancy Pinterest-like APP

Fancy Pinterest like APPFancy is the platform for costly personnel. It shows all the products focusing on the modern gadget. Without leaving the central platform, you can buy anything here. Besides current gadgets, many categories like clothing, home, and art are available there. If you cannot control yourself from buying anything and don’t have the money, you switch to this application.

You can consider it as a Pinterest alternative because of its categorized items. But it cannot substitute for fancy. You can use it as a source of inspiration and knowledge. If you want to present a gift to your beloved, you can visit this application to gather intelligence based on your price.

Web Android

10. Pinterest Alternatives: Juxtapost

Pinterest Alternatives JuxtapostJuxtapost is a Pinterest-like site, but the features are not similar. Here you will get a More Like This button to get your collection. After getting the membership will get lots of private boards to exploit your content because the community of Juxtapost is getting intense.

Juxtapost creates categories and shares the specific person who needs that idea. You can save any content as bookmarks, similar to Pinterest. It has many other useful features which you may don’t know.

11. Everplaces

EverplacesEverplaces is a great way to plan your vacation. The users share their experiences regarding accommodations, restaurants, hotels, and transportation to different tourist spots. So that before visiting the actual location, you will get a lot of experience and genuine knowledge that will make you a tourist guide. Because of this Pinterest-like APP, you can find your specific travel point.

Everplaces also have Pinterest, like the community, to share their favorite food, accommodation, and sightseeing suggestions. On the homepage, you can discover popular places all over the world. If you want, you can bookmark the sites to get more insight into every particular spot. It will give you immense social experience.



NOTCOTNOTCOT is unlike a Pinterest app, but you will get something different about your ideas. In Pinterest, we can create accounts and create board pins. But this application will not allow you to register or create an account. You will get a lot of ideas that are categorized excellently. 

NOTCOT lacks all the features of Pinterest, but people love it. It is an image-sharing site that will get enough suggestions for your liking. After scrolling through many pictures, you may find your exciting topic.


13. Pinterest like APP 500px

Pinterest like APP 500px500px is one of the best websites for photo sharing. As a Photographer, you can grow here immediately after your first upload. You can present yourself as a professional to build your career. With the help of statistics and pulse, you will get insight into your performance and compare it with your community. It is an application of over 15 million like-minded photographers.

We can compare 500px to Pinterest alternatives regarding facility and users. Users get unique pictures of the editor’s choice in the web application. Admittedly, it will attract and inspire you to take more photos. As a photographer, you must use this Pinterest-like APP.


14. Godinterest Pinterest Like APP

Godinterest Pinterest Like APPYou cannot compare Godinterest to Pinterest, but it has some extraordinary things to discuss. It is a very new platform for sharing. After registration, you can share your knowledge and ideas. At the same time, you can also gather knowledge from here. You can Discover the activity of different users to enrich your understanding.


15. Instagram

InstagramInstagram is the world’s largest image-sharing social network site, owned by the American company Facebook. The Alexa ranking of this site is 30. Almost all users have Instagram accounts to share their images. Here you will get multiple groups to share similar ideas. We can compare it to a Pinterest-like APP, but in the actual scenario, Instagram is best.


16. Pinterest Alternatives: Flipagram

Pinterest Alternatives FlipagramFlipagram is another image-sharing application similar to Pinterest. You can share your knowledge, photos, videos, and modern music. It also offers community collaboration to exchange knowledge among themselves. It has Android and IOS applications to decide the web application.

17. Pinterest like APP Path

Pinterest like APP PathThe Path is a popular social networking site for sharing your image and ideas. If your friend shares it on this platform, you can easily see who is doing anything. It is also a community-based knowledge-sharing platform that can be very helpful in enriching your knowledge. It is available in English, Arabic, Nigerian, France, etc. In your collection, you can keep this Pinterest alternative.

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18. Pinterest Alternatives: DeviantArt

Pinterest Alternatives DeviantArtDeviantArt is one of the best world’s most extensive image-sharing galleries. It is also considered Pinterest, like APP, because of the best collection of images. You will get all the photos based on the category. Especially cartoon-like images will fascinate more kids. We can call it image watchcartoononline. You can join the most significant community after your login. Moreover, it can be your source of inspiration for sharing your ideas.


19. is all in one bookmark manager to preserve your knowledge. We can call it a Pinterest alternative because of this bookmark facility. It is a pro-version website designed for creative builders and coders. You can manage all of your pictures very efficiently, like Pinterest. Moreover, it is an excellent application for teamwork.


20. Pinterest Alternatives: Flickr

Pinterest Alternatives FlickrFlickr is one of the best free online photo storage to preserve your image and share your identity online. It is the source of inspiration for similar-minded people. This Pinterest, like APP, has different categories to express knowledge of different areas. The largest community exchanges its expertise on this platform. More than two million people are using this image-share platform.


More Other Alternatives

There are many other alternatives to Pinterest. Some of those are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Behance
  • Stylegawker
  • Facebook Group
  • Designspiration
  • Piccsy
  • Inspiration grid
  • VisualizeUS
  • Gentlemint
  • Depositphotos
  • Quora
  • Backpacker
  • Yelp
  • Socialcast

Final Thought

Pinterest is a great tool to share your experience and gather knowledge from the community. There are a lot of Pinterest-like websites and applications as Pinterest alternatives. But finding a real knowledgeable community is challenging. Moreover, all the applications do not support image-sharing facilities. So, we endeavored to find out some Pinterest-like apps. We could not elaborate on all the applications but try to provide an accurate list. If you find the article helpful, then I will be happy.

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