Best 15 Story Driven Games for PC in 2023 (No 9 Must Play)

Are you searching for what are the best story games for pc? Then you can stop your search now. If you are looking for a game that you won’t be able to put down with a great story, you are in the right place. Story-based games are always fun and exciting to play. Whether it is the best single-player story game for pc or a co-op story game, we will discuss all of them. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Mass Effect 2 make us dive into the world of games. We can interact with the game characters and enjoy ourselves. Let us look at the best story games for pc free in 2023. 

Best Story Games for PC

We love to listen to a story and play a game. It becomes more interesting when we can play some of the best Story Games for PC. Find the 15 story-driven games for pc.


RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2With a gigantic open-world first-person action shooter, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is one of the best story-driven games on PC. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 has won the Game of the Year Award from Steam in the Outstanding Story Rich Game category. It follows the story where the prequel left it. The player takes the role of Arthur Morgan, a respected Van der Linde outlaw gang member. The game finds a fine line between survival and morals when the West faces the threat of so-called modern people, where the rope of the show of law and order strangles outlaws.

Rockstar Games brought the RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. We can consider the game 18+ because of its blood and violent nature. The game will cost you around 30.14 USD.

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GUILD WARS 2GUILD WARS 2 is one of the best interactive story games for pc. It is free to play an online game. The game has multiple outcomes depending on your choices and actions. It is also one of the standard MMORPG games on the internet. GUILD WARS 2 doesn’t follow the traditional way of quest games and chooses the cinematic form of executing things.

GUILD WARS 2’s story evolves based on your actions. It forces the player to deal with scenarios that have a long time effect on the gameplay. For example, you can imagine a system where you must defeat a group of enemies. The said group will likely appear to hunt you with more hostility later in the game.

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best story driven games for pc - HER STORYHER STORY is one of the classic investigative crime games for PC and Android. You have to crime scenes and interrogate suspects to find the culprit. So, you will sit before an old police computer where the suspects’ testimonies are shown. You get the suspect’s testimony snippets by searching for the keywords or names in the police database.

Depending on your leads, you may have a wrong or correct conclusion. You play the role of a real-life detective and carefully analyze all the suspects’ clues and testimony.

HER STORY is available for Android and iOS too. You can buy the game for your PC from Steam. The price is meager at 1.37 dollars.

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best pc story game DISCO ELYSIUMDISCO ELYSIUM is a well-written game that doesn’t fear to be political. The game is plotted in Revachol City, and you might have guessed that it is not a place that you would call a nice place to live in. The dirty town of Ravachol is hit by poverty everywhere. After a failed revolution, the town is under Special Administrative Zone where freedom is minimal. The protagonist wakes up in a hotel room drunk and has no clue whatsoever. He finds that he is a police officer and has misplaced his gun. He has to solve a murder mystery, yet he can’t find out who he is.

DISCO ELYSIUM is a well-written, interactive role-playing game. The detective thriller, with its fantastic gameplay, will blow your mind. Get the game for only 7.79 USD from Steam.

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MAN OF MEDAN a vampyre story pc gameMAN OF MEDAN is the first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology. The same creator who introduced the game ‘Until Dawn’ brings the game to us. MAN OF MEDAN is a cinematic horror game with an intriguing story. It is one of the highest-rated horror-thriller games. The game has outstanding graphics, exciting character design, and a world of horror setup.

The game is based on a group of treasure-seekers on a diving expedition. One day during the expedition in the ocean, they came across a ruin of a WWII wreck. The discovery soon turns out to be the cause of their untimely demise. They are faced with pirate raiders to unworldly inhabitants of the ship—a genuinely horrifying yet enjoyable experience. Get the game for 36 USD from the official store. You can play the game on PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation.

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best story pc games HEAVY RAINHEAVY RAIN is the best story pc game at only 4.99 USD on Steam. This PC game is one of its kind. With horrifying murders and adventures, HEAVY RAIN is undoubtedly the best pc game in 2023. The mysterious Origami murderer is causing the disappearance of teenage boys in a city. The city is already troubled by heavy storms and continuous rain. As the game’s protagonist, you have to track down the killer. Because tracking down the killer is the only way you can prevent the deaths of young boys. You play the game from the perspectives of a father who has lost his son, an investigator, a detective, and a journalist.

Though there is nothing much to explore in HEAVY RAIN, it has one of the most interactive game stories that you will enjoy. It is also one of the few co-op story games you can enjoy with friends.

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best pc games FIREWATCHFIREWATCH is another well-executed game. It is one of the best action story games for pc. It is a first-person exploration game. 

You take the role of Henry, a new fire lookout assigned at the Shoshone National Forest. The player takes orders and instructions and communicates with his superior, Delilah, through a walkie-talkie. The player is equipped with grappling gear and a map of the forest. It would be best if you roamed through the forest looking for any mysterious event, natural or artificial fire, and sometimes come upon frightening events in the isolated forest.

The game is available for all major platforms. You can play FIREWATCH on your PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is available for USD 19.99.

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WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCHWHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH is an exploring interactive PC game. It takes us into the life of the main character Edith Finch’s old family house, where you relive working in a fish cannery or playing as a baby in the bathtub. As we explore the old house, we learn more and more about Edith’s past and unsettled life in the Finch house. WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH is a tragic tale of women that will make you sad at the end, but you will enjoy playing it.

WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH is a premium game for PC. It is priced at 2.86 USD on Steam. The game was ranked at the top when it first came out in 2017.

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THE WOLF AMONG US best pc games 2021THE WOLF AMONG US is the best story-driven game for pc and console. One of the best story game creators, Telltale Games, produces the game. They produced many story-based games, but we chose THE WOLF AMONG US for its ingenuity and a blend of folklore and fairytale taste.

THE WOLF AMONG US is a crossover of fantasy and realism set in 1980s New York. The characters are wearing a product known as Glamour to mask their real identity. The game features every folklore character from Snow White to Belle. You play as the big bad wolf, the Bigby Wolf. You are on a mission to discover the culprit behind the murders of fantasy world characters. The game has an appeal of its own. You must try out THE WOLF AMONG US.

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BIOSHOCK INFINITE is one of the best fps story games for pc. The game has shocking plot twists, and its story gives it a run for the money. This game is set in a racist and religious zealot-filled steampunk city. The game perfectly bonds the first-person shooter with a narrative storyline. The story and background of the game are hauntingly beautiful. The leading duo, Elizabeth and Booker, takes you on a captivating journey like never before.

The game is rated Mature 17+ as there are some graphic scenes in it. You can get the game for 5.74 dollars from Steam. BIOSHOCK INFINITE is one of the best story games for low-end PCs. You can run it on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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11. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the best multiplayer story mode games for pc. It is a Shinobi-focused ninja game with a fantastic storyline. The game has its stealth action with interactive game scenarios. This game is cohesive and more story-focused than other ninja action games.

The game will give you 50 hours of blood geyser execution, monster fights, excellent swordsmanship, and a scenic yet deadly view of the environment. Any veteran gamer Skiro’s timed lock-on combat and skills will be the best thing in the game. You can get the game from the official website. It will cost you around 20.79 USD.

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KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO is the top best story game for pc. It is a Lynchian magical realist adventure that you can enjoy on your PC. The player takes the role of a truck driver who delivers his final load for his firm. The game is dialogue-driven and slowly reveals its story.

KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO is all about finding true power and drive in the rhythmic beats of the game’s narration. Don’t expect there will be major plot twists or something like that. KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO is all about the character. It also focuses on how they interact with the environment presented before them.

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13. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is another best story game for pc that features a fantastic story with first-hand action. It is one of the most popular stories-based action-adventure games you can play on your PC. The game supports Windows, macOS, and other game consoles.

Dishonored 2 is a first-person perspective game. The players can play the game as Empress Emily or Corvo Attano. The player must reclaim the lost throne in the previous version of the game Dishonored. Your actions will determine the game’s end as the game presents different paths that you can choose. You can select the non-lethal path or the path with action and battles. Get the game for 11.99 from Steam.

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14. Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 is one of the best pc games you can play on your PC. The game has different chapters. It features episodic adventure gameplay. You can enjoy the game on PC, Xbox, Play station, and Nintendo Switch.

Life is Strange 2 begins its journey in suburban Seattle. A fatal misunderstanding forces Sean and Daniel to leave their home and flee. Panicking, Sean takes his brother and heads to reach his father’s house in Puerto Lobos, Mexico. Thus the pair start their long journey to live. The player takes the role of the characters and goes through different challenges and hardships in life.

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15. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

As a whole, The Walking Dead series is one of the best story games for pc 2023. The final season is the main focus and the most exciting Walking Dead series. The Walking Dead: The Final Season is another episodic adventure first-person game. The game is based on the book of the same name. The game features Clementine’s effort to raise Alvin. The world around them is infested with undead zombies, and there are not enough places to hide to be saved. The environment is not suitable for a child to grow. You can interact with other players, defend your tower, fight off the undead, and try your best to live one more day. TI is one of the most challenging zombie games on the internet. You can play the game for just 4.09 USD. 

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Final Thoughts

The story mode games for pc are always addicting. A story brings more to the game. Without a good story, the game loses its mojo. These best pc story games will make your gaming activity more fun and interactive. A good story game can take the player into the fantasy world and help them enjoy the content to the fullest.

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