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How to Get Minecraft for Free on PC, Android, iPhone and Online

How to get Minecraft for free on PC, Android, iPhone, and online? It is a common query for all Minecraft lovers. First of all, there is no legal to download Minecraft for free. If you want to have it, you must buy Minecraft.

But in this article, we will try to find out some ways to get Minecraft. It may be funny to you, but it will give you a dividend.

You know Minecraft Dungeons release date is May 26, 2020, and there are a lot of rumors on this version. However, back to our main topic, which is getting Minecraft free for windows 10, iPhone, Android, and online.

How to get Minecraft for free on PC?

how to get minecraft windows 10 for freeThe latest Minecraft is not free. But you will have fun with the demo version of Minecraft for your PC. It is a good idea to have a free trial before purchase a costly game.

Minecraft is a popular game over a decade. If you are newbies in the gaming world, you can try to get access to the free trial of the game. So, one good idea could be to watch the demo before going to any purchase decision.

Idea 1:

Possibly you understand the limitation of getting Minecraft for free on pc. So one great idea could play the old version of Minecraft from 2009 for free. So without spending money, you will get the initial practical idea of different characters and gameplay.

Idea 2:

My other idea of getting Minecraft on PC is more interesting. You can visit any friends or relatives’ houses who have the latest version of Minecraft. After requesting your friends, you can play the Minecraft game for the first day. If your feelings are right about the game, you can decide to purchase.

Idea 3:

You may be angry with me after listening to the third idea. Directly you have to purchase the Minecraft from their website. But before going to any purchasing decision, please continue the article.

Download the Game

Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

Weapons of Minecraft DungeonsWhen you are reading the news, then the opportunity of getting Minecraft Windows 10 for free is over. We feel sorry to inform you of you and recommend you to try for the next opportunity. However, for your kind information, I am narrating the scenario.

Offer date: Up to April 21, 2020.

Millions of Minecraft lovers enjoyed the Minecraft adventure on Java edition. If you are the lucky person of them, you had the opportunity to grab the facility to claim a free copy of the modern bedrock edition of Minecraft on Windows 10. The offer was available up to April 21, 2020.

Minecraft for on the iPhone

You can play Minecraft for free on iPhone for 30 days with up to 10 friends. The unused days of the free trial will be fortified if you purchase a subscription.

After purchasing Minecraft for iPhone, you can explore the infinity world to build anything most straightforwardly. You can expand your game like the Android version of Minecraft.

More Info and Download

Minecraft free online

Minecraft free onlineYou can play Minecraft online with the help of any best browser without any installation if you give you instant entertainment of Minecraft. Moreover, no login is required. 

Let me confess earlier that it is not the full version of the original classic Minecraft. But you can play with it on your browser. Moreover, up to 9 friends are allowed to build the company. On the occasion of Minecraft’s ten-year celebration, this Minecraft free version was released.

There may be some limitations on playing a this Minecraft game. For example, there are no mobs, a lot of bugs, and you will get only 30 blocks to create in Minecraft’s creative mode. However, this free version will satisfy you.

Visit Online Game

After visiting the link, you will find the Minecraft playing window. With the help of a Gamertag generator, you can create your unique username. Now now you can start your play.

Insight of Minecraft online:

  • There is no way to save the game.
  • So when you quit, you have to say goodbye to your blocky world.
  • To continue the game for a long time, you have to keep your browser open.
  • You will get 32 different types of blocks.

Minecraft for free on Android

On your mobile device or Windows 10, you can play Minecraft for free for unlimited times for limited days. Usually, you will get 30 days of the free trial.

You can expand your game to the community edition. From your favorite creator, you can find maps, skin, and texture packs easily.

You can customize your game with add-ons. This cross-platform game supports any device, any time anywhere.

More Info and Download

Final thought

If we want to get Minecraft for free on PC, iPhone, Android, then we have to follow the way as mentioned above. But to get the full flavor of classic Minecraft, you have to purchase. When you need to play hassle-free, you can go for Minecraft online version.

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.


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