Best 20 Pill Reminder Apps for Olders to Remind to Take Medicine

You might face incidents like forgetting to take pills in your day-to-day life. Among olders persons, this problem is pretty much acute. Despite being cautious, such a mistake can happen. Still, no one should take this unwanted incident lightly. It might cause a severe physical hamper. Even death can occur if a chronic patient misses his medicine dose. You can take help from the pill reminder apps to organize your medication plan.

These medication reminder apps might serve your purpose accurately. But you must be careful in choosing such an app. Besides, the app should work according to your need. To help you, I’ve made a list of the best pill reminder apps. 

How Does an App Help You to Remember to Take Medicine?

A medicine reminder mobile app helps you to organize your medication routine. It makes you tension-free. While choosing such an app, you must search for some basic features. Firstly, there should be a feature for scanning the medicine name. The app must enable you to enter the Medicine quickly. Secondly, the pill reminder should contain a drug interaction feature. 

Next, the app should provide you with a report-sharing option. Moreover, such an app should contain health-measuring tools. It has to measure your blood pressure, sugar level, weight, etc. Again, your medication reminder app must ensure the proper timing. It must make you aware of taking the proper doses of medicines. Besides, the app should allow you to customize your medication routine. 

You can find these features in all medicine reminder applications, more or less. But not every app contains all these features. In this way, a medicine reminder can help you to track your medication schedule. 

How Can You Help Olders Remember to Take Medicine?

Older members of your family deserve special attention. Typically, they might forget to take their medicines on time. You can help them in this matter. Most of the olders may not be comfortable using apps. You can take this responsibility to set up a medication reminder app. You have to put all the necessary information in the app.

After that, you must teach them how to use it. You should frequently moderate their user process. It will prevent your older loved ones from making any mistakes. By paying adequate attention to your olders, you can help them a lot. It will help olders lead a healthy, stress-free, routine life.

20 Android Apps to Remind You to Take Medicine

You can find various medicine reminder apps on Google Play. But how can you figure out which app is best for you? This article will help you to solve this problem. I tried to focus on the best medication apps having unique features. Let me show you. 

1. Medisafe Pill Reminder

Medisafe Pill Reminder is an award-winning application. It can be your best companion in maintaining a medication routine. The application contains a tablet reminder alarm and refilling notifications. Moreover, it allows you to check the report by a doctor. 

Medisafe Pill Reminder app

Medisafe Pill Reminder supports other Android wear. This medication reminder app has health-tracking features. You can easily customize your routine using Medisafe Pill Reminder. It also helps you to manage your doctor appointment calendar. 

Key Features

  • Doctors and physicians highly review Medisafe Pill Reminder.
  • This app is a complete package for organizing your pill schedule.
  • It is easily customizable. 
  • All Android devices support the app. 
  • Medisafe offers you to buy medicines from their pharmacies at the lowest price. 

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2. Mango Health

Mango Health medication reminder appYou can get a healthy lifestyle by using the Mango Health app. It is one of the best medication reminder apps. This medicine reminder will help you take your pill doses promptly. It will warn you when any of your drugs contradict others. Mango Health also allows you to maintain a health diary. This feature will help your doctor to track your actual condition. 

Mango Health encourages you to lead a healthy life. It will remind you to do regular exercises. The app tracks your physical conditions like sugar, blood pressure, etc. Moreover, Mango Health will alert you to refill the medicine box. But it does not have the option for medicine scanning. Again, you cannot import Medicine from a pharmacy using this app. 

Key Features

  • Mango Health contains a reward-giving feature.
  • It will help you to create healthy habits.
  • The app helps you to maintain a scheduled pill plan.
  • It also allows you to customize the plan according to your need.
  • It keeps your health records.
  • The app helps to track your physical condition. 

3. MyTherapy Medication

MyTherapy Medication appAnother free pill reminder app is MyTherapy Medication. The app won an award for its outstanding service. This app can track your overall health situation correctly. Besides, it contains proper tools to record your physical measurements. It records your blood pressure, sugar, anxiety, depression, weight, etc., in a health journal. MyTherapy Medication gives you health tips. It helps to maintain your medication schedule properly. 

You can get a printed copy of the record for your physical condition. It offers you to show the report to your doctor. Again, You can customize your pill schedule here. It will remind you to take and refill the Medicine promptly too. But this app has no drug interaction alerting feature. 

Key Features

  • MyTherapy Medication helps you to maintain your pill schedule.
  • It acts as a mood tracker and measures your body conditions perfectly.
  • The app motivates you to take medicines promptly. It paves the way to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • It never leaks your private data to any third party.
  • MyTherapy Medication supports over 30 languages.

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4. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker

Pill Reminder and Medication TrackerThe Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker applications serve as medication reminders. Its alarm feature is helpful for older adults. The app is available for all Android devices. You can use this free tablet reminder to track all kinds of medicines. It is a medicine organizer containing health-tracking features. This app keeps the medication history of your family. 

This Pill Reminder app prevents you from taking overdoses. It supports a wide range of medical schedules. Besides, it contains an alarm feature. This feature helps you to track your medication time. 

Key Features

  • The Pill Reminder app is one of the best medicine organizer apps. 
  • It tracks your medication history in its logbook.
  • The app prevents you from taking any overdose.
  • The app is capable of organizing the pill schedule for your family.
  • It uses multiple medicine organizer facilities.
  • It is an entirely free medicine time tracker app

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5. Care Zone

Care Zone medicine reminder appCare Zone is an organized medication reminder app. It is designed to help you take the proper dose of your Medicine. The app helps to track your doctor’s appointment. It also records essential matters regarding your health issues. Care Zone will alert you when your medicine box is about to empty. Moreover, it contains a scanning feature. This feature helps you to insert your medicines easily.

Care Zone pharmacy allows you to get your Medicine at the best price. The app is the best one for olders. Because it prepares a complete medication schedule, it also tracks your health. Care Zone motivates you to lead a healthy and active life too. 

Key Features

  • Care Zone acts as your health advisor.
  • It provides you with a complete medication plan.,
  • The handy tool reminds you to take medication on time.
  • It contains multiple medication-organizing features.

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6. Medication Reminder

Medication Reminder pill reminder app PakistanMedication Reminder is a straightforward app with several features. It helps to keep track of your medication. It contains simple user procedures. The app is a user-friendly one for people of all ages. The app works great as a medicine reminder. It also alerts you to refill the prescription. Moreover, the Medication Reminder app helps you take the right medicines. 

The free version of the Medication Reminder app allows you to organize up to 10 medicines. To get the advanced features, you have to use the premium version. You can maintain your medication diary here. It also allows you to organize medicines for your family. The app does not even exclude your pets!

Key Features

  • The Medication Reminder app synchronizes your medicine schedule.
  • It will prevent you from missing your doses.
  • The app alerts you to refill medicines on time.
  • The app can prepare a medicine schedule for your family members and pets.
  • It keeps your medication report properly. 

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7. Medication Guide

Are you searching for a drug organizer app? Medication Guide will serve this purpose. It contains a list where you can insert all your medicines. Moreover, the app prepares a routine according to your time. It also keeps your health records safe and synchronized. Medication Guide Medication Guide has a comprehensive suggestion engine containing drug information. Moreover, it will alert you about drug-to-drug interaction. It also tracks your food allergies and medical condition interactions. The app includes a Q/A feature too. 

Key Features

  • Medication is an excellent medicine reminder tool for Android. 
  • It has features for alerting about drug and food reactions.
  • It will help you to identify the right pill for you.
  • The app is straightforward to use. 

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8. Care 4 Today

Care 4 Today medisafe app alternativeCare 4 Today is another popular pill reminder app. It offers you an accurate medication schedule. The app will track your body condition, like blood pressure, diabetes level, mood, depression, etc. You can observe your health trend using the app. It also allows you to discuss the report with your physician. 

Car 4 Today alerts you to take medicines timely. Moreover, it reminds you of your doctor’s appointments. Care 4 Today contains warning features for refilling too. It gathers all your health info in one place so that you can find them easily. The app offers you other languages besides English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. But the app must fix its bugs. 

Key Features

  • Care 4 Today works excellently as a medicine reminder.
  • It contains several languages.
  • The app tracks your health condition and shows statistical reports.
  • It works as an appointment reminder. 
  • The app keeps your health records safely together. 

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9. Med Plan

Med Plan best pill reminder app for iPhoneMed Plan is one of the best pill reminder apps for Android and iOS. This simple app enables you to have a healthier life. It tracks your health conditions. The app stores the reports correctly. Besides, the Med plan tracks your allergies and side effects. It is done by analyzing the inputs given by you. The app also alerts you if there is a chance for adverse drug effects.

Med Plan allows you to customize your med schedule. Again, it reminds you of your appointments. The app also notifies you of your Medicine taking time. Moreover, Med Plan properly takes your health measurements. It has a quiz feature. You can learn about common health conditions using this feature. Med Plan is committed to providing you with a better health plan. 

Key Features

  • Med Plan tracks your health.
  • It gives you a monthly report.
  • It helps you to organize your medication routine.
  • The app provides you with essential health information.
  • People of all ages can handle the features of this app easily. 

10. Groove Health

Groove Health medication reminder appGroove Health can be considered as the Medisafe app alternative. It provides you with some necessary features to maintain your medication schedule. Groove Health tracks your health situation. The app also keeps a record of it. Moreover, the app alerts you about drug interactions. It gives you basic information about the medicines you take too. 

Groove Health will provide you with a detailed history of your physical condition. You can share it with your friends, family, and doctors. Moreover, it also has a Q/A feature regarding health issues. But this free pill reminder app does not contain any scanning option. 

Key Features

  • Groove Health offers you a well-designed medication schedule with alerting features.
  • It contains a chatbot that gives you medical assistance. 
  • The app gives you a detailed medical history with sharing options.  
  • It can work even if your Wi-Fi connection is weak or your phone is in Aeroplane mode. 

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11. Medication Reminder & Pill Reminder Alarm

Medication Reminder & Pill Reminder AlarmMedication Reminder and Pill Reminder Alarm is among the best medication reminder apps in 2021. This highly reviewed app will not let you forget to take your Medicine. It organizes the medication schedule for all your family members, including your children and parents. It makes you aware of refilling the medicine box. 

Medication Reminder and Pill Reminder Alarms contain a schedule marking feature. It offers you a friendly interface with simple features. Again, you can use this app offline. It is a universal app supporting all devices. Besides, this tablet reminder app will also alert you of your medical appointments!

Key Features

  • Medication Reminder and Pill Reminder Alarm prevents you from taking overdoses of medicines. 
  • It organizes the medication plan for your family members.
  • The app contains a user-friendly interface. 
  • It is available offline. 

12. HealthLy – Pill Reminder & Personal Health Records

 HealthLy – Pill Reminder & Personal Health Records HealthLy is another one of the best pill reminder apps. This medication reminder app will help you to lead an organized lifestyle. Besides, the app enables you to maintain a wise health plan. It takes the measurements of your physical condition. HealthLy also stores the documents properly. The app contains drug interaction checking features and a guide therapy setup. 

HealthLy tracks the correct doses of your medicines and ensures your taking. Several health indicators are present in the app. Besides, it works as a symptom identifier and gives you a report. You can easily input your medicine info using the scanner option. 

Key Features

  • HealthLy offers you a personal account containing your health info.
  • The app will track your physical imbalance using health indicators.
  • It gives you a detailed history of your therapies and appointments.
  • This app contains a drug interaction feature. 

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13. CareClinic: Tracker, Reminder, Medicine, Symptoms

CareClinic Tracker, Reminder, Medicine, Symptoms Pill reminder appCareClinic is a medicine reminder app as well as a symptom tracker app. This app will always alert you to take medicines at an accurate time. It never lets you take double doses or miss any dose. CareClinic also works well as a headache tracker and other symptom identifiers. It creates a medication plan for you.

CareClinic allows you to maintain a medication diary. Besides, it contains a good monitoring feature. The app keeps your health reports safe and neatly organized. It will help you achieve your goal of leading a healthy life.

Key Features

  • CareClinic is a complete health planner with an easy input method. 
  • It has symptom-tracking features.
  • It saves your health record and allows you to share those. 
  • The app contains a built-in drugs and supplements database. 
  • It also tracks vital physical measurements, mood, sleep, and energy levels.

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14. Dr. Elephant

Easy Pill Reminder is perfect for a patient who needs to take pills on a prolonged basis. The app will provide you with an actual alarm setup. This feature will never allow you to forget to take your medications. The app contains a straightforward user process. It does not collect your data and leak it to any third parties. 

Dr. Elephant Pill reminder app

Easy Medicine Reminder tracks your health progress and shows you daily, weekly, and monthly. Moreover, it allows you to edit your profile. This medication reminder app can track your mood and other symptoms too. It is a helpful app for people who have to take pills within a short interval. 

Key Features

  • Easy tablet Reminder with an Alarm informs you of your pill time and dose.
  • It is beneficial for severe patients who need to take medicines frequently.
  • The app never collects personal data.

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15. Pill Logger – Meds Tracker

Pill Logger – Meds TrackerThe Pill Logger tool is a complimentary medicine reminder application. It tracks your medication doses accurately. Pill Logger allows you to set unlimited reminders. The app takes a record of your medicine intake. Besides, it offers you to customize your medical plan. 

Pill Logger supports multiple usages on its premium version. It can export your usage history as a CSV. Besides, the app shows you a statistical graph of your health history. It helps you to track your frequently used medicines and their doses. You can input your medicine info here quickly. 

Key Features

  • The pill logger can prepare a medication schedule.
  • It reminds you of taking pills on time.
  • The app keeps your health history secured.

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16. DrugStars

DrugStars medicine reminder appDrugStars Pill Reminder app will provide you with a healthier life. This medication reminder app helps you to remember your medicine time and doses. It also gives you a pleasant feeling by using it. Besides, it enables you to donate to 240+ health charity organizations. 

DrugStars medicine reminder tracks your medication schedule. It allows you to compare your experiences with others too. It maintains your privacy strictly. The app also shows you the impact of your donation to charities. 

Key Features

  • DrugStars tablet reminder monitors your health. 
  • It ensures that your medication is done on time. 
  • It keeps your information secret.
  • The app is integrated with 240+ charity organizations.

17. Pills Time Medication Tracker & Pill Reminder

 Pills Time Medication Tracker & Pill ReminderDo you need support to maintain your pill schedule correctly? Pills Time Medication Tracker app will stay beside you in this regard. It is a tablet reminder app that people review highly. Besides, it contains a unique alarm feature. It will remind you of your medication time. 

Pills Time Medication Tracker has an intuitive interface. Besides, it has a monitoring feature to record your medical history. The app also notifies you to take your meal and drink water on time. 

Key Features

  • Pills Time Medication Tracker allows you to customize your medication schedule.
  • It stores your health reports organized.
  • The app contains easy user procedures. 

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18. Pill Reminder Max – Nutrition Management & Tracker

Nutrition management & TrackerAre you searching for a medication reminder app with nutrition management features? Pill Reminder Max will help you in this regard. The app will manage your pill schedule. Moreover, the app ensures your proper diet. It will remind you to take nutritious foods and drink plenty of water. 

This medication Reminder app has a clean and intuitive interface. It offers you a customizing notification option. If you miss any notification, The app will remind you again using the reminder call feature. 

Key Features

  • Pill Reminder Max serves as your medication and nutrition manager.
  • It contains a call reminder option along with other notification features.
  • The app will prepare you with a synchronized medication schedule.

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19. Cute Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

The Cute Pill Reminder app is an effective medication reminder alarm for older people. It is effortless to handle. Besides, the app does not require any membership. It tracks your medication schedule. The app prevents you from missing any dose. 

Cute tablet Reminder & Medication Tracker

Cute Pill Reminder allows you to manage medication plans for your family members. It keeps your health history in one place. You have to input your medicine info and release your tension.

Key Features

  • Cute Pill Reminder provides you with an easy, simple interface. 
  • It prevents you from missing medication doses.
  • It manages the medication plans of your family members. 

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20. Alarm and Pill Reminder

Alarm and medicine trackerAlarm and Pill Reminder is another highly reviewed application. It can help you to keep track of your medication plan. This app contains alerting features with intelligent actions. You can set the alarm tone from your mp3 gallery or voice recorder. Moreover, it has features for setting sleeping mode. At that time, it will only display the notifications.

Alarm and Pill Reminder allows you to set multiple executions for the same alarm. For example, you can select the alarm for any non-definite time, such as after meals. The app also has a speaking mode. 

Key Features

  • Alarm and Pill Reminder gives you a perfect medication schedule.
  • It prevents you from forgetting to take Medicine.
  • The app contains a variety of setting alarms, including a sleeping mode. 

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Final Thoughts

So, are you feeling better after reading the article? I’m pretty sure that you got much relief. Hopefully, it will help you to schedule your medication. For the family’s older members, a medicine reminder app is a beneficial tool. It can help you to ensure the proper time of the medication. Likewise, you can use such an app to track your family member’s health.

The medication reminder apps mentioned in this article are best in their features. You can choose any of them according to your need. Missing a medication dose might cause significant loss to you. A pill reminder can keep your family safe from this unwanted situation. Stay tuned to get more articles like this. 

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