The 20 Best Location Sharing Apps to Share Google Map Location

With the increasing development of our society, people are getting more tensed about their security. Everyone wants to ensure that their loved ones are safe when they are out of his sight. A location-sharing app can be your best friend in this regard. You can easily track your family, friends, and dear ones by using such an app. A location tracker app can remove your tension by providing you with the accurate location of anyone. You can track your child’s activity, driving speed too! 

If you can make the best use of an address-sharing app, your life will be easier than before. There are a lot of apps that can share your spot through WhatsApp or text messages. But you have to choose the best app that will serve you. To make your task easier, I will show you the 20 best venue-sharing apps for your Android.

How to Share Google Map Location on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networking sites. You can chat, make phone calls, or video calls through this app. It also offers you to share your status and photos through the feature ‘My status.’ But you might be unaware of the location sharing feature of WhatsApp. If you want to share your location with anyone, WhatsApp will allow you to do that. 

To share your location on WhatsApp, you have to go through the following steps:

  • First, you have to open the app on your Android.
  • Then by pressing the chat option, you need to select the person or group with whom you are willing to share your location.
  • Next, you have to tap the paperclip icon placed on the bottom of the screen. You will get your location option there.
  • Turn on the location. You will see two options- ‘send your current location or ‘share your live location.’ Pick the option you like and tap the send button.
  • That’s it! Now WhatsApp will show your location to those persons or groups while you are moving. 

The 20 Best Location Sharing Apps

Each app found on Google Play has some specific features. You have to choose one according to your needs. But at first, you should know which apps are primarily reviewed and can be operated easily. Here are the top 20 orientation sharings apps that might help you a lot. 

1. Glympse

Glympse location sharing appGlympse is one of the best place-sharing apps available on Google Play. By using this app, you can share your location on a mobile screen with any other person. Whether you want to track any of your friend’s locations or want to ensure that your spouse or wife is safe outside, this app will be magic for you.

Glympse also shows you a route of your friend or family’s location on the Google Map. And, you don’t have to worry about your safety as this app expires its activity automatically after serving you. 

The best feature of the Glympse app is it does not require signing in to view any location. Anyone can get the shared area using any web-enabled device. The app runs in the background, which does not hamper any of your work. Glympse needs a strong internet connection for functioning smoothly. You can also use this app on your iPhone.

Key Features

  • Glympse app shares place in a real-time map.
  • This app requires no sign-in. 
  • Easy to share and track the locations of others. 
  • This app is concerned about the safety of the users. 

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2. Find My Family

Find My FamilyIf your family members are outside and you are worried about their safety, you may rely on the Find My Family app. It is a GPS location tracker app that can easily detect the location of your near ones. This app also allows you to create a virtual safety zone on the map. Find my Family app will inform you of their entering or leaving the safety zone. 

Find My Family app records the history of your family members’ daily outings. It also has an option to set the alarm for emergencies. This area-sharing app contains a parental feature to monitor your kids’ contact list or installed apps. But you can not use this feature without the consent of your child. The Find My Family app is available for both Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • Find my Family app tracks your family members easily using the GPS function. 
  • This app alerts you when your family is in danger.
  • It monitors the online activities of your child. 
  • The app allows you to mark an area as a safe zone for your family. 
  • Find My Friends also shares the ETA of your family members. 

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3. Google Maps

Google Maps is very familiar with finding a location you want to visit.Google Maps is very familiar with finding a location you want to visit. This app is popularly used on android devices to get navigation advice. But the location sharing option of this app is also very much satisfactory.

Google Maps enables a precise and high-resolution map to track your family, friends, or other persons. This app also allows you to share your live venue with your loved ones.

By using Google Maps as a bearings-sharing app, you can share your ETA and traffic conditions with others. It is straightforward to use. You have to add the person you want to share your location with to the Google contacts and select the add location option. Automatically your site will be shared with him. You can download this app for iOS devices too. 

Key Features

  • Google Maps provides you with a high-resolution real-time map.
  • It is easy to share your location using Google maps. 
  • This app allows you to set the estimated time of your arrival. 
  • Provides you with route suggestions and saves your time by informing you about the traffic conditions. 

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4. Life 360

Life 360Life 360 is a location tracking app that makes your life a bit easier than before. This app can detect your family or friends’ exact location and assure you that they are safe. It also enables you to share your live location and your ETA with them. Life 360 is linked with Android and iOS devices that help you share your location with anyone using any device. 

Life 360 includes an option to alert your near ones when they are in danger. It gives you 24/7 hours service to inform the safety of your family. L

ife 360 offers specialist support to make you feel safe at any time and any place. This app will give you identity theft protection and white gloves restoration service. You can use Life 360 to share your location for free for seven days. This app contains Platinum, Gold, and Silver subscription offers. You can take any package according to your need.

Key Features

  • Life 360 acts as a protector of your family.
  • This app provides you with identity theft protection.
  • You can use this app to track people using any device.
  • Life 360 offers you SOS support and emergency dispatch.
  • It contains a crash detection feature.

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5. GeoZilla

GeoZilla is a family locator app.GeoZilla is a family locator app. This app enables you to create a circle containing your friends and family. You can share your location secretly with that circle. This feature prevents the risk of leakage of your site to any stranger.

Using GeoZilla, you can easily share your daily and weekly outdoor activities and estimated time of leaving and arriving home. This app will also keep records of those activities. But you have to take prior consent of the person you are willing to track. 

GeoZilla Can monitor your driving speed and acts as a road-crash detector. You can also share your placement via social networking sites using this app. GeoZilla contains a Significant Location Change (SLC) to keep the app in sleep mode and thus reduces your device’s battery draining. This app also informs you about the emergency conditions of near ones and vice-versa. The app is free for three days, and you have to purchase it from Google Play at $59.99 per year. 

Key Features

  • GeoZilla gives you a real-time location sharing feature.
  • This app contains safety alerting options while the app is not in use.
  • It informs you of the driving reports of the person you are tracking.
  • Provides you with a secret circle location sharing feature. 

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6. My GPS Location

My GPS Location is a location coordinator app.My GPS Location is a location coordinator app. This app is a simple location sharing app that enables you to inform your locality through messaging apps like- Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

My GPS Location gives you friends a link along with the Google Map to track your location. You can also send SMS to anyone in emergencies. It does not require an internet connection to send your location through text messages. 

My GPS Location app provides you with the best geological data. The app gives you detailed information about an area, including its latitude and longitude, altitude, accuracy, etc. This app will act as one of the best hiking apps too! Three distinct features made this app different. These features will help you see your previously saved locations, delete them, getting info about their distance from your current location. 

Key Features

  • My GPS Location provides you with the best location-based data.
  • This app enables you to share your bearings using any messaging apps.
  • It gives you detailed information about any location.
  • You can share your location offline through text messages. 

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7. Find My Friends

Find My FriendsIf you are trying to find your friend’s location, the Find My Friends app will be the best for you. It is a simple locale-sharing app that can track your friend’s place accurately. You can also share your area with your friends through this app. 

Find My Friends app allows an alerting system while you or any of your friends are in danger. Moreover, you can chat or share other info with your friends along with the location sharing feature. This location tracking app finds your friends by phone numbers. Another good thing about this app is its low battery consumption. You can also follow or unfollow your friends using this app. This app is supported by Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices. 

Key Features

  • Find My Friends shows you a real-time map to track your friends.
  • This app contains low and efficient battery usage.
  • You can get chatting options while sharing your location.
  • The app contains an alerting system. 

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8. EazyLocation

EazyLocationEazyLocation is one of the best area-sharing apps. You can check your location on the map and save it easily using this app. The app will organize your saved locations systematically and keep them safe. You can share the area using any preferred medium.

EazyLocation allows you to share your location by copying the code. You can also edit your location and delete it after it becomes unnecessary. When you share your point with someone, he has to search that place using the app. The details of that place will appear before him quickly. 

Key Features

  • EazyLocation provides you with an organized location-sharing feature.
  • This app can share places using any preferred medium.
  • It contains a location code for sharing the location.
  • Location saving and deleting are accessible in this app. 

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9. Send My Location

Send My LocationAre you searching for a simple app that can share your point? The Send My Location app will help you in this matter. This pin-sharing app can share your place with your selected persons very quickly. The app doesn’t store any of your sites, and there is no chance of getting it shared with outsiders.

You can share your bearings through any messaging application installed on your device by using Send My Location app. This app contains no ads. You don’t have to sign in to use this app. Send My Location is simply a great solution to your location sharing problems. 

Key features

  • The Send My Location app is straightforward to use. 
  • It contains no advertising, even in the free version.
  • This app is supported by most of the messaging apps. 
  • Send My Locations offers you an excellent security policy.

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10. FamiSafe

FamiSafeIf you are worried about your kid’s safety, the FamiSafe location tracker app will make you feel relaxed. FamiSafe is a beautiful app that accurately tracks the location of your kids. This app ensures the safe movement of your child. You can track your child’s outing history using it. FamiSafe also allows you to create a safe zone for your kids. If your child goes outside this boundary, the app will alert you promptly. 

FamiSafe is also a parental control app that monitors your child’s online activities. This app is used to block restricted and inappropriate apps. FamiSafe can track phones remotely and keep records of installed and uninstalled apps on the device. It can also watch the duration of your child’s screen time. The app also tracks the driving habits of your teenage child. 

Key Features

  • FamiSafe offers you the best location tracking experience.
  • It makes you aware of your child’s online activities.
  • This app informs you about the driving speed and nature of your teen.
  • The app works great in blocking inappropriate sites and monitoring your kid’s phone. 

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11. Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Family Locator - GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone AppThe family Locator app will give you a tension-free life by tracking your family members easily. This app helps you ensure that your family members are safe when they are out of your sight. It notifies you when your loved ones reach home or go outside. The app also shares your family members’ orientation on a Google map. The Family Locator app allows you to share your point with a close circle. You can also mark an area as the safe zone for your dear ones. 

Family Locator app provides you with the outdoor history of the person you are tracking. It uses a GPS locator to track a cell phone. So, you can easily find your phone if it is lost. 

Key Features

  • Family Locator ensures your family members’ safety.
  • There is a close circle option to share your location secretly.
  • A radar will share your flight status on the map with your family.
  • You can find your lost phone using this app.

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12. Graticule – Real-time Location Sharing App

Graticule - Real-time Location Sharing AppGraticule is one of the best pin-sharing apps available for Android. You can choose specific people in this app and share your own point with them.

Graticule takes only a minute to inform your loved ones about your site. It is very user-friendly while traveling. Graticule can track your location from anywhere-no matter whether you are flying, skydiving, hiking, paragliding, or so on. 

Graticule can guide a person to any remote place. Moreover, you can set an android chip on your car, pet, or anywhere to track them using this app. Graticule informs you quickly of the time of your family members reaching home. The app is fully secured as it uses an encrypted communication method. You can change your location tracking code within a second if you share it mistakenly with others. Graticule is also a battery saver app. 

Key Features

  • Graticule requires no sign-in.
  • This app is more secure than other apps.
  • It offers a disposable tracking code.
  • Graticule contains tracking features with android chips.
  • It offers a passive mode option to retain your device’s battery. 

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13. GPS to SMS – Location Sharing

GPS to SMS - Location SharingGPS to SMS is a straightforward app to share your area through text messages. You can share your position through WhatsApp or any other messaging apps using this app too. Androids support this app over 2.2.

GPS to SMS does not require an internet connection to share your location. You have to select a phone number from your device’s phone book and get an option to copy your location. After that, you can share the place using any other messaging apps, including SMS. The app will display your situation on any 3rd party map sharing map. 

The map contains the details of your location. You can copy the location to your SD card. This app supports multiple languages. GPS to SMS does not work passively and never shares your location with strangers. The app is completely free and contains no ads. 

Key Features

  • GPS to SMS offers you an easy offline location method.
  • This app contains no ads.
  • The material design of this app is satisfactory.
  • It uses GPS to activate the maps after receiving the SMS automatically. 

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14.  Location Sharing App

Location Sharing AppLocation Sharing App can be your companion while sharing your location with others. This app is available on Google play. It offers you to share your site with the selected people within the quickest time. It also gives you the information of the area in depth. 

You can know about the longitude and latitude of your location while sharing it. This app also has the facilities of Google Maps. It contains the features of OpenStreetMap and George too! It needs a strong internet connection to operate it. Sometimes users face problems in loading the map. This app is entirely free to download.

Key Features

  • Location Sharing App provides you with detailed information about your location. 
  • This app is linked up with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and George.
  • The app can share your area with others very quickly. 

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15. Save Location GPS

Save Location GPSSave Location GPS is a land-positioning app that will act as your location assistant. This app offers online or offline versions. You can save detailed info about any location you search.

Save Location GPS also provides you with different maps like- Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, etc. It also contains navigation facilities.

Save Location GPS Allows you to manage your favorite locations into different groups. This app has location import and export options. You can use this app on several devices by logging in. You can save your locations easily and share them with whoever you want. The app allows you to delete unnecessary information too! You can download Save Location GPS from Google Play and App Store. 

Key features

  • Save Location GPS shows you varieties of maps according to your need.
  • It contains navigation facilities.
  • This app allows syncing devices through logging in.
  • The app also has a location management feature.

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16. Find My Kids

Find My KidsFind My Kids is a family location tracker app. This app is mainly designed to ensure your child’s safety. You have to connect your child’s device with your phone using the app. Then Install the Pingo! App on your child’s device. The GPS tracker of the device will give you all the information about your child’s activities. 

Find My Kids app detects your child’s location on the Google map accurately and keeps the history. You can see whether your kid is going to any risky area or not. This app also has a loud notification feature that notifies your child even when his phone is on silent mode. Find My Kids app also reminds you to charge your child’s device. You can get this app from Google Play for free.

Key Features

  • Find My Kids has a well-designed parental control Feature.
  • This app notifies you about your child’s activities.
  • It contains an option to chat with your kids.
  • The app alerts you when your child is in an adverse situation. 

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17. My Family

My FamilyIf you search for an app that will locate your family members when they remain away from you, My Family can be a great choice. It helps you to stay connected with your family members and relatives all over the world.

My Family app allows you to share live locations with your loved ones through a secret group. You can also share a private map and other info with them. 

My Family app alerts you when your family members reach home or any other places you have set. The app will keep the tracking history for 30 days. You can get detailed statistics of your movements and driving style from the app.

My Family app can locate your lost phone using GPS service. You need to take the consent of your family members to use this app on their phones to track their location. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Key Features

  • My Family App gives you accurate notifications about your family members’ activities.
  • This app offers you to share your point through a secret circle.
  • The app alerts you when your device’s battery is low. 
  • My Family app is straightforward and safe to use. 

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18. Be Closer – Share Your Location

Be Closer - Share Your LocationBe Closer is another app that is made for sharing your location on Android. By using this app, you can stay closer to your family even if they are apart from you.

You have to take permission from the persons whom you want to track. The Be Closer app enables you to share your location with others, maintaining safety measures. 

The Be Closer app gives you notifications of your child and keeps you tension-free. All the Infos about your child will be at your fingertips without contacting him while using this app. But some of the users complained about the poor refunding policy of this app. 

Key Features

  • The Be Closer app locates your places correctly on the Google Map.
  • This app has a beautiful tracking feature.
  • It is a safe app, preventing data leakage to 3rd parties.
  • Be Closer notifies your child’s outdoor activities timely.

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19. iSharing – GPS Location Tracker for Family

iSharing - GPS Location Tracker for FamilyiSharing is one of the best area-sharing apps that are available for Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to share your position with your family very quickly.

Graticule can track your and your family’s location and share it with the secret family group with their prior consent. You have to install this app on the devices you are willing to track. iSharing will provide you with all the necessary information about your family. 

This app will share your ETA automatically and notifies your loved ones when you are near home. iSharing has an option of an emergency call by shaking the phone. You can use the app like a walkie-talkie and send complimentary voice messages. It can also help you to find your phone. 

Key Features

  • iSharing offers you the best location-sharing experience with your family.
  • It contains unique alerting features like emergency calls and voice messages.
  • The app shares your ETA and other related information with your family and vice versa.
  • It is one of the best mobile tracker apps. 

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20. Pathshare GPS Location Sharing

Pathshare GPS Location SharingPathshare GPS Location Sharing is another way to share your location using Android or iPhone. This app contains high secured data encryption methods. You have to install the app on your device and allow Pathshare to share your own area.

This app will automatically stop sharing after the session expires. It will notify you when any participant joins in the session or they are nearby home. This real-time venue-sharing app works very fast.

Pathshare GPS position Sharing app runs automatically in the background of your device. You can control the duration of your tracking session in this app too! This app is globally available and supports the English and German languages.

Key Features

  • Pathshare transmits all its data over SSL and offers you a safe location-sharing experience.
  • It contains a real-time location-sharing option and offers you group sessions. 
  • This app is easy to use and works on the background of the device. 
  • Pathshare provides you with an automatically sharing stopper feature after the expiry of a session. 

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Final Thoughts

You might have questions like ‘how to share my location,’ ‘how to share my location on WhatsApp?’ ‘how to share my location on Google Maps?’ ‘how to find my friend’s location using Google Maps?’ and so on. Before going through this article. But now I’m pretty sure that you got all your answers here. These apps might be helpful to you for sharing your location and turning your life into a safer version.

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