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Cloud Storage: The Best Alternative of Your Local Storage

Cloud Storage is an online backup system. It stores data at remote space, manages over the internet, makes available to all networks, and maintains it and uses it when it is required.  It is just opposite the physical storage used to store data on local storage. Cloud web storage is also called cloud technology that brought applications, systems, and data on the same platform. Web or Cloud technology enables the user to think the computer is limitless and available everywhere. Internet computing or Cloud computing enables standardization of underlying technology like visualization, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and WEB 2.0

This is nothing but a style of working who has made life easier, safer, and romantic to use data whenever it required. It is not a single product, it is a combination of several architectures based on self-service, on-demand and pay peruse. In the cloud system, the data is stored in multiple servers to create redundancy, to ensure continues access from anywhere in the world. Storage of the Cloud can be more easy to use, integration of different services, a common platform on the ad-hoc basis. In the next article, we have discussed the Top 10 Best Open Source Cloud Storage Software.

History of The Storage Service

You may think storage for the cloud is now a hot topic but the idea of cloud data storage is much older. The cloud computing concept began in 1990. The first cloud computing company was FilesAnywhere.com. Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com  is credited with inventing the new cloud computing model for delivering software via the Web. On the other hand, Larry Ellison, who once also denounced the term “cloud computing,” is now standing up to take credit for the concept.

How Cloud Storage Works

How Cloud Storage WorksNow a day’s storage for cloud is a metaphor. It is a combination of online backup, storage service and cloud computing for data management. All the desired information is stored in a data warehouse which is another server and located anywhere depending on the storage provider. Cloud service provider keeps its storage at a different place to make it redundancy. They are mutually connected to provide support in case of any disaster.

There are lots of clouds hosting company but the most popular are:

  • Google Cloud Platform –
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • e24cloud – Cloud Files
  • ZettaGrid – VAST Object Storage
  • Exoscale – Object Storage
  • Microsoft Azure – Blob Storage
  • JoyentCloud – Manta Object Storage
  • Dimension Data – Cloud Files

Pricing of The Storage for Cloud

Pricing of Cloud StorageCloud service of storage is becoming overwhelmingly popular. Many big companies like Apple, Dropbox and Google are offering free cloud space up to a certain limit for personal use. When the limit or time is over then the cloud hosting company offers a different price. Most popular hosting company’s pricing module are:

Amazon Web Services

  • Type of discount: Reserved Instances (RIs)
  • Length of commitment: 1 to 3 years
  • A range of discount levels: Up to 75%
  • Other documented programs: RI volume discounts  Spot Instances

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services

  • Type of discount: Reserved Instances (RIs)
  • Length of commitment: 1 to 3 years
  • A range of discount levels: Up to 72%
  • Other documented programs: Hybrid Use Discount Enterprise

Google Cloud

  • Type of discount: Sustained Use Discount (SUD) Committed Use Discount (CUD)
  • Length of commitment: SUD: No commitment CUD: 1 or 3 years
  • Range of discount levels: SUD: Up to 30%  CUD: 37% (1Y) or 55% (3Y)
  • Other documented programs: Preemptible VMs

IBM Cloud

  • Type of discount: Monthly pricing
  • Length of commitment: Commit by month
  • A range of discount levels: About 10 %
  • Other documented programs: Negotiated

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The Future of Cloud Data Storage

More than 250 Petabytes of data under management, Backblaze has grown to be one of the biggest Clouds storage around. The problem is with over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created per day, it seems we’ll need to keep on growing to keep up. Within a few years, major people will use cloud computing storage because of its availability, low-cost internet, and highly expensive hardware devices. Because of the smartphone application of those cloud data Storage companies and the availability of smartphone much individuals use cloud computing storage for a personal purpose on payment.


  • Usability – Almost all cloud computing storage services provide desktop and mobile application so it is easy to use.
  • Bandwidth – It is not required to send the whole data to your friend, just a mile with a link is enough.
  • Accessibility – You can get access from anywhere at any time if you have an internet connection.
  • Disaster Recovery – Cloud computing storage works as a backup plan at the time of disaster.  The cloud data storage service provider provides a redundant server to instant recovery.
  • Cost Savings – For personal use, up to a certain time and limit, storage for the cloud has no cost. For big data, there are lots of discounts.


  • Data security: Your data can easily read by someone else. Cloud computing storage loss your security, privacy and secrecy of data.
  • Usability: For drag and drop facility all data may be moved to a cloud server. Keep a copy to someone else.
  • Bandwidth: There is a problem regarding bandwidth. Some companies may provide low bandwidth. I need to be careful during the agreement.
  • Accessibility: No internet no access. If there is no internet you are helpless.
  • Software requirement: If you want to work on multiple files simultaneously you need to download some software.
  • Cost: More data, more cost. Nothing is free in the world.


In the era of globalization, the online world is based on a single computer. You can get all the information by using a single device if you have an internet connection. Due to being popular in cloud computing storage you have to go with the same wave whatever you like or dislike. Moreover, the attracting pricing of different cloud hosting company will allure you to catch the train of digital data storage. It is the demand of the era. Your data is valuable than anything else. So you will not think about the pricing of the storage for cloud rather use cloud storage.

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