The Best 20 HTML5 Games Online Without Flash Player

You have been sitting on your desk for hours now. You want to take a quick break and want to play a fun game on your web browser. Unfortunately, Adobe flash player is not an option anymore for flash games. And you don’t want to get playing a PC game during office hours. What to do in this situation? Do not take tension because HTML5 games are here for you.

Flash games might be dead, but you can still enjoy the fun with modern games online from your web browser. You don’t have to install anything to enjoy these games. You can even play an HTML5 online game on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer!

What is HTML5?

HTML 5 is a programming language. Developers can use HTML 5 to create cross-platform and cross-browser games for computers and mobiles. It gives a massive advantage to game developers. It supports every device and browser and shows no issue. Major developers like Zynga have already begun to use html5 for their mobile platform.

Five things to know about HTM5

  1. HTML5 has been introduced as an alternative to Adobe Flash Player.
  2. The critical advantage of HTML5 is that it is designed to work cross-platform.
  3. It is entirely free, and anyone can design their games or application using this code.
  4. There is an issue with the performance of HTML5. Though it has been developed to work on various platforms, there is no reliable way to maintain it.
  5. Currently, there is no final speculation about HTML 5 as it is still evolving. We can only hope that one day it will overcome all its shortcomings.

Best 20 HTML5 Games Online Without Flash Player

Here is our recommendation of 20 of the best online HyperText Markup Language 5 games that you can play without Adobe Flash Player.

1. Pool Billiard

Are you a fan of Billiard but cannot go to a pool parlor? Worry not! You can now enjoy playing pool from the comfort of your home with Pool Billiard. This amazing HTML-based browser game offers you the excitement of playing the game of pool. Aim and shoot down the targets to pocket them all.

You can also score extra points for hitting the balls in their numerical order. If you are up for the challenge, then chalk up your cue and get started.

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2. Fruita Crush

Fruita Crush is a match-three game that you can get to play for free. You can use the PC Mouse or finger and drag to connect three or more fruit-shaped items. You get unique pieces such as explosive bombs or line eliminators when you connect more than three fruits. However, the number of moves you get is fixed. The game has 100 levels in total. Each of the levels comes with a different set of challenges.

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3. Jungle Run

Are you a fan of endless platform-running games with challenges? Then you must try out Jungle Run. It is one of the best adventure html5 games online. You control a fun ape and run through a jungle collecting bananas. Run and jump to collect different power-ups and special moves. See if you can clear all 30 levels with a high score.

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4. Smarty Bubbles

Bubble SpinnerSomething is fascinating about bubbles. They are very satisfying, and you can enjoy shooting bubbles on Smarty Bubbles. The goal of this fun HyperText Markup Language 5 game is simple-to pop as many balloons as possible within a time limit. The shooter balloon changes color with each shot. You have to coordinate with the color of the target balloons. What is the highest score you can get?

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5. Nitro Type

Are you proud of your super-fast typing skills? Do you want to sharpen your typing skills against hundreds of others online? Nitro Type is here for you. It is an HTML5 online multiplayer typing race. It shows the typing race in the format of a car race. You can compete against other users and see how fast your typing is. You can win the completion and earn game currency. Moreover, you can use the currency to purchase different models of cars.

Nitro Type is a unique and innovative way of showcasing your typing capabilities. The game is entertaining and, at the same time educating too. Thousands of professionals and teachers take the help of Nitro Type to up their typing skills.

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6. Maya Pyramid Solitaire

Maya Pyramid Solitaire is another one of the fantastic html5 Games. You can play it without Flash Player. You will start to enjoy the game quickly as it is very addictive. The goal of Maya Pyramid Solitaire is to match two or more cards that equal eleven. The time is limited, so you have to make your moves carefully. Like any solitaire game, you can take the cards from the bottom line two match up the number.

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7. is an online battle royal game of Tetris. The game offers an online multiplayer mode where you can challenge other players and play a last-man-standing game of Tetris. also supports solo and 2v2 gameplay. You can also play in the Tetra League, where you are put against other players of your rank. If you own a Nintendo Switch, then you may play Tetris 99. But if you don’t have a console, then is the next best HyperText Markup Language 5 game that you can enjoy.

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8. TagPro

TagPro is a team-based online HTML 5 capture the flag style game. It is a multiplayer game that you can play with friends over the internet. Besides that, each player controls a blue or red player representing their team’s color. The game follows the physics of inertia and momentum. So, you need to be strategic and careful while you maneuver through the hazard-filled maps.

TagPro may not be as popular as when it came out. But still, over 100 players are enjoying the game every day. You can also give this game a try.

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9. Sports Mahjong

Sports Mahjong is a free-to-play mahjong html5 game. The game offers us the classic game with a twist of a sports theme. 

The rules are just like any other Mahjong game. However, it has rhythmic, upbeat music and a shuffle option. It is a game for those who enjoy playing Sports Mahjong with a twist of new themes.

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10. Jewelish

Jewelish is very similar to the previous Fruita Crush game I mentioned. If you are not a fan of fruits, then you can try this match-making HyperText Markup Language 5 game instead. With the time limited to only two minutes, you have to match three or more jewels to earn points. If you can match more than three jewels, you will receive power-ups that clear out a row or column. Jewelish is a fun HTML5 game to pass your time.

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11. Badland

Badland is a fantastic side-scrolling adventure game that is available on every gaming platform. The game takes you to an adventurous and eerie world of fantasy. As the player, you have to fly through a mysterious forest and look for enemies and traps. Badland is originally a console game, but the HyperText Markup Language 5 version is as challenging as the main game. The game has levels and missions accompanied by spooky sounds.

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12. is a massive free Snake game. We all have played the famous snake game in our life. Now, you can enjoy it on a different level. offers an online multiplayer mode. You consume particles and get bigger. If you get in contact with any other player or touch your snake body, you die. After your snake is dead, it leaves behind particles for others to consume. The game becomes competitive within the first few moments. is a fun-to-play browser game.

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Have you ever wished to play Fall Guys for free? Well, now you can get with This fantastic html5 game unblocked is similar to Fall Guys. Instead of different characters, you play as a bean. Apart from that, all the basics are the same as Fall Guys. In the game, 30 players are trying to reach the following levels in a battle royale-style gameplay. The slowest participants get eliminated on every round until there is only a single victor. is not as smooth as Fall Guys, but it is enough to entertain you and your friends. You can play the game on your PC web browser instantly.

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14. Tentrix

Tentrix is the html5 version of Tetris. The game looks like Tetris; even the name sounds like Tetris. But it is not the same. However, the gameplay is similar to Tetris and is very challenging. Very round, you get three preset pieces, and you have to place the blocks onto them. Once you fill the board and can’t make a move, it is game over. If you are a fan of online puzzles games, then Tentrix should satisfy you.

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15. Time Connect

Time Connect is a much more challenging matching game than others. In Time Connect, you have to connect two tiles that have a clear way between them. Your goal is to clear the board within a limited time. You can take up to three hints to solve the puzzles. Time Connect also allows you to shuffle the board if you cannot find a good matching scenario.

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16. Entanglement

Entanglement is a very relaxing and calming HTML game on the internet. It is a puzzle game that you can play anywhere. The goal of the game is to connect randomly generated hex tiles and make a path. You can rotate the hex-shaped tiles, which gives you six possible options to solve the puzzle. The path extends based on how you place the tiles and connect them. The longer the path, the better it is. You will earn points and bonuses as you progress in the game. Try and see if you can get the highest score.

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17. King of Thieves

King of Thieves is an addictive platform game. The game presents the players with a new set of challenges on each level. You need to have good clicking or tapping skills to overcome the obstacles of the game. While playing the game, you have to maneuver around different obstacles to reach the final waypoint.

On your way, you will find a treasure chest that you need to collect to earn bonuses. Crazy enemies, spooky ghosts, and scary canons are ready to stop your progress. Get ready to enjoy amazing html5 games online.

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18. Sinuous

Sinuous is an endless dodge the bullet type game. In the game, you control a snake-like creature with your Mouse and avoid getting in contact with moving red dots. The dots keep regenerating and moving. So, you have to be extra careful when you move the cursor. Your goal is to survive as long as possible without coming in contact with the shiny red dots.

Sinuous offers a total of nine levels of difficulties. You can also collect boosts to help you survive in the game. Sinuous is a simple but very addictive game.

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19. Ananias

Ananias is a turn-based rough-like dungeon crawler game. It is an online multiplayer that is more fleshed out than one would expect. Choose your character and explore the depths of the procedurally generated dungeons. Your goal is to find the ring of Ananias to save to world.

Ananias offers eight different characters, each with unique skills and powers. There are over 40 monsters and creatures to defeat in the game. Ananias is a very elaborate HTML browser game.

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20. HexGL

We are going to end our list of best html5 games with a simple racing game. HexGL is a high-octane futuristic racing game where you have only one opponent. The game focuses on mastering the skills of controlling your vehicle and finishing the race in the shortest time. Be careful not to touch the wall of the track as it will slow you down.

You can enjoy HexGL on your PC browser as long as you have an internet connection. You will lose yourself in the game for 10-15 minutes with ease.

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Final Thoughts

The world of HTML5 based games is evolving. It has filled the place of Adobe Flash Player, and people enjoy playing browser games for free. With each new game, we get to experience the potential of HTML language and ways of using them. We hope you will also find this list helpful and enjoy the beauty of HTML 5 online games. Let us know which one of the games is your favorite.

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