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Best 30 Clock Apps for Android to Set Alarm for Heavy Sleepers

The invention of the mobile phone is not very long. It has been providing a variety of services to people since its inception. When there was an analog type watch or mobile, this device only showed the Time. In some cases, it served as a reminder of alarm. But since the advent of Android technology, mobile phones have been helping us in many ways. Clock Apps for Android is just such a service.

Best 30 Clock Apps for Android

Every Android app is different from this one. Most people nowadays use mobile phones instead of watches to see the Time. Today watches are used as a dowry. Currently, a six-year-old child has an Android mobile phone. And so this discussion of mine is for the young and the old. Hopefully, we will discuss everything in detail about the alarm clock.

1. Clock Live Wallpaper – Analog, Digital Clock 2021

Clock Live Wallpaper - Analog, Digital Clock 2021When you think of decorating your smartphone with a beautiful clock widget and wallpaper, I recommend the Clock Live Wallpaper – Analog, Digital Clock 2021. Inside the alarm clock, you can add your favorite photo. There are a lot of natural HD pictures to set your phone screen background.

Important Features

  • You can customize the clock to small, medium, and large. 
  • It is possible to change the horizontal and vertical orientation of the clock.
  • You can change the dial color, inner text, and screen according to your choice.
  • The clock app supports both 12 hours and 24-hour formats.
  • It is one of the countdown apps for Android. 
  • Moreover, you can choose your photo as the watch background.

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2. SmartClock- Digital Clock LED & Weather

SmartClock- Digital Clock LED & WeatherSmartClock- Digital Clock LED & Weather is a beautiful Android application that shows all the weather updates during the clock date. No matter where you go, take the mobile out of your pocket and open the screen lock, and you will see the weather updates in that area. You will see your Time in 12 or 24 hours in any format. This aesthetic watch app is equally suitable for both day and night.

Important feature

  • SmartClock- Digital Clock LED & Weather Android is a reliable weather forecasting application.
  • It will fascinate you with its neon glory effect.
  • It shows the date, Time, seconds, and weeks.
  • You can customize it by selecting beautiful wallpapers from its wallpaper gallery.
  • It is also very significant to think of it as parallax.
  • The wind gives perfect information about everything from rain to sun temperature.
  • Not only is it a simple digital clock, but it is also a live wallpaper.

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3. Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper

Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live WallpaperThis Time I will introduce you to a battery-saving Android clock app. The app we are talking about is exceptional because it takes care of your mobile battery. When your screen is on, then it shows the Time. Moreover, it is a lite version wallpaper app for your Android device. In its Clockfaces feature, you can set different colors like white, gray, red, Rome transparent, etc. If it is needed, you can install more plugins in Clockfaces.

Important Features

  • You will get five built-in images from the gallery, and the colors are also adjustable.
  • It requires OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • When you purchase the paid features, it will be your lifetime asset, and even if your mobile is lost, you can install it again.
  • Then you will get Seconds arrow modes to imitate accurate clocks, flowing, and tricks.
  • In the pro version, you can position your date.
  • With the double-tap feature, you will get quick setting options.

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4. Clock Live Wallpaper

Clock Apps for Android-Clock Live WallpaperClock Live Wallpaper is an exciting Android watch application. This snowy background will revitalize you. It is designed to show the percentage of the battery’s current condition with the watch. So it will protect you from unnecessary mobile phone use and provide robust support if needed. It offers many types of designs that you can change from setting. You can select any image from your photo gallery as the background of this app. You can use this application in either live wallpaper or lock screen.

Important Features

  • The Clock Live Wallpaper app determines the working state of the battery when using it.
  • You can also hide the battery percentage again if you want.
  • Here, you can insert your personality picture as the wallpaper of your house.
  • You can use this app per your mind by making various customizations, which will make your mind outstanding.
  • If you want, you can show the analog person and hide it again.

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5. Transparent clock and weather – forecast and radar

Transparent clock and weather - forecast and radarWhat if you get two types of services in one application? Transparent clocks, weather forecasts, and radar are such app types for Android. It will help you to save your mobile memory. This mind-blowing digital alarm watch automatically informs the preconditions of the weather. It is an errorless application for travelers. The Android Clock application will help you to become up-to-date. It will show Time and weather on the same screen.

Important Features

  • Transparent clocks, weather forecasts, and radar have built-in GPS showing correct weather and Time.
  • It will show the weather update hourly on your mobile phone.
  • The exciting thing is that it changes the live wallpaper based on the weather.
  • The clock app is very user-friendly to customize the setting and change the font.
  • I like the animated live weather update of this weather application for Android.

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6. Big Digital Clock

Clock Apps for Android-Big Digital ClockBig Digital Clock is a handy thing for Android phones. The main feature of this app is that it displays Time across the mobile screen. It shows the Time even when it is in sleeping mode. So there is no need to press any button on the mobile to view your Time. The excellent interface of this watch gives you the demand for a digital watch. With this app installed, you can sleep comfortably near your pillow or in bed and see the Time on Time.

Important Features

  • Big Digital Clock shows a date, hour, minutes, and seconds.
  • You can handle the screen orientation.
  • You can change the AM / PM mode.
  • The watch’s display moves around the screen to avoid the burn-in on a particular space.
  • Although it shows up all the time, its battery consumes very little.

7. Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm ClockDigital Alarm Clock is a highly customizable Android clock widget for your smartphone. It is also a talking alarm clock that has various features. All the days are not the same. Suppose your alarm cl and rock tone on the off day will differ from the typical working day. With the help of text to speech engine, it can speak your time when needed. This app is highly recommended for heavy sleepers. 

Important Features

  • Digital Alarm Clock is customizable individually.
  • You can customize your music. 
  • You will love the fade-in alarm and nap timer on the main display.
  • It will take only two clicks to set the alarm.
  • I love some of its features, like custom snooze time, Shake to sleep, and several snoozes.
  • Standard features like On-off, recurring, and date alarms are also practical.

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8. World Watch

Clock Apps for Android-World Watch Clock Apps for AndroidThe current era is the era of discipline at the pinpoint Time. You can miss the bus, train, or even the plane with a bit of delay. World Watch will protect you from such dangers. It will show you the local Time in different areas. So through it, you can know the time in different parts of the world. This Android time clock is very effective for people who love to travel. Speaking of international Time, it has shown its perfect excellence.

Important Features

  • World Watch said more than five thousand city time.
  • What an excellent app that serves different times in different places depending on the country, Time, and place.
  • This app is a daylight-saving tool. It will tell you exactly how much time is left at the end of the day.
  • Using this application, you can put the screen on your mobile screen more than once.
  • This app is very effective in distinguishing between local Time and sincere Time.

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9. Sectograph. Planner & Time manager on the clock widget

Sectograph. Planner & Time manager on clock widgetThe Sectograph Planner android application is very special to corporate professionals because of its work planner features. It divides the hours and shows the to-do jobs on the screen. The app helps to imagine the day meticulously. The working procedure of the clock app is different. It is a calendar based on hours. It automatically synchronizes all the tasks from google calendar.

Important Features

  • The clock widget shows all the tasks of the Google calendar with the help of a Pie chart.
  • Events are showing hourly so that all the jobs will finish without mistakes.
  • The combination of a clock, Android calendar, and alarm apps is a well-decorated presentation. 
  • Because of this app, your days become an imagination.
  • You can write your diary in this day schedule widget, which will be automatically shifted to Google Calendar.
  • You can use this app to plan your food, medicine, sports, and many more if you are a busy man.

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10. Alarm Clock

Clock Apps for Android-Alarm Clock Apps for AndroidAlarm Clock is an excellent Android clock app for smartphone users. You can understand the specialty of the app by its name. It is not only a clock app but also specialized for alarms. You will get here lots of options like temperature, rain updates, and weather. The app’s user interface may be annoying, but its functionality is adequate.

Important Features

  • The alarm clock is three in one, like a stopwatch, alarm, and watch.
  • It has a fast alarm mode to save you time and effort.
  • There is an opportunity to play your preferred music based on your playlist as an alarm.
  • To cancel the alarm, you need to solve math. That will ensure you are not sleeping.
  • It offers 3-step modes like 5,10, and 15 minutes as the default alarm.
  • You will like the weather update features of the clock app.

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11. Analog Clock Widget Plus-7

Analog Clock Widget Plus-7Many people love to see the analog clock like me. Analog Clock Widget Plus-7 is one of the best options for them. You can use the beautiful watch app if you love the old analog widget. It is a combination of analog and digital watches. You can easily change the watch if you do not love any particular clock type. Moreover, the color, widget, and font will give additional satisfaction. 

Important Features

  • Like the watch app for Android, the Analog Clock Widget Plus-7 can be used to know the Time, date, and week.
  • You can use it as a screen saver or lock screen background.
  • The user can resize the clock widget according to the requirement.
  • You can set the light and dark style of the dial.
  • It has a built-in alarm, but the battery consumption is very high.
  • The clock app for Android can speak periodically at a specific time interval.

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12. ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper

ReGular Clock Live WallpaperWe want to introduce an exceptional app for Android. The ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper is exceptional because it shows the moon phase aside time and alarm facilities. When I installed this app on my Android phone, my phone showed exceptional from others. It also works all live wallpaper and screensaver apps for Android.

Important Features

  • Regular Clock Live Wallpaper helps photographers by showing sunrise time, sunset times, and moon phases.
  • You can see the date, Time, and even week of the year here.
  • It is effortless to know the moon phase with this Android application.
  • It is very stylish and easy to customize the settings like backgrounds, fonts, etc.
  • The app developer supports the users over email if any problem arises.

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13. Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime

Speaking Clock TellMeTheTimeSuppose you are sleeping. It is challenging to open your eyes. The Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime is the benevolent Android clock app that will tell you the accurate Time. Not only for sleeping, it will also tell you when you want to line rigging a bike, drive a car, etc. You can know the timing by triggering the speaking clock, selecting the time interval, and activating the sensor to speak the Time. 

Important Features

  • You do not need to open your eyes to know the Time. Just keep your hand on the mobile screen and move it. It will tell the accurate Time.
  • There are various ways to speak the Time, like pressing the button, selecting time intervals, and customizing the sensor.
  • The format and background of the speaking clock are adjustable.
  • When you connect the smartphone to the power supply, it automatically activates night mode.
  • To run this Android voice clock, you must install text-to-speech applications because TTS is a part of this application.

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14. The Clock: Alarm Clock, Timer & Stopwatch Free

The Clock Alarm Clock, Timer & Stopwatch FreeThis Android Clock App is one of the best apps for Android Watch, in my opinion. It provides many types of services. It is very efficient to meet the other needs of the Elam watch stopwatch time. Its beautiful widget fascinates everyone. Many also use it as a To-do or Reminder app. This app allows you to set many alarms. You will love its colorful theme and background.

Important Features

  • You can control this app through your voice.
  • This watch application is essential for knowing the international Time or local Time.
  • I think you’re asleep. I came to your sleep and saw the saw. You may inadvertently turn off the alarm. But this app will give you a mathematical puzzle before you close. So you can’t close this app unless you are fully aware.
  • You can set your favorite radio station or song as an alarm ringtone.
  • This app will gradually increase the excellent amount of the alarm, so there is no reason to stay asleep.

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15. Alarm Clock For Me Free

Clock Apps for Android-Alarm Clock For Me FreeAlarm Clock For Me Free is an excellent application for Android phones. This app will instantly turn your mobile phone into a digital watch. You can change the color design to your liking if you want. This application is efficient for sleeping close to the head. Besides, you will get all the weather updates in this app.

Important Features

  • The alarm Clock For Me Free Android application brings you a nice digital watch.
  • You can use this watch app to wake up from deep sleep.
  • You can sleep through the music and set the timer for some time. The song will stop automatically.
  • In addition to Time, this app shows temperature and weather.
  • It also shows a captcha-type mathematical formula to turn off the alarm.

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16. Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock WidgetDigital Clock Widget is one of my favorite Android Clock applications. Millions of people use it. It quickly helps me set the background screen. The vibrant colors and intuitive setting make it unique. It displays the Time, date, and day on the mobile screen. It is possible to set multiple times. Digital Clock Widget is also Android tablet-friendly.

Important features

  • The material design UI of this clock application is mind-blowing.
  • 4.2 or above Android phone support this application.
  • You can set different date and time formats on this application.
  • You will get an app selector for selecting the widget shortcut.
  • On display, it shows the next alarm.
  • It offers various background colors and changes the effect in real Time.
  • You can resize the widget of this application.

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17. DIGI Clock Widget

Clock Apps for Android-DIGI Clock WidgetDIGI Clock Widget is a lively mobile alarm application. This app will help you design your style. You can easily customize it if you want. There are many types of colors to choose from. There are over a hundred fonts from which you can choose your favorite phone. This watch app is free. Moreover, you can use it as an alternative to the watch.

Important Features

  • The DIGI Clock Widget lets you connect to your computer notebooks and other gadgets.
  • You can change the color and background of the room to your liking.
  • Users can use AM / PM format to display Time.
  • You can use this android APP as an alternative to an alarm watch.
  • It also shows Time in seconds.
  • It is tablet-friendly and computable with Android 11.

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18. Alarm Clock With Loud Sounds – Alarmy

Alarm Clock With Loud Sounds - AlarmyAmong Android’s thousand Alarm and clock widgets, the Alarm Clock With Loud Sounds – Alarmy seems more trustworthy. More than 1000000 people have given a review, rating it 4.6. It is highly reliable because it will not allow you to sleep anymore. The heavy sleeper can install the mobile alarm application to get up quickly from bed.

The Alarm Clock With Loud Sounds – Alarmy is based on some mission. The photo mission needs to take some photos of the registered place. It will confirm that you are awake.

In the math mission, you must solve advanced or even simple math problems to ensure your brain works. You can set the Barcode or QR code mission to turn off your alarm. In the shake mission, you must shake your mobile, which can be continued up to 999 times.

Important Features

  • Alarm Clock With Loud Sounds – Alarmy will ensure you are not sleeping.
  • It offers more lucrative premium features.
  • For the deep sleeper, the alarm can be set very loud.
  • You can set the AI voice recognition mode as an advanced operation.
  • You can set the typing mission to energize yourself as you get up.
  • The walking mission is more interesting. You have to get up from bed and walk up to 50 steps.
  • With the premium features, you can avoid unwanted advertisements.

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19. World Clock Widget

World Clock WidgetThe World Clock Widget is appropriate if you are a world-class businessman. It will help you to know the Time of different countries and cities within a moment. You can communicate with different nations’ citizens by knowing their Time. This application will give you a time converter, meeting planner, to-do list, and many more. Using World Clock Widget is very easy and will increase your personality.

Important Features

  • World Clock Widget shows different times on the same screen.
  • This application has many customization options to change the fonts, widgets, and backgrounds. 
  • It shows the date of different cities besides the Time so that your meeting planning will be easier.
  • The Android clock app is handy for military professionals. 
  • It will make you up to date and suggest things to do.

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20. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense Flip Clock & WeatherSense Flip Clock & Weather is one of the best Android Alarm apps supporting more than 40 languages. It shows different times on your screen. It is correct to show the weather update. So that you have to switch on the GPS of your mobile, Sense Flip Clock & Weather should be your best choice if you like different information on the same screen, like different timings, weather, and location.

Important Features

  • Sense Flip Clock & Weather is lovely because it shows 24-hour wind and weather and 7-day future forecasts. 
  • The clock app shows unique forecasts like sunset, sunrise, rain prediction, and moon phase.
  • Based on the weather condition, it changes your screen background, whether it is day or night.
  • It efficiently shows the temperature and the maximum to the minimum range of the particular day.
  • Based on the time interval, it shows automatic weather updates.
  • There are many features, but I like the flip animation the most.

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Final Thought

At the end of my discussion, I think you will choose your favorite Clock Apps for Android. Like me, you can use two or three Alarm clocks for Android. Because if anyone misses the other one, it will help you to get up from bed.

In my discussion, you will be happy because of the idea of waking you. For example, you have to shake your mobile 999 times. You have to walk for 50 steps etc. Mathematical problem-solving is widespread for any alarm clock for Android.

The clock app is not confined to a sure thing, like only the clock. It has expanded its dimension. For example, in a clock app, you will get an alarm, stopwatch, reminder, weather update, temperature, and many more. So it would be best if you were very calculative to install any good clock app for Android.

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