The 23 Best Interactive Story Games to Avoid Combat

It is fun to take up a sword and go on a quest to kill the goblins or take up a sniper to shoot down the enemies, but have you ever wondered if a game can be fun without blazing a gun? Some of the best interactive story or narrative games are without violence. These games range from romance, mystery, or even old-fashioned dramas to puzzles and brain games.

We have compiled a list of the best interactive story games without any combat. These role-playing games can easily remove you from the violence and put you in a sweaty, romantic, and loveable environment. If you thought only combat games could be fun, my friend, you are up for a surprise.

Best Interactive Story Games Without Combat

Here is a list of the 23 best interactive story games to avoid combat. We hope you will like this list. All of these games are story-driven and full of fun.

1. Firewatch

We have talked about Firewatch on our website before. It is the best no-combat game with a fantastic growth story. If you haven’t played Firewatch, you must play this one simultaneously. You rarely encounter this type of complete game that tells a beautiful story.

best pc games FIREWATCHThe game is about Henry, who is trapped in a conspiracy in a forest. He is tasked with watching over the forest and can communicate with only one girl over the walkie-talkie. Soon he comes across some unsettling scientific discoveries. Will he be able to get away safely from the forest?

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2. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a 2018 adventure game that features a sci-fi narrative path to its goal. The game presents three android humanoids that can control different episode-like chapters.

Detroit Become Human best story games for pc 2021How the Story in Detroit: Become Human will progress depends on the players. The player’s actions may result in success, failure, or a draw. The characters’ future, past, and even death are in the players’ hands. The game is available on PlayStation and PC.

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3. Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a game that features an episodic adventure game. It is one of the best interactive story games online that focuses on different characters. In this game, you control the main character. The game features different environments, gains items, and interacts with other characters.

Life is strangeLife is Strange is a game on PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Steam. You must purchase the game but can play the first episode for free. The price of the entire session is USD 19.99. There is also a sequel to this game.

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4. Ace Attorney

If you have watched enough Anime, you must have encountered Ace Attorney. It is a visual novel game first published on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. The Anime came after its success. The game has around 20 titles, all of which are amazing.

best story games for pc free Ace AttorneyYou can guess from the name that you must be an attorney in this game. This game has no combat or action, yet it is story-driven and fun to play. You will have to investigate different criminal cases as a lawyer and support your client. The game is available on Nintendo, PC, and PS4.

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5. Her Story

Her Story is an interactive video game storytelling ideally. The game is available on Android, iOS, and Steam. It is a live-action film featuring a video game. You have to take the role of an investigator. As part of an ongoing case, you are presented with video evidence to watch and analyze. Playing the game feels like you are living the life of an actual detective.

best story driven games for pc - HER STORYDepending on your decision, you may end up succeeding or losing the case entirely. The price of the game is only USD 2.74 on Steam.

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6. Tacoma Offline Story Games

Tacoma is an investigative narrative video game. It is a high-tech game featuring many modern modules. In this game, you are in charge of investigating the disappearance of a crew on board a space station. The year is 2088, and mysteriously all the members of a space station vanished overnight. Where could they be? What happened to the whole crew? It is your task to find out and report about it.

best action story games for pc TacomaThe game features a beautiful narrative style with high-quality graphics. It is available for purchase on Steam. You can play Tacoma on Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4.

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7. Sorcery!

Sorcery! is a text and graphic-based adventure gameSorcery! is a text and graphic-based adventure game based on the works of Steve Jackson. The game is based purely on making your choice model. During the game, players can choose a different option, and their choices are reflected in the game’s outcome. You are the boss in the Story of Sorcery! Your actions decide how the Story will flow. The game is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android. The game has four seasons out now, and you can try all of them.

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8. Choice of the Deathless

Choice of the DeathlessChoice of the Deathless is the best story game on Steam. It is a text-based game that features a necromantic legal thriller. You will enjoy this game for its uniqueness and creativity. The game is available on Android, iOS, and Steam. It can also be played once for free on the official website. But if you want to continue playing the game, you must purchase it.

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9. Florence Story-Driven Games

Florence the best story mode games for pc freeFlorence is the best mobile story game available on iOS and Android. It is a titular game that features 20 mini-games. You must guide Florence through her daily life and routines in this game. You will also have to face her relationship with Krish.

The game is tiny, lasting only 30 minutes. The game is worth mentioning because of its storytelling perspective and character build-up.

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10. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead-Challenging Zombie Game For AndroidUnlike other interactive dramas, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle-solving or mini-games; this graphic adventure focuses on character development and Story. The game has four seasons, the fourth being the last as Telltale games went out of business. It is one of the best zombie apocalypse story-based games. It is not free of action but doesn’t weigh you much.

The Walking Dead is available on all major platforms. It is a single-player adventure that you have to play on your own. The narration and dialogue will guide you, but all the choices are yours.

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11. Oxenfree: a supernatural thriller

Oxenfree is another best interactive story game available on all major platforms. It is a supernatural horror game featuring a group of kids. The kids have to uncover the supernatural mystery behind an island. There are no memorable cut scenes to tell you the Story. You have to listen to the dialogue to understand the Story carefully. It makes the players focus on the game as much as they can.

Oxenfree a supernatural thrillerOxenfree has no end screen. I mean, there is not a fixed end to it. As a player, the decisions you make will affect the end. We can play it on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS.

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12. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley ParableThe Story of The Stanley Parable soon goes from mundane to wacky, and clever. It is one of the greatest interactive storytelling games. The plot is focused on an office. As you go through the office, a helpful narrator will guide you. You will make different decisions throughout the game. Eventually, you will find how meaningful or meaningless all your choices are. The commentary is severe yet hilarious. The narrative story method and gameplay will attract you to The Stanley Parable. It is available on Steam and only for PCs.

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13. Eastshade – Best Multiplayer Story Mode Games for PC

Eastshade is a visually pleasing story-oriented game that is pleasant to the eyes. It is a great open-world game developed by Eastshade Studios. In the beginning, the game puts the player in a dramatic situation. You will find yourself in a boat crash. You got an easel and a canvas by your side.

Eastshade the best interactive story games for pcNow you can travel the world of Eastshade and draw the beautiful scenery on your canvas. The game is more of a painting simulator but has a lot more to it than that.

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14. Depression Quest

Depression Quest is another excellent storytelling game pc that tells us a different story from the perspective of a depressed individual. Yes, you play the game as a depressed human being. The player has to go through his daily life while managing the illness. Additionally, you must take care of your love life, relationships, and job.

Depression QuestDepression Quest is available on the web for free and is a pay-what-you-want module. You can also enjoy the game on Steam.

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15. Device 6

best story driven games for pc Device 6If you want to enjoy a novel alongside a game, Device 6 is perfect. It is an exclusive iOS game. Device 6 is mainly a novel but has some gaming elements. There are sounds, images, short videos, and puzzles to solve. It is truly a new way to enjoy novel games. Device 6 is an excellent place to start if you crave books and want to interact with them. We can play it for free from the App Store.

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16. Obduction-Best FPS Story Games for PC

Obduction is another one of the best stories games of 2016 by Cyan Woods. It has a rather unconventional story and plot twists to it. By the title, you can get an idea that it will be a story of someone getting abducted. Well, yes, abduction starts with the aliens’ abducting the protagonist. The player has to solve puzzles and complete tasks to escape the aliens and return to Earth safely.

best story racing games for pc ObductionObduction was well received by the critics as well as by the crowd. It is a well-designed game featuring a good story. You can enjoy this beautiful game on Steam.

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17. Episode – Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your StoryEpisode- Choose Your Story is a mature romantic drama-based video game. It is an interactive story game that focuses on the life of a group of college students—the game progress as per your choices. In the game, you take the role of a new, beautiful girl in town. After joining the new school, you must be the group’s alpha.

The episode features teen romance, comedy, dating, and some mild sexual behavior. The game is only suitable for 15+ people. But the Story of the game is fantastic. You can experience the daily life of a college girl. The game is free to play, but to access certain in-game luxury products. You will have to spend money.

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18. Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters takes you to a parallel universe similar to cyberpunk in a futuristic fantasy world. You control several characters. All the characters explore different environments and territories. Each has its own stories to solve and puzzles to figure out.

Dreamfall ChaptersThe game is free from combat and stealth operations. It is a purely exploration-based game that presents pivotal choices for the player to make. We can play it on PC. Additionally, one can enjoy Dreamfall Chapters on PS4 and Xbox One.

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19. The Sims 3

The Sims 3The Sims is a popular game series well known for its Story and gameplay. It is the best story-based video game of all the Sims series. EA has put much thought into developing this game, and you can see that when you play The Sims 3. The game has a broad audience, and they will say it is genuinely fantastic.

The Sims 3 brings an open-world aspect and makes it more enjoyable. There is not a single scene of combat or violence. You live your daily life in the world of The Sims 3.

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20. Year Walk – Best Interactive Story games for PC

Year Walk is a point-and-click narrative game that has puzzles and dark mysteries. The game is known for its intelligent and interactive gameplay. The moody atmosphere of Year Walk is also worth mentioning. This Swedish adventure drama is one of the best story-driven iOS games,

Year Walk best single player story games for pcVenture out in the dark, mysterious woods that are the roaming ground of strange monsters. Solve and decipher puzzles and overcome your fear to get out safely. The price of this game is only 3.49 USD on Steam. If you want to enjoy a horror narrative game, try Year Walk.

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Tabletop Interactive Story Games Without Combat

21. Romance in the Air

“Romance in the Air” is an excellent fate-world adventure story game that takes us to an alternative Europe. The game is placed in the reign of dirigibles and international supreme aristocrats. It is a card game that you can enjoy without a PC.

Romance in the AirPlayers are placed aboard the Pension Bellevue, an aircraft filled with all the world’s luxury items. But little did one know that, behind the luxury, there are high stakes gambling and a whole world of conspiracies. They are conspiring about the succession of the province of Central Europe, which might lead to war.

Everyone on the planet is there to win something. Whether it is money, love, or power, it is only a matter of time before the cruise comes to a crashing end. You can purchase this title at a ‘pay what you want based donation.

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22. Til Dawn-Best Story Games for PC 2021

Til Dawn is the best story video game that falls under the role-playing online gaming genre. The game is a fun one to play. There is competition in this game but not a single glimpse of violence or combat. The game will occur in the future, where music is the standard for determining everything. It is the ultimate form of expressing one’s emotions. The game is to be played in a system that uses the Fate Core system. 

Til Dawn role-playing online gaming genreYou will take the role of Deejays, who has been sent to a futuristic musical festival. Your task is to obtain audible supremacy over the crowd. You can customize and dress in rich and detailed costumes. One of the main tasks in this interactive story game pc is to create heart-touching music on shows. The game describes everything in very detailed dialogues. It would be best if you gave this tabletop card game a try.

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23. Primetime Adventures

Primetime AdventuresPrimetime Adventures is perfect if you are looking for a fun tabletop RPG game. This one is different from every other narrative-driven game out there. In this game, the players must work together to create and watch a TV show. It is a multiplayer game where one player takes the role of the director, the other as the producer, and so on.

The great thing about this no-combat game is that you can play it as a single episode or start a full-on TV series inside the game. The price of the game is USD 25. Remember, this one is not a PC game. It is a tabletop card game.

Final Thoughts

Story-driven games are always fun to play. You can ask any gamer, and they will agree to this statement. Many games feature a good story, but not all are combat/violence-free. You may think that without action, games cannot be enjoyable. But that is not true.

We tried to present 20 of the best interactive story games to avoid combat. We hope you will enjoy this article. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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