Is Laptop Battery Dead? – Know How to Fix!

I used a lot of electronic devices in life, of course, you did, but the worst battery life laptop is the battery. I’ve seen that even if you buy a laptop, your battery starts slowly getting less back up after a few months. Most of the batteries are on lithium-ion technology, so the laptop battery starts to be dead after only a few fixed recharge cycles.

 Windows 10 can keep the battery better in many ways, even with some battery-good tricks — but once the battery is completely dead, no Trix will work. But is there a way to revive the fully-dead battery? Although today’s shared methods are 100% guaranteed, it is necessary to have a trial.

 Turn Your Laptop Battery Into Ice

Turn Your Battery Into IceI know it sounds weird, but it has a scientific explanation. If your battery is from NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydroid) or NiCD (Nickel-Cadium), then put the battery in the fridge and ice the battery, which will restore the electrolytes in the battery and maybe start taking the recharge cycle again. You can. Again, the process will slow down the movement of electrons in the battery, which will help increase the flow speed by adding more electrons, so that the battery can start working again.

But if your laptop battery is new, i.e., if the latest lithium technology battery is the battery, I will never reorder it. Also, if your laptop battery is too old and the battery has a leak, it shouldn’t be done.

So to do this, first disconnect your laptop from the wall socket, then take the battery off the laptop. And yes, if your laptop battery is non-remote, you may need to open a laptop that requires manual viewing or a little technical nosy, so keep in mind that when you open the laptop, the warranty will not work. However, after the battery is opened, put it in a cloth bag and then put it in another mouth-shut polythene or a plastic bag, and then leave the battery in the freezer for 10 hours.

 After 10 hours, get the battery out of the freezer and wait until the battery is equal to the temperature in your room, then put it on the computer to see if it works. If the battery comes back in good condition, you’re lucky! If the battery is not fixed, you can try the following options.

 Keep the Computer Cool

Keep the Computer CoolYour laptop battery may not be completely dead yet, but it’s on the way to being slowly dead — so your computer can be cooled and battery life can be increased. If your laptop is a very old model, there is no doubt that your laptop can be as hot as the egg-laying. The biggest problem with lithium-ion batteries is that these batteries can’t withstand heat, as long as the division heats up, laptop battery life will continue to decrease.

You can use a laptop cooler fan to solve this problem. You can buy a good-quality laptop cooler from any local shop or online for just a few hundred bucks, and using it can bring back some new life to the batteries that are on the way to the dead.

Over Voltage

This is the best way to start a lithium-ion battery jump from a dead or dead, but beware that if the battery charges over, it can explode and explode, so wear a safe glass during the process. And yes, if you drop the lithium-ion battery for a long time, it’s dead, so it’s definitely good for the laptop to run on at least two days and then turn it off.

This method works, especially the batteries that are left behind, but I said you have to take some precautions. First remove the battery from the laptop, if it is removable, then mark the ( s) and (-) parts. Take a sail and lighten the insulator on both sides of the wire. Now connect one end of the wire to the laptop charger pin and connect the other end to the battery ( s) and (-). And keep it for two hours, then put the battery on the laptop and see if the backup is starting.

 Unplug After a Specified Amount of Charge

This way may seem strange, but this is the best way to increase battery life. If the laptop battery charge is 75%-85%, unplug the charger and then plug the battery charge again if the battery charge is 10%-5%, believe it will increase your battery life, as it will not burn the lithium battery full recharge cycle.

This method is a little bit of a hassle because you have to work on it all the time, but this is the best idea to save the battery on the way to death!

If you take good care of the battery, the battery may not be dead and you don’t have to start a jump. Use a good cooler, charge up to 85% and unplug the plug, the laptop can’t heat up, your battery life will be much increased. You can also comment on any of your questions.

13. Ways to Hold a Long Charge on Laptops

How to Hold a Long Charge on LaptopsThe era is the portability, the mobility. And so it’s all in hand, smartphones, tablets, PCs, netbooks, or laptops. Everyone is comfortable using these portable devices. Just five or six years ago, the laptop took over the popular desktop PC with its accessibility and mobility. Everyone depends on this laptop to work anywhere or an on-the-go mode.

Laptop users have a constant concern about the stability of laptop charges. You have to be very busy with the work of a laptop without the charge. Laptops can’t be charged, and power sockets are not available everywhere. We often face this problem using laptops. What’s the best thing to do?

What is the cost of the laptop battery charger for a long time, the battery will also be available, and longevity will give you 13 effective ways to do it!

  1. A laptop is much more efficient when it is relatively cold, not too hot. The hotter the laptop is, the more internal fan rotations, the more battery charge costs. Use laptop coolers or laptop stands. Because using laptops to keep the sand, bed, mattress or where hot air cannot pass makes the laptop hotter, which is very harmful to battery and battery charges.
  2. If you can, keep the laptop battery open after every use. And of course, every two or three months, clean the laptop battery with a cloth. It keeps the power transfer from battery to power much more efficient.
  3. Cd or DVD drive charges a lot more. So, use more of the hard drive on a laptop instead of a CD or DVD drive. Do not place a CD or DVD on a drive without work in a CD or DVD drive, as it also charges.
  4. If not needed, keep WiFi off. You can switch off from WiFi settings.
  5. The “hibernation” mode is much more effective than the “standby” mode to save laptop charges. The two modes mentioned will allow you to resume the work from the laptop that was saved. So it’s better to keep it in hibernation mode.
  6. Do not put external devices on the LAPTOP’s USB port without need. External devices are charged a lot, so when the work is done, open the external device.
  7. Background running programs generate extra load on THE CPU, resulting in battery charges and a lot of costs. Shut down background programs that are not very needed when you are in battery mode.
  8. It’s related to the 7points. Do not multi-tasking on the laptop if you are in battery mode, as it creates unnecessary pressure on the CPU and charges.
  9. Laptop display, keyboard backlight requires a lot of battery juice. Adjust your laptop’s brightness to your convenience, turn off the keyboard backlight (if any).
  10. Keep it out for 10-15 minutes after you close the laptop, without putting it in the bag immediately. This can cause the battery and laptop internal cooling.
  11. Laptops cannot be overcharged (we do this mistake a lot of times). And the laptop battery can’t be charged at all. To keep the battery in the best condition, the charger cord should be removed once the charge is complete. According to Battery University, the battery charges 80% to keep the battery at its best and recharges 40% of the charge.
  12. You can also monitor the conditioning of the laptop battery to save battery charges. Many applications show the full battery status – the current state of the battery, how long the battery will support the current brightness settings, CPU hard drive temperance, etc. You can keep battery charges for longer by changing the system or settings as you view the application reading.
  13.  A lithium-ion laptop battery has a normal life span of 18 months to 2 years and can charge back up to 3 to 5 hours at a time. But experts believe that the battery performs better if its user uses it carefully.

How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery: Detailed Tips

Although the revolutionary changes in the various parts of the computer are still battery-dependent, the battery is the most neglected. 

 Let’s learn how to use battery charges for a long time and how to keep it good for a long time: 

 General Care of Laptop Batteries

  •  The original charger should be used to charge the battery. 
  •  It is better not to put laptops on a heat-held surface or space, which also heats the laptop as well as the battery.
  •  The faces of the ventilation that are meant to be air-conditioned should be kept clean regularly.
  •  If you can, you can clean the battery even if you can.
  •  The battery gets hotter as the external heat increases, which is harmful to it. So in a normal or cold environment, you should try using a laptop. 
  •  You can use the efficient Battery Monitoring app or software to help you take care of the battery. Based on the diagnosis of this software, you can choose different battery settings by following the proposed method. 
  •  Use a cooling fan. However, make sure that the power source of the cooling fan is not a laptop. Cooling fan power USB port can be installed on mobile adapters. 
  •  Don’t use the laptop you need. Don’t charge for free and keep it for days.
  •  You can buy an additional portable laptop battery charger. 

Battery Care During Operating Laptop

  • Use the display to reduce the brightness. Laptops usually have buttons to reduce or increase the brightness. You should stop using the monitor.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t use the Internet. Wi-Fi charges every moment, even when it’s disconnected, and it’s still searching for networks. If it is turned off, the pressure on the battery is reduced.
  • Most laptops currently have great support power settings. Choosing a power saver on the Power Option on Windows 10 costs less than the laptop charger.
  • The best mode is ‘Hibernation Mode’ to save laptop charges. You can start work again after you return to normal mode, as long as you’ve done before you go to these two modes. 
  • All USB devices in the USB port should be unlocked if not in use. 

 Disable or Uninstall Unused Apps or Software

If the battery temperature rises to 60 degrees Celsius (60oC) after the battery is charged during the laptop time (the battery never charges), the battery connection from the socket will have to be removed. However, you can keep the battery connected to up to 40-50 degrees Celsius. 

  • Use the 80/20 method if the battery is not charged, you can use it immediately after 80% charge and never go under 20%. And yes, don’t use laptops immediately with a 100% charge. 
  • The laptop computer’s battery started to lose its functionality. Below are some common battery cares:
  • Turn on the laptop again after two hours, right-click the battery icon at the bottom of the desktop and turn on Power Option. Click The Change Plan Settings of Balanced from power plan here. Click Change Advanced Power Settings again and open it. Now click Battery and select Hibernate in the critical battery action on battery. It may have been done before. Then there’s no need to do it again. Set 5% on the critical battery level on battery and plugged in.
  • Hibernate has special power storage facilities. When the computer is off after work, charge again after hours.
  •  Windows Vista and some of the 7 operating systems reduce the stability of the image-based environment and theme battery. So those with a low charge on their laptops use the Windows 7 Basic Theme theme. It can be found on Personalize by right-clicking on the desktop.

Battery Care While the Laptop is Idle

  • After you close your laptop, don’t put it in your bag immediately and keep it out for 10-15 minutes. This can make the battery and laptop cool down.
  •  If you don’t need to use the battery for long, you can save it in cool places with a 40% charge. Don’t forget to charge 100%.
  •  If you want to keep the battery in the fridge, you need to put it in an air-tight zipbag. And before use, the battery must be matched to room temperature to ensure dryness. 

 What Can’t be Done

  • Never charge completely if your laptop battery is the lithian-ion battery (a popular misconception that charging is a false idea). 
  • The CD DVD cannot be placed on the disk drive for no reason.
  • Do not use a laptop to charge a cell phone. 
  • Stop using Screen Saver. This costs more after the extra pressure on the laptop.
  • The files on the external hard drive or the removable disk cannot be opened directly, first, you must copy to the original drive. 
  • Do not multitask any over-the-top power-consuming when you run a laptop in battery saving mode.
  • You can have a little awareness and regular care to ensure your battery performance and long life. 

Other Tips for Laptop Battery

If you want to use a laptop directly with electricity, you must turn off the laptop and keep the battery open. Because it will heat your laptop’s battery. Never open the battery while you are in a slip mode or any other mode without a shutdown.

  • Reduce the cost of charging. It may reduce the brightness, turn off the backlit if not necessary, unlock the USB device if not necessary, use the soundbox to turn it on, and turn off WiFi if not needed.
  • If you don’t use a laptop for long, keep the battery open with 40% charge. Do not leave the battery without full charge or empty. This increases the chances of battery damage.
  • It’s better not to use a screen saver. Because it changes constantly.
  • Use the original charger to charge.
  •  If you want to use a cooling fan, you must run it through a mobile adapter. Because you’re using the cooling fan to cool your laptop, but if that fan charges your laptop, it won’t be very effective.
  • Do not enter the bag immediately after using the laptop. Let it cool down. And yes, don’t charge mobile from the laptop.
  • Your laptop’s battery may be long-lasting. You have the responsibility to take care of your laptop.

Should the Laptop Always Have a Charger Plugged in?

Should the Laptop Always Have a Charger Plugged inAlthough today’s computing demand is a huge demand for pocket computer divisions and smartphones, computers are not the only ones that are being used to make computers? I know that many hardcore computer/laptop users spend most of the day computing. Of course, laptops are an important computing division, which is much more powerful than any high-end smartphone, so it’s important to have a good and clear idea of some important term to expand the lifetime of this great computing division. And that’s a common question, “Should the laptop always have a charger plugged in?” or should the charger unplug when the battery charge is full? Which laptop battery is the best practice? Let’s find the answer to these questions and some more important information, so what’s the delay?

Laptop Battery Over Charging

It’s about the electronic division of the old age when there was a lot of fear about battery overcharging. Although these things work in many minds, I’m sure you’ll be sure that smartphones and laptops, all portable electronic devices have battery overcharging circuits, so there’s no question of overcharging! (Should you keep your phone on charge all night?)

You have to put one thing in the brain, lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer – no matter what the battery is in your device, it’s a very good technology and there’s no question of the battery overcharging. When the charger is installed in the division and the battery is charged up to 100%, the battery will automatically stop charging. Then the laptop will be on the battery, on the one hand, a little charge will be charged on the other side, that’s how it works. However, if some laptops are fitted with a charger after 100% charge, the battery runs from the charger to the power without the power. And some laptops work like on-line UPS.

 The Laptop Battery Will be Dead

You must also accept this fact, no matter how much you use the division, it is normal to drop performance over time on your phone or laptop or any division battery. And you’re not going to save it from being. Maybe following the correct rules will slow the process of battery dead, but it will. Laptop batteries must be down slowly if the laptop is at least 6 months or 1 year, you must note, battery backup is no longer the same. Although different laptops, different brands, different batteries, are poor or fast performance, the battery can be worth about 500 recharge cycles.

 Recharge cycles mean battery down from 100% to 0% and re-charging. This way, the battery can be good up to 500 times. Now you’re thinking, “I’m not gonna charge the battery” — no, it’s not gonna be. Keeping high charge storage on batteries is also harmful to the battery on one side. Again, charging flowers means the battery gets too hot, and I’ve cleaned it up in many battery articles, of course, overheating reduces the battery’s life.

 I think the best laptop battery charging level is to keep 80% or so, and of course, make sure the laptop is heating up. I’ll re-company laptop users to buy a cooler from the market. Today’s laptops are becoming increasingly sly day by day, making the cooling system more challenging. You’ll be able to get a better computing performance and secondly increase battery life.

 If your laptop can remove the battery, use the laptop to remove the battery and use the charger when the laptop is hit. If there are plans to increase laptop battery life, the battery can’t be kept in a hot environment. If you don’t want to open the battery, invest money in a good cooler, spend about USD 50 and get a better quality cooler. Those with gaming laptops, especially those who have a cooler, or the battery modules, will have to be removed when the laptop is hot. Although many modern laptops today don’t have the battery to open, it won’t be there.

So I’ll put the Charger on or I’ll take it off?

It’s not that easy to answer you in one word. Where I said above, the best is to charge around 80% or more, which means you have to charge a battery frequently and using a high charging cycle will reduce battery life. And even if you keep a 100% charge, the battery life is reduced. I mean, whatever you do, your battery life will be bad, and that’s the truth. But you can make the battery malfunction slower.

Many laptop manufacturers don’t say anything, you’ll keep the charger or you’ll open it. Some say that it’s okay to put chargers on. So what will you do? The answer is a lot of confusion. But I’ll re-company, you can keep the charger if you want, if the battery gets too hot, you must remove the battery. You will charge the battery from 100% to 0% at least once a month. Try to keep your laptop cool as much as possible, never use it by placing your laptop on the bed or the lap. Of course, keep in mind that there is enough air to supply the laptop. Of course, make sure that the laptop defaults don’t cover the cooling fan with anything.

 I’ve learned from many online users that up to 80% of laptop battery charging is best followed by experts charging up to 40% and then charging again. The voltage level of the battery cell is increased and the battery’s stress level increases. Experts say it is normal to recharge up to 4 times a day, no problem. But in more use, I’ll re-recommend take off the battery and use the laptop on the charger, if you’re computing the hardware all day. Using a battery at 100% full charge will get 300-500 cycles, whereas 70-80% of the battery will be used for at least 1200-2000 cycles.

Your laptop battery is not going to last forever, and you have to accept this. As you use, the battery will be dead, but following the above points will slow down the dead process.

Final Word

No problem, you’ll be able to use a laptop, just plug and use the charger, just like a desktop computer. You can buy a better battery if you want to. These days, any laptop battery is available to buy. Those who prefer to do portable work must have a good battery backup.

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