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The Best 10 RPG Games to Make you a Power Gamer

RPGs started from simple tabletop games. From that, the genre has evolved itself into the behemoth we see today. Role-playing games have taken the world by storm. The days of text-based RPGs like ZORK are long gone. Now we have come to the well-heeled world of THE WITCHER 3. Here not only are there consequences to your actions but also you get to see them play out in front of you. There is no power gamer in existence who has not played an RPG. That’s why we cannot help but discuss the best ten RPG games to make you a power gamer.

An RPG provides us attention and escape. Even more so in this age of depression. The fantasy landscapes to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi terrains are overflowing with quests and adventures. You will get lost in these worlds for hours on end. For once you can leave a world that is critical of you. And be the hero of a world that forever holds you dear and deems you special.

The Best 10 RPG Games for PC

To adjust to the needs of the players RPGs have gone through several changes over the years. Now the gaming industry is being shaped by RPG features. Heavy hitters like GTA V has incorporated many RPG elements. They do so to create livelier vivid worlds.

The turn-based 2D combat with small integrated hub worlds is replaced by 3D real-time combat with massive open worlds. This enormous change combined with the incorporation of RPG elements in every other game has us thinking “what is a good RPG?” That is why we must delve into it and find the best RPG games to make you a power gamer. Without further ado let’s get right to it.

#1. Earthbound-Best Ten RPG Games


Earthbound offers a nostalgic experience. It balances warmth and strangeness well. The characters of the game are colorful. They take you back to your childhood. However, there are some strange elements in the game. They help you hold your grip on reality. You enjoy each side more because of this contrast.

Earthbound RPG Games for PCGameplay

The combat is nothing to boast about. But the wacky humor of the game keeps you moving forward. The enemies range from silly to outright disturbing. Some of them are full of symbolism. The main villain of the game is made of fetus images. Yet he is one of the most terrifying villains in gaming history. Earthbound combines the warmth of childhood with the terrifying of the world. You will get a feeling of nostalgia even if you have never played it before.

Earthbound has 37 hours of gameplay. It will keep you engaged with its amazing soundtrack. Earthbound does not use an overworld map. Rather it creates a smooth world much like that of the modern open world games. The game uses “oblique projection”. This creates a unique camera angle. The view is different from the usual top-down view of 2D RPGs of the time. On initial release, the game wasn’t received well. But it soon gained cult-classic status. It did so because of its unique and otherworldly experience.


The plot of the game starts with a meteorite crash. An evil alien force named Giygas emerges through it. His sole purpose is to conquer the world. As Ness, you must collect eight melodies to put an end to Giygas. In your journey, you will encounter people with eccentric abilities named Paula, Jeff, and Poo. They will eventually join you in your quest. Together you need to fulfill your destiny and end Gygas once and for all. The story alone makes it one of the best RPGs of all time.

Available on: Super NES, Game Boy Advance, (You can also play this RPG Games on pc and android using a SNES9x emulator or Retro Arc)

Important Features

  • The fantastic blend of warmth and eerie weirdness creates an experience that is still unparalleled to this day.
  • This game offers an immersive story with a highly interactive world full of life.
  • The game uses oblique projection, making for a unique view different from the top-down or Isometric camera angles.
  • It is full of exciting enemies that slowly get harder and gradually escalate in gravity. The enemies range from cookie stealing crows to hideous fetus monsters.
  • The subtle wacky humor of the game makes the exploration fun and exciting. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, which allows itself to make fun of the RPG tropes.
  • The trippy and gorgeous colorful visuals of the game accentuate the game’s artistic value so much that it still holds up today.

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#2. Kingdom Hearts The Best Ten RPG Games


Kingdom Hearts is a combined effort of Square and Disney. The game contains both Final Fantasy and Disney characters and settings. The hack and slash combat of the game is highly praised. You can combat your way through a wide range of worlds. The main quests of the game further linearly. However, there are plenty of side quests for you to dive into. The side quests of the game give you enough in-game benefits. But they are not only for you but also for your A.I companions.

Kingdom Hearts RPG Games for PC


This RPG game for PS4 is 39 hours long. Combat and imaginary worlds of the game are fun and unique. You can use many combat options such as magic and special items. In the action menu, you can easily trigger these options. Disney A.I. companions Join you when you summon them. This is perhaps the most intriguing part of the game. The A.I companions have unique abilities and characteristics. They can provide you with battle support. But most importantly they will give you a feeling of comradery and friendship.


The story starts with Sora’s home getting destroyed. Now you as Sora must go on a quest to find your missing friends. A plethora of Disney characters will join you in your quest. The plot moves forward as Donald and goofy join you. You surely will fall in love with the highly colorful Disney settings along with their inhabitants.

Available on: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox-One, (can be played on pc using a PCSX2 emulator.)

Important Features

  • The combination of Final Fantasy Characters with that of the Disney characters and settings allows uniquely reliving your favorite Disney worlds.
  • The blending of the hack and slash combat mechanics with RPG elements creates diverse gameplay.
  • The ability to summon Disney character as your A.I. companion lets interact and bond over with your favorite Disney characters.
  • Along with the hack and slash combat system, the game offers rail shooter segments when you travel between worlds in the game using the GUMMI SHIP.
  • The game includes a plethora of Disney character for you to choose as A.I companions including but not limited to, Simba, Genie, Bambi, Dumbo, Tinkerbell, Mushu and more
  • The amalgamation of Final Fantasy with Disney Animated Features brings out the best of both worlds, which satisfies the fans of both.

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#3. Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best RPG games on PS4. You venture into a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. But not just any sci-fi world. This is a world full of primitive feral machines and tribal humans. Rich lore and myths fill this world. The game focuses highly on combat mechanics. It is easily the most interesting part of the game.  There are 26 distinct species of beastly machines. Human foes also inhabit the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. The enemies pose a real threat. So much so that when you defeat them you feel like a competent player.

Horizon Zero Dawn

In the main campaign of the game, your actions affect the entire world. Wherein some missions focus on tribal issues. Your actions don’t hold much influence over the world in these missions. The game also contains small scale quests. These small scale missions hardly affect the world of the game. It takes about 44 hours to finish every quest of the game.

Gameplay & Story

You go on a journey to solve the mystery of your origins and the state of the world as Aloy. You can shoot arrows, use explosives and a spear as frontal combat. Tripwires, stealth-kills are also available to you. How you approach the enemy is completely up to you. You have the ability to detect the vulnerability of the enemies, their level along with the loot they will drop. This will enable you to choose every battle carefully.

You can use the speech system to interact with the NPCs of the game. But this hardly affects the character of Aloy. Throughout the game, she remains a kind person. As Aloy, you can perform breathtaking parkour moves. And Parkour can be used to move from one place to another in this harsh unforgiving world. This along with the amazing visuals of this RPG game for PS4 makes traveling fun.

Available On: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows (Upcoming)

Important Features

  • The engaging story with a sense of urgency keeps you hooked on for hours on end.
  • This game offers a lively post-apocalyptic world full, rich lore and myths.
  • 26 distinct species of animalistic machines inhabit the world of the game and primitive humans that create a challenging experience even for the most hardcore gamers.
  • You can influence the story of the game by the choices you make throughout the gameplay.
  • As Aloy, you can use various movements besides shooting in combat to defeat your enemies, including but not limited to, dodging, sliding, sprinting, rolling.
  • The gameplay includes both up-front combat and stealth combat.
  • The smooth open-world of the game consists of a day and night cycle and dynamic weather system.

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#4. Dragon’s Dogma


Dragons Dogma is one of the most criminally underrated RPGs on pc. The open world fantasy RPG is developed by Capcom. This time they put a heavy focus on combat.  The gameplay is directly affected by the vocation system of the game. You start with three different classes. The Fighter, The Strider, and The Mage. After a few hours of gameplay, you can combine these classes to create new ones.

Dragon's Dogma RPG Games for PC


One of the most interesting parts of the game is the highly innovative “pawn” system which lets three A.I. characters join you through your journey. Most interestingly, you can hire pawns from other people over the internet.  The pawns or the A.I. companions directly affect your gameplay through item management, assistance in combat, recovery, and many more. If you get stuck on a quest, hiring a pawn that has already completed that quest can give you the upper hand.

The towns are not lively and can give a desolated feel. However, Dragons Dogma makes up for it with its stellar combat and a highly immersive environment. This RPG on Xbox One is full of glitches and issues. However, on PS3 and pc, the game works much better. The day and night cycle, along with the dynamic weather, creates a real sense of danger as darkness approaches with nightfall.


Over 200 NPCs create a plethora of side quests along with the main story that makes for 59 hours of gameplay. You can create and customize your character to tiniest of details. The plot of this of offline RPG Game starts off with you getting your heart eaten by a dragon after you try to stop it with your futile attempts. You must reclaim your heart after being reborn as the Arisen and take on quests as you see fit.

Available On: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch.

Important Features

  • The game offers a stellar combat experience with different combat styles of different classes and a variety of tactile movements with fantastic feedback.
  • You can create and switch courses by combining the three primary vocations. This keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Though it feels unpolished on certain aspects, the game does offer beautiful high-resolution graphics.
  • The innovative pawn system of the game truly creates a sense of comradery and friendship.
  • You can play with Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam Controller, and other DirectInput-based gamepads such as the DualShock controllers along with the traditional keyboard and mouse.

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#5. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines


Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is a rich action RPG on PC. Its intricate lore is based on the biblical mythos of Cain. This game manages to create one of the most immersive universes of all time. Yet it only has four distinct hub-worlds. Many open world games fail to do so. The 29 hours of gameplay may be short. But the deep story and replayability of the game makes up for it

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines

Gameplay & Story

You start the game by creating your own avatar. Your avatar will be from one of the seven vampire clans of the game. These clans are distinct from each other. Each clan gives you a special ability. This game is known for its rich background and mythos. Such a complex background may seem intimidating. But the game handles it very well. It put you in the shoes of a newly turned vampire. After which the complex background and game mechanics are explained to you with very natural dialogues.

The world of the game is engaging and lively. It has an eerie atmosphere. The NPCs of this world have human motivations. You can interact with these NPCs through speech. Along with this, the gameplay contains both frontal and stealth combat.

You can use persuasion to complete your objectives in this offline RPG game for PC. However, it depends on how you spend your experience point and what clan you choose. You can always charge ahead with combat. But persuading your way through is always more interesting in this amazing RPG game for pc.  The game accounts for your every action. For example, Blood is the main currency of the game. But you will lose your humanity if you kill innocents to obtain blood.

This game has an engaging main campaign. Along with that, it is also filled with amazing side quests. However, the game does force you to finish the main campaign first. Rather you are free to choose missions as you prefer it. Replayability is also a huge factor in this RPG game for pc. As mentioned before you can play as different clan members. The gameplay may completely change based on what clan you choose.

For example, the game gets much harder if you play as a Nosferatu. You are stripped of your speech. Talking to NPCs is made impossible as everyone runs away after seeing you. As a result, you can’t use persuasion. When Vampire the Masquerade-Bloodlines first came out, it was full of glitches. Parts of the game were not even finished. Luckily, a patch fixed all these problems. Thanks to the dedication of fans of this RPG game for pc.

Available On: Microsoft Windows

Important Features

  • The dark, brooding, grim environment of the game creates a fantastically appropriate atmosphere for Its subject-matter.
  • The innovative game mechanics let you decide your course of action from a wide range of choices such as persuasion, frontal combat, stealth combat, favors, and many more. The story of the game plays out according to your gameplay.
  • Rich atmospheric environments create a real sense of immersion. So much so that the developers included a console command to skip a haunted house mission famously known for its dread.
  • You can enjoy the game in both 1st person and 3rd person camera angles.
  • The fantastic voice-acting of the game brings the characters of the game alive and in front of you despite the unpolished visuals.
  • The sense of exploration is heightened to its peak with the games’ mystery. And intriguing storylines both in the primary campaign and the side-quests.
  • The unique clan system with distinguishable attributes maximizes replay-ability.

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#6. Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is one most popular and best RPG games for pc, Xbox One, and PS4. It is perhaps also one of the best open-world RPG games on pc and PS4. It needs no introduction. Gamers all over the world waited with exhilarating anticipation for this offline RPG game to come out.  We thought gamers will never be satisfied with so high an expectation.

Fallout 4 RPG Games for PC

However, the amazing open world RPG proved us wrong. The offline RPG game surprised us with amazing new features. For example, the new crafting mechanic. The breathtaking visuals of this RPG game for pc will leave you speechless. You will stay engaged with the rich, interesting stories of the game. Fallout 4 goes beyond the expectations of the fans. The franchise reaches its peak with this entry. This amazing open world RPG contains a map of 900 square miles.


Fallout 4 stays true to its roots while improving the weaker parts of Fallout 3. The game puts more focus on combat. However, the RPG elements of the game are reduced in order to do so. The power armor of the game is no longer used as clothing. Rather it is used more like a vehicle. You need battery cells to power it.

The gun-play of the game is made by the creators of DOOM and WOLFENSTEIN. They incorporated many shooter mechanics in this RPG game for pc and PS4. This increased action RPG elements in the game.  You can customize your guns with more than 700 components. The power armor can also be customized. Fallout 4 adds a new feature where you can build your very own settlements.

This newly added feature lets you create something of your own in this open world RPG. You can use many in-game objects and structures to create your settlement. In this vast ruinous land, you not only can explore but also create. This makes the wheel of gameplay spin. You wander through the world to obtain loot for your settlement.  And this leads to a confrontation with enemies.

A whopping 111,000  lines are included in the dialogue system of the game. how you use this system affects the story of the game. The side quests of the game are often overwhelming. They can distract you from the main campaign of the game.


Unlike the other installments of the series Fallout 4  begins with the actual day of the nuclear bomb dropping. You with your spouse and son must take shelter in Vault 111 as the bomb drops. Not long after waking up from a long-term cryogenic stasis, you witness your spouse being murdered and your son being kidnapped. The main story of the game has to you out in the search of your missing child. It, however, does not hold you back from engaging yourself in the highly immersive side-quests of the game. Rather it rewards you in doing so.

Available On: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one

Important Features

  • The vast open-world of 900 square miles used for the base of the game is one of the most breathtaking post-apocalyptic worlds of all time.
  • The stunning visuals of the game create a realistic survival experience in the harsh, unforgiving Fallout world.
  • The polished combat mechanics of the game gives weight to the gameplay and takes immersion to new heights.
  • The legendary Doom and Wolfenstein developers have hammered home a gun-play full of blood-pumping action and exfiltrating fun.
  • The game offers weapon customization with 700 distinct modifications and Power Armor customization.
  • The newly added innovative feature of settlement building creates a whole new cycle of gameplay and lets you create something of you own in the game.
  • Much like the other installments of the series, the game is full of side-quests and an engaging main quest that ends differently according to your choices and gameplay.
  • The game offers a whopping 80 hours of gameplay.

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#7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reinvents the Zelda series in a glorifying manner. It is perhaps the best RPG for switch. The huge open world of the game with anime like stunning visuals create a believable world. You can easily use your common sense to experiment with the gameplay. This is perhaps the best part of the game. The bold and ambitious structure of the game makes it unique.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

You can do most of the things you think you can do. The game gives you much freedom in gameplay. on the other hand, it offers a rich immersive story. So much so that it gives you a sense of urgency. These two are balanced well in the game. The looming battle with Ganon creates the tension needed to further the main story while managing to encourage you to delve deep into the side-quests of Hyrule.


The game plays melodic piano tunes through the game. These tunes blend in with the natural surroundings of the game. As a result, a sense of peace and quiet is created. on the contrary, the break in the music creates a real sense of danger.

The long complaint of Zelda fans of “hand-holding” is finally resolved with this entry in the series. It pushes you towards freedom more than ever. Anything you see in the game can be reached. More often than not how you reach it is a fun puzzle on its own. The world of the game is given life with a dynamic weather system. Also a “chemistry engine” decides the physical properties of most objects and controls how they interact with you and other characters of the game. You can use these use it to your advantage.

You can set grassy fields on fire. Trees bear fruit. Metal objects attract lightning in a storm. This lively world rewards you with each experiment. Every weapon of this RPG on switch has limited durability. You need to change your weapons frequently. No weapons last too long. As a result, you end exploring a wide range of weapons

The combat of this RPG for switch gets your blood pumping. Death can come easily as the enemies pose a real threat. The meticulously crafted puzzles of the game require you to manipulate the dungeons in order to solve them. The conventional search for a key is no more. This is a world that controls you. But you cannot control it. With this, the game comes to life.


The game starts as you are pushed into the shoes of Link. You wake up after a century of hibernation. Gloom is everywhere. You have lost all your memories. Now you must piece together everything. Once again you must save Hyrule from Calamity Ganon. He was once defeated by a mysterious princess with the blood of the goddess and her knight. Are you brave enough to do so once again?

Available On: Will U & Nintendo Switch

Important Features

  • RPG games offer a believable world where most of the things you think can be done.
  • The vast open-world of the game with amazing anime-like visuals is filled with NPSs that offer a plethora of exciting and immersive side-quests.
  • The long-range of weapons with limited durability will have you keep you experimenting with them, keeping things fresh till the very end.
  • The long-term Links abilities, including but not limited to, climbing, gliding, surfing, save the game new and fun while making exploration worthwhile.
  • The “chemistry engine” and dynamic weather of the game create a highly responsive world both to your advantage and disadvantage, depending on your actions.
  • The game rejects the “hand-holding” tendency of the previous titles and pushes for non-linear gameplay while maintaining the main story’s urgency.

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#8. Best Ten RPG Games: Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger created a milestone in the world of gaming. It contributed much to the development of RPG games. You will get lost in its rich fantasy world. It has vibrant and unforgettable characters. The lively universe of this game has a beautiful personality. You cannot help getting lost into it. This old RPG game for pc has smooth pacing. It has a unique story. You travel back and forth between many medieval and sci-fi worlds.

Chrono Trigger RPG Games for PC

The game smoothly handles the tone and gradual build-up of the story. You go on playing the game for hours on end just to find out what happens next. One of the innovative addition of the game was the NEW GAME PLUS mode. This lets you start the game with your obtained HP and items from the very beginning of the game once you beat it.


The gameplay of Chrono Trigger has aged well. However, the combat of the game is nothing out of the ordinary. but it goes smoothly with the other parts of the game. The gameplay is spread through 7 different eras. You explore these eras by time traveling.

The game removed random enemy encounters. It also invented many team combo moves. For example. Ice-word 2, Falcon Hit, Delta Force. These features make it one of the best turn based RPG games. Fights with enemies happen on the real world map. The amazing soundtrack of the game creates a heart warming effect. The whole world if the game is reassuring and warm. You cannot help but get addicted to it.


The story of the game creates a soothing yet mysterious aura from the start with the chimes of the Leenes Bell. As Chrono, you wake to the bells and make your way to the millennial fair. The story sets off with the mishap of the teleportation device created by Luca. A Princess named Maria goes missing as her locket tampers with the machine. The situation slowly gets out of hand as you make your way to rescue the princess.

Available On: Super NES, PlayStation, Nintendo DS,i-mode, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows.

Important Features

  • The colorful visuals and atmospheric environment create an enigmatic world for you to explore.
  • The three-dimensional characters pour life into the story of the game and will surely be unforgettable to you.
  • The gradual pace of the game is maintained so seamlessly that you never find yourself at a loss about what to do next.
  • The elimination of random enemy encounters and group combo attacks keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • The game is comprised of 7 different worlds of 7 different eras, each with its unique personality.
  • The replayability of the game is heightened to a whole new level with its 11 different endings.
  • The game tells a story of a lifetime, like that of no other, that will keep you hooked for hours.
  • Moreover, this RPG Games does not require any Gamertag Generator.

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#9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


No best ten RPG game list can end without the mention of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. Gaining the status of a modern classic Skyrim creates a cultural impact like that of no other. The game was full of technical issues at its initial launch. It can feel unpolished even to this day. However, the grandeur of the experience stays intact.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Skyrim is filled to the brim with content. it brags of a smooth map of 3217 square miles. Skyrim stays true to its roots. However, it differentiates itself from other entries in the series. The smooth northernmost terrains of Tamriel bear a distinct personality. As for now the combat and visuals are polished more than ever. But the real attraction of the game is in the endless possibilities that you yourself can play out.

The highly immersive speech system along with the abundance of side quests gives you ample scope to play out your fantasies. From being the prophesized hero of the realm to being a killer and thief, nothing is out of the question. However, the game promotes a non-violent approach. It makes certain quests and objects unattainable if you kill certain NPCs. But you can trust us when we say that it won’t stop you from trying out every possible playthrough. After all the quick load button is only a finger away.


You start the open world RPG only by choosing your race and customizing your looks. The usual class selection from the start of the game is removed. You focus on certain skills after testing them firsthand. leveling up is gradual. It happens as you learn more skills. There are many activities in the game, including but not limited to alchemy, forging, and cooking. These have a real impact on the gameplay in various ways.

The combat sometimes does feel weightless and floaty. Yet it is the best in the series. Duel-wielding lets you perform different magic spells with each arm or wield duel weapons. The combat has both magic and melee combat. You can also perform special moves known as Shouts. Only you have this ability as the Dragonborn. The rewarding gameplay will have you keep coming back for more.


The plot propels forward as you are saved from your execution through the interruption caused by a dragon. You make your escape and travel to Whiterun. There you slay your first dragon. By absorbing the soul of a dragon you reveal yourself to be the last Dragonborn equipped with special abilities. Now you must stop Alduin the dragon from destroying the world as he is prophesized to do.

Available On: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Important Features

  • The combination of the massive open world with the non-linear gameplay will have you hooked for hours.
  • The unique visuals with the diverse environment of the game create an otherworldly experience full of novelty.
  • The dialogue system, along with the free gameplay, offers a staggering amount of freedom that compels you to explore every possibility.
  • The enigmatic story featuring dragons and prophecies makes the experience far more interesting than that of its predecessors.
  • The combat of the game is enhanced with the dual-wielding feature and slow-motion action animations.
  • Every action you take as your character bears significance and affects the outcome of the stories both in the side quests and in the primary campaign.
  • The character progression system lets you experience the skills and perks firsthand and then decide your class than the other way round.
  • The lively NPCs that fill Skyrim’s world to the brim will have you leave the reality behind.

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#10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  as Best Ten RPG Games


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best RPG games for pc, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo switch. It pulls off the creation of a real-world without being mundane. The offline RPG game gives you a sense of novelty and identity. The Witcher 3 shines most in the flame of misery and sufferings of the people of its world. The moral ambiguity they offer is priceless. This amazing open world RPG for PC and consoles is filled with citizens full of grief. These citizens are desperate to make ends meet. But it is more than difficult in this world ravaged by war and infested by monsters.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt RPG Games for PC

No quest offers simple closure and cannot be completed in one step. The main campaign of the game is stale compared to rich side quests of the game. The game implores you to dive into the side quests. These optional quests deal with complex issues. The thrill of discovery takes you over. You can’t help exploring every cave, ruined temple, and wild territory. All of your discovery is rewarded with loots. The DLCs of the games are gigantic. So much so that they feel like separate games on their own. The Witcher 3 is indeed one of the best RPG games of all time.


The gameplay feels smooth. Freedom in this game is like that of no other. As Geralt, you can perform several movements. You can walk, run, roll over, dodge enemy attacks, jump, climb, swim, and much more. The combat is responsive. It is very precise in timing. Attacking, blocking, and countering feel natural. You can use two different swords to attack. With each sword you can perform a heavy and a light attack. You can also use five different types of magic. Ciri is also a playable character in the game.

The speech system of the game feels natural. It enriches the optional quests as well as the main quests. You have much freedom involving the NPCs. There are also mini-games in the game. For example Horse racing, boxing, card playing, etc. These bring life into the world and keep the gameplay fresh.


In the main story of this single player RPG, you as Geralt must find your long lost lover Yennefer. To add to that your surrogate daughter Ciri is missing. She is on the run from an otherworldly force known as Wild Hunt. You must also find her. 36 unique endings can be achieved depending on your gameplay and the choices you make in the game.

Available On: Mircosoft Windows PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Important Features

  • The game creates a realistic world without compromising the thrill of novelty and perfectly balances the practical elements of the game’s fantasy elements.
  • You get to play as a highly trained monster slayer and destroy gruesome enemies with dexterity using upgradeable weapons, mutating portion, and powerful magic.
  • The game thrusts you into a treacherous world where survival is not for the faint of heart.
  • The compelling side-quests of the game hardly ever offer absolute closure and instead linger on moral ambiguity.
  • The very structure of the game implores non-linear gameplay.
  • The immense loot and treasures of the world can be used to upgrade, magical ability, weapons, craft potions, and much more.
  • The game offers 36 unique endings depending on your gameplay and choices.
    The game offers a staggering 102 hours of gameplay.

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Final Thought

The glorious route to escape is always open to us through RPGs more so than the games of other genre. The stunning, tantalizing worlds with rich progression systems more often not give us a false sense of accomplishment. They rob us of our time to spend on work and with our loved ones. That is why caution should be taken before diving into the rich world of good RPG games.

The RPG genre has spread like wildfire in the world of gaming more than any other genre. The rich worlds with robust immersion will keep you occupied for hours. In the current state of lockdowns and social distancing depression and anxiety are looming over us. RPG Games for PC and consoles can prove to be a powerful method of alleviating this depression and anxiety. Let me know if you think a game should’ve been on our list. But we didn’t mention it. For more fascinating  lists, stay with us.

Ahmed Jubaer
Ahmed Jubaer is an enthusiastic gamer and influential writer of FossGuru who loves to play Windows and Android games. He has vast experience in the gaming world. He likes to help others by providing gaming information.


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