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Best 20 First Aid Apps to Save Lives in Emergency

Everybody is prone to get injured in their lives. Accidents and illness are part of human lives. There is no denying that. We cannot stop what is going to happen in the future. But we can prepare ourselves for such unfortunate incidents as much as possible. Educating ourselves on first-aids is very important. Every accident or sickness is not the same. It is difficult to learn or remember all kinds of emergency treatments for different situations. First aid apps can help us with that. Here is our recommendation of the Best 20 First Aid Apps to Save Lives in an Emergency.

What is FIRST AID?

Many of us are familiar with the word but do not know its meaning. First Aid is emergency medical help given immediately to someone injured or sick. We try to prevent injury or sickness from further damaging the body. In many extreme cases, First Aid can save a victim’s life. 

Basic Rules of First Aid

Every first aid case can be different from one another. However, some general rules have been provided to apply in all kinds of difficult situations. The basic rules will teach you how to minimize the effects of a victim’s illness or injury. Learning these rules will prepare you for the worst and give you the confidence to handle such situations. 

  1. In every extreme situation, remind yourself of the three “Ps,” which stand for “Preserve life,” “Prevent further injury,” and “Promote recovery.”  
  2. Try to stay calm and keep others calm.
  3. Make sure that your surroundings are safe. Be careful not to put yourself or the victim at risk.
  4. Do not move the victim if they have a back or neck injury. 
  5. When medical experts arrive, tell them everything you know about the accident and the symptoms. If you know about the blood group, allergies, vaccination, or any victim’s medical condition, immediately inform them.
  6. Wash your hands before you attempt emergency care. Wear disposable gloves at all times when helping.
  7. Always keep your first aid supplies up to date. If any items have expired, replace them with a new one. 
  8. Some common medical treatments you should know:
      • For scrapes and cuts, apply pressure gently, bandages, and disinfectant.
      • Heat exhaustion- apply cool clothes, shade, and cool fluids.
      • Burns- determine first the type of burn and its severity. Use a loose cloth to cover the wound to prevent infection.
      • Sprains- use ice and compression. 
      • Hypothermia- apply a warm covering and warm fluids.
      • Allergic reactions- use EpiPen.
      • Fractures- apply a cold pack while keeping the fractured area immobilized. 
      • If the victim stops breathing, perform C.P.R. on them. 

The Function of a First Aid App

When you face an unpleasant situation, your mind stops working. You become worried when you get sick or injured or see somebody else going through it. It is normal to forget some steps you learned for emergency treatments. The good news is we now have first aid apps for Android to help us. 

The apps are proving to be very helpful for everyone. They have many good functions to offer. Some of them are:

  • The applications have a user-friendly interface and efficient algorithms. These functions make it easier to get fast and clear instructions. 
  • You get easy access to many tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions, and interactive quizzes on medical emergency assistance. 
  • Many apps offer a G.P.S. feature that locates all the nearby hospitals and contact numbers of medical professionals. You will find the most effective solution to your problem with a few taps on your phone. 
  • You can also find apps designed specifically for your children and pets. 
  • The best part is that you can get many of these apps for free on Playstore. 
  • Medical emergency apps are very reliable. Some have been developed using guidelines from licensed doctors, military doctors, and well-known healthcare organizations. 

Best 20 First Aid Apps to Save Lives

Without further ado, let us jump into our list of the best 20 apps to save lives. 

1. Doctor At Home

Doctor At HomeDoctors at home can help you to become an amateur doctor with knowledge of home remedies. The application will teach you how to recover from an illness using only natural remedies. There is detailed information on 100+ diseases that you can treat naturally at home. The instructions are simple, effective, and can be easily understood. You will know about natural herbs and learn to apply them as medicines.  

Key features: 

  • Doctor at home has treatments for skin, hair, dandruff, stomach, stomach ulcer, diarrhea, head, circulatory, respiratory, sore throat, cough, jaw, bone or joint, teeth, eyes, and many more.
  • You can use it without the Internet. 
  • It features home treatments for over 100 ailments. 
  • It will teach you how to use natural herbs as medicines to treat illnesses. 
  • A quick search engine will provide fast results to your queries. 
  • Diseases are listed down according to different categories.
  • You can add something important in the Favorites section.
  • You can share cures with your friends and family. 

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2. WebMD

WebMD First aid appWebMD claims to be the leading provider of healthcare information in the world. They have over 95+ million visitors accessing their services every month. This basic first-aid app is equally as popular as the organization. Many healthcare professionals and ordinary citizens are praising the application. Remember to read their Privacy Policy for Californians if you are a California resident.  

Key features: 

  • Use WebMD and get the latest updates on Coronavirus. Learn about many different medical diagnoses and drugs. 
  • You can choose your symptoms and learn about causes, potential illnesses, and cures for them.   
  • The application features a Doctor Directory that finds medical specialists in your area. You can search it by state, city, or zip code.
  • The organization has strong partnerships with many pharmacy chains to help you get discounts on the prescribed drugs.
  • Get daily reminders of your doses.
  • View detailed information along with clear images of many different kinds of pills.
  • You can use the save option to save certain drugs, doctors, healthcare articles, hospitals, etc.
  • Learn about any harmful effects if you combine two or more drugs. 

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3. VitusVet: Pet Health Care App

VitusVet Pet Health Care App pet first aid appVitusVet will check on your pet’s health and guarantee their safety. It keeps you updated and informed of many health-related issues animals can get. You will learn proper treatments for these diseases and prevent your pets from getting sick. 

Key features: 

  • VitusVet lets you monitor your pet’s health and manage their healthcare records.
  • You can easily share your pet’s vaccine records with your landlord, dog-friendly restaurants, and veterinarians. 
  • Keep a record of your pet’s weight, medications, and pet insurance information by using the application. 
  • You can set reminders for food items, medications, or appointments that your pets need. 
  • You can also ask for prescription refills and appointments directly through the application. 

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4. Offline Survival Manual

Offline Survival ManualThe offline Survival Manual is the perfect application to teach survival skills in the wilderness. The application works well without the Internet. You will learn how to build a shelter, fire, find food, emergency medical treatments, and many other survival tricks and tips. Offline Survival Manual is a must-have app to have with you when you go hiking or camping. 

Key features: 

  • Offline Survival Manual prepares you for potential accidents or dangers in adventurous trips. 
  • You will learn how to behave, react and deal with stress in times of crisis.
  • Learn how and where to look for medicinal plants and herbs for emergency treatments.
  • Many different healing methods can help you cure your disease.
  • Step-by-step instructions tell you how to prepare survival kits in the wild.
  • Guidelines will help you make shelter, look for water resources in the wild, make a fire, and carry the necessary tools and items.
  • The application will warn you of specific poisonous plants and dangerous wild species. It would be best if you kept your distance.
  • You will also learn to use a compass and survive in different climatic environments like tropical, desert, and sea. 

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5. Diseases Dictionary Medical

Diseases Dictionary MedicalDiseases Dictionary Medical is a free first aid app at your service. It is a dictionary of common medical conditions and cures. You will get clear definitions and learn about the symptoms of different kinds of ailments. It acts as a clinical advisor for performing self-diagnosis. 

Key features: 

  • You can use a disease Dictionary without the Internet.
  • Detailed descriptions are provided for many primary medical conditions.
  • Clear instructions are provided on remedies.
  • You will learn about any side effects certain drugs might have.
  • Many medical abbreviations and terminologies are provided for you to learn.
  • The treatment section will provide information on prescribed drugs along with pill descriptions.  

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6. Home Remedies+: Natural Cures

Home Remedies+ Natural CuresHome Remedies + has been recommended by more than 90 U.S. licensed medical experts on the HealthTap platform. You can tell how popular and reliable the application is. There is no doubt why it is on our first aid apps list. It provides information on common ailments and natural cures for them. Home Remedies + will teach you how to recover and survive without using expensive drugs.

Key features:

  • Home Remedies+ contains more than 100 different diseases and cures.
  • It features natural herbal remedies for colds, backaches, flu, and many more.
  • Enjoy its fast search engine and easy navigation.
  • You can share any cures via the application on Twitter, email, Facebook, or SMS.
  • You can ask questions, submit a remedy and view a list of commonly asked questions to gain knowledge.

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7. First Aid – I.F.R.C.

First Aid - IFRCFirst Aid-IFRC is another lifesaving-based application. It is a Red Cross first aid app supported by the organization in 50+ regions like Albania, Egypt, Denmark, Belgium, and many more. It is free with simple features. You will learn about medical emergency help and improve your lifesaving skills. There are tutorials, quizzes, and step-by-step guidelines on how to attend to wounds and illnesses.

Key features:  

  • First Aid-IFRC provides instructions on how to perform medical emergency assistance.
  • The application stores many emergency numbers in its database. Now you can call for help whenever and wherever you are.
  • There are tutorial videos with animations that help understand the lesson better.
  • Safety tips on protecting yourself and those around you when natural calamities occur.
  • The application does not need any Wi-Fi for you to access its services.
  • You will earn a badge to share with your friends and family if you pass a quiz.
  • Enjoy the application in 40 languages.

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8. Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Quick Medical Diagnosis & TreatmentQuick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment will be your companion whenever you need it. It works fine without the Internet. The application contains 950+ medical conditions with treatment information. The diagnoses are arranged in alphabetical order to make your search easier.   

Key features: 

  • Learn about 950+ diseases and cures in an instant.
  • Information on the diseases includes the main features, medical findings, treatments, diagnosis, results, and evidence. 
  • All the contents are taken from one of the world’s most reliable medical sources, called C.M.D.T. 
  • The application offers easy navigation, colorful themes, and a simple interface.
  • The Premium version lets you use the application without an internet connection. You can unlock the complete list of features and get instant support for app-related problems. There are also no in-app ads. 

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9. First Aid and Emergency Techniques

First Aid and Emergency Techniques best first aid appFirst Aid and Emergency Techniques will instantly give you the most effective solution for health recovery. Learn how to prevent a medical condition from worsening with clear illustrations and easy instructions on medical help. 

Key features: 

  • First Aid and Emergency Technique has detailed descriptions of many major and minor medical conditions. 
  • It stores emergency numbers and will inform you of nearby hospitals. Remedies for many different diseases are in this application.
  • The application features diet plans such as the military and ketogenic diets.
  • It also contains safety tips for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.  

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10. First Aid Guide – Offline

First Aid Guide - OfflineFirst Aid Guide is an offline application to support you whenever needed. It is a simple yet very reliable application. It has information on many common accidents, such as burns or poisonous bites, and how to heal from them. 

Key features: 

  • The First Aid Guide contains images from medical institutions, such as A.D.A.M., to educate you on medical treatments. 
  • The application works fine without the Internet.
  • Learn how to treat asphyxia, heatstroke, dehydration, sprains, and other lifesaving tips.  
  • It also gives you tips on how to protect yourself from earthquakes.
  • You will also learn what medical items to carry in your safety kit. 

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11. Self Cure Home Remedies for Disease and Illness

Self Cure Home Remedies for Disease and IllnessSelf Cure home remedies for disease and illness share healthcare information online to promote a healthier lifestyle. You will find many home remedies, therapies, and treatments with this first aid app. There is no need to spend large sums of money on drugs. You can try out these home remedies to treat yourself at home. Do not worry if you suffer from an abscess, yeast infection, backache, acne, or baldness, and Self Cure is here to your rescue. 

Key features: 

  • Self-Cure features over 1400 remedies for over 100 primary and minor diseases. 
  • The Herbs section includes information about 120+ common herbs used for medical treatments. 
  • Self-Cure teaches you natural home treatments that use essential oils, herbs, supplements, and nutrition.   
  • The application will help you plan your diet and lifestyle to keep you fit and healthy.
  • Learn about Ayurveda or Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture, and yoga all in just one app.
  • There are ratings provided for every remedy to understand its effectiveness.
  • You can comment and share your health knowledge with others as a user. You can also view comments from other users.
  • You can enjoy the application for free without any advertisements. 

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12. Natural Remedies: Healthy Life

first aid app free downloadNatural Remedies application is like a handbook on natural cures, healthy recipes, and beauty care. It is a complete package for all your health problems. The application vows to give you a health transformation from skincare to making herbal teas. You will learn how to cure toothaches, insomnia, and nausea, amongst many others, with natural home treatments. Download the application and quickly get into a healthy lifestyle. 

Key features: 

  • Natural Remedies includes information on various nutritious foods to keep you healthy.
  • You can use their D.I.Y. recipes to make homemade natural cosmetics. Also, learn other beauty tips for skin care.
  • Learn about common medical conditions like acne, anxiety, allergy, indigestion, etc., and their remedies.   
  • Healthy recipes help you to achieve a healthy balanced diet. You will learn to make the Golden Milk and green tea Matcha that are very good for your health.
  • Relax area, and Chromotherapy features help you to relax your mind and body. 

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13. FIRST AID in case of emergency

FIRST AID in case of emergencyFirst Aid in case of emergency prepares you for different kinds of life-threatening dangers. There are many lessons on rescue actions and emergency medical help. This information has been gathered from paramedics, police officers, and firefighters to ensure you get the best and most up-to-date resources. 

Key features: 

  • First Aid, in case of emergency, features algorithms to assess the severity of a situation and recommend fast and effective solutions.
  • You can use the application to examine the trauma of the victims. 
  • Learn recovery methods for choking, heart stroke, drowning, and even wounds causing hemorrhages.
  • You can enjoy the application in English and Polish.
  • There is a G.P.S. locator to give a clearer idea of where you are.
  • You can use emergency numbers to call during times of danger.
  • Learn how to protect yourself and others from a fire or flood.
  • Keep yourself updated with accurate weather forecasts in the application.  

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14. First Aid for Emergency

First Aid for EmergencyFirst Aid of Emergency is another application to rescue you in times of emergency. It is a popular one for Android users. The application contains easy-to-follow instructions on emergency medical treatments. You do not have to be an expert in the field to understand these instructions. Simple language and a friendly user interface make this application a favorite among Android users. 

Key features: 

  • First Aid of Emergency includes many common scenarios that need urgent medical attention. It will explain how to perform medical help when faced with similar situations.  
  • You will find detailed guidelines for safety measures in dangerous situations.
  • You learn to measure the severity of a situation with this application.
  • Effective solutions with helpful advice have been provided after each medical condition. 

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15. First Aid

 First Aid for AndroidThe First Aid app is a manual to teach you all the lifesaving skills for unexpected accidents. You are lucky to get this manual in the form of an Android application. You can now carry this manual anywhere you go. The manual was published by the U.S. Army, where you will find emergency medical training sessions in the military. Learn how to get yourself and others into safety with the help of this application.

Key features: 

  • First Aid is a supportive and reliable application for you in times of danger. 
  • Learn how to react quickly in the right way to ensure safety.
  • Learn to evaluate a casualty and understand the body functions.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions teach you to stop bleeding and treat burns, chest wounds, abdominal wounds, head injuries, neck injuries, etc.
  • The application can use both landscape and portrait modes.

16. First Aid Kit

First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit is a good application for reference to prepare a safety kit. Not sure what to carry in your safety kit? Install this application and get the proper medical items. You will also learn all the necessary clinical skills required in emergencies. 

Key features: 

  • First Aid Kit guides you on what to carry in your safety kits.
  • The application has a B.M.I. calculator that calculates your weight. You will know if you are underweight, heavier, or average mal for your age. 
  • Your medical history can be recorded using the application.
  • The app’s “Text to Speech” feature will be helpful if you do not see well. The texts will be automatically read aloud to you. 
  • Get health tips to lead a better lifestyle.
  • Emergency numbers are provided for the users to call medical experts immediately. 

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17. First aid training

First aid trainingFirst aid training tutors you on how to deal with emergencies. You will be more confident when attending to injuries at home, work, or even in a playground. The company has a good reputation for providing medical training to UK-based citizens. The company is now sharing its knowledge with the world through this application. 

Key features:

  • First aid training provides you with detailed instructions on how to provide medical help fast and effectively. 
  • You will learn how to attend to the wounds of babies and adults with up-to-date guidelines.
  • The tutorial videos and animations make it easier to understand the instructions. 
  • You will learn how to treat people if they are injured at work, playground, or home. 

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18. Baby Panda’s First Aid Tips

Baby Panda's First Aid TipsBaby Panda’s First Aid Tips have been specially designed for children. It is natural for kids to play and get injured. Sometimes minor or major injuries occur. As parents, you are scared. But you cannot stop them from having fun. You can learn all the cures for the most common kid injuries and be prepared. Baby Panda’s First Aid Tips is kids’ best first aid app. So you know what to do the next time your kid is hurt. 

Key features: 

  • Baby Panda’s First Aid Tips has 17 emergency medical tips for kids.
  • The app has medical treatments for all kinds of kid injuries.
  • Learn how to treat their bruises or sprains quickly.
  • If your kid ever gets bitten by your pet, stung by a bee, or insects get in their eyes, healing tips are provided.  

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19. First Aid

First Aid to save livesFirst Aid claims to be the encyclopedia of lifesaving skills. The application will prepare you for any unexpected accidents in your life. You will know how to act, react and be a life savior in times of emergency. It is another great app to save lives.

Key features: 

  • First Aid has a list of accidents and emergencies and safety tips you can learn.
  • Learn about your blood type and how you participate in blood donation.
  • The application will tell you what you should carry in emergency safety kits.
  • There is a list of emergency numbers provided to call for experts’ help immediately. 

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20. E.M.R. Guide

 EMR Guide for emergenciesE.M.R. Guide is a free first-aid app. It has been released by the National Safety Council (N.S.C.). E.M.R. Guide is an E.M.R. Reference Guide that guides you properly in your first-aid attempts. It is a lifesaving tool that has simple features and easy instructions. Anyone can use the application and learn these lifesaving skills. 

Key features: 

  • E.M.R. Guide has a fast search engine to filter contents, medical information, or procedures. 
  • You get access to a list of medical terms and abbreviations.
  • There are illustrations on diseases and injuries for your better understanding.
  • E.M.R. Guide is free with no ads.
  • Your data is stored on your device. So, you do not need any internet connectivity.

F.A.Q.s about First Aid Apps

  • What is the best first aid application for emergencies?

It depends on your situation. All the listed applications will teach the basics of First Aid. But some applications can be more suitable for specific situations. My recommendations are as follows:

      • Offline Survival Manual: helpful in outdoor activities like camping or hiking.
      • Doctor Home, Home Remedies, and Self Cure: helpful for learning home remedies.
      • VitusVet: suitable for pets
      • Baby Panda’s First Aid Tips: suitable for kids
      • Diseases Dictionary Medical: to learn more about different types of drugs and their side effects.
      • Quick Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: to learn more about different diseases and their cures.
      • Natural Remedies: to learn about herbal medicines, beauty care, and healthy diets.
      • First, an emergency aid: help protect from fires, floods, earthquakes, and extreme climate changes. 
  • What are the essential items we need to carry in our safety kits?

Some of the medical items you must carry at all times:

      • Medical tape and gauze pads
      • Band-aids
      • Eyewash solution
      • Scissors
      • Bandages
      • Burn cream
      • Antibiotic ointment
      • Face masks
      • Disposable hand gloves
      • Thermometers
      • Face shield to provide CPR
      • A manual for first aids
  • How to react in emergencies?

      • Never panic, and try keeping yourself calm. 
      • Check first if you are in a safe position before assisting others.
      • Assess the severity of the situation for potential dangers.
      • Call on an emergency number after reaching a safe spot.
      • Call out for help around you by screaming.
      • Try to communicate with the victim(if conscious) and try to keep them calm.
      • Apply first-aid.

Final Thoughts

As a writer, this article has been beneficial for me. I have learned a lot about first aid and first aid apps for Android. As a reader, I hope you have also found this article to your liking. In a society, we have to help each other in times of crisis. Knowing first Aid is what will make our society safer and more livable.

If you have any other medical apps, let us know in the comments section. Some reviews or comments on our listed apps can help others to make the right choice. Please share this article with your friends and family to teach them the importance of First Aid.

Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Mehnaz loves to show her creations through writing and drawing. She is a tech-savvy young individual who loves learning something new every day and helping others with her knowledge and work.


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